Throughout the years, Hunter and I have been guilty of favoritism towards ass. So this time, we’ll swap it because we DO indeed love cock just as much as booty. If you have an unusual penis (and you’re over 18 years old), send us a pic so we can share it with everyone. Cocks come in all shapes, sizes and colors and no matter what your willy looks like, you should treat it like the prize it is! So send us your dick pics and if we post them, you’ll win a prize.

Send them to

5 Responses to “PRIZES FOR PENIS!!!”

  1. Hey says:

    Come to Spain!

  2. charles B says:

    I’ve always thought I had an unusual cock until I saw some of these pics. Maybe I’ll send in one of my onw?

  3. Tim Chad says:

    OKay that’s it, I’m going to send you guys my pics soon. I love this site

  4. Gredino says:

    greetings and hugs from Italia, when do you come?

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