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4 Responses to “COLE’S RANDOM MOBILE PHONE VIDS (part 9)”

  1. Ludus says:

    Love your videos, so hot! If you are in the Bay Area would like to meet you

  2. John says:

    Cole u jerk!! I got all excited thinking you were finally bottoming on film!!! You tricky sexy bastards!!

  3. octavio says:

    cole and hunter you are amazing, enjoy what they do and looks that are really a love

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JOIN US on Saturday, October 25th at House of Blues in Boston! This is ALWAYS the BIGGEST and CRAZIEST costume party of the year! We are co-hosting with the one and only Mizery! Don’t miss this!



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2 Responses to “$1000 CASH PRIZE FOR BEST COSTUME!!!”

  1. brutallovin says:

    Cole& Hunter i just wanted to STROKE your egos for a min i love your vids wish you guys fucked chicks i’d so be in, but if not i would love to see you 2 go crazy on my boyfriend he so the type of guy you like not only because hes 6’2 171lbs tattooed up with green eyes and a 9 inch dick but hes straight..completely straight….that would be the hotest thing ever…yall r so sexy.

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Forplay banner 2

JOIN US on Thursday, October 30th for Foreplay: A masquerade fundraiser taking place at The Manhunt Mansion. Tickets cost $20 and 100% of the proceeds go to benefit The Theater Offensive. Tickets are only $20 and will sell out so plan accordingly and come dressed for the occasion – cash prize will be awarded for best costume.

Thursday, October 30th – 7 PM to 11 PM

Music provided by disc jockey Jim Clerkin (we LOVE gay Jim!!) from KISS 108 with appearances by The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (we LOVE our Sisters!). Sips and snacks will be provided by Boston Chops (we fukkin LOOOOOOVE all things Boston Chops!).


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  1. Jesus says:

    Whens ur next 18+ event?

  2. Walter25 says:

    Hey guys! I love you both! I’m pretty sure I have seen all your videos! :D Will you be in London anytime soon??? Keep in touch! In the meanwhile I’ll keep dreaming about you topping me!

  3. Marcos says:

    Guys have fans in Venezuela and Latin America. please do not forget us

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October 14th, 2014

This video is Rated REXXX!

Okay, if you like to watch tall, lean, blond-haired, blue-eyed, uncut monster cock guys with a deep voiced getting FUCKED in the ass, then you will LOVE this one! We met Rex on a shoot because we needed a TOP and MOST of the guys were bottoms. Then of course as we were directing and shooting Rex top these other guys, we started to drool. While watching Rex’s tight ass bounce as he topped, we decided we HAD TO FUCK HIM. So even tho he is a self-proclaimed TOP, we begged him to give bottoming a try and much to our delight and surprise he said sure why not. We dragged him into a bedroom and FUCKED his ass till he was moaning and squirting his load all over the room, lol. I nave no doubt that after the ass fucking we gave him and how hard he came, Rex is now considering the “vers-top” title.

You will see more of Rex on our new site which will be launching soon.









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4 Responses to “TOP DAWG DICK DOWN!!!”

  1. Deano says:

    Fuckin FUCK I wanna join you in taking this kid down!!!!! Damn

  2. J says:

    damnnn thats Rex from BSB!!!!

  3. Ryan says:

    Nice vid.. Great guy.

    Have u already filmed something with Dustin from Texas? He was mentioned in your July 18th-update.. I need to see him get fucked!!

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October 12th, 2014

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5 Responses to “DROP THE SOAP!”

  1. b4dger says:

    OMFG, if you EVER come to New Zealand…

    P.S. That bi kid is smoking hot! Can’t wait to see him get ploughed :P

  2. Owen says:

    looks amazing can’t wait for the new site to be up! And who’s the guy you’re interviewing at the 2 minute mark? He’s super cute and looks kinda familiar?

  3. jake says:

    I wanted some the guys to play more with Cole’s butt!! He actually has a nice ass!!

  4. tank says:

    Looks like LOADS of fun! Can’t wait!

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October 9th, 2014


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  1. Martín Rodriguez says:

    Mas videos tu y Hunter solos

  2. Henrique says:

    Hey Guys. How are u ? I’m from Brazil… I’d like to know why are you so sexy ? hehehe… I get crazy when I see u… come to Brazil and let’s play together… :p find me at the facebook. see ya..

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Woof! Thanks for the love, Henrique! We were just in Rio last December and it was a DREAM!!! I know we’ll be back soon. You keep in touch and let us know if you ever make it to Boston! :) – Hunter

      • says:

        how is rio is it dangerous as they claim iam thinking go there in the winter

        • Cole & Hunter says:

          You DEF need to keep your wits about you when traveling to and staying in Rio. Our buddy Carter had his iPhone stolen from him on the beach. Keep your money in your front pockets. Don’t go flashing your iPhone all over the place. Don’t wander about at night. And don’t take candy from strangers!! x :) – Hunter

          PS – Don’t take a bag of stuff with you to the beach; it literally screams “take me”, and they will. When you hit the sand, only take what you need. Always take shifts jumping in the water (while your buddy watches your camp).

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October 4th, 2014



I’ll tell you where!  NEW YORK -FUCKING- CITY!  CUM JOIN US on Saturday, Oct 11 at THE RITZ at 369 W 46th St. for some drinks and MaverickMen shenanigans beginning at 11 pm.  The Ritz is NO COVER CHARGE!  Then, JOIN US on Sunday, Oct 12 at HustlaBall NYC, 251 W 30th St Btwn 7th & 8th Avenues.  COME PLAY WITH US!!! If you want some FREE cool schwag get, there early.  We’ll have lots of free DADDYHUNT and MaverickMen gear.

xoxo Cole and Hunter


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26 Responses to “WHERE’S YOUR DADDY!?!?!?”

  1. daniel says:

    would love to eat you and drink cum you can piss on me to clean up

  2. Martín Rodriguez says:

    Hola desde Uruguay, me encantaria estar con ustedes y que me hicieran de las suyas y poder tocarle el culo y chupárselo a Hunter. QUE TRASERO!!

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      loose google translation: Hello from Uruguay, I love to be with you and me to do the rounds to touch his ass and suck his thumb Hunter. BACK TO !!

      Woof! Woof! Ven por ella, Martin! :) – Hunter

  3. carlos andres says:

    Hola me encantan sus videos y disfruto masturbandone con ellos…. visiten colombia un abrazo.

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      loooose google translation: Hi I love your videos and enjoy them … masturbandone. Colombia visiting a hug.

      Muchas gracias, Carlos!!! xo :) – Hunter

  4. fran says:

    I love you guys!!! you re amazing fuckers!!! from argentina

  5. rangerdad says:

    Damn! I’m in love all over again! Cole, that is the sexiest pic imaginable! Love that hot hairy pit, beautiful chest, and I could get lost in those eyes!

  6. henrry rondon says:

    epa saludos desde venezuela ufff me encantaria estar con ustedes dos son geniales vale seria un placer para mi

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      loose google translation: epa greetings from Venezuela ufff I love to be with you two are great it would be my pleasure

      Thanks for the love, Henry! We hope to visit Venezuela soon! :) – Hunter

  7. Jeffrey says:

    By the way I live in NYC and frequent the Ritz

  8. Jeffrey says:

    Would love to have a session with you guys I promise not to disappoint. I have a nice round bubble butt for you guys to play with :)

  9. Alex says:

    hi hunter and cole, do you like beffy guys?

  10. glenardo says:

    Do you guys have any other websites with content not on

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Nope. We still update our Xtube and AEBN pages but we do so with previously-released content from MaverickMen. We will be launching our new site, MaverickMen Directs, sometime later this month. Stay tuned! :) – Hunter

  11. George says:

    When are you coming to Britain? I’d love you to pay me a visit ;-)

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Hey Georgie, we hope to visit the UK again sometime in the spring. Once we finalize the dates we’ll update our travel schedule on the Fan Zone page. Keep in touch! :) – Hunter

  12. Mario says:

    Unfortunately I’m leaving saturday for Asia but if you are in town a bit before I would love you… my bed! Very open for anything you will ask.

  13. gabriel says:

    When they come to panama. Visiting orlando florida turkey lake rd 10000 1 al 8 oct

  14. Jesus says:

    Im in dc and want to go up and meet you guys this weekend. For this event do i have to be 21 or 18 cause im 18 and horny 24/7 and love to suck. Not fully use to bttm but down to try more for u guys.

  15. carlos says:

    cuando vienen a peru

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Google translation: when they come to peru

      Hola Carlos! No plans to visit Peru yet. Let us know if you ever make it to Boston! :) -Hunter

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The term “eager bottom” is often over used. BUTT absolutely not in this case! Our hot little buddy Jason is one of the horniest moaning bottoms we’ve ever fucked. When we first met him, he was working at our local grocery store and he was always full of smiles. Jason would always go out of his way to say hello to us. He looked like a typical straight boy so we thought nothing of it. Then, one day when we were checking out, Jason was leaning over the counter and looking our way with a big smile and a BIG bulge. He was discreetly pressing his obvious hard cock against the counter top. When he realized we were looking right at him, he turned beet red and turned away. I knew we had to see what he was all about. After several casual conversations in the following weeks we learned that Jason was bisexual, but leaning more towards the gay ways, lol. Turns out that Jason loves to bottom and has been a secret fan of ours for a while. We invited him to do a video and he was VERY EXCITED to become a part of our site. Two weeks later, Jason came over during a snow storm and we fucked him into next week. He is such a hot, eager bottom. He moaned and begged us to fuck him harder and faster. Leave some love for Jason under this post to encourage him to come back and share that sweet ass and big cock with us (and you) again!

xoxo Cole and Hunter






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  1. Daniel says:

    Now this is the second of my hookups you guys have had on here! You guys might as well do me now, haha

  2. Rob says:

    Jason looks so hot with his mouth & tight arse filled with your stiff cocks. I’m enjoying watching him get fucked as much as he is loving getting fucked hard.

  3. fuse says:

    Holy fucking fuck.

    Major league masturbatory material.


  4. Oktavianus says:

    Woow!!! Absolutely HOT! As a bottom im jeaolus with this video hahahaha.. I wish you both can do the same for myself hohoho!

  5. Brian says:

    Great job. I am a bottom and WISH for men like these to take me. One day……… Ever go on tour ???!!

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Woof woof, Brain! Yup, we travel all over and we try to keep our schedule updated on the Fan Zone page. :) – Hunter

  6. says:

    I need to fuck this boy NOW!!!!! What a hot little bottom

  7. Brad says:

    I wish you guys shopped at the grocery store I work at;)

    Great video! Love when you guys talk dirty, so hot! and Jason is a hottie too! thanks guys!:)

  8. Charlie says:

    Hoooooot Boi Bitch made me wet at both ends….

  9. Ivan says:

    Woww… It’s absolutely horny!!! I love you guys. I need it too!!! A good sex time!!!

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