9 Responses to “VOTE FOR LOVE!!!”

  1. Franc says:

    Hey guys, i love your vids. You’re great! Hugs from Peru

  2. Oscar says:

    Hi gys I’m you mos big fan in south america..jajajajaja I’m from Venezuela…when you como to visit to us??? jejejejejeje I waiting for you!!! write soon 😉

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Thanks for the love, Oscar! We hope to get to Venezuela very soon…they boys are so damn sexy down there! 🙂 – Hunter

  3. Jose says:

    in mexico we are having presidential elections on july 1st (our candidates are shit but thats not our fault), the vote promotion should apply to us too Lol we now can marry in mexico city, have civil unions in coahuila and marriages are recognized in all the country. we are making our homework too!

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      That’s such great news, Jose! Send us pics proving that you voted and we’ll def hook you up with free time to our site! 🙂 – Hunter

  4. harry says:

    u lot are great do u have anyone in the uk who could fuk me

  5. pabs says:

    you’re a bears fan….. judging

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