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January 27th, 2022

If you love watching us fuck a big hairy hot muscle bear, then  you guys are in for a treat…We met Micha on twitter @TheMaverickMen and when we saw his big hairy muscle ass we knew we had to get deep in that big beautiful butt and fill it up with our cum. Hunter and I hadn’t cum in 4 days in anticipation for the meet up, we met him in his hotel, he was dressed in his uniform till we stripped him naked and fucked him good, he was a hot fuck and a sweet heart of a muscle bear.

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January 18th, 2022

Yup our delicious blond hair blue eyed twink Jack Bailey is one of our most delicious models, since you guys love to see us fuck him so much, I decided to edit this video we filmed a while back, this time jack got his sweet little pink hole drilled hard and deep exactly the way he asked for it, we dominated him Mavericken style, I almost felt bad for him as we stretched his holes out, but every time we stopped he demanded MORE! MORE COCK MORE CUM deeper harder and longer…so we obliged him hahah in this video you will see lots of beautifully aggressive close up hole domination, deep throat fucking, sloppy face fucking, hole stretching and deep breeding, I had almost forgotten how hot it is to fuck a sexy twink that also happens to be serious daddy lover lol

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8 Responses to “TWINK DOMINATION!!!”

  1. Ronan says:

    Jack is the best twink around!!! Hottest video ever

  2. Me says:

    jack is by far one of the hottest twinks in the game, we NEED more of this! Although I love all types of men don’t get me wrong😉

  3. Woody says:

    I”m straight/bi, not into anything other than stroking with a guy. But who is the woman in this video? The hottest sex scene ever. I want to see more of her. Reminds me of my college GF, tiny tight body. And how to you set that kind of thing up with her? Two dudes and then hot sex with a woman? Crazy. I’m an in shape well hung, good looking guy……with money. I’d like to be a part of that scene some time.

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Hi there, thanks for the comment, shes been in a few videos with us, she is bi and her BF is bi , we agreed to play with her after she reached out and said she and her BF want to play with us and she would give us his ass if we agreed to get with her as well, so we did and I am glad we did she is so sweet fun very GGG and just awesome,…if watch the FULL video not just the teaser you will hear the entire story 🙂

  4. John Reyes says:

    Such a hot fucking video….this made me pay for the “hole” vid. Keep spreading your love Maverick Men

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December 6th, 2021

For sure one of the hottest sessions we have had in a while, we had our Italian Stallion friend Anthony, give up his hot hairy hole for us. But before we started, we decided to get naked and have a long hot sweaty massage table session, we started off Massaging Hunters beautiful muscle body, then we all took turns ass up on the table, was pretty fucking hot getting my ass eaten out by both of these sexy fucks, but not as hot as It felt when they were both massaging my fat cock with there throats and blowing loads in my face then sitting on my tongue as I slowly stroked my dick, woof, we fucked so long and hard our cocks were raw. This is a long hot video, there is something nasty hot for everyone in this video 😛 enjoy

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11 Responses to “MANHANDLE MASSAGE!!!”

  1. Justin says:

    The feet licking sniffing video on this video is hot hunter and Cole would love to see both your feet worshiped.

  2. MaverickFan says:

    SOOO sexy! Will you guys ever do a wedgie video again?

  3. Br says:

    How does being in these videos work. Do u fly to wherever u guys are after getting accepted and just have threesomes or are there more steps

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      If yu are of age and there is a sexual attraction based on the photos you submit, ( submit an application to the site on the home page) , we will email you or text you, and answer any questions you may have and ask you some as well, then we will set up FULL STI testing for you and us, If you are local thats best but if u are in the USA we could fly u here to us for a few days here and shoot some videos.

  4. HardassGymRat says:

    Hunter! You and Cole absoloutly did manhandleand devoured this guy , I thought you were all going to explode into a cosmic cum explosion. Can I get a turn on the massage table 🙂 im hot and ripped, no camera tho pleaseeee

  5. DavesDaddy says:

    Wait! did Cole get fucked in this ???????????? OMG, Instant precum in my pants

  6. puppy says:

    this was super hot! I love the new guy

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Whats not to love, hes a sweet heart, Italian, scruffy, masculine, vers hairy ass & Hung in an open relationship with a hot lover

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October 22nd, 2021

What can I say? This is another amazingly, sweaty, nasty, sticky, cum soaked video with our beautiful sexy buddy Hunter Vulpex, he came to spend a few days with us and we made the best of it, we shot a bunch of videos but this one is by far my fav of the lot , it was such a hot fun session I came twice once deep in his sweet tight pink twink hole and the other down his throat, there was one moment when my hunter shot his huge load all over my cock shaft as I fucked little Hunters throat that scene alone is solid gold lol enjoy

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7 Responses to “FUCK MY PINK TWINK HOLE!!!”

  1. Bart says:

    LOVE him!

  2. Mistiq1st says:

    U always make my cock hard

  3. Pylomie says:

    Anyone else obsessed with Cole & Hunter!?! Seriously though, I love the way they **** – makes me wish I was a young twink. If you’re ever in the market for an older overweight bloke, hit me up…lol!

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      LOL This is Cole, I suppose the guy that reads ur comment could send u a message through me and I can forward it on 😛 xo

  4. J says:

    Cole can you do a video of you bottoming and eating hunters cum?

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September 22nd, 2021

Keenans back to make you drool, he’s  back with his big hairy bubble but and big fat juicy cock…He’s  now excellent at bottoming, he prefers to Top but for us he let us have it, but only if we made him take it haha 

There is nothing hotter than fucking a sexy hung top that likes to take it like a man! 

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2 Responses to “MAKE ME TAKE IT!!!”

  1. benGee says:

    Woof he is yummy, I love his hairy ass, you can tell Cole loved that ass and Hunter loved his mouth hahah

  2. Jimmy says:

    I want you both to fuck me

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August 31st, 2021

Okay, here is the video you have been asking me to post, its the video with the Guy from the Bi couple series, His girl friend dropped him off a few days after she shot with us, the deal was if we fucked her, we could have her Boy friends ass 🙂 She specificaly asked us to FUCK HIM GOOD! hahah and I think we did fuck him much better than just good hahaha. He was nervous as fuck, but had a rock hard cock from the minute he walked into our house, we showed him an awesome time and he loved every second of it, I must say besides being super cute, he also had a beautiful body great cock, and the most delicious tight amazing ass we have had the pleasure of fucking in a long time 🙂 enjoy.

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13 Responses to “STRAIGHTISH!!!”

  1. Darius says:

    This Guy Is SOOOOO HAWT!!

  2. Luigi says:

    Si quiera volvieron al sexo gay con chicos lindo y no pierdan la escencia de la página.

  3. Mycocro says:

    I wish to be yours too

  4. Yass says:

    Guys I’m a big fan, when are you posting sep videos? Plus, I guarantee you have lots of subscribers if you post more of feet licking or at least show guys toes closely ❤️ If this happens, personally I won’t cancel my subscription whatsoever 😍

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      I just checked, you do NOT have a paid membership….If you pay to watch the full videos you will see lots of everything, and yes toes and feet too, but to keep us in Business you have to help support us by becoming a paid subscriber.

  5. Piero says:

    Amazing scene, he’s mouth-watering and I love when you cum inside 😛

  6. Alan says:

    Hunter, I love your hairy ass. I hope I can lick it once

  7. Ben says:

    I watched this about
    Six times in the last 24
    Hours. Now my cock is raw!

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Hope you watched the FULL video not just the teaser 6 times:) slap some ointment on that dick and beat him again lol

  8. Michael says:

    Best update in ages. Thanks!

  9. Michael says:

    This has been one of my favourite updates for ages. More of this type of guy please!

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Thanks man, yes he is so sweet AND sexy, if he wants to shoot again we will welcome him with open zippers 😛

  10. Stefano says:

    She dropped him off hahaha soooo awesome and open, and fun, it was a nice couple move!

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August 13th, 2021

This is our second video with Jack Bailey, he was exactly as you would imagine, sweet cute and eager to get his hole crushed and filled with cum. His moaning and sub talking was so hot it made us both cum thick ropes of hot sticky cum deep in his sweet little twink ass. And yes you guessed it he wanted more, so we gave it to him with both barrels MaverickMen style lol. He is the quintessential YES SIR twink, and we loved him for it!

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6 Responses to “TWINK FUCK HOLE!!!”

  1. Rob says:

    Another fantastic video of the very sexy, cock hungry, cum loving jack Bailey being spit roasted.

  2. Gerry says:

    love to fuck you and seed you

  3. Walter says:

    He is a sweet fuckable guy, we all could do with one of those! Can’t wait for episode 3 with him! I love it when Hunter fucks him like a stallion. 😋😋😋

  4. Velvet says:

    Beautiful ♥️

    • Brasilero says:

      Yes! This is what we want to see :). You both fucking a Twink ! Awesome video!

      • Cole & Hunter says:

        I hear ya, but truth be told, not everyone likes twinks, Some do some dont, we cast a wide net soo as to please as many sexual appetites and desires as we can, however everyone is wired different, not everyone enjoys the same thing, and because we love our non judgemental fans so much, we mix it up all the time 🙂

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July 19th, 2021

For all of our awesome fans, Gay, straight, bicurious, straight curious, bisexual trisexual & sexually fluid “non judgmental fans” this ones for you lol 

Yup this is our second Bisexual video. If its not ur cup of Tea or should I say cup of pussy, then this video is not for you, so fair warning 🙂 even tho I think its RIDICULOUS to have to say that, given how for eons homophobic straights have been telling the queer community who we can, and can not fuck lol 

We LOVED making this video with our beautifully deliciously sweet cherry girl CeeCee! Pronounced – (SEE SEE) She is not only HOT she’s also Bi and loves both men and women, but more importantly she and her boy friend, are HUGE MaverickMen fans, and yes we shot with her BF popping his cherry (coming soon)

We hope you will be leaving nice comments not judgmental nasty ones, after all there is a WORLD of porn out there for you to choose from, so if you don’t like this video, feel free to watch another of our videos in our vast library of content or go to another site and support them, we will not judge YOU 😛

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64 Responses to “HOT CHERRY MEOW MEOW!!!”

  1. Edward says:

    I wish I could make a video with you two. It’s on my bucket list

  2. Chad says:

    When are you doing another bi video?

  3. bearishBrant says:

    Definitely prefer your gay stuff but have no judgment whatsoever of your performing bi content. As someone who identifies gay because that’s who I date and fall in love with, I am largely hetero in sexual terms. If I did porn it would have to be with women or trans men. It’s the only way I could be detached enough emotionally. We’re all different and I know what it feels like to be judged and scorned for my personal intimate desires. It’s your party and should definitely do what you want to!!!

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Thank you…Its gross that people feel like they have the right to tell me who i can have sex with lol Isn’t that what the homophobes have been doing to us for thousands of years?, the hypocrisy is sick.

  4. Gaychism says:

    Even as a gay man I love this jeje

  5. Dadoo says:

    Yall are doing great with the new bi stuff

    • Jaman says:

      Never knew both you and Hunter were bi. Fascinating.

      • Cole & Hunter says:

        Yup, been bi all our lives I have clearly stated since day ONE on my original Xtube page 15 years ago, we like all kinds of humans, what they have between there legs is not as important to us as what they have between there ears 🙂 fun, sexy, people are what we are into not peer pressure or gender conformity. The cock wants what the cock wants, the heart wants what the heart wants, we go with the human flow and enjoy the ride 🙂

  6. Steve says:

    Hey boys,
    Most important thing here is to have fun. Don’t let negativity come between you and making these great videos. Keep up that sexual spirit. I would be happy to host you one day 😉

  7. Skye says:

    Y’all are amazing I love that you make everyone get fully tested before each video xo.

  8. Ivan says:

    It was so hot, nice to see that videos, I would like to participate on it. Greetings from Colombia.

  9. Jeff says:

    First I have to say mind to be dominated by you two I mean damn look at you both but I was looking for something to get off to well it’s safe to say that my Bonner didn’t get stroked . I don’t know if it was just a turn off because it was a girl or if it was because I was jealous as fuck. LOL mixed emotions on this video. I would love to say I loved it but it just wasn’t what I expected to see. LOL I think I’ll just stick with the Comment that I was jealous of her.

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Well….Along that same line of thinking, I’m sure you have started to watch gay porn with a guy in the video that didn’t “make ur dick hard” so you moved on to another video right, same deal here, we have TONS of other videos for you to see, with tons of different kinds of guys, we also post tons of FREE videos as well, and still people are not happy lol you cant please everyone 🙂 you are welcome to check out the video if its not ur cup of tea, thats normal, no need to comment just do what you want , the cock likes what the cock likes 🙂

  10. bisexual men are awesome says:

    ‪its so pathetic how some queens are so nasty and vile just to be cunts, I think Cole and Hunter should do whatever the fuck they want , its there website, they are ICONS, if they want to fuck pussy, or ass, or ear holes, I will watch it jejejej keep up the awesomeness!

  11. Random says:

    I’m curious have you guys always been bi or is this like a recent discovery you two made as a couple? Do you have a preference. I understand if you guys hid this side of yourself fear of backlash, but it makes sense.

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      I mean We are what we are, we have NEVER hidden who we are or what we enjoy, I think we are gay men in love with each other we have been together over 18 years…We do not like the labels,BI GAY STRAIGHT all lables we dont enjoy or stick too…. THAT SAID if we like a person and they are sexy, kind, nice, fun, then the attraction happens, gender is not a big deal to us, we welcome ALL ALL ALL ALL

  12. hellatrax says:

    Yikes! this was UNexpectantly HOT!!!!

  13. sft425 says:

    I love your bi videos please keep making more with women! maybe next time, could you includesome foot worship and hunter going down on a woman please?

  14. Gayman says:


  15. DISGUSTED ONE says:

    FUCKING HATE EVERYTHING Usualy!!! But tis was awesome!

  16. Robert Alvarez says:

    I have not even watched the video clip, yet, but I can already see it is smoking fucking HOT!! Of course, I AM looking forward to the cherry popping of Cee Cee’s boyfriend.

    I think at this point, the only human left for both of you is an FTM, as well as an MTF. Of course, given how many delicious FTM guys there are in porn, I would hope you give them priority one status. I doubt you need recommendations, but if you do, I got plenty!!

    As always, thanks for the love, the fun fucking and the hotness.

  17. Mistiq1st says:

    I like it but my cock is soft to a luat but the video is hot

  18. SuperFan says:

    Very hot! Loved the first installment as well! Both your cocks have always looked big, but when you fuck her pussy they look even BIGGER!
    Can’t wait until the video drops of you popping the BF’s cherry!!!!!!!!!!!!


  19. tom says:

    love the video, how about a ftm, that would be really hot

  20. b says:

    What ever happened to Beau? I miss him. Is he still around?

  21. Ulysse78 says:

    Hi. I love your latest video. I both enjoy watching gay and bi video so it doesn’t bother me. you are both attractive men, and i’d love watching vaginal creampie with the woman. watching your 2 cumshot flowing from her vagina would be the nirvana for me…I love your work. Thank you for your great videos

  22. Vini says:

    Hi, boys. I’ve always enjoyed your work so much and for so many years now (always thinking you guys were gay). I’m a bisexual man who has struggled a lot with his sexuality, especially because of bi-invisibility. So I just have to say: THANK YOU SO MUCH for filming bi content and declaring yourselves as bisexual. I know that it might just be a label for some people, but for other people like me it’s an acknowledgement of existence. Seeing beautiful self declared bi men like you having smoking hot bi sex is just too good to be true. It makes me feel like I’m normal, like I exist and there are others like me out there. I just want to let you know that I see your BIsexuality, I love it and it makes me happy and proud. Thank you for doing this favor to the bi community.

    • Vini says:

      BTW! Feel free to completely ignore this tip/request, but it would be so good to have closer shots of the pussy next time you’re with a woman. As a huge pussy lover, it would totally blow my mind!

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Thank you for ur awesome comment… yes I guess i’m surprised that people are surprised we are bi, we have always clearly stated that we are Bi right from the start, on Xtube 15 years ago…we are obviously two men in love with each other, and we are focused on that…If we want to fuck a particular individual we will, gender is an afterthought, its more about sexy then niceness.

  23. Darius says:

    I have been a fan of good & horny bisexual videos for years now.
    I have as many gay videos as bi ones in my collection.
    Since I’m attracted to masculine men, be they top / bottom / versatile,
    I tend to have had a lot of experience with truly bisexual men as well as masculine gay men.
    And some may not know it, but there are women who are bisexual, and get turned on as fuck
    watching two men get it on right in front of them. For my bisexual lover, it was a major turn-on when I
    participated with him in fucking a female together. We’d take turns sucking his cock, licking & sucking
    his balls, eating his ass, etc. I’d love to eat him out while he was eating her out. We had great one-on-one sex too,
    but when we did a MMF threesome, he would be even more sexually dynamic and triggered!
    The women that we fucked together would get so wet and wrapped up in the bisexual free-for-all satisfying
    fuckfest, that they would cream & squirt multiple times. He would be so turned on that he could express his
    full sexuality with absolute abandon—With no guilt, shame or judgement, that he would shoot heavier
    loads, and more of them than he usually would in a one-on-one. He would and could, go straight from
    pussy to asshole, kiss me and her both, suck her tits and my nipples, and pound both of us silly!
    She loved to sit back and watch us fuck while she used a vibrator as well. HOT TIMES INDEED!
    So, keep expressing yourselves FULLY & FREELY! To hell with what narrow-minded people have to say!

  24. EvanAngel says:


  25. Dagger says:

    I’m gay and I think it’s hot but I *used* to be the kind of person who would get reactive or feel betrayed by something like this. I think it’s for a few reasons- Many of us were with guys who ended up staying closeted or not being gay and just went back to girls. Many of us grew up around straight people expressing disgust at the thought of two men and a man and a woman (or a woman and a woman) was more aesthetically-pleasing so there’s a resentment for that perceived betrayal too. There’s also maybe people who pressured themselves to have sex with women or felt pressured or tried and there’s damage surrounding that too. So don’t engage, they’re just in pain.

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Oh I get it…However I am not the kind of guy that takes a beating and doesn’t fight back, Ive been harassed and oppressed all my life for who I am sexually, so if these assholes want a fight they will get it, I’m done with judgmental hateful assholes, if the haters dont like what they see,GUESS what they can do… MOVE ON, there are a billion sites to visit there hate on, go be a harasser and hate on the political bullshi of political sites…. Truth is,they need to double there anti psychotic medication and FUCK OFF.

  26. Levi says:

    Damn sexy wish I was there bottoming for you guys while licking the juices dripping out of her pussy after you fucked her. Lap up your cum and her sexy juice all in one ?

  27. Beau says:

    Gentlemen, I’m a bisex porn fanatic and this is one of the best I’ve ever seen. Please please please do more ?. I know this is first foray into fucking women so I’m sure the more women you shoot more, it will be just as diverse as the guys you shoot with and I hope y’all will film with trans men too?. ❤️❤️❤️?

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Hi Beau, Thanks for the positive feed back 🙂 Fuck yes , we would LOVE to shoot with trans men, we hove all shapes sizes genders, we always say, “if you can bring sexy to the table, and you are a good person, we are always open to any and all possibilities”
      xoxo Cole
      FYI this is actually our 2nd Bi video, it’s here in our library, feel free to poke around and check the collection out 🙂

  28. Steve says:

    Very very HOT video

  29. Randomfan21 says:

    This isn’t technically a bi video is a full on str8 one honestly it would be much hotter if there was another guy involved. I don’t want to sound like a hater or anything but you guys were some of my faves, and Ik you guys are bi and are gonna continue doing str8 vids so I’ll keep my comments to myself. But I kinda wish you guys would just do gay vids cause they’re better and they’re not used by homophobic converter accounts to hate on people on Twitter like your str8 vids are being used. Again I’m trying really hard not sound like a hater but as a fan I wanted to share my opinion. I love you guys and I’m sorry if I ofende you in any way.

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Hey RandomFan- Thanks for the feed back, I will try to address ur issues-questions-comments-in the order that you posed them…
      1. Trust me it’s a Bi-video lol there are two men sucking each others cocks and eating each others hairy assholes lol and a BI woman, so ya its a legit Bi video… and 2. FYI we did add a 3rd guy, in our 1st bi video..?? 4. we “were” your favorites? sorry to hear we are no longer ur favs, we will try harder to win you back 🙂 5. And no you are not keeping ur comments to yourself lol, 6. and yup, you do kinda sound like a hater, just let us do who we want to do and we will let you do who you want to do, I dont want you to tell us who to fuck and we dont want to tell you who to fuck, right? thats the kind, considerate, decent, non judgmental thing to do thing to do, no?….7. Gay Bi Straight content, none are better than the others its just a personal preference what ever makes u cum… Lastly If you see our videos are being misused on twitter or wherever, thats a terrible thing to do, im sorry there are scum bags out there that misrepresent or mislabel content, but to be honest we have had our videos used “by and for” many fucked up things, people always bastardize our videos but it is the nature of the internet BEAST,, at the end of the day, as you can imagine, we only have so much control over stolen or misused content…Soooo If you ever see our content bastardized or misrepresented, please send me the link and I will take care of it, until then, I hope you will leave ur mind and heart open to us and let us do what we want to do without judging us, and as ALWAYS 99.% of our videos are as GAY as it gets hahhaha once in a while we like to jump the shark tank…,

      I’m sorry you didn’t like this particular video, I get it, but
      Thank you for choosing to beat off to our OTHER videos, and yes we love you for the feed back,
      constructive criticism is always welcome, hate and judgmental comments are not.
      ..xoxox Cole Maverick

      • Patrick says:

        Hi Cole,
        first I want to say that your videos are always cool and hot – even the Bi-Videos are not my taste as I actually like the videos in which you are fucking guys much, much more. They are always real hot!
        But the reason why I am commenting here is that I’m actually not able to understand the comments of Randomfan21 regarding that your Bi-Videos are misused in the Internet-Forums by Haters or “Converters”?? What does this exactly mean?
        I mean you are doing porn videos in general so you are fucking people (doesn’t care of men, women, trans, etc…). So that isn’t something new. Therefore I don’t understand how haters are now misusing your videos. How can they do this or what does this mean exactly? What’s the background for them doing this?? ?
        Would be fine if sou could this explain to me ? Many thanks!

        • Cole & Hunter says:

          Scum bags steal our content all the time, we can not keep track of evry thief around the globe robbing us, we try but people still steal it and put there own spin on it, but if you know us you get us, we are literally MAVERICKS. “An unorthodox or independent-minded person”

    • bisexual men are killing gay porn says:


  30. Dutch49 says:

    Even as a real gay guy I love to see you guys fuck a girl! You guys know how to do it! Well done!

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Thank you for the positive feed back, love is love 🙂 AND its all pink inside hahahah

      • Dutch49 says:

        You are very welcome! Love is love! I cannot wait for her boyfriend to show up though ?. Maybe it is time to fuck a Dutch guy ( not me lol) again? Anyway, keep posting guys! Grtz from a huge fan from the Netherlands

      • Grimmy9 says:

        Great video. I loved it. Thanks

      • homophobic fans are enabled by this says:

        Thank you MaverickMen I LOVED this change of pace, not so much into vagina, but this was VERY interesting and made me aroused… I’m so happy to NOT sex shame you, do what you like with the website, no one especially not gay men should tell you who you can or can not fuck what are they thinking is this 1960?. xoxoxox

        • alex says:

          LOVE the videos men, you are a jewl in a sea of mediocre porn

        • You rewrote my comment and deleted the others says:

          You completely nailed the vibe of my comment jejeje, thank you , keep up the hot videos, as you see I keep coming back because I love it all and basically have no life outside my apartment i need to find a hobby xoxox

      • alex says:

        I was going to rag all over this page, but then I thought , who am i to judge others, I will not judge you since i dont want to be judged for who I choose to lay in bed with, have fun its only porn sex live the life you want to live, .. Good luck

    • Gaychism says:


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