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February 28th, 2018

We REALLY love to fuck newbies! This sexy boy Jay is relatively new to man sex and he wanted to learn how to bottom from two experienced tops. Enter, us! Jay has been watching for a while and he’s been dreaming about getting pounded-out in a vid. Who are we to deny such a sexy, hairy-assed stud these dicks!?

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11 Responses to “FUCK HIM DEEP!!!”

  1. Dany says:

    So hot video! What is the brand of this cutie’s socks? I can’t read the brand name on video 🙂

  2. Jonathan Rodriguez says:

    Will you guys ever do a video with a semi-chub/hairy guy??

  3. Matthew says:

    I envy these boys that get with you both! Jay is great at taking your big dicks.

  4. chris piedmont says:

    Wow I love this vidoe, please do more with Jay. he is a very sexy guy.

  5. Paul L says:

    We love watching you guys fuck down hairy boys like Jay! He’s a very sexy guy and you should do more with him.

  6. DavidCyclistPHL says:

    Always hot! A while back (maybe a long while) Cole teased us by talking about bottoming. I’m all bottom, but I love a top’s ass (particularly watching you guys fuck, I want to eat like it’s my last meal). I’d subscribe for a year if Cole would bottom. At least give us a good amount of time with one of those boys eating his ass. Yum!

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February 15th, 2018

I just found this deliciously amazing video in my archives from a few years back. This is back when we shot a bunch of stuff with our super sexy boy-toy, Tom. I’ve posted little snippets from this video before, but I’ve never posted the full video. Now that I’ve reviewed all the footage, I’ve come to see just how fucking HOT this one is. In this vid, we spent the weekend with Tom. We chilled in our loft for the first night. Then, we got up early and took him swimming and sodomized his holes pool-side. We took Tom home for some four-way action with another sexy fuck bud of ours. We all sucked, fucked, rimmed and shot our loads all over the place.

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9 Responses to “HORNY HOLE FUCKERS!!!”

  1. michael says:

    Hunter i live in jacksonville florida jags country duval!!! its my dream to eat your ass for hours! be fore i leave this earth👅 would love to send you my cell number!

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Wuuuuuuuuuuuuuf 😛 – Hunter

      • Michael says:

        Hunter but, seriously, eating your awesome round hard ass! has been on my bucket list for years!!!👅your ass is a national treasure🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸how do i forward my cell number to ya👅

  2. David says:

    Who was that sexy fourth guy? This daddy likes.

  3. David says:

    Fan if yours. Want you both to hold me down good. Filled out the application
    If in charleston sc let me know. Have always wanted to be in a porn vid and who better than the hottest two guys!!!!

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January 24th, 2018

We just LOVE Oakley! We first met him many years ago when we first started making vids. We flew him in to Boston then, he was so nervous, and we got to know each other and began our friendship. We’ve watched him grow into the sweet and sexy man that he is today. This time, we met up on a cruise and we fucked and sucked all along the way. We can never get enough of his thick cock and thick cakes! Woof!

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10 Responses to “RETURN OF OAKLEY!!!”

  1. hinthis is rajeev says:

    hey hunter i am abottom from india and i am crazy for u. want to do kinky with u once .

  2. John says:

    Hey men! You ever do cum inside? I’d love to watch you breed Carter Jacobs if he’s still around. WOOF

  3. LOVEMVM says:

    Hey!!!I was sooo hooked on Ryan from “Hairy Hung Horn Dawgs”
    One of the best video!!!!
    Where can I see more of him!!!!or social media or more video please!!!!

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Hey there, I think you mean Davis from Horse Hung Hairy Hole? He’s not on social media but I’ll let him know you were asking about him next time I see him. 🙂 – Hunter

  4. PT02118 says:

    LOVE that you bring the boys back like in this video with Oakley. Bring them all back like this!

  5. Jose almonte says:

    I liked the page I would like to make video with you.

  6. James Ward says:

    The sexy man with the salt and pepper hair is fuckin beautiful with a huge fat cock that I’d love to have balls deep inside my€

  7. Andy says:

    Have you ever thought of fucking a virgin from India ?

  8. Rey says:

    Hey 😉 that’s a nice sexy fuck, wish I was in Oakley’s position

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January 10th, 2018

There’s nothing hotter than popping a willing virgin’s cherry, especially when he’s a muscular and tall horse-hung stud, like Charles. we recently met Charles and instantly fell in lust with his charming persona and palpable sex appeal. After a few days on a big shoot, he approached us and said, “I hear that you guys are the best men to take my virginity. I still have my cherry. Are you game to help me expand my horizons? I want to learn how to bottom.” Now THAT was music to our ears! This was a huge treat for us. You’ll love watching us pry open his beautiful muscle ass and hear him moan and yell like a true ass-virgin.

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7 Responses to “HOW TO POP A TOP’S CHERRY!!!”

  1. ARTEMISBBCsissy says:

    yummy id love to be in a movie i love BBC

  2. jonny says:

    The best yet
    Thank you

  3. Paul Denton says:

    This was hot!! Charles has some beautiful lips!

  4. Sassy Pantaloons says:

    Omg please have him star in some Maverick Men Directs videos as a Top please. Those last few words of him about railing bottoms and not sympathizing made my ass tingle and I wanna see him in action.

  5. Robert Alvarez says:

    Oh. My. GODS!

    Clearly, this is why I celebrate my Birthday all month long, because this is IT!

    Second, wow! Charles King is even more of a stud in my eyes. And I especially love how Hunter used that big cock of his as a handle while he fucked him.

    And, in spite of all I wrote, I have no words.

  6. Rob says:

    This guy, Charles, is beautiful, with a nice big cock and a beautiful hairy ass. I love the the pubic, chest, ass and cock hair. I met a black guy over the festive period, outside. The kissing between us was unreal. I throughly enjoyed it. We rubbed cocks together, sucked each other off, and I kissed his nipples. Great to see Charles getting his hairy hole slammed bareback. My dream is to be topped by a black stud and for him to send the seed home, right up my hairy hole. Would love to sniff and lick Charles’ hole. Great video guys. Xxx

  7. Andrew says:

    Yesss!!! I love this. Seeing Charles King bottom is already my favorite of 2018

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December 27th, 2017

Here’s a another gem we found way in the back of the vault. We still have a few hot videos rattling around in the vault from when we first started shooting. We made this vid in Denver 2012 with our super cute boy, Liam. You’ll remember him from one of my all time favorite vids, Fuck Of The Irish. We’ve shot several videos with Liam in the past. We can’t resist him. He loves to please his partners with every fiber of his being. He lives to obey commands to the letter, no matter what. Liam’s only request is that you fill him up with every drop of your hot sticky load. Woof!

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2 Responses to “OPEN THAT HOLE!!!”

  1. Robert Alvarez says:

    I think the only part of this trailer I did not like was seeing Hunter help Liam get dressed. That was not fun!

  2. Rob says:

    Amazing video 😍 , wanting to be serviced just like Liam 😋…

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December 13th, 2017

We LOVED playing around with Kip! We met-up out at a bar over a few beers and got to talking and developed some serious sexual chemistry. I knew we’d have a great time after chatting with him over the phone and when we met him he was twice as nice and ten times as cute! Hunter had a hard on within the first five minutes of meeting him. If your idea of hot is a handsome, hairy, hung, bisexual and married guy with a GREAT ass, cock and body, then you’ll love watching us get naked and sweaty in this nasty-hot breeding vid. In my opinion, Kip is one lucky fucker to have found such an open-minded and totally cool woman to marry. To Kip’s awesome wife; all we have to say is thank you thank you! Thank you for lending us your hot man for the night. I hope you’ll both be watching this together while you fuck.

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15 Responses to “DEEP BREEDING!!!”

  1. Stone says:

    More Dirk……

  2. BI says:

    I’d love to see the wife’s reaction to this video!

  3. Jake says:

    Absolutely one of the hottest vids yet boys!!!
    Jaw dropping! Had a hard on and pre cum with in minutes 😛

  4. Jade says:

    Hi from Germany 😉 Love your vids, absolutely delicious – also for women! Keep it up and merry XMAS ❤ Jade

  5. blksuperman says:

    HOTTEST SHIT on the Web!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Luis Martins says:

    Send him to Portugal asap! Seriously hot and hungry!

  7. Tyrell says:

    Omg 😍😍😍 so hot take my chocolate virgin hole next

  8. Riz says:

    My new favorite of yours! Hot as fuck.

  9. Dez says:

    fucking YUM!

  10. Robert Alvarez says:

    HUNTER: “I love this new world we’re living in.” A-fucking-men to that!

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This is among our top five amazing cherry pop videos! Our super hot BIG buddy Jordan was a total top before we persuaded him to let us in that thick, beautiful virgin ass. You may have seen Jordan in some of our other videos on He’s a serious top and ass man that LOVES to eat ass and then fuck deep with that massive cock of his. In this vid, we spent the afternoon with him biking around and having some laughs. It quickly turned into car sex then a full-on fuck session back at our spot. We had so much fun doing this vid that we came huge loads multiple times!

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  1. Marcus says:

    This is easily top 3 of the guys you have done a video with. Nice bubble but .. athletic .. manly with boy qualities. This was HOT

  2. Corey big dick l says:

    Let me pop him few good times

  3. Paul Denton says:

    Damn, that was hot!! Jordan has a nice bubble ass and cock.

  4. Hannet says:

    PLEASE more beautiful men like Jordan, I could watch him fuck or get fucked for days

  5. paul rogers says:

    Wow you guys are so lucky to get Jordan he is my favorite so far of everyone.

  6. Robert Alvarez says:

    Well, HOT DAMN! Jordan is packing in the front, and no slouch in the back, too!!

    Did you use that big honker of his like a handle when you popped that cherry?! One certainly could!!

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November 16th, 2017

Our friend Red came back for another vid because we just can’t resist a hard, tight, ginger ass in our face and on our cocks, especially a one like Red’s. He’s always ready, willing, and able to please. Red was shy when we first start out, then he opened right up…quite literally, lol.

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8 Responses to “WRECK MY GINGER HOLE!!!”

  1. Rich says:

    Damn, this video is HOT! Does Red have an Xtube, or a tumblr? Anything I can follow him on! Lol

  2. Pedro says:

    Hey I’m very big fan of ur. I wish I can have with u guys

  3. Luis Martins says:

    He’s a super talented cocksucker but i’d love to see these guys swallowing more often.

  4. nick says:

    Could you do more breeding videos please?!

  5. eight says:

    love seeing Red again, such a sexy ass on him

  6. Mykel says:

    What I wouldn’t give to have a go at him haha, good job!

  7. Mr Eight Inches says:

    The return on Red a familiar face, cock and ass. Cole and Hunter won the lottery again… perfection at it’s best. I swear my cock grows an extra inch when Red is in the house. Perhaps a foursome is in our future.

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