This seems to be a video that a LOT of you have been emailing us about. We posted a teaser clip of Justin and did a few vines with him during his visit last year. Those vine videos were inundated with requests for MORE MORE MORE! So, here he is…. Justin Maxxx! He hit us up and asked to be in a video. After getting to know him, and after drooling over his cute ass nice cock and sexy eyes we decided to give it a go. I mean how could we resist; he is a cute and sexy all-American boy with an appetite for man sex, lol! It also seems that he is determined to be in porn since he loves to post vine videos of himself doing various hot fucking things! Checkout his vine videos and I’m sure you will fall in love with his sexy wise-ass persona. There’s nothing like meeting a cute wise ass, and fucking him humble. We hope he’ll cum back for more. Let us know what u think of this sexy guy.





13 Responses to “BUSTIN JUSTIN WIDE OPEN!!!”

  1. janringuinyard says:

    You have a big cock uustin

  2. Earl says:

    So glad you showed that boy whats up πŸ˜‰ Hope you guys got to watch Game of Thrones. If I ever need to be “fucked til I’m humble” I’m giving you guys a call!
    Love you guys!
    E πŸ™‚ xoxoxxx

  3. Davion says:

    damnn! Justin is so sexy! I would of loved to be in his position!

  4. Justin Marxxx says:

    Look at that πŸ˜‰

  5. Rone says:

    Esse Justin Γ© tudo de bom!!! Mais eu queria era tΓ‘ no lugar dele nesse video.

  6. chad34001 says:

    I’ve followed this sexy smart ass on vine for a while now, so hot seeing him here gettting filled up with big cocks, more Justin!

  7. tedhhychavez says:

    justin is so hot i cum !

  8. kevin says:

    Do you plan on making anymore video with just the two of you all, because I kids those videos a lot.

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