I have to confess; when we shot this video, it was late at night we were kinda buzzed and I wasn’t really in the mood. I honestly wasn’t sure if the chemistry was really there between all of us but after a few minutes of chatting up straight boy Gauge, we realized how much we wanted to pound his hairy ass, and FUCK did we ever! Not only did we force our cocks down his throat but we railed him without mercy and he didn’t complain once. Side note; our boy Ren was there during the shoot and prior to it he had been drooling over Gauge so he asked if he could be our Pig Extra for the shoot (which entails licking and sucking up every drop of cum that was left over on Gauge’s freshly fucked gaping asshole!). This flick gets a Woof and an Oink!




10 Responses to “POUND MY STRAIGHT HOLE!!!”

  1. Ramon says:

    Just ‘discovered’ Gauge this weekend while I sucking cock through a gloryhole (at Romantix in Denver) and watchin his Str8 Chaser vid ..LOVE this kid ..great personality beautiful eyes the hair is ALWAYS workin ..and of course hes fucking HOT ! Hope he stays bb !

  2. steve en says:

    very hot break my cherry and train me to worship those cocks. want to eat someone elses cum other than my own.

  3. Billy says:

    FUCKIN’ HOT vid…and VERY hot chemistry with all 3 of you boyz! Gauge is soooo fucking gorgeous, from head to toe…and a yummy ass, that is to die for! 😛 ….I Hope you guys have him back for MORE fucking!!! BIGGG Canadian ‘bare’ hugs…Billy 🙂 XXX

  4. buttteeers says:

    hot viideo

  5. Deano says:

    This guy is fuckin beautiful

  6. Chalolo Low says:

    Been following you guys for quite a while. Your site is HOT as usual. Leaves me salivating and ready to view full movies

  7. Adam says:

    guys i rally love u, my dream is that you can fuck me too. Im a vigin guy ho have nevver been fucked by man. Please i need u in my life. Hope u can come in Sweden and make happy us

  8. lukkas says:

    hello I would like you to take me I like your videos

  9. Robert Alvarez says:

    I know that Gauge was the guest star, but my lust for Ren has increased, at least two thousandfold now!

  10. Mark B says:

    Always a fun hot video! You guys never disappoint!

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