WARNING! Do not watch this video…unless you are ready, willing and able to jerk off on the spot!  This is one of our most highly anticipated fuck scenes of the year!  Recently, we’ve been filming the MaverickMen Directs series and you all seem to love them.  One video in particular seemed to grab everyone’s eye, When Muscle Bears Attack – where we featured our boy Benny G getting nailed by two hot, hung, hairy, tat-covered muscle bears.  Right after that went live, we got a ton of emails and messages begging us to have Benny G in a video with us fucking him.  Your wish is our command!

In this new nasty Muscle Fuckers video called, How to Fuck a Muscle Beast, you will see us ass-fuck one of the hottest, hardest, biggest sexy man-beasts out there.  This guy is so big that we decided to play it safe and cuff him to an iron rail and ball-gag him before we stuck it in.  It was a lot of work getting him to hold still and let us get it in deep and hard – it was like riding a mechanical bull, lol!  Leave some love notes for our boy Benny G under this post.  I know he’ll appreciate them.

43 Responses to “HOW TO FUCK A MUSCLE BEAST!!!”

  1. Joey says:

    this is probably one of the BEST gay porn videos EVER

  2. Josh says:

    Mmmm Hope you can bring this sexy motherfucker back sometime soon!

  3. Patrick says:

    Pound my ass here in canada

  4. Mo says:

    Hey Guys THe beste Video Ever i want THe Same i am in New york soon would do it with you and you make ne happy if you answear me 😉

  5. Dwayne420 says:

    I’ve had the hots for the two of y’all for years…but this vid just totally destroyed me (in a 3 load great way)! Benny G is a beast…a beast that got me hotter and harder than I can ever remember. The cool thing is, just like the two of you, he seems like he’s a genuinely nice guy and an absolute riot to hang with. Hope you hit the DC area and I’ll take as much Benny G as you can film…or better yet…he’d make a nice present and I can more than fill his large needs. *big assed grin*

    Thanks for all the hot fun guys 😉

  6. bob says:

    hi this is so god dam hot love you both to have fun with me 😉

  7. pedro says:

    I need you guys to do a number on me call me please

  8. John says:

    FUCKING HOT. That is it.

  9. Mark From Kansas says:

    HOLY FUCK. The three of you together is the best group in any shoot I’ve ever seen. I love that he actually takes dick like a man. And that ass is pretty much fuckin’ perfect. I didn’t think you guys could get any better, but once again, you’ve proved me wrong. Keep up the good work as usual, you’ve made a loyal follower out of me. Still wanting a my ass belongs to the maverick men jock. When you guys gonna hook me up;)

  10. Daniel says:

    Seen Ben at SD this past Sunday! He made my whole trip! Soooo gorgeous and let me taste his little orange penis sucker he had! Haha. I hope he sees this so he knows he made this Alabama boys trip! 😉 love ya Ben!

  11. Phillip says:

    easily the hottest video yall made 🙂 hehe

  12. knotted says:

    hey ,cole and hunter any plans to visit asia?
    i can’t fucking wait to get fucked all night hehe
    love from india

  13. butchlvr says:

    Benny is definitely one hot horny gay stud! Love how he struggles to take a fucking…and gets so into it. Not that he had much of a choice after agreeing to go for it, huh?

  14. Gillespia says:

    I feel bad about posting the same question but i fogot where i ask where do i find u guys dvds i am a little tispy lol cole an hunter u r the best stay sweet love u guys always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Mike says:

    His Shoes are a fucking turn on man, Thanks guys for the best vid ever made my little brother cumm >:)

  16. nycguy23 says:

    Are you boys coming to New York soon? You need to!

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      I think so, when we know for sure we’ll post it on our travel schedule on the Fan Zone page, keep in touch 🙂 – Hunter

  17. Aaron says:

    Yet another supremely hott vid from “the porno dudes”. Thank god what happens in the loft doesn’t usually stay in the loft.

  18. Shane says:

    This guy is gorgeous! so are the two of you as usual. Do you guys ever get down south?

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Thanks, Shane! we loooove the South (and the boys!), we might be taking a trip down soonish, we’ll post it on the blog when we do 🙂 – Hunter

  19. Jonboy says:

    That was so hot. Maverick Men both of you tore that ass up. Benny I dont see how you could take it. But I guess you had no choice when they cuffed you and gagged you. So my hat is off to you.
    And on another note I havent seen any vids of you doing the fucking, But if you take dick like that Im sure that you give it twice as hard. I would love to see you tearing up a guys ass sometime.

  20. Gillespia says:

    WoW,Man that dude is smoking HOT!!!!!!! I hope u can get him back. He is the best,do he top? Man he would be great in a scene with Carter!!!!!!!! Two muscle guys groaning an pounding o’boy!!!!!!!!!!

  21. joey says:

    Oh man, the fact that hes from philly is soo hot, alot of guys out here in philly are hot but benny G takes the cake, can’t wait to see him at woody’s night club again in downtown Philly!!!

  22. davidotk says:

    This was your best yet boys. My cock is raw from jerkin off. Excellent work

  23. Johnny says:

    That was one FUCKING AWSOME video!

    Do more with him!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Scott says:

    Really hot, i love muscular bottoms. what ever happened with that video of the two muscle bears in the gym though?

  25. santiago says:

    los amo!

  26. rangerdad says:

    Un-fucking-believable! One of the hottest vids ever. Verbal, muscle bottom and the two sexiest tops I’ve ever seen. Damn, you guys are awesome! Cole, I love it when you take off the wife beater. That hairy chest is sexy as hell. My only problem is holding my load to the end. When you ripped that shirt off and fucked Benny on the floor, I couldn’t hold it back.

  27. Anthonio G says:

    Wow! I loved it. This is really exciting guys… I love ur videos… Coming soon to Mexico please! Greetings <3

  28. shean says:

    i just started to watch video and got so Damn hard, and couldn’t start to JO,, fuckkk. this video is awsomeee… I CAME 3 TIMES

  29. anthony says:

    benny is so hott.. the hottest… i cant wait for him to fuck me like that

  30. justin says:

    love this guy i took body shots off him at woodys in philly!!!

  31. Ben says:

    When are you next in England – We need to have an all night party 😉

  32. Djordy says:

    That was insane! More vids with this guy and the rough style of fucking!

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