Many of you love to watch us dick-down jacked muscle guys. So, here’s a perfect bearded and tatted muscle man for your viewing pleasure. Donโ€™t get us wrong; we love muscle ass, hairy ass, twink ass – you know by now that we love all kinds of guys. But I have to admit, we see and feel the appeal; there’s something about penetrating a hard muscle ass that works a huge load out of our cocks. We filled up Riley’s ass with so much cum that it was squirting out of his mouth, lol. We love you, Riley! Hope to hang with you again soon.

9 Responses to “WAKE UP AND FUCK ME!!!”

  1. rangerdad says:

    Hey guys! Just one more comment please. Cole, I can’t stop staring at that first pic on the video feed. You are one hot, gorgeous, sexy man!!

  2. Ivan says:

    U r so hut guys. So hut. Love u. Watching u since 20)

  3. Gabe says:

    Im glad you guys are creampieing models in yours vids. me myself enjoy it very much. The more the better guys.

  4. randy sutton says:

    super fucking hot man…damn

  5. MM says:

    This is so fucking fire and damn Cole, your body is looking SMOKING hot

  6. rangerdad says:

    Fuck YES!! My dream come true. Three, gorgeous, hairy-chested, full bush men going at it. Oh, to be Riley!! You guys are fucking awesome!!!

  7. G. says:

    Omg! This is one of the hottest you have done in a while. Three bearded hot hot hot! I have to shower again as I came all over my chest! ๐Ÿ’ฆ

  8. Robert Alvarez says:

    First, Riley is one super SEXY FUCK!! Second, I LOVE hearing a nice piece of ass being smacked a few times while being fucked! And third, this stud looks super fine, with that hairy, tattooed body, and that wedding ring, too. I think you guys hit the motherlod (or, rather, the daddy-loads! HA!), with this one.

    Giving you lots of love and lust, Riley!!

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