This video is pretty hard core and might not be for everyone.  A lot of you may not know this but Hunter and I LOVE to brutally penetrate straight “gay-for-pay” guys that work in the porn industry.  Yup, it’s true; just ask Carter and Benny G, lol.  There are a few glaringly-obvious things we’ve discovered about fucking men: when it comes to bottoming, both straight and gay-for-pay guys are big pussy cry babies and real-deal gay boys are tough as nails and beg for more!  I’ve said it a million times and I will say it again, “it takes a REAL MAN to take a cock in the ass!”

I say all this because in this video, we had our gay-for-pay buddy Roman come over to fuck.  And no we did not pay him to be in this video; he was part of a deal we had with OnTheHunt – they hired us to film some content for them and in exchange we could have our pick of the models to fuck.  Since we hit it off with Roman and we loved his hot ripped Italian muscle body, we decided to nail his sweet hairy hole.  Man oh man was he a PUSSY!  He was yelling and screaming and crawling away from us throughout the entire fuck session!  You guys will love the dialogue in this video and you will LOVE the nasty raw hot slippery hole fucking and close up penetration shots.  Let us know your thoughts on straight men doing gay-for-pay stuff.  We’d love to hear what you think.

XO Cole and Hunter

43 Responses to “BRUTAL FUCK!!!”

  1. Scott JAckson says:

    Yes I enjoy see straight guys get fucked and sucked by other straight guys I think it’s Hot How Cole took those guys Cocks although t he may of been in some pain he seem to really enjoy his time spent with the two guys filming him and they them self’s were pretty HOT !, Especially the Hairy Guy ! _ I think Hairy Guys Straight or Gay make sex and enjoyment better

  2. Jonah Rainan says:


  3. william says:

    LOVED IT!!!!

  4. sc52701 says:

    Hey I really would love to be fucked like this. I’m 21 511 158lba
    In The US

  5. wjd103173 says:

    Yummy I wish it was me if anybody is interested I am a BOTTOM / verse mainly a BOTTOM gay guy I love to BOTTOM rimming being rimmed sucking being suck and fucked hard and deep but love to suck.

  6. Joey boy says:

    Hey I’m 20 and from the UK, I’m a virgin too but really want to experience something like this with pros to make sure it’s as good as it looks! Love the videos how could I get involved? Possible for a private session to warm me up first because I’m nervous as hell but really want to do it haha! Thanks x

  7. Steven says:

    I really need a man lover to do me like that

  8. aung ko says:

    I want to men to men fuck

  9. Rachel says:

    You guys rock…

  10. oscar guzman says:

    I am so horny and i need a brutal fuck.

  11. jared says:

    hey..! Im now 18 and still VIRGIN is anyone want to taste me…? :D

  12. Blake says:

    I’d like to try and take that nice dick up my ass for awhile or even as long as you are hard so if you ever want to hit me up

  13. Fred says:

    I loved it can somebody do that to me mmmmmm that made me cum

  14. BigGunsMUSCL says:

    I love pussy bottoms! I’d love to see how you two fuck a MUSCLED PUSSY BOTTOM in life, like Benny G or Roman, could I?

  15. cam says:

    Was that a Nirvanna cover at the end?
    Good Production!

  16. Josh says:

    I just turned 18 in June and I am a virgin.. I would love to explore and try out making a video!

  17. Troy says:

    Can i please do a vid with yall!!!!! you 2 keep up da good work

  18. israel says:

    damn he is a sexy man … you guys should have more guys like that .. not in to the twinks thing even though i guess i would be because i am 5’5 141 pounds haaa .. but some times you guys have some handsome… men ..

  19. Jason says:

    Hey guys. I go to school in Boston and laughed really fucking hard when I realized that was filmed on the esplanade, where my friends and I blaze. I like the integration of the city in your videos. Also, I’d like the challenge of taking what you guys have to offer.

  20. Redboy70 says:

    Anyone with a G$ tattoo on their ass deserves to get fucked hard.

  21. Deano says:

    Please do a str8 boy fuck fest video with Carter, Benny and all the other str8 boys at once ;)

  22. Ben Trav. says:

    Thank you guys for the straight guy video! Wish you could also pleasure him in exchange for getting hurt so bad! it looks painful to watch, but wish you also took time to body worship and deepthroat him!! next time i hope for another straight guy??

  23. Gillespia says:

    Thanks,Cole that help,but I was thinking,that straight guys would be willing find another line of work to make a living.Life is about finding love.We need money to live,it cannot make you happy.

  24. Cole says:

    Wow you are a nymphomaniac/sex maniac! That sounds scary I think you may scare our viewers lol but if you are 18 or older and can prove it, we are open to the possibility :P send several clear recent well lit face , body, ass, cock pics, stats, location and all that good stuff to us at
    :P Cole

  25. Daniel says:

    I would love to do a video with you guys! I am pretty versatile and have a very hungry ass… think I can take your cocks very easy….kind of nymphomaniac/sex maniac here.

  26. Minh says:

    hot stuff. major props for the nirvana cover.

  27. gillespia says:

    Hey, I have also had questions as to why they do gay for pays.It seems they have to have some desire to have sex with guys If the guys are not gay that would mean the sex is not real they would be pretending.What i don’t understand is why they don’t have sex with females. Because if they are straight it would make sense to do straight porno.The amount of money they would not be as much,but that should not matter.All they would need you is fuck more woman an that be what straight guys wantCole an Hunter why do you think they do gay for pay an not straight porno?

    • Cole says:

      Well that’s a tough call, I think gay for pay means just that, its more about the pay than anything else. Just so you know, it’s not at all easy for STRAIGHT men to get laid by women, never mind get PAID to fuck hot women porn stars, MOST straight men would jump at the chance to do it lol in fact I would bet that most would offer to PAY the film producers to give them the opportunity to be in a video fucking hot women, I would think that guys would be lining up for that chance, so straight men getting jobs in straight porn is RARE and when you do get the work its for shit pay.
      GAY porn, pays more so if the “straight guys” cant get the straight porn gigs, they go to gay for pay porn.
      As far as if they “DESIRE” to have sex with men, I think one would have to decide that on a case to case basis…that said, I’m sure some of these guys, are closet cases or confused or curious, but we have met several STRAIGHT men that only have sex with other men for the money.
      We have met quite a few men on shoots that are OBVIOUSLY straight, they even go so far as to watch straight porn on the shoot JUST before they do a scene, so yes it all depends on the guy, and as far as are they acting ? YES in most cases I think they definitely are. WE HATE THAT lol that’s why to avoid fake reactions and disingenuous emotions during filming, we like to PUNISH fuck the guy , and try to push the sexual envelope… this guarantees that you the ” Viewer” get to see the real deal! REAL! sexual reactions, we like to try to see what there sexual buttons are so we can press them to get to the sexual meat of the matter lol our goal is to elicit some REAL, RAW, sometimes very emotional sexual reactions But yes I think that’s why our videos are different from the rest of the pack, lol I guess maybe I shouldn’t share our trade secrets here for everyone to read lol but WTF as long as it helps make better porn, we’re happy to help lol

  28. rangerdad says:

    What do I think? Hot as fucking hell, is what I think! Love masculine men fucking and getting fucked. What I don’t understand is gay-for-pay. If they say they are straight I take their word for it. I really don’t care as long as they are hot and willing. But, to be honest, there is not enough money to get me to lick a pussy. I’ve fucked a few, but I couldn’t go down on a woman without gagging. So I just can’t understand how a straight guy can suck dick and lick ass. Guess it’s that I don’t have a bi-bone in my body. No pun intended. Love you guys!!

  29. halo_in_reverse says:

    Love that “Rape Me” violin concerto at the end. Hysterical!

  30. lcasey says:

    Fucken Sweet, Bout Time you Fucked Real Man …. Keep It up Please!

  31. Peyton James says:

    I would love to do a vid with you guys, I turned 18 on April and my only b-day wish was to get my hole pumped by you two. SUper Hot vid!!!

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