So you want to be in a video?

If you seriously want to do a video with us, there are some things you should remember to do when reaching out to us.  To start, make sure that you really (really) want to do a video before you contact us.  The #1 question we get asked is if we just fool around OFF CAMERA first, then make a video after.  NO.  We only have sex outside our relationship if it’s on camera.  Sorry; no trail runs.

You MUST be eighteen years of age or older.  No exceptions to this rule ever.  We only meet guys that are eighteen or older (and can prove their age when we meet).

We don’t do masked videos because our fans don’t seem to like them (unless the masked guy has a ripped, kick-ass body, huge cock and bubble butt, a masked video won’t happen).

Lots of guys ask us if they can come over and watch.  Seriously?  Umm no, that would be a little awkward, right?  Also, thanks but NOPE we do not need a camera man, key grip, best boy, light person, or fluffier; Hunter and I happily do that all ourselves.

Send us your pics!

Send several naked, not Photoshopped, clear, well-lit, RECENT, well-lit, (WELL-LIT!) and RECENT!  Send us photos of your face, torso, ass, cock, and a profile view (stand sideways).  You should be naked in the pics!  We don’t care if you have a peanut size cock or a hairy back or acne or three balls; just be real and give us a true representation of who you are.  If you know us at all, you know that we like ALL kinds of guys, so don’t be shy.

IMPORTANT! One of the photos must be of you holding up a toothbrush. This proves that you are real and not just using some poor bastards stolen photos.  And send us your Face Book profile (if you have one) so we can really see you.

Give us your info!

When you send your pics, include your location along with your exact stats and status.  Include your height, weight, hair color, eye color, cock size and style (meaning cut or uncut, we LOVE both).  Also don’t forget to include whether you are a virgin or not, and what you would like to do with us sexually.

Let’s get on cam and meet!

Next step would be to Skype or cam on Face Book.  If the chemistry is there, we’ll make plans to meet.

How to contact us:
Send you pics and info to MaverickMan222 (at)  If you have a video submission, you can upload it to our site by clicking here (scroll down to the bottom of the page and use the upload form).

11 Responses to “SO, YOU WANT TO BE IN A VIDEO…”

  1. Sam says:

    Hey I am 23 straight never done anything gay I love to watch your videos I love it when you force the boys to take it

  2. Rusty says:

    I love your videos and i put in an entry because i would love to make vids with you guys. Your so hot that when i see you guys, i jsut wish the others were me. I really hope you guys see my entry. Im a huge fan of you sexy couple.

  3. mackenzie says:

    where are you guys located? i am from canada but would do anything to star in a video getting my ass filled

  4. Sabri says:

    Hey I want to fuck with u

  5. Jackson says:

    First of all you guys are awesome, i’ve never ssen a happier couple, internet porn or otherwise. I wanted to know if you guys have a height and/or wight requirement, i’m not obeise but i’m also more likely to be passed over by studs like you compared to the rocking guys you normally put on videos. please be blunt i’d rather live in reality with harsh words than in a fantasy with kind ones. Nothing you say will make me think any less of you unless you outright put me down with clear harsh words. Also I did make an entry like this one but i left out the “s” in my name so if you see a simalr one to this i apologize for being repetitive. Long live Maverick Men.

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Thanks for the love, Jackson! We don’t really have a stat requirement. Mutual attraction is key (obviously), and we are making videos for others to watch. You’re welcome to send us your pics and we can chat more about it then. Thanks again. 🙂 – Hunter

  6. Pat Denning says:

    Hey guys, my name is Pat! And I am a huge fan of MAVERICKMEN! I would love to make a video with you guys! I am a versatile bottom with no limits! Hope to get a response from you guys soon!

  7. troy says:

    hey would like to

  8. anthony says:

    wao!!! nice guy white jockstraps….hope see him soon

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