134 Responses to “SEXY LITTLE BEAST!!!”

  1. Joey V says:

    I need another video where you seed him nice and deep!

  2. aznboi4u says:

    I’m asian myself and I LOVE that you bring out his race so much though. I mean, porn is porn, and a boy likes to be objectified from time to time.

  3. Sarah says:

    1. I want to know what excercises he’s doing (some form of martial arts?) 2. This looks amazing 3. I still cannot decide who’s hotter: hunter or cole.

  4. sean says:

    “There’s Always A First.” “Popping Our Cherries”

  5. sean says:

    “The Story of Nimh.” “Good Morning Vietnam!” “Memoirs of Nimh” “Where No Maverick Has Gone Before.”

  6. john says:

    Hot and spicy.

  7. john says:

    We aussie guys know how good asian guys are and glad you agree.

  8. Niklas says:

    Asian Persuasion!

  9. Marco says:

    Little Emperor or Wild, Wild, East

  10. Lost In Music says:

    Minh vs Men
    Men on top of Minh
    Minh Take on the Maverick Men
    Minh Riding Men

  11. Joa says:

    I’d like to fuck you both of you. When is going to be the day you both get fucked hard??.

  12. Malayman says:

    Maverickmen’s Silk Route

  13. David says:

    crafting adonis hole

  14. Nicklas says:

    Kung fu-king asian!

  15. azn says:

    damn that was hot . come to singapore 😉 we’ll be waiting …

  16. nvafurball says:

    Crouching Tiger, Moaning Dragon

  17. Ray says:

    The “The Asian Experience”

  18. George says:

    Minh takes it in

  19. Lucas says:

    The Nimhja Fuck

  20. John Keevy says:

    Oriental Express Fuck!

  21. Bob says:

    Asian Take-Out

  22. Cole says:

    WOW I think this post has had the most comments we have ever had on any other post other than the fan Zone page…After reading all these comments Hunter and I have decided to go with “SEXY LITTLE BEAST” because that’s what he is lol Umm there is no fucking way we are going with any of these other names, at best 90% of the suggestions are pretty over the top and at worst they are intentionally and UN-intentionally racist.

  23. Augustine says:

    Invading Asian 🙂

  24. nostudent says:

    Hunter and Cole,

    As a huge fan I was somewhat surprised to see you guys instantly bringing up his race so much. Sure him being the first Asian guy on your site is great but “He’s like a ninja with a tight little body…kinda like Bruce Lee” was just a bit frustrating. I know you meant it out of affection for him and Bruce Lee was a sexy fuck but as a person of color trust me when I say that things like that along with the majority of the vid title suggestions above are just infuriating and they make our dicks limp. Keep us hard and keep the comments kosher ok? I hope you post my comment and even if you do not please just hear me out.

    -A Fan in New Orleans

    • Cole says:

      You are ABSOLUTELY right! The road to hell is paved with good intentions lol As you know we dont have a racist bone in our bodies, we love it ALLLLLLLL but yes you are right, some people that dont know us might take it the wrong way… It’s funny how UN-intentionally clueless we all can be, for instance look at your line “Keep the comments “KOSHER” lol

      But thanks, I sincerely appreciate your comment, I would never not post something that came from the heart, the only time we moderate our comments are when people are hatefully ignorant or say hurtful or evil things, but thankfully we very rarely get that kind of thing.

  25. Rocky says:

    “The Rising Sun”

  26. Silas says:

    Driving Minh!
    The Tail of Minh!
    Fucking Private Minh!

  27. Brian says:

    Hardcore Yoga!!!

  28. Tim says:

    You guys are the it “chicken chop screwy”…

  29. GermanBoy says:

    The titel is “The Gaysha”

  30. Eric says:

    I think “Great Ball of China” or “The Year of the Cock” would be good names for the video. The first for the word play to the best known Asian landmark and the second for its obvious reference to the Asian Zodiac.

  31. Rick says:

    name: fortune cookie or take out

  32. Blue says:

    “Fucking a Dumpling” How about that? 🙂

  33. jem says:

    I have a name for this video:
    *The Secret of Minh.
    *Maverick and the Minh
    or since he was doing yoga you could call it

    Lotus Syle

    Love the videos guys. you both are incredible.

  34. David says:

    How about Peking Fuck? love you guys so much…I want to be a Maverick conquest lol x

  35. JfromLA says:

    i like “Riding the Orient XXXpress!”

  36. Juan says:

    Call it “Wow Chi Nimh”

  37. Christopher says:

    “Ninja Fuck” “Ninja Ass Fucking” “Tight Ninja Ass” hope those are some good ones to chose from. Love the site check it just about every day. Love you Cole and Hunter. Hugs
    Love, Christopher

  38. cameron says:

    min comes for Maverick Men!

  39. alli says:

    Sum Yum Guy!

  40. JonnyJon3 says:

    (corrected spelling on previous entry..sorry)

  41. Bob says:

    Fucking Karate Kid Minh

  42. Evan says:

    Welcum to the month of Cocktober

  43. John says:

    One Night In BANGCOCK

  44. gillespia says:

    I think all vids titles should take the person feeling in how you choose a vid title.Always care how the costar feels never should a vid be focus on what ethic group he is from we are all the same.i think any vid that focus on ethic is wrong!!!!!!

    • Cole says:

      Your right, if its hate based , or harmful or objected to by the person or persons in the video I think your right. If its something like Chocolate Cherry Or CoCo cherry pop or How to fuck an Italian Stallion I think its cool lol

  45. patrick says:

    what about F**K ME I’M ASIAN

  46. Johnny B. says:

    Our Little Ninja –

  47. vinci says:

    “MINH it to WIN IT” hahahah

  48. TERandJOHN says:

    I think “Sexy Beast” says it all maybe fluff it a bit more – Wild Sexy Beast

  49. PISCESFUNGUY says:

    MINH AT WORK … OK that’s my last one…LOL

  50. PISCESFUNGUY says:

    OK 1 more tile suggestion “IT’S RAINING MINH”

  51. PISCESFUNGUY says:


  52. JEREMY says:

    How about “kinky kimono”

  53. Angelo says:

    Call it “Hong Kong Fucky”a play on Hong Kong Fuey or “Hong Kong Cock”

  54. Jon says:

    Title – Big COCKS in little China.

  55. Jacks Von Liria says:

    I will name it: wan -tun- fuck

  56. Joe B says:

    Asian Ninja Twink x

  57. Fungcp says:

    Love maverickmen a lot from HK. Bad I’m not the first Asian guy. I’ll name: Yummy! Tight Asian boy!

  58. Aaron says:

    “Squatting Tiger, Fucking Dragon”

  59. David says:

    Love this preview! I say name it Minh, Moaning, and Much More

  60. french-moustachu says:

    Nice !
    I would say “cummin’ on a Nimhbus ass”
    first of all for the alliteration but then because he looks like a small god and a nimbus is the perfect word to describe the halo of his asshole.
    My english isn’t perfect but you also have groupie in France 😉

  61. Thomas says:

    I read the comment about Minh who didn’t want to focus on the fact he’s an asian. Indeed, he’s so much more, can we just stereotype him as a sex god ? Cute, athletic who can take dicks ! And it’s too easy to just make a pun with the word “Minh”.
    So im gonna take my chance with : “Exercice, fuck and cum. (with Minh)” I do hope to see some cum, you know. 🙂 And it’d better be a simple and direct title , I mean (minh? haha), your videos are just real sex, why present them with a title like this old porn movies which have already made all the sex puns possible in the world. (dont know if i’m clear, i’m french, and btw if you ever come by Paris… Let me know. !!)

    PS : Hunter was super cute with the “i wanted to keep him at home” 🙂 Keep the good work !

  62. Joe says:

    Maybe it could be “Getting smart on bed” or “The Samurai Fucker” both could work. Great work.

  63. Will says:

    Maverick Nimh

  64. Junior says:

    Hot Video. i would name it “Asian Persuasion”

  65. patric says:

    mavericks ”Nimh” Kid Part One

  66. Danny says:

    fucking hot!
    Title for serie: “The asians are cumming!

  67. tofer says:

    should be cum-minh

  68. Max says:

    i would name it “Asian Glory”

  69. Aang says:

    “The Hardest Training”

  70. r a perlungher says:

    hot and beautiful….name for video…..NIMBLE NIMH or NAUGHTY NIMH ….
    you two have done a creative job…good luck….rich

  71. Bob says:

    “Maverick Minh”

  72. Jae says:

    How about


    as the title?

  73. MplsBill says:

    Very hot! Love Asian boys!

  74. Colby says:

    Potential Title: “Fucking Boys into Nimh”

  75. Jay says:

    Enter the Dragon! 😉

  76. Jeff says:

    That was a hot clip and I am very attracted to Asian boys. Thank you for finally working on a video. He is hot.
    I suggestion for the name of the video is MMM, Mighty Minh Movie.
    Can’t wait to see the full movie. Keep up your great work.

  77. Rodney says:

    Nice work Minh, how about callin it “Minh to the max !”

  78. Marvin says:

    Wam, Bam, Asian Slam! Starring Minh

  79. Chris Orlando says:

    White on rice
    The chosen one
    kiss of the dragon
    asian adventure
    pounding his Walls of china

  80. b_894 says:

    I’m ethnic blind but it’s still cool to see the Maverickmen mix it up a little. The teaser looks hot, can’t wait for the proper preview. Just call it: “We loved fucking Minh” and be done with it. ^_^

  81. Jim says:

    How about “In Minh”?

  82. FrankieMiami says:

    ummmmm i say give it a spanglish name lmao name it something like “Dame Dos Cocks” meaning give me two cocks loool pretty hot though….fan here from miami.

  83. Pablo says:

    “Spring roll fuck it” 😀

  84. Loren says:

    Memoirs of a Gay-shah!

  85. Loren says:

    How to fuck a ninja!

  86. nick says:

    Or BAHN(G) MI.

  87. Secret Admirer says:

    I agree with Minh. we need better, more creative ways to name this video instead of relying on racist stereotypes.

  88. TJ says:

    How about “The Heat Is On” (referencing Miss Saigon and that Minh is NOT Chinese, but Vietnamese – the home of Miss Saigon) because it’s not racially demeaning and references the fact that Minh is extremely sexy and you three heated up the sheets like never before!

  89. brian says:

    cherry pop, open this fortune cookie

  90. Alex says:

    Memoirs of a Geisha!

  91. NJGuy says:

    used to have a Chinese fuck buddy…Sex was HOT with him! My Suggestion; “Chinese Takeout!”

  92. Mark says:

    “Cream of ‘sum ‘yun ‘guy

  93. tajh says:

    title ” Maverick nimh”

  94. Minh says:

    hey guys– i’m stoked that so many of y’all are excited for this vid. i’m pretty interested to see how it turned out (though i remember the fucking was SWEET).

    going into this, i kinda imagined the comments and troll responses to be a little problematic, but honestly, it’s more than a few red flags. it’s an overwhelmingly homogenous reaction fixated on my race. i’m vietnamese, by the way. the name minh is probably most recognizable from the social revolutionary and dictator Ho Chi Minh.

    before going forward and figuring out the name of my vid, try this article: []

    in the end, please don’t fetishize me by my race, because that shit’s dehumanizing. and if anyone else has some rad readings on ethnic pornography, please SPEAK UP!

    • Minh says:

      also: special thanks to the mavmen for having me (in more ways than one). y’all are an inspiration to pornographers the world over.

      • Cole says:

        Hey Minh we love you man, but you know that lol
        Sorry for the awkwardness of some of the comments, I know it doesn’t make it right but I’m sure the people that left some of the comments were not at all trying to be racist, in fact I’m sure they were all just trying to be humorous and creative and at the same time unintentionally inappropriate. I know our fans are for the most part multicultural y horned up for all races just like Hunter and myself are lol, so I am taking this opportunity to apologize for any awkwardness or hurt that some of these comments may have caused you. You are a true prince to be so chill about it, even going so far as to leave a nice constructive comment here with that link to help clue people in on what you mean. Thanks again for leaving this comment, im sure it will lead to better understanding of this delicate topic 🙂 xoxoxox I hope you will come back for round two, we had a BLAST with you we loved your company in and out of bed 😛

        xoxox Cole

  95. Cody says:

    You should call it Invasion of the Asian

  96. Patrick says:

    Well he is a twink Asian so “twasian persuasion”

  97. teddhychavez says:

    goodday!hence im asain i just sujest i ca name thatsupersexy hot viD name HOWLING MAVESIAN.

  98. Kyle says:

    Men, come check our sexy fuck Nihm
    Members of aGAYshuah

  99. Sebastian says:

    Sexy Pain of a Golden Star

  100. gennaro says:

    the asian movida

  101. dutch27 says:

    sexy… already have a name? what do you thing about: dominate his ASSian…

  102. Mark says:

    How about Dancing with Wolfs!

  103. Geevs says:


  104. Tito says:

    Fucking Mike Chang.

  105. isiss says:

    since he was the first how about naming it “the Asian invasion”

  106. Frank says:

    “The Karate Cock”

  107. Chris says:

    Me horny for Maverick Men. Me Fuckie for Long Time!

  108. Dan says:

    Gaysian Persuasion!!

  109. aquisr says:

    More title ideas…
    “Teenage Mini Ninja Squirter”
    “Wok & Roll”
    “Enter the Dragon”
    “The Joy Fuck Club”
    “Touched by an Asian”
    “Cream of Sum Young Guy”
    “Gaysian Invasion”

  110. Halo_In_Reverse says:

    I just heard Depeche Mode! 😛 Man, I love it when you guys choke hold these men into submission. Fuck is that hot.

  111. Darian says:

    “sex is like homework,asians do it better”! 😀 i gotta a real big crush on asians lol

  112. aquisr says:

    “Virgin Lychee Pop”

    Post it soon…Like tomorrow

  113. Chris says:


  114. Dean says:

    “Asian Persuasion”

  115. Darian says:

    “Asian Persuasion”, “What Happens In Bangkok Stays In Bangkok(or replace bangkok with his actual nationality lol”
    “Fine Asian Cuisine”

  116. Dennis says:

    The Asian Sensation

  117. Joe says:

    Asian persuation

  118. Tanman says:

    Maverivk Nimh

  119. chris says:

    Petite Asian Twinks Boy Toy

  120. Andrew says:

    Call it,” fuckin’ it Gangnam Style!”

  121. Eric says:

    Nimh Fighting Nympho!!!

  122. Chris R says:

    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Bottom

  123. loki says:

    Far East Fuck Down!!! Sexy as hell!!!!

  124. bzine says:

    The Dirty Little Secret of NIMH

  125. Petr says:

    That is hot.! I would like to see more of Hunter’s ass getting rough fucked.!

  126. wayne says:

    yey, shout out for asians 😀 reli nice video, hope u 2 find more hot sexy asians for videos 😉

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