We REALLY love to fuck newbies! This sexy boy Jay is relatively new to man sex and he wanted to learn how to bottom from two experienced tops. Enter, us! Jay has been watching MaverickMen.com for a while and he’s been dreaming about getting pounded-out in a vid. Who are we to deny such a sexy, hairy-assed stud these dicks!?

11 Responses to “FUCK HIM DEEP!!!”

  1. Dany says:

    So hot video! What is the brand of this cutie’s socks? I can’t read the brand name on video 🙂

  2. Jonathan Rodriguez says:

    Will you guys ever do a video with a semi-chub/hairy guy??

  3. Matthew says:

    I envy these boys that get with you both! Jay is great at taking your big dicks.

  4. chris piedmont says:

    Wow I love this vidoe, please do more with Jay. he is a very sexy guy.

  5. Paul L says:

    We love watching you guys fuck down hairy boys like Jay! He’s a very sexy guy and you should do more with him.

  6. DavidCyclistPHL says:

    Always hot! A while back (maybe a long while) Cole teased us by talking about bottoming. I’m all bottom, but I love a top’s ass (particularly watching you guys fuck, I want to eat like it’s my last meal). I’d subscribe for a year if Cole would bottom. At least give us a good amount of time with one of those boys eating his ass. Yum!

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