I’m just so excited to share this video! Hunter and I had such a hot HOT hot time with Jado. I met him two years ago and we clicked right away. He was into trying out a video, so we first shot a hot stroke vid soon to be posted on MaverickMenDirects.com. Then he came back after Hunter got home and the chemistry was instant. We could have fucked all night and into the next. Jado is one of those handsome, masculine, and always-smiling guys with a big personality that exudes sex appeal. We absolutely didn’t get enough with him the first time and we hope to have him back again and again (and again).

7 Responses to “JADO THE CUM VOLCANO!!!”

  1. SexyBlkBear says:

    I noticed that you guys don’t fuck alot of black guys. I am sure there are plenty of us out here that would love to have fun with you guys. You guys are sizzling hot and so very appetizing. Keep up the good work.

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Woof! We fuck em as they come to us, Sexy Black Bear! Sexy comes in EVERY flavor. 🙂 – Hunter

  2. eyeamabttm says:

    Just the thought of being a bottom for you…. damn! One of these days, i would love to experience both of you! Both of you are my Everest to climb!

  3. ME623 says:


  4. Roger BeauBeau says:

    Ohmygawd! You guys did such a Wonderful job, decorating Jado’s sexy, hairy, bubble bum with SO much delicious looking, thick sperm wads! Would you wanna mess up my face nice ‘n sloppy, along with flooding my tongue just as plentifully with your spurting artwork, then tapping, smearing, slapping and feeding me with all the steamy man cream? 🙂 🙂 Seriously! We’ve GOT to talk about making plans! Watching this trailer has me craving even more to get with you two–Cole and Hunter–AND the two super hot guys playing billiards from the ‘Blowjob Pool’ video, if you’re able to contact them and arrange–get submissive altogether, and GIVE! GIVE-GIVE-GIVING TONS OF HEAD!!! Unbridedly, full…of ENTHUSIASM 😉 😉 …til I’m GASPING and, uhm, _CRYING_ hehe, from BEING PUMMELED, SUCKING, AND PUMPED!!!!! Kindly reply and advise. ThanXXX! Fellatio- and cum-crazy in western PA. :p :p :p

  5. Robert Alvarez says:


    Truly, “wow” does not begin to cover it. Jado is hairy in all the right places, has a sweet, and disarmingly sexy smile, clearly loves having sex, and loves giving head. Something tells me that Jado might need to get a stick bigger than his “third leg,” to beat off any unwanted marriage proposals.

  6. Hardnwet9 says:

    This has definitely been one of my all time favorites!!! Damn, this was sexy hot and fun all at the same time. Jado is one sexy fucker! And Cole & Hunter always deliver with vigor!!! Yummmmm! Makes me consider submitting for filming with u guys. Made me very hungry…

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