Okay people, you asked for of more Carter Jacobs’ muscle-jock ass, and you got it! You’re going to LOVE this hardcore, ass-DESTROYING fuck video! I was looking through some of our past footage and found this amazingly hot fuck session. I almost forgot we even had it (how the fuck could I!?!). This video takes place after we had spent a few days hanging out with Carter. The night before, we had been drinking and clubbing so we were feeling the hang over. As some of you may know, the best way to cure a hang over is to FUCK and then FUCK some more. As I was editing it all, it came back to me just how hot it was to fuck his ass that day. At first, Hunter and I couldn’t find a comfortable position to fuck his poor little hole. I slipped in side-saddle to get the hard ass-slamming with deep penetration started. There’s a particular moment in this video that almost made me shoot as I was editing it. When I was sliding my cock in Carter’s tight hole, he reached up and sucked my tongue and made out with me as if to beg me to be gentle. Woof! Hunter stepped in to finish off Carter’s ass with some violent screwing of his own which lead to some jock on jock, ride-em-cowboy action. We just LOVE fucking and sucking and kissing our closet-case straight buddy, Carter Jacobs! We always hope he comes back for more. I fear it may be a while given that he’s still having trouble walking.







16 Responses to “TAKE THAT COCK MUSCLE JOCK!!!”

  1. wildfire says:

    There’s a moment when Carter is riding you and it would be a perfect opp to slide another cock up that awesome hole and DP him. Would he be up to try? That would be so fucking hot!

  2. Shane says:

    Damn, Carter gets me pregnant just watching haha

  3. Fernando says:


  4. Little Wolf says:


  5. Derek says:

    Can we see more sneaker action? Hunter should have taken off his kicks and put them on before fucking him!

  6. David says:

    I’d love to meet that guy that look like he’s from the Middle East (arab) hot hot hot

  7. Mikah777 says:

    Carter… Hats off to you!!!!! I came, I came again, and I came again!!!!

  8. benny says:

    Damn! Is his ass as delicious as Hunter made it look?!? Made me want to join that chow wagon! :)))

  9. Paul Denton says:

    Smoking hot!! Carter is a serious hottie. I love watching him suck dick. He has gotten better at it, and is slowly looking like he is making love to the cock.

    And both of you guys get hotter with every video.

  10. Brock says:

    I would love to see Hunter bottom for this hot sexy man

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