Since our Horse Hung Hairy Hole buddy Davis was so popular with you guys, we had to have him back a few times to do a few more videos.  And honestly; it’s more because we fucking LOVE this guy!

What’s not to love about Davis; he is simply perfect with his big deep-blue eyes, hot rugged face, sexy smile, round hairy hard ass and MONSTER COCK?!?  This guy is a winner just based on his physical attributes alone, but once you get to know him that’s when you start to fall for him.  He’s wild and crazy fun, always smelling good, he loves to  nail butts and he’s wild bottom.  When he let’s us fuck him, he wants to be fucked like an animal, and in this deliciously hot video we gave him just what he begged for: mean and hard animalistic ass fucking.

We were stuck in traffic on the way home from a party so we decided to pull off the highway and visit a friend.  Unfortunately our buddy wasn’t home yet, but his garage door was open!  So we fucked and fucked till we all shot our loads.  I already know you boys will love it this video.  And oh yeah; davis is single!  Leave him some love under this video.  He’ll def see your comments.  We love and miss you a ton, Davis.  Can’t wait till our next adventure!

XOXO Thanks for stroking with us!
Cole and Hunter

42 Responses to “FUCK ME LIKE AN ANIMAL!!!”

  1. BB Wolf says:

    Wow Davis, you would make any Alpha Male an awesome bitch any day. I would love to mount you and get fucking primal feral with you any day! Care to be part of a pack :p

  2. anand s b says:

    How are you, can you provide your contact details. I want talk with you.

    Bye & take care

  3. Ben Trav. says:

    Hey Cole and Hunter will you guys ever get them into more kissing and body worship and nipple sucking? Not that much fan of just fucking without emotion. Feels so ordinary if there’s no chemistry

  4. Ran says:

    Davis… You never let me down, no matter how many times I watch! Trust me…It’s over, and over, and over…!!!! Keep it cumin!!!!

  5. Tyson says:

    I cannot say enough about how hott your vids are but man that was wayyyy fuckin hott, favorite was on the tires,, keep me cumming gents,,

  6. Gaymer says:

    I would honestly love to see a little more light bondage with this boy… or maybe even a MaverickMen Direct’s video? 🙂

  7. Richard says:

    One pretty boy there…what a sexy hairy asshole and big prick!

  8. peter lloyd says:

    when are u guys doing videos for sale……and if so , where can i find them?

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hey Peter, you can find some of our vids for sale on AMVC.com, check under MaverickMan22 Productions 🙂 – Hunter

  9. Isaak says:

    Dude, Davis. You’re a fucking beast. I love both videos I’ve seen of you here on MaverickMen, and I’m sure that you are a completely fantastic guy for Cole and Hunter to give you so much lovin’. haha Man, I would love to hang out with you, and have crazy wild sex with you. You are perfection in a single specimen. 😉

  10. matti järvelä says:

    Very sexy man, indeed! Dangerously so…lucky You live over there… ;O) … so I wont be tempted! Yours: Blond top48

  11. Jim says:

    So Davis, why are you single?
    As in why are we not dating?
    Damn I’m good at e-flirting.

  12. kerry says:

    davis is fucking beautiful!! Nothing hotter than a juicy hairy wet hole! Please have him in more videos and he has to always get fucked. I almost came just by listening to him growl and moan while getting fucked…

  13. Derek (aka Degsy) from Edinburgh says:

    OMFG!!!! CUM to Scotland!!!!

  14. damo says:

    davis….what a beautiful arse and cock! love to see you being double penetrated by the boys!

  15. tim says:

    hii, this is so fucking hot. you gotta have this guy back for sure.

    was wondering what the song was? it was sexy and went with the fucking 😉

  16. lion88 says:

    salu je vous trouve trop sexy les mec vous avez des physique supperbe et de trés belle queu et tré grosse !! a chaque vidéo je voudrait me retrouver entreux vos jambes bon courage pour la suite.

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      loose google translation: salu I find you too sexy guy you have any physical supperbe and very beautiful strated own tail and big! has every video I would find myself entreux your legs good luck for the future.

  17. teddhychavez says:

    i really love carter.but davis i love too,there both handsome
    and hot

  18. J says:

    I love all your videos that you post! Hopefully I could be in them soon? I live north of Dallas, and come to CT/MA once in a while. I’d love to meet up with you guys sometime 🙂

  19. CJ says:

    When do we get to see what you shot in Denver??

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hmmm, maybe in a couple of months? We’re taking Tony and Tico with us to the beach this weekend!! 🙂 – Hunter

  20. alexander says:

    I really love Davis: nice ass and a juicy big dick.

    Guys, you’re the best!!!

  21. Brick says:

    Hey,Guys hope u r loving the city of love. I would like to ask, would u guy be willing to do a vid with Davis,Victor an Derek.I was thinking that maybe you could get Gio to bottom for them. Maybe Derek would be willing to CUM out of retirement. I know this a lot to ask,but this would be a HOT ASS VID. GIO’S ASS WAS MADE FOR FUCKING!!!!!!! I know that between the three of those guys Gio would be taking 30 inches of cock. I hope u guys think about this. I WOULD LOVE TO SEE Davis,Victor an Derek Top. LOL.

  22. Michel Silva says:

    hot hot hot
    i want to be fucked like him
    love you both
    please cum to brazil we need you both here.

  23. Alec Daniels says:

    Excellent Scene Guys Would love to have some Fun with you all sometime

  24. jeff says:

    hey, davis ,cole and hunter.. fucking wow!!! leaving love for davis.. davis,wanna come visit me in california?

  25. Brick says:

    Hey,Guys,Glad this posted on July 6.That was my birthday. THIS IS THE BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER!!!!!!!!!. I ALSO GOT YOUR BOOK “The True Story Behind The Videos” LoL.

  26. mike says:

    i feel so rejected when yall dnt respond back make me wanna cry lol

  27. mike says:

    yeah yall fucked him good as fuck in i would love ur dicks in my mouth and ass at the same damn time love to be a maverick boy toy for yall do u think yall ever come to Detroit one day lol

  28. Santiago says:

    Los amo!!! cuándo vienen a colombia??? …….Un beso para los dos :*

  29. Angelo says:

    Wow, that was fucking hot!

  30. Jeffrey says:

    You need to have him fuck someone with that huge dick while getting fucked. Love the vid.

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