Here is another classic from the vault and its actually a double feature New Year’s surprise! One of the videos was shot late at night after we were buzzed from the club and the other we shot the next morning, so you get twice as many cum shots and ass fucking! This particular video is from five years ago. We met this little twink pig out at the club and he wanted the dicks more than life itself. As you’ll see in the video, we didn’t have time to test him, so we used condoms. This little pig LOVES to get pounded and LOVES to gobble up every drop of sweat and cum.

2 Responses to “LITTLE PIG, LITTLE PIG, LET US IN!!!”

  1. Sacce says:

    i want sex with you

  2. Hothorny82 says:

    I like it when hunter takes his socks off while fucking he has hot feet that need to be worshiped
    And a hot big ass I’d love to lick and sniff

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