We are SO EXCITED to finally visit Brazil!!! We fly out today and will be on Ipanema beach for two weeks. On Thursday, December 5 we’ll be at TV BAR for their anniversary week and we’ll have an open bar in the VIP area from 10 pm to midnight. Here’s the address of the club: Av Nossa Senhora de Copacabana, 1417 Loja A – Shopping Cassino Atlântico.

Hope you can make it! We’re bringing jock straps!!

22 Responses to “RIO DE JANEIRO HERE WE CUM!!!”

  1. Kervin J says:

    hey how are you greetings Cole & Hunter Boys that his duo partner well are fun, enjoyable do very well your videos are Venezuela and I dediko to model all at some point wanted to share three of them spend moments of naughty games cool moment we know and befriend

  2. Roberto says:

    Amazing! I love your videos! And I really like TV Bar! I hope to meet you guys! Hugs!

  3. Lawrence Coleman says:

    Hi, I’m so interested in meeting you guys! Where can I send my pics so (only) you can see them? I think we could make some fun exercise! I’m living in Rio de Janeiro for 5 months now, I can take you to all the cool places! Oh, I’m a 22 yo Law student, tanned and fit ahaha

  4. Randall Laue says:

    You guys are addictive !!!!

  5. keiby says:

    Boa tarde. Não falo inglês, hoje é meu aniversário e vim comemorar na praia. Meu presente foi ver vocês, melhor seria se pudesse comemorar sentindo os dois. Abraço. Sou o moreno claro de cabelos longos e traços indígenas que está sentadi sozinho na oraia de ipanema atras de vocês.

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      loose google translation: Good afternoon. I do not speak English, today is my birthday and came to celebrate on the beach. My gift was to see you, it would be best if you could celebrate both feeling. Hug. Am the light brown long hair and indigenous traits that are sentadi alone in oraia ago from ipanema you.

      Feliz feliz aniversário, Keiby!! 🙂 – Hunter

  6. Silas says:

    Awesome. Have a great time. I’ve wanted to go for awhile now, but wasn’t sure about the area/safety, etc. Hope you can post any helpful info when you guys return. Enjoy!!! 🙂

  7. Jo says:

    you should fuck the last brazilian guy !!! 😛 Come to Portugal

  8. Sha says:


  9. MarV!n says:

    WOW! Really ?!? Im a married Top guy, and i ever dream to meet you guys, but im worried because is really needed to expose pics or videos?

  10. Fer says:

    I’m a 28 years old Brazilian living LA. Big fan. Wish I was there to meet you guys 😉

  11. Eros says:

    I’m from Brazil and i’m a fan… a must do is The Week Club

  12. Vin* says:

    ops.. sent unconsciously.. =P
    So.. my dream is have sex with you guys! i’m a really horny bottom! and i’d love to give me to you guys!
    Pleasee ^^

  13. Vin* says:

    Hey Guys! i’m from São Paulo! You guys don´t have plans to come to São Paulo??? Ok, Rio is a beautiful city, the wonderful city, but SP is more urban and modern and really gay!
    Please, i’m really fan you! My dream is have sex with you guys! i

  14. fernando says:

    ohh cool Guys!You’ll be so in rio de janeiro and will visit other cities?
    maybe i go to Rio, or maybe you come on visit my city, 1 hour de airplane! lol Vitoria -ES .
    Plz contact me! 😛

  15. Marcelo MOTA says:

    SURE? vai ser FODA! BRASIL!

  16. Benny says:

    I have been there—stayed in Ipanema 2 weeks—wait till you see the asses these guys have—delicious to say the least—also the friendliest guys I ever, ever meet— they are so friendly, warm, playful, uninhibited and genuine—have a great trip—I should have given up my cherry when I was there, but I was too nervous—I just topped and have to say, there is no ass like Ipanema ass! Have fun!

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