There’s nothing like a super cute and eager cum-hound bottom to make your day. This video’s from several years ago when we went back to Colorado to see our tight bottom boy, Liam. We’ve done a few videos with him and he never fails to please us. He stopped over to our hotel to give up his throat and ass, and man it was awesome. He gave us his sweet tight ginger hole like a pro, then he drained our loads and left us soaked in sweat and smiles.

13 Responses to “BANG MY HOLES!!!”

  1. Jeff says:

    I’ve been a steady fan of your videos for years and would like to thank you both for many hours and nights of solitary enjoyment. The product is well produced, you know how to cut with the right kind of rhythms to keep things interesting, you add a welcome sense of humor to some very intense scenes, and you’ve managed to maintain your naturally formidable physiques and love for what you do, which is inspirational in itself. One question: on one of the dozens of free video websites, I saw a recent video that you directed/produced with the word “singlet” in the title, featuring a very hot young wrestler who fucked your awestruck twink-guest while you filmed and observed. I haven’t seen that particular clip since, even on your websites, and I was wondering if you’ve included it on this official one. Keep up the good work, and I hope to receive an answer from someone there about that video. And again, thanks!

  2. Jack says:

    Would love to see you guys get fucked by a 3rd party , would be hot

  3. Glenardo says:

    Several have mentioned that they would like to see Hunter & Cole pork. If I may offer my opinion, keep everything just the way it is. This site is very unique and we get to see so many beautiful new boys with perfect cheeries being popped. This is what makes Maverickmen different from the sea of porn sites. We’ve already seen couples like Cole & Hunter in hundreds of videos. What this site gives us is something new & exciting: gorgeous young str8 boys discovering new pleasures that go beyond what they’ve experienced with females. Don’t change a thing on MM.

  4. RAY says:

    Hi guys Love your videos

  5. Aj says:

    If you guys ever come to iowa, turns this top into a bitch bottom!

  6. Francisco says:

    Why dont you guys fuck each other for once, i’m tired of replaying Punish fuck and i understand you uys made freebies but you only blow him we need hunter or even Cole to get fucked

  7. Hannah says:

    Any other females around that looove to watch their videos!? I get off to them at least once a day! If you guys ever want a gal pal in your life you know who to come to!! Haha

  8. Ethan says:

    Maybe I missed this in the forums or because of the short time I have been a member but why don’t you cum in the guys asses that you fuck? You clearly all said you have been tested and have made the choice to bareback but do you have a reason not to “breed” or “load” these hot guys up? I, as a new member surely would prefer seeing that kind of scene. Perhaps I am ignorant of your policy but I believe you have already experienced fucking them raw, why not internal cumming? I am sure I am not alone in this preference. (Or if you do this in certain video please forgive my mistake and kindly guide me to those. But I have not seen it yet.)

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Hey Ethan, I hear you on this one. Stay tuned for our next release which is going live today/tomorrow. You will be pleased. πŸ™‚ – Hunter

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