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August 26th, 2015

We made it to Provincetown again and again we had the time of our lives! This year, we spent time on the beach and with loved ones and later did the carnival parade. The theme was “Candy Land” and it was so much fun. Hunter went all out on his costume. He was smiling and laughing so much. I could not have asked for a better vacation. We both highly recommend Ptown any time of year!






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2 Responses to “CANDY LAND CARNIVAL FUN!!!”

  1. ronny says:

    I saw you guys and you looked great, happy carnival

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August 24th, 2015

Our little horse-cocked Archer is back and hotter than ever! This visit he spent several days with us and we had a really hot time hanging out and and sucking dick poolside. But, this adorable and shy puppy wasn’t happy just chilling out; he wanted to get plowed and at any possible moment! Always happy to please, we gave this eighteen year-old exactly what he wanted; rough, dirty-talking man sex! After teasing Archer a bit, we made him go to town on our cocks and assholes. A good bottom boy always licks his top’s asshole. We took turns nailing Archer’s furry little butt and after we blasted our loads all over his hole and tongue we took him back to our place and made him shoot his sticky delicious load.








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7 Responses to “YOUNG BUCK ASS FUCK!!!”

  1. lwin says:

    Good to see Archer again! Miss him^^

  2. Jerr says:

    Archer is such a sweet and sexy guy and I love seeing him with you both. Keep up the great work!

  3. Clause says:

    I love this boy and he should be a regular on your site with you guys!

  4. Derek says:

    I wanna sniff your nikes, Hunter!

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August 19th, 2015


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14 Responses to “TUMBLR Q&A 1”

  1. Joshy says:

    Any plans on coming to Vancouver BC? You guys would be a huuuuge hit. Both are so sexy

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Thanks for the love, Joshy! We are def overdue for a trip up to Van BC. When’s the best time to visit? :) – Hunter

      • Joshy says:

        The good thing about Vancouver is you can come anytime and it will always been a great place to visit though it can be a little rainy during the fall/winter. You might already have a willing tour guide :)

  2. Leo says:

    I’ve seen Hunter wearing a Utah Utes hat. What is your Utah connection if any? I lived in Salt Lake City for a decade.

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      I was born and raised (Mormon) in Utah! I spent time between Park City and SLC. I’m flying back next week to visit Mama for her bday. :) – Hunter

  3. Jeffrey says:

    Any speedo duck diving

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      I promise Jeff; it will be work the wait. We will do an EPIC speedo duck diving post for you soon enough. :) – Hunter

  4. Heinrich says:

    Hi there mavrick men alove u guysand wane be1 of ur guys pleas

  5. K says:

    These are funny and please do more

  6. Erik Do says:

    Hey guys love your site and tumblr PLEASE answer my question next like this!

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Thanks, Erik! Leave us your question on one of our tumblr pages and we will do our best to answer it here. :) – Hunter

  7. LU LO says:

    Can I download your videos from your webpage?

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August 11th, 2015

Yummy, yummy, yummy is all I can say about our bisexual beauty boy, Teddy from Chicago! We were in Chi a while back when we met Teddy on the street where he was sitting with a cute young girl. Hunter and I were both transfixed watching Teddy and his GF rolling around on the park lawn. Haha and yes, we sat close-by like a couple of creepers! And it worked! Teddy kept checking us out and shooting us smiles. I can smell a horny boy a mile away and Teddy was on my radar. Turns out that Teddy is proudly bisexual and he and his girlfriend are fans of our site! We sat down and chatted up the lovely couple. His girl was much cooler than we could have ever imagined and she suggested that we fulfill Teddy’s fantasy of bottoming for us. But, there was a hurdle ahead of us; Teddy’s fear of the camera. So, after much negotiating, we came to an agreement that would make everyone happy; we would not show his face in the teaser or blog images (his face appears throughout in the full vid). In my opinion it was WELL worth it. Teddy is truly a perfect specimen from head to toe. He’s Italian and Irish with beautiful blue eyes, tan skin, and adorable freckles. He’s ripped with a HUGE cock and amazingly furry butt. It was a pleasure stuffing our fat cocks into that beautiful muscle ass. Teddy admitted to us that his girlfriend uses a dildo and her fingers on him as he fucks her so it wasn’t that traumatic to take us railing him good. Woof!








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15 Responses to “STUFFING TEDDY!!!”

  1. M says:

    I want a Teddy bear like him, too!

  2. Chris says:

    Cole & Hunter I love all your vids you make. I find both of you attractive love to make a video with you guys would love Cole to eat my ass while sucking Hunters cock, then get fucked in my tight ass love you guys.

  3. turkish guy says:

    hello from turkey,is there any cole bottom video :)

  4. Troy says:

    Hunter ur so sexy and cole I want u as my daddy I want u so much while I suck Coles dick I want hunter to fuck my butt

  5. Tank says:

    Gimme! I want the teddy bear!

  6. kelley says:

    What, you came to Chicago and didn’t stay with us? Let alone you didn’t abuse my husband’s ass or my throat? HOW DARE YOU! I’m completely offended. You could have had four squares, good hosts, a private bedroom, and a lot of fun!

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Haha well it was a couple of years ago. But we’ll def take you up on your VERY kind offer next time!! :) – Hunter

  7. Rojas28+ says:

    Hi from Costa Rica ! I would love make a video with you guys ! Love you! (:

  8. Tina says:

    Hunter u r so f#&!%ng HOT!! To bad u only like dick!

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August 8th, 2015

Bet you wish your screen was scratch and sniff and lick for these mucho delicioso moments! Thank you for always stroking with us, little piggies.

xoxoxox Hole and Cunter





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10 Responses to “LIP-SMACKING MOMENTS!!!”

  1. randylad4u says:

    mmmmmmmm the best scratch and sniff pic is ALWAYS that pic on the front page of hunters hot arm and pits hehe… with his tongue out no less, woof! Every. single. time I get to the front page I just want him to push my head in there and make me sniff and lick deep.

    So Hunter, you up for making a horny Scotsman do that?? :)

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      WOOOOOF! Get over here and get in my pits!!! :) – Hunter

      • randylad4u says:

        Well i’m living in New Zealand at the moment so if you’re ever in Australia or here… haha. Or to be honest I’m coming to your part of the US next year anyway! :) Boston, New England etc is the area of the US I haven’t hit up yet. Seriously, I’m planning it at the moment. So I should get in touch for real then? Woooooof!

  2. Eros says:


  3. Timothy says:

    THIS is why I love your site so much you guys, thank you :)

  4. rangerdad says:

    Nothing more beautiful than a tight, hairy ass!

  5. hummero says:

    Delicious is right and I want to lick all here!

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August 1st, 2015







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14 Responses to “RANDOM FUNNY OUTTAKES!”

  1. Tank says:

    That’s my butt!

  2. Carl B says:

    This looks like a riot. Are these guys getting paid? If yes they are getting paid to have what looks like so much fun and I where do I sign up lol..

  3. Junior says:

    Omg!! Nice random videos

  4. turkishboy says:

    i really wonder that is there any cole bottom video ?

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Not yet but we will soon. It’s been built-up now for so long that we feel obligated to make it outrageously amazing! :) – Hunter

  5. A says:

    So much fun!! Y’all should sell tickets to these sleepovers!

  6. Josh Stone says:

    I completely forgot about the beer can with Ren! That was super hot to see! Loved the outtakes, boys!!

  7. Renny says:

    I want to come on one of these shoots! everyone is so hot and has a good time

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July 25th, 2015

Meet our adorably-super cute, super fan, TANK! Tank has been following our sexcapades from day one on Xtube. And now, a week doesn’t go by that we don’t text, email or otherwise chat with him. He’s one of the sweetest guys we’ve ever met. And it was a total surprise to learn that Tank wanted the MM logo tattooed on his cute little butt. Hunter and I tried to talk him out of it, but TANK isn’t called “tank” for nothing; once he gets his mind set, he’ll plow through with tank-like determination to do what he wants. Tank is truly a Maverick. We took him to a tattoo parlor in Miami, whipped out our cameras, and the rest is now Maverick Men history!

We first met Tank in person years ago at Sand Blast, when he attended our Maverick Men late night jock strap party. His lover Josh, is a newbie fledgling porn star so we invited them both along on a Maverick Men Directs shoot. Tank had a blast on the shoot and the rest of the guys instantly fell in love with him (and yes of course they all wanted to fuck his sweet little ass but that’s another story for another video). You’ll see all that fun and hotness later on We were all surprised at how well Tank handled all those giant cocks in that little butt. So hot! Tank, if you’re reading this, we love you man!


Cole and Hunter










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14 Responses to “WE LOVE TANK!!!”

  1. carlos says:


  2. kelley says:

    I’d bet, with as little as Tank is, we’d see your cocks come out his throat while you both fuck him….just sayin’

  3. kelley says:

    why have you men never fucked Tank on MM? I want to see you boys abuse that hot little fucker

  4. Tank says:

    Damn! That Tank boy has a great ass! I think you two need to put that branded ass to use! ;)

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Grrrrr you hot little slam pig!!!! Haha we got plans for you fo sho! :) – xoxo Hunter

      • Tank says:

        Yes! Can’t wait guys! It’ll be a blast! All the love hope you guys are doing well! Have fun at the sinners ball!
        Tank xoxo

  5. Ceola says:

    A www he’s cute

  6. Chrix says:

    When does the group video come out?

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      All of the scenes that we shoot during this amazing trip will be on over the next several months. :) – Hunter

  7. Trey Pi says:

    Tank is such a cutie and I can’t wait to see him take all those big dicks :) )))

  8. Levi Djax says:

    I love all of you guys!

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Back by popular demand is our super hot and straight-ish boy toy, Tom. We invited him over for some chill time by the pool but we had an ulterior motive; we wanted to get naked with him and rail his sweet, tight ass. Fortunately for us, Tom said we was missing on us big time and he was in serious need for our hard cocks in his ass. Bingo! We started pool-side with some good old sloppy wet head and then it quickly moved into me eating his sweet ass while Hunter 69’ed with him. We took things indoors for some hard ass pounding, but we ran into some trouble; Tom didn’t like the lube we were using on him and said it was burning his hole. So, we showered him down and kicked-back for a bit. Tom was still craving our dicks. He told us to lick his hole and get it sloppy-wet so we could finish pounding his pucker. Tom loved every inch. Who knew that spit-fucking straight ass could be so fun?

Thanks for stroking with us!!

xoxo Cole and Hunter







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10 Responses to “SPIT-FUCKING STRAIGHT BOY!!!”

  1. Roger says:

    He lives in Boston too ?

  2. dennis says:

    is this in florida?

  3. Anthony Colletti says:

    So hot guys! Enjoyed this video

  4. Shayne says:

    Sexy love his cute feet I dm you in Instagram

  5. G says:

    LOVE me some toy boy Tom :) thanks guys woof

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