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October 17th, 2013



You maybe already had this question, but how do you guys keep yourself clean if you have sex on such regular base? I can’t imagine you guys doing enemas all day long just to prevent some dirty stuff from happening. Me and my bf are having sex on a casual basis but every time we want to go trough the backdoor, it takes so much preparation to keep everything spic and span. Is there any easier way to have anal sex whenever you want but keep it clean? Thanks and I absolutely adore your videos! x


Yes, I’ve answered this question a BILLION times. Buuuuutt, in a nut shell; shit happens! So, if you like anal, weather you’re straight or gay, boy or girl – SHIT HAPPENS, so you MUST be prepared for that possibility. Butt in the meantime, keep your little chocolate starfish as clean as possible inside and out. You can’t beat a good ol’ enema for getting your hole ready to plow (dump out the fluid that comes in it and refill with body-temp water, give yourself about 30 mins after cleaning before you get to screwing), butt please remember; frequent use of an enema is NOT good for your colon (Google it). I say save the ass play for the guy you really like and make it special; don’t just bend over every time a cock pokes you in the back. Make that fucker work for your ass candy (and the subsequent prep time you’ll put in before he gets in).


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11 Responses to “ASK COLE: CLEAN BUTT SEX”

  1. DL says:

    who is the guy with the maverickmen wanna lick sign? have you guys done a video with him?

  2. Seth says:

    I’m 19 straight put I want to try gay porn with y’all so hit me guys and cole and hunter I kinda like hairy me big dicks and u can do whatever u want to me kk!

  3. rangerdad says:

    I love a man’s hairy pits. The picture of Hunter on the home page licking his pit is so sexy. Is this something that turns you on and can we see more of it on your site?

  4. Al & Derek says:

    Love the website it’s amazing how you can explore one another and share ur passion with others and still know that it’s you and ur man at the end of the day;)

  5. willian says:

    ola tudo bom com voce quero muito participar de um video com voces como faço

  6. Butch says:

    Perfect answer.

  7. kevin says:

    I love the update to the websitr

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Here we go again! THREE chances to win! Best caption for each pic gets a TEST jock strap and a just-released DVD. You’ll know you’re the winner if we add your caption to the bubble (and we’ll shoot you an email, too). Contest ends when we say it ends, lol. So hurry up and leave your comments below!

***THIS CONTEST IS CLOSED: I’ve updated the above pics with the winning entries and I’ve emailed the winners (check your spam folder if your caption is up above and you didn’t see a message from me).

(Goes without saying: you MUST be 18 or older to enter…and you shouldn’t even be here if you aren’t 18 or older!)

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60 Responses to “CONTEST ALERT: CAPTION THESE…(updated)”

  1. John says:

    #2 Jason: WTF, I thought I ordered ‘Deep Woods KILLING’?!…wait, that better not be Crystal Lake their fucking in!!
    #3 Here I CUM to save the day!!!!!

  2. Remi says:

    Caption 1.
    Get ready for a wild ride!!!
    Yeah, come on inside!!!

    Caption 2.
    It’s Friday the thirteenth and I am ready to stick it in deep.

    Caption 3

  3. Miguel says:

    1. Blonde: Did I wash my vagina?
    Bates: I’m pretty sure I smell VAGINA!!!!!

    2:I’m so horny I can KILL!

    “Killing me Softly”

    3:Maverick Men is my kryptonite! Now swallow my CUM!

  4. hope says:

    1. Brunette: Gee! That’s tight. Don’t fart, Don’t fart, DO NOT fart
    Blonde: Something smells….
    2. Meh… I can do that sooooo much better!
    3. Can’t a superhero have some free time to enjoy maverickmen ?!

  5. TJ says:

    1. (Jessica) I’m so going to win “who wore it best?” (Kathy) I’m Kathy Fucking Bates. Any questions?
    2. Shit! I knew I should have asked this guy out instead of killing him… he had my taste in porn!
    3. Fuck, I know he can’t act, but I can’t wait to share a trailer with Ben!

  6. Ryan says:

    1. Madame LaLaurie “I’ve seen it all in my lifetime, bitch.” Fiona “Been in a hole for over a century and she’s seen stuff? Bitch, please. Wait til I show her Maverick Men!”
    2. “MMMmmm…another way to torture and please….I’ll give ‘em a deep woods drilling they’ll never forget. You’re next Cole and Hunter…..”
    3. Concentrate! Concentrate! It’s a bird, it’s a…fuck that, I can’t stop thinking of last night with Cole and Hunter! Fuck this Superman shit, I want to be MAVERICK MAN!

  7. Desmond says:

    1. “I’ve got a penis under this dress, i’ll give it to you better than your husband AND the pool boy.”–”Where do you want me?”
    2. “Drill…my ass, I’ll saw that fucker in half.”
    3. “I’m glad cum isn’t my kryptonite!.”

  8. HolyMoly says:

    1. BLONDE: Who needs botox when you have Photoshop. Brunette: I love wearing black, its so slimming.
    2. Hey! Murdering teenage boys is my job.
    3. Its a bird. Its a plane. NO! Its Supercumm!!!

  9. invisibro says:

    Jessica: Cole… Hunter… Kathy: We got next.
    Jason: I want Freddy Krueger to stab me like this…
    Supaman: Up… up… & a spray!

  10. JayXavi says:

    1. “I’m a bad bitch” – “Why the hell is she dressed like that?”
    2. “Deep Woods Drilling? Sounds like my kinda party”
    3. “Killing sperm feels so wrong, but this shit feels so good”

  11. paulritxhie says:

    1.) “Kathy Your Career sank like the Titanic did years ago.”
    ” you must not see my movie Misery because that’s what I’m going to do to you”

    2.) And I thought I was murdering people’s Asses.

    3 ) im cumming to the rescue……

  12. Josh says:

    1. Kathy- The Maverick Men are hung like my Minotaur
    Jessica- Why do the Maverick Men get to be immortal and not me?!
    2. My favorite movie at Camp Crystal Lake!
    3. Frosting the world!

  13. frankie says:

    1. standing: don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me? Sitting: don’t you?
    2. I would slash that ass
    3, Up, up, and awaaaaayyyyy

  14. Steve says:

    Kathy Bates: Damn right my vaginas still better than urs
    Jessica Lange: Didnt taste like it

    Jason: Now thats my kinda movie!

    Superman: I’ll show you snowballs.

  15. steve says:

    1. who’s under your dress? don’t move or they’ll get away
    2. Im gonna rip up some hot ass
    3. Its raining MAN Hallehluja…

  16. Dek says:

    1. Lady standing- Bitches be hatin! Cause Im a pussy pop hoe. Lady sitting- Hey Cole……..Hunter.
    2. Maverick men your next. (in referance to porno mag)
    3. Oh Coooole……

  17. Derrick says:

    1. Kathy: That fag told me black was slimming. Jessica: Damn, almost mistook that bitch for king kong.
    2. How did i miss this???
    3. Maybe one day I will find a man who can handle all this steel.

  18. Gary says:

    Pic 1: Jessica Lane: Bitch, what is your problem? Kathy Bates: I just found out that my husband has been jacking off to Maverickmen videos without me. I need to get off too.

    Pic 2: Just watched “Deep Woods Drilling” thinking that it was my life story. Damn! I like Maverickmen’s technique better though.

    Pic 3: Who needs Lois Lane. I can jack off to my Maverickmen videos. I am cumming just thinking about them. If I keep this up, I will yank my dick off.

  19. Gary says:

    Pic 1: Jessica Lange: Bitch, what is your problem? Kathy Bates: I just found out that my husband has been jacking off to Maverickmen videos without me. I need to get off too.

    Pic 2: Just watched “Deep Woods Drilling”, thinking it was going to be my biography. Damn! I do like Maverickmen’s technique better though.

    Pic 3: Who needs Lois Lane? I been jacking off to my MaverickMen videos so much lately that I am cumming again just thinking about it. If I keep this up, I am going to yank my dick off.

  20. x-leo says:


  21. RIhanna says:

    Kill Miley Cyrus or watch Maverick Men? BOTH

  22. Dustin says:

    1. I want to see the maverick. I want the maverick to fuck me.
    2. If these guys were fucking in my woods, I’d join with my massive ax.
    3. Up, up, and cum away!!

  23. sly says:

    1.Ch ch ch ah ah ah I’m cumming to see you maverick men!!
    2.(brunette lady) “im fuckin pissed (blonde lady) “i got the new maverick men dvd and you don’t haha”
    3 in the air on on the ground cnt stop thinking about cole`s big cock and hunter`s hairy ass #highmileclub

  24. Joshua says:

    1. Damn I’d wanna murder that Hole!
    2. Blonde:I’m the Bottom. Brunette: And I’m the top.
    3. Fucking Batman just gave me Blue balls! [image=image.jpg]

  25. JESUS says:


    • admin says:

      loose google translation:

  26. Jake says:

    1. I’ve been doing it wrong. I should be using my dick, not a knife!
    2. Jessica: Maybe these gay men’s juices will keep me young. Kathy: I am a gay man.
    3. And all those people down there think it’s bird shit… :)

  27. Zoel says:

    1.Hmmm Maverick im going to cut up some ass tonight
    2. Jessica that bitch dont know I smashed her maverik men video to pieces. Kathy – i wonder if she know i switch out her glee dvd for my maverick men videos?
    3.Superman: Im making it rain up in here!!

  28. Brett says:

    3.Hope this gets me into the mile high club….

  29. Dan says:

    1. Mm..I’d kill for that ass

  30. Ike says:

    Up, up, and away to see the Maverick Men while Louis Lane is out.

  31. Francisco says:

    1. What?!?! I’ve just been chopping off their heads. Hmmm… Thank you Maverick Men!
    2. Jessica: Blimp! Kate: Skinny Old Hag!
    3. Maverick Men! Here I COME to save the d… aaaahhhhh

  32. Gregory says:

    3. A load like that, and I’ll STILL be the Man of Steel.

  33. Jimmy Croall says:

    3. Real men dont need a plane to join the mile high club

  34. Dice says:

    1. Camp Maverickmen , now this should be interesting.
    2. Kathy – do I really have to wear this. Jessica – I’ll show her misery.
    3. Super man milk

  35. schnazzzzzzy says:

    1. …& I thought I was good at murdering assholes.

    3. Wait, my ‘S’ doesn’t stand for sperm?

  36. rafabou220 says:

    1. I wonder if the maverick men would come to camp crystal lake?
    2. i wish we were both 2 hot bottom boys for the maverick men.
    3. i knew i shouldn’t have watch any maverick men before i took off.

  37. Christian says:

    1.) A much better way to make young guys scream in the woods.
    2.) Kathy Bates: Forget all this magic…I want chicken. A whole chicken! Jessica Lange: My power comes from Botox!
    3.) Lex Luthor’s Cock is SO Big! I’m a dirty boy!

  38. Kevin says:

    3. Faster than a speeding bullet….dammit!

  39. Erik says:

    1. hmmmmm Should I Fuck or Kill them first?… Decisions Decisions
    2. You wish you were me Bitch, You wish you were me Bitch.
    3, Dammit even all the way up here I still cant stop jerking off to the Maverick Men.

  40. kevin says:

    1 I’M Cumming to get you
    2 I hope she dont smell pussy on me (setting down) Holy Shit i can sell that bitch
    3 Did i hit anyone down there fuck it

  41. Landon says:

    1.) Maybe I’ll be the victim for once and let the Maverick Men murder my ass!
    2.) (Jessica) Don’t make me kill your ass. (Kathy) Bitch, I survived the Titanic. Bring it.
    3.) This is for giving me blue balls, Lois. Enjoy my seed shattering your windshield.

  42. Devin says:

    1. Maverickmen will slay my ass
    2. I need some dick
    3. The Maverickmen are my Kryptonite.

  43. Jun says:

    1. hmm..I guess Maverickmen and I have something in common

    3. Hold..on..I’m cumming to save you!

  44. Z says:

    3. Cumming up up and away!

  45. Mikey says:

    1. “WTF!! I ordered Teens be Tripping; not Deep Woods Drilling”
    2. “Yo, this is MY seat” “Don’t make me go all Misery on yo ass if ya wanna keep your cankles”!
    3. “There’s only one way I know to shoot a scene in 3D – try this”!

  46. Sedric says:

    1. If only I wasnt a killer. I’d be on the cover
    2. OMG is that Morticia Addams, No it’s just Kathy Bates. RUN!!!!!
    This skinny bitch is ruining my inspired Morticia Addams shot.

  47. Hotlavatube says:

    1. “And I thought I knew hard penetrating action…”
    2. Hilda: “Well I never…” Maude: “You should, its more fun.”
    3. “Re-seed the rainforest they said… I’ll show you some re-seeding…”

  48. Patricio says:

    1. The only HOLE I have ever drilled is in peoples HEADS! Wonder if my POOTER still works?
    2.(Kathy) I wonder if she likes carpet munching? (Jessica) Who just opened a can of Tuna FISH?
    3 This darn flying makes me cum up with some horny thoughts about Henry Cavill!

  49. kyle says:

    1. And I thought I stuck young guys.

  50. Shane says:

    1: chi chi chi chi ha ha ha ha OH OH MY GOSH… I am cumming! My mother would be proud
    3: and you though spider could shoot a web….

  51. Anthony says:

    1. “I like the woods…and the lake”

  52. Gil says:

    1. WHAT?! “Maverick Men Fuck Michael Meyers”? I’m gonna chop them bitches up!
    2. Jessica: “She’s hogging the spotlight.” Kate: “I show that old bitch what good acting is all about!”
    3. Dat Kryptonite butt blug done hit da spot!

  53. Mark says:

    1. That’s some scary fucking Maverickmen!
    2.Both- Wish I could get some of that HOT Maverick Action!
    3. Its a bird Its a plane Its Superman cumming watching Hunter and Cole taking young
    Jimmy Olsen!

  54. tom says:

    1. im going to kill that asshole i already had this one
    2. bitch Cunt interchangeable
    3. Dont call me chief

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October 12th, 2013

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10 Responses to “NAMING LITTLE WOLF…”

  1. diego mty says:

    Im not speak english.
    Estaria chidisisisimo conocerlos y asistir un video con ustedes. Soy de monterrey mexico y quisiera estar en contacto con ustedes. Eu falo portugues e espanhol. Abrazos y agasajos

    • admin says:

      loose google translation: Chidisisisimo Estaria know and attend a video with you. I’m from monterrey mexico and would like to get in touch with you. Eu falo portugues and spanish. Hugs and entertainments

  2. GreatFuck says:

    Gosh,i love your videos… I’d realy like to fuck you. Please contact me.

  3. Kendrico says:

    I love Lil Wolf so much I want him to fuck me so BAD.

    • Lair says:

      Olá, Cole e Hunter, vocês já vieram ao Rio de Janeiro, é uma cidade muito boa para foder, a praia de Ipanema tem muitos homens bonitos que gostam de uma sacanagem, é a praia mais gay do Brasil. Nós aguardamos vocês aqui, quem sabe no próximo verão. Beijos.

      • Cole and Hunter says:

        google translation: Hello, Cole and Hunter, you’ve come to Rio de Janeiro, is a very good city to fuck, Ipanema beach has many handsome men who like a slutty, is the gayest beach in Brazil. We await you here, perhaps next summer. Kisses.

        We’re staying on Ipanema beach for two weeks on Nov 26 and I can’t waaaaaaait!! :) – Hunter

  4. kyle says:

    What was with the thumb in his mouth? Put a dick in there silly.

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October 11th, 2013




***I’ve notified all winners via email. If you see your caption above and didn’t get the email, please check your spam folder. Thanks! – Hunter

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4 Responses to “CONTEST WINNERS!”

  1. Shane says:

    Woo hoo! At this rate I’ll have all the DVDs haha! Thanks guys! <3

  2. John says:

    Hey guys! Looks like I won!!! So excited!!! I wrote the caption for the Game of Thrones pic but I didn’t get an email. I checked my spam folder too. Just figured I would check in. Thank you for picking me :-)

  3. Nate says:

    Love to see Bradley getting his ass worked

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This will all go down on Saturday, Oct 26 from 10:30 pm – 2 am with the costume contest around midnight. $1000 cash prizes for best costume! Come out and have fun with us!

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  1. vinny says:

    you guys need a maverick boy model. (; i need a ticket!!

  2. PaulSchoen says:

    James and Peter sent me!

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Haha, sorry Paul but you’re a few months late (that offer is no longer). But get your butt out to our Halloweenie costume contest at House of Blues and you could win some serious $$$!!! :) – Hunter

  3. Gene says:

    Hey cole and hunter I been a big fans of y’all eleven since vine I been waiting to meet with y’all to have. Drank or 2 fell free to contact me via email i live in Boston also and I am a black male

  4. Gregory says:

    Hey guys! I’m going to be in Boston that weekend! I am going to make every effort to be at this party! I’m a big fan of yours! I look forward to meeting you in person. Is there any cover for this party? Lots of love! xoxo

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Woo hoo! Glad to hear, Gregory! The cover is $20 (I think), bring your A game and win that cash for best costume!! :) – Hunter

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October 8th, 2013


WOOF! There’s just nothing better than a 6’5″ tall and 250 pound guy with a HUGE cock and big ass! We’ve had our BIG BOY Leeam over a few times and this was one of the first vids we did with him. He’s such a big sweetie! He told us that whenever he meets guys they automatically want him to dominate them because he’s so tall and has a moose cock, lol. But as much as he enjoys topping, he has always enjoyed getting a good MaverickMen ass pounding. Originally, this video was supposed to be just a solo (jerk off) cuz he said he wasn’t in the mood, but after we started teasing him we got him in the bottoming zone. We were so excited that we didn’t even take the time to fully undress him; we just ripped his jeans down to his work boots and started licking and fingering his hole till we couldn’t wait any longer. Hunter just hefted his size fourteen boots up in the air and stuck it in and started railing the kid! I jumped in and gave him such an ass pounding that he couldn’t cum, claiming that I over stimulated his prostate. To help him out, I gave him a nice wet sloppy BJ till he squirted all over my face.





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13 Responses to “JUMBO COCK BUBBLE BUTT!!!”

  1. Gabe says:

    Where can we see more of this guy?! He’s so hot!

  2. Carlox says:

    aff i’d like to lose my virginity with cole and hunter :c

  3. sly says:

    Hey cole anf hunter i wrote to u guys twice but i see its not on here how do i send u guys a personal message?

  4. sly says:

    Hey cole and hunter big fan for years i love the way u guys fuck its my biggest be in a maverick men video im 6″5 260 with a bubble butt like dis guy its my dream and bday wish to meet and be fucked by both of y’all if i can.put two dicks in my mouth i no i can.put two in my ass lmn plz make my ultimate wish come true

  5. Aaron says:

    OH. OH , OH. Man is he SEXY.WOO HOO. Is he a get to hook up with some of the hottest guys around. Have he done videos on another site. HE IS DEFINITELY PORN MATERIAL.

  6. Miss_Mercury says:

    Hot as always, but two things were extra hot. 1. sex with jeans and shirt on (yiiihaaa). I’ll copy that in the future. 2. YOU Cole, giving Leeam a bj ’til he came! Loved that! Usually Hunter stands for that kind of thing, which is sexy as hell, but seeing you doing it… wow.

  7. rorz says:

    soooo hot

  8. Lair says:

    Eu confesso a Cole e Hunter que o meu cu está piscando neste exato momento.

  9. Chris says:

    I just love the way you two fuck.. if you guys every came to georgia i wouldnt mind you guys fucking me. Even though i top most of the time

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October 4th, 2013

Sex just ain’t sexy unless you’re smiling!! TRY IT AND SEE! :) :) :) :D



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11 Responses to “SMILING IS SO VERY SEXY :)”

  1. Jai says:

    will there be a video with the guy with the stomach tattoo?

  2. Serge says:

    you guys are insanely hot. Ever plan on visiting the Dominican Republic?

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Thanks, Serge! We don’t have a DR trip planned right now but we’ve always wanted to visit. Dominican boys are the SEXIEST!!! :) – Hunter

  3. ri0sauce says:

    the guy from how to fuck a muscle beast is so sexy …please make more vids fucking him….in his jock strap and elites ;-) yummm

  4. leonardo says:

    hi. I’m from Argentina Buenos Aires, nights here are very good, I read it and I have 19 years, greetings.

  5. Aaron says:

    Thanks I hope he is. doing well.I also want to know about Conner has he done another video. With. You guys.Man. the first. Video was really. Hot!!!!!-

  6. Aaron says:

    Man. I LOVE those out-takes.WHAT is Benny G doing now? He seems to have left the porn scene. DO you guys still film with. Him?

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Benny has taken a break from vids for a bit. I’ll let him know you were asking about him. We just talked with him the other day. :) – Hunter

  7. ISRAEL says:


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Click here to your purchase tickets! This one’s gonna be a blast!!! YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS!!!

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  1. eded says:

    come to Panama

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