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July 15th, 2022

Hunter and I met Olly, this tall sexy blonde blue eyed hung bubble but, after chatting we asked if he would be into shooting with us and he was all about it 🙂 we started with a solo stroke (on Then we moved onto a full fledged FUCK video, and Im so glad we did, he’s awesome sex and, he’s so fucking sexy, he’s tall and lean and has a hard tight body, and that ass, mmm mmm  has the perfect amount of blonde beach fuzz on his tight little peach and muscular legs, and woof that thick cock, is thick and curved up like rhino horn lol , perfect for topping since it would press right onto a guys prostate while, but in this video he gives up that beautiful tight man ass for us, and we  dove right in and showed him a nasty hot time, this is one hot fuck video enjoy, and send some love here to Olly, leave a comment here under his video, say hi, I’m sure he would love to hear from our amazing MaverickMen fans.

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2 Responses to “HOW TO SERVICE MEN!!!”

  1. Chris says:

    We want Levi back!

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May 31st, 2022

Our super sexy hung buddy Landon, hit us up telling us how horny he is , he said he was leaking and dripping precum think about us fucking him again. So we told him to get that beautiful muscular ass peach right on over so we can fill it up. When he got here he walked in with rock hard cock showing through his jeans, that’s all i needed to see, when I asked him what he was in the mood for he said “ I want you guys to DOMINATE me” so that’s exactly what we did, we stripped him down and violated and dominated every sexy inch of him, from his toes to his big cock and delicious hole, this is a HOT fuck flick enjoy 😛

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3 Responses to “DOMINATE ME!!!”

  1. Matt says:

    Have you heard from Davis recently? Would love a return visit.

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Yes we recently spoke with him, hes living a great life and is happy, we hope to get together with him

  2. Jonathan says:

    As always SUPER hot!!!! And love the the Vivaldi Four Season’s music!!! LOL.

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What can we say, but WOOF! Jarred is one of the hottest sweetest guys we have had he pleasure of shooting with, he has a great personality, a handsome face bubble muscle butt and a big cock, what more could yo ask for ? We have been chatting for a few years and we never connected to shoot with us because he wasn’t ready to bottom yet, he prefers to top, but he was awesome enough to let us stretch his hole out a little lol 

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4 Responses to “STRETCHING JARED’S HOLE!!!”

  1. Michał says:

    How old is this cool slut? 😋
    Best wishes from Poland (Europe)

  2. Terri says:

    Get guys that really like a cock that let’s loose!

  3. Dk says:

    Follow him on Twitter. He’s fucking gorgeous

  4. Mistiq1st says:

    1st de small one then comes daddy with the big one and wreck noua hole

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April 19th, 2022

I should have called this video CHEMISTRY because we absolutely have some serious Chemistry with Hunter Vulpex ..He’s Obviously into the both of us and we are obviously into him. However its not just chemistry or his his handsome face, lean tight body, big cock, or fury little muscle peach, its also that he’s a sweet kinky fucking fuck hahah We have had him come shoot with us twice and each time he comes we always have a cum blast of a time, in this video little Hunter is very horny all he wats is our cocks and he wants them now lol so we kicked back and he serviced every inch of us starting with our cocks and holes all the while working us towards squirting our loads deep in him.

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5 Responses to “SQUIRT IT IN ME!!!”

  1. Andy says:

    Hi, As an amateur bottom I really enjoyed watching Hunter enjoy himself. I was just imagining me being Hunter as he serviced his tops.

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      I agree 🙂 he knows how to enjoy himself when hes naked with guys hes into for sure 🙂 Nothing like a bottom that loves to please

  2. Mistiq1st says:

    Fuck i wish my ass be destroyed by u guys

  3. Jack P says:

    Fuck, that ending of the vidoe. What a gorgeous gaping hole

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March 29th, 2022

We met this hot sexy gentle giant on one f the pick up apps, he is a big fucking bear of a man weighing in at 260 lbs and 6’9” tall, with a big thick cock, he was shy at first then confessed he has been watching us for years and had always wanted to loose his virginity to us, so we figured we had better meet him first and feel out the vibe, he agreed to oral but not bottoming for the first video since he is an ass virgin, so we decided to let him jerk off but he needed some assistance so we face fucked him and made him eat our asses hahahah I have to say it was super hot and only made us want to pop his cherry even more, he promises to cum back and let us fuck him on camera so stay tuned , in the mean time enjoy us fucking this giants face and watching him shoot one of the biggest loads I’ve ever seen lol enjoy and let us know if u want to see us fuck this giant of a man. did I mention he brought over a big plate of chocolate chip cookies when he came over to meet us hahah the way to a maverickMans heart is through his cock OR with a big plate of chocolate chip cookies.

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4 Responses to “FEEDING THE BEAR!!!”

  1. thonglover123 says:

    Wow, what a hottie! I really hope he follows through on his promise to come back and bottom next time. Get that guy in a jockstrap, lube up and go to town. Does he have a stage name?

  2. Mike says:

    Awesome guy! Envy for him sucking deep your dongs.
    Hugs from Poland 🙂

  3. Potie says:

    Nice Big thick cock! That’s a pretty hot cock for a dude that big, its a win win!

  4. Paul says:


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March 9th, 2022

Our tight ass bubble butt buddy Charlie, is back, and this time he was in rare form, I’ve never had a guy ride me so hard and so long, this fucker climbed on top of be shoved my cock in his hole and ground my cock so deep into his ass, that when I shot my load I could have sworn he started crying tears of my cum hahah Hunter was so excited by his hairy little ass that he could not keep his face out if it until it was time to hammer a guy load deep into little charlies ass, hearing him moan and whimper as our loads shot into his eager hole was amazing.

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6 Responses to “HOLD ME DOWN AND FUCK ME!!!”

  1. Ronald says:

    It’s so good; He’s starting to make me hard again, my dream man, wish I was attractive enough to be in videos, I need to stop eating jejejeje.

  2. nsurrealxxx says:

    Such a hot video! Love that hairy hole

  3. Dave says:

    Hot video! “Horse hung hairy hole” with Davis! Love it I’ve been looking to cum to that video for a while as I love musk, Keep up the amazing stuff fellas!

  4. Pylomie says:

    The hands over mouth action from Cole is next level!!!

  5. Paul says:

    I fucking love the video!! Amazing as always

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Micro Cock!!!

February 22nd, 2022

When we met this guy at the gym innitaly we thought he was just a random nice straight guy offering to spot, but it turns out he’s a MaverickMen fan haha, he’s a very straight appearing deep voice bubble but gym rat kinda guy, so we had assumed he was pretty fucking straight till he hit us up on one of the hookup apps, after chatting him up we found out that he is not only hot but a kinky fuck as well, he loves to be dominated and humiliated, Teasing him about his little caged Micro cock makes him precut like crazy, he likes a guy to dominate and put him in his place as they own his holes, when I asked him if he wanted to shoot videos he said FUCK YES! So we set up the usual “solo stroke video” to see how the camera likes him, but as we were filming him, we could not help but fuck his face and play with his hole, we didn’t fuck him in this video but we fucked his mouth so hard he needed to wear a mouth guard hahah we hope to have him back soon to fuck his stunning muscle ass.

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5 Responses to “Micro Cock!!!”

  1. Chad says:

    I cannot wait for you guys to get this sexy fucker back and finish the job.

  2. Brent wermes says:

    Hey you guys are so hot. Love your videos . I’m headed up to Chicago tonight from cinci. Love to do a video. I’m a hot guy. Super nice ass tight hole and horny af. is my # . I’m going to steamwork if all else fails

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      WOOF! Sounds hot, only we are in Utah at the moment… and OMG dude, never randomly leave ur number on a porn blog for the world to see, unless u want evere freak and there brother blowing up ur phone hahah

      • Alex says:

        Where in Utah are you guys? I’m in Ogden I’d love to shoot a video with you guys! I’m a hot young guy 24 years old and I love daddy’s. Shoot me a email i can send you pics or whatever you want

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February 7th, 2022

Hey guys as any loyal fan should know, Cole loooooves head hahah so this time I insisted on editing for a change and this special video of “only oral” and rimming.. in the 2 part video our sexy bud little Hunter Vulpex and me Hunter Maverick wake up early, way before Cole wakes up, so I decided to fuck little hunters sexy mouth for a bit,  then we went in to wake up Cole with some morning head, he was literally sound asleep when Hunter started pulling his underwear off, he was very happy to start his morning off with some pretty boy twink head lol The second video is me cock worshipping cole and eating his hairy man hole, I made him cum so hard his eyes rolled back in his head hahah we made this a double feature just for all you oral lovers out there 😛 enjoy and don’t forget to swallow.

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One Response to “ORAL DOUBLE FEATURE!!!”

  1. Tomas Kyle says:

    Phenomenal as always guys! To be able to suck and rim you both though…the dream

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