Yup, y’all have been asking for more Sean so here you are, and this time around he’s bearded and more jacked than the last vid, woof! Sean flew in for the weekend to hang out, eat pizza, drink a few beers, and get his hot muscular hole hammered by us. We just love hanging out with Sean. He’s super funny and easy going and when he gets in the zone he’s pretty fucking awesome sex! We will absolutely shoot more fuck videos with this muscle boy.

11 Responses to “BIG BUTT MUSCLE FUCK!!!”

  1. Bridger says:

    The dudes hot and yeah I would love banging him until I left him stun-fucked. You know when you fuck a guy so good that after doing him he can’t put words so easily together and when he walks his legs shake! :)~ But I just saw him in a STR8 Chasers scene where he supposedly gets nailed for money for the first time. Come on Sean. Accept you dig dick. Cole and Hunter you guys rock. I just came out and a buddy has a membership to your site. I felt lousy after having gay sex but after watching you guys and how healthy and open you live, It made it so much easier for me to accept being gay and dig who I am at 20. For someone like me who was so painfully in the closet and on my college lacrosse team fearful of anyone finding out. Your openness has stabilized my attitude toward being gay and still liking myself. Now I want to bang every guy on my team including all the coaches! And I don’t care if they find out. Later.

  2. Glenardo says:

    Sean is one of my favorites of all time. I’ve seen him appear in other vids but they do not compare to what I’ve seen here. MM takes him to a whole new level with his bi-sexuality. I really hope to see a lot more of him but it probably won’t be for a while. After this session he’ll need weeks, maybe months to heal (LOL). Bravo guys, this video makes me bust every time and that’s what good porn is all about.

  3. TJ says:

    Great video but too bad he didn’t leave his nice boots on!

  4. gabriel says:

    Loved Sean with the beard, hope he keeps it, he is really hot with it

  5. Maverick love says:

    Cole and Hunter you’re so hot!!! My dream is seeing Cole bottoming

  6. SoCalfunandfuss says:

    Hot as always !

  7. Bran says:

    Sean needs to lose the beard. Totally messes up his hot jock/boyish allure.

  8. rangerdad says:

    Three fucking gorgeous men going at it! What more could we ask!!

  9. Paul Denton says:

    That was super hot!! I love the beard, too. He looks hotter with it!! His ass…wowzers!!

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