14 Responses to “SHAVED BENNY”

  1. Barebackarsefucker says:

    Magnificent Ass… I would Shave it Fuck it and then put it on a Collar and Lead….and make that Ass a Public Service…Awesome.

  2. roy says:

    love to shave something as hot as that. Benny G is awesome.

  3. sly says:

    Hey cole hunter k im just a laid back guy frm Detroit who like to have fun i was sayin that my ultimate bday wish is to get fucked by both of u my bday is December 23 and im turin 23 dis year and would love to be in a video but i will send pics and mor info bout myself i no i could suck both big Dicks at tha same time lol u womt be disappointed

  4. sly says:

    Hey cole and hunter ? Do i send pics the website or to ur Facebook cuz i sent a pic of my big ass and i wanted to no if yall got it plz let me no my bday wish is to get fucked by yall let me no 😉

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hey Sly, honestly we get a TON of messages every day and it’s tough to get back to them all, and we normally don’t respond to just butt pics, lol…so if you want to get our attention, tell us about yourself and send a face pic too, we like to know what that looks like too, you can email us at 😉 – Hunter (PS, happy belated birthday, and we ONLY mess around with guys for video).

  5. ray says:

    hey when will last ( teaser u had caleab , donkey guy , and this guy that has not been seen
    u and hunter fucked him on gym bench he looked hot
    btw keep fucking benny he loves being submissive bottom

  6. Timeeeooo says:

    sexy Benny :- ) I’d like see the video when he plays with bottle … in throat e in his ass … it should be very hot 😉

  7. Gleno says:

    10/10 for Benny – More of this video plz the two Muscles need to be Maverick Fucked Bad !!!

  8. Kevin says:

    Sexy, sexy Benny. So hot! But now I actually have a real question/request. Have you considered a behind-the-scenes filming of how everyone preps _before_ a shoot? Shaving, pumping up, exfoliating, etc., et al.? What goes on with the models _beforehand_ to make them camera ready? How can we, too, be the porn gods that you two are?

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hmmm that could be hot, let me run that by Cole 🙂 – Hunter

      • Tallone says:

        I totally agree! I love when “behind the scenes” stuff is included with the videos. Sometimes it’s as hot or hotter than the actual scene. It make the actual content come alive. You guys are naturals of capturing excellent material, now if you just let in on a bit more of it.

  9. anthony says:

    Benny is so HOTT!

  10. LUIS SANTOS says:

    Awsome !! MAke with me ,babe … My ass need to feel it !!Wow …I’m stay more and more your fan ,my beauty couple !!They’re amazing …LOVE YOU

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