Every now and then, we do a video that really surprises us, like this one. We were recently in Vegas and this hot jacked guy hit me up. We got to talking and he said he wanted to be in a video. To be honest, his pics were so hot that I thought he was a catfish, lol. Liamโ€™s a top that pretty much prefers ass play only. He isnโ€™t really into sucking or getting sucked; he just does it to be a considerate lover. Liam’s primary focus is getting it in! He loves to use his big, beautiful cock to fuck ass. Now he’s recently open to pleasing his top friends, like me and Hunter. As soon as we met, the chemistry was undeniable. We literally jumped onto each other and went to town, sucking and fucking so hard that we blasted our loads so fast that we had to chill and fuck and cum again!

5 Responses to “BREED MY MUSCLE ASS!!!”

  1. Butch says:

    So I was just on another site and noticed a few videos of Liam doing other dudes. Seem like you guys “turned him out.” He’s now bottoming quite a bit but topping as well. I guess you guys did him so good he made the switch.
    He takes really big dicks very well now

  2. Awang ricky says:

    Guys hope soon u visit Asia I want both of u drill my ass
    …I love double fuck if u want try bubble butt Asian bottom pls visit Malaysia

  3. Robert Alvarez says:

    I have a feeling this video is going to drain my balls so much, it shall take DAYS for me to get hard again!

  4. rangerdad says:

    How do you do it? You guys get better looking with every video. So fucking hot! Hunter, those abs are so lickable and I swear Cole’s dick is getting bigger and thicker. Love seeing the two of you work on a good looking man. I never make it all the way through a vid without shooting a load.

  5. WWA says:

    Cole your looking so young and lean all of a sudden ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

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