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February 22nd, 2019

We really just can’t get enough of Jordan. He’s the first guy in a long time that we feel so comfortable with that we’re filming a lot more than usual with him. He’s a perfect fit for us; he’s physically into us both, he’s totally vers but loves to sub out for us, he’s tall, hung, in great shape, sweet, funny and he has a great ass. Best of all, he loves us to open him up like a can of peaches.

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One Response to “8 DAY LOAD!!!”

  1. Eddy says:

    Hey guys, Great vid. Especially the part where the guy eats Hunter’s ass. NIce 🙂 I would love to see that he or Cole would stick his dick in that ample ass…. Thanks for sharing. Greetings from The Netherlands, Eddy

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February 6th, 2019

It’s been close to a year since we’ve had a chance to catch up wit our boy, Adam. We chatted him up and got to sexting and had to set up a new video. When he arrived, we hadn’t even gotten undressed and Hunter was right on that hairy ass, munching away and getting that tight hairy hole ready for our cocks. It quickly turned into a sweaty hot fuck session right there on the sofa with barely enough time to lube up!

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6 Responses to “BREED MY STRAIGHT ASS!!!”

  1. AJ says:

    This guy was called Kip in the video deep breeding posted 12.17 if anyone is looking for it. He’s so hot I wanna suck his toes 😛

  2. Travis J Stevens says:

    Wish I could have been a participated. So hot! Thanks for the great visuals.

  3. JJ says:

    Hottest straight ass fuck yet! ….brewed up a huge nut watching that….loved it.

  4. williamsex says:

    best porn movie yeah daddy ahahha another boy

  5. rangerdad says:

    Nothing turns me on more than a hairy ass and furry thighs! And I have to say it again–you two guys are fucking awesome!! Love watching you two swap tongues!

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January 20th, 2019

We just can’t get enough of this all-American beauty. At 6’3” tall, 180lbs of tight lean muscle, with a big cock and sweet ass…what’s not to love? Hunter and I met up with Jordan after soccer practice when he was all nice and sweaty. I started out taking some hot pics of him, then it quickly turned into Hunter and I getting into every hole he had to fill him up. This is a beautifully nasty fuck flick with lots of close up penetration and gallons of thick sticky cum.

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2 Responses to “SLAM IT AND BREED IT!!!”

  1. Evan says:

    Hi maverick men! Evan here. We communicated and I sent a video intro last early fall. Hope I can be in a video some day. Love you guys!!!

  2. Bobby says:

    This scene is so fucking hot. I didn’t want it to end! Jordan’s a god and the way you guys fucked him was incredible. More Jordan please!!!

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December 31st, 2018

This is the kind of hot and nasty vid that I really love to shoot. We had all gone out to a club on the strip and had drinks and laughs. We came back home with the guys, got naked and had a fucking hot gang bang with lots of rimming, cock worshiping, cum eating, and fucking. Super horned-up guys like Dax and his horse cock and Ren with his insane sexual appetites really make this vid stand out. This was shot just for fun and turned out amazing (again, my fav type of vid to shoot!). Happy New Year!

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2 Responses to “GANG BANG AFTER THE CLUB!!!”

  1. jacob says:

    Can you make a video that involves humiliation and rejection? Or an ugly top wearing a bag over his head while he’s used as a human dildo by the bottom or vice versa? That would be so hot! Hasn’t been done before.

  2. Tank says:

    SCREAMING & LOVING THIS!!!! 😂😍😛😂😍😛 Love that I can see close ups of Dax & Ren without seeing any faces & know that it’s them. Like I’ve had experience or something with them. 😉😂 Great scene guys. Captures the essence of what MM is all about!
    Tank xoxxxo

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December 24th, 2018

Hunter and I love to get one XXX-tra special gift for each other during the holiday season. This year we cracked open a delicious little virgin elf ass! This was supposed to just be an oral session, but once we saw that hairy little Christmas plumb wagging around, it turned into a hard and heavy deep fuck session with a squealing little elf. This vid was supposed to be just for us and our private collection, but it was so much fun to shoot that we decided we had to share it with you all. Leave some comment love for the furry little poppers elf. Who knows, he just might be interested in climbing down off Santa’s cock to suck your candy cane and lick your jingle balls! He cums many times a year, unlike Santa who cums just once, lol.

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7 Responses to “HAPPY HOLEIDAYS!!!”

  1. Manny says:

    Happy New Year. Spitroast me in your next video

  2. rangerdad says:

    Happy New Year guys! I’m looking forward to a new year of watching the two of you get it on. You are two fucking hot, handsome men!!

  3. liu says:

    great,i love it so much

  4. Dale says:

    So hot, this looks so much like Golden Boy!

  5. Oscar says:


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December 3rd, 2018

Every now and then, a boy just needs his man to fuck him down. I love my man’s fat cock in my ass. It’s been a while since I’ve been fucked so my hole is real tight. Cole loves stretching it open with his fat meat. In this vid, I ride that monster cock until I almost see stars. I’m determined to get my hole stretched even more by my man. Stay tuned for more hole-stretching updates from us!

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18 Responses to “COLE AND HUNTER: BY THE FIRE!!!”

  1. Patrik says:

    Good luck with everything, boys.
    I started such amazingly New Year with one my younger friend who had his first boy-boy experience in his 31year with me. Adrian was amazing, he loves to exercise and fulfilled my wish. After shower he was exercising in front of me in hot room for 40 minutes, kept exercising till his body was whole bathed in sweat, sweating gallons and let me help him to intense orgasm. He was screaming such loud and cumming, sweat dripping everywhere. I pressed to his body, could smell his body scent after such extreme sweating, he just touched my cock with his hand and I exploded. I totally flooded his sweaty body with my juice, never cummed so much before, that boy made me feel like in heaven ….. it was real extreme, love sweaty boys so much ……

  2. Rob says:

    Cole has got a beautiful,fat hairy cock in the pic above. Would love a load of his cum up my tunnel. Dirty gay b*****ds, the both of you.

    Would love to lick and sniff your asses.

  3. Gabriel says:

    Love you guys, I’m from Brazil And I Just love see your vídeos… have a good holodays And Just wait you in Brazil 🙂

  4. Shawn says:

    Love seeing both the soles of your feet it’s so hot need a entire Cole and hunter foot worship video

  5. Ayax says:

    Love it!
    Q: Have you guys posted how you’ve delt with the low carb/keto diet? Pros/Cons/Recomendarions.
    Keep up the good work. Mauch love from Mexico.

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Thanks, Ayax! Shoot me a question if you have any specific questions about keto. It’s def been a game changer for both of us. 🙂 – Hunter

  6. rick says:

    love you guys your hot and in shape,and fit you wel. cole what a fucking big cock and love to fuck and hunter sexy and hot hugs

  7. Billy Cox says:

    You guys are fucking hot, nice just seeing the 2 of you play together….

  8. Michael says:

    These scenes are my favourite. Great stuff.

  9. Lucas says:

    Hello my name is Lucas and I’m Brazilian, I found this video excellent, I would love a perfect day my virginity with a couple like you 👏👏👏👏

  10. Eddy says:

    Nice vid guys. I love seeing a big fat cock up in Hunter’s ass.
    I would love to see you ride my cock. Yeah son!
    But is Cole shy? He doesn’t take it up the arse? :-p
    Thanks for sharing.

    Greetings from AmsterdamThe Netherlands

  11. Pot says:

    Fuck! This are my favorite videos, for real

  12. rangerdad says:

    OMG! Now my holidays are perfect. I love watching two of the most beautifully perfect men make love. The two pics of you guys stretched out on the bed with those amazing stunning cocks lying gently on the left are two of my all time favorites. Thanks, guys! I get off just looking at you!!

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November 12th, 2018

Every now and then we do a vid that really surprises us, and this is one of those videos. We were recently in Vegas and this hot jacked guy hit me up because he wanted to be in a video. To be honest, at first his pics were so hot that I thought he was a catfish, lol. We verified him and we discovered that he was not only real but he was really fucking hot. Jordan is a TOP that pretty much prefers ass play only. He isn’t really into sucking or getting sucked; he does it to be a considerate. Jordan’s primary fuck focus is getting it in! He loves to use his big beautiful cock to fuck ass. He just recently warmed-up to pleasing his top friends, like us. As soon as we met him, we literally jumped on each other and went to town. We quickly shot fast so we had to chill and fuck again.

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5 Responses to “BREED ME DEEP DADDIES!!!”

  1. hadi.gherbi says:


  2. V Jerry says:

    I love it when you guys share a boy like this. Jordan is beautiful and we need to see more with him!

  3. Shane says:

    Best video! More of this please!

  4. Evan says:

    As hot as ever! Love the way you guys take charge 🙂

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November 6th, 2018

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5 Responses to “VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!”

  1. evan says:

    Still hoping to get my ginger ass used by you guys! loving the videos!

    Oh and i voted ; )

  2. Robert Alvarez says:

    Now THIS is my kind of political conversation!!!

  3. Roger says:

    How can your DVDs be purchased? I can’t find them in the x-video stores.

  4. Mac says:

    haha I new that was Ren!

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