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May 29th, 2014


I was going through some of our very first photos together and I found these from over ten years ago. Hunter and I went skinny dipping at a friend’s lake house and it was a beautiful night with a full moon. I must admit that Hunter’s FULL MOON ASS was MUCH better than the real full moon that night, lol. We had quite a few beers and even more laughs then. I remember the next day that my cheeks were hurting and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why. Turns out they were sore because we were laughing and smiling so hard. I love that to this day we still have times like this with each other!

XO Cole and Hunter







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10 Responses to “10 YEARS AGO…”

  1. jay says:


  2. rangerdad says:

    Beautiful then. Even more beautiful now!

  3. Paul Denton says:

    You guys are cute! But Cole, you are way hotter with your hair grayer. It is very becoming of you.
    Hunter’s ass is a work of art!

  4. teddhychavez says:

    oh hunter is so handsome i love him much .but cole is very hot!love you guyz!

  5. Kevin says:

    can’t wait to see more movies that show just you two together

  6. MissMercury/Mercurina says:

    Cuties! <3 I love that pic where Hunter looks grumpy in a bathrobe! Adorable. :)

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We’ll be at these events for Gay Days Orlando next month, June 6-9! Come say hi! We’d love to meet you!!

RipTide @ Typhoon Lagoon – June 6th - From 7 pm to 2 am

WeParty Vogue @ Epcot World Showplace – June 7th – From 7 pm to 2 am

E-Tea Dance @ Epcot – June 8th – from 2 pm until 9 pm


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  1. Mike Dirienzo says:

    I’ve jerked off to your videos for years. Have a furry juicy ass you guys would love to eat. This is my first Gay days. Making a video with you would make this trip worth wild.

  2. George Garcia says:

    I would love to meet you guys and get frisky in the wave pool at Typhoon. I’m excited for Gay days. This is my 2nd time attending. I enjoy your site keep up the great work! You guys are delicious

  3. Vinnie says:

    Hey Guys!

    Safe travels to Orlando. I’m from around the area, would love to meet you two. Consider hitting up P-House on Sunday, should be a good party :)

    Hope to BUMP into you fellas ;]

  4. Thomas says:

    This will be my first time at gaydays I am very excited not only for this but this will also be my very first time to the magic kingdom even though I have been to every other park. I hope I get the chance to see or even meet you.

  5. Jeff says:

    Take lots of pics ;-)

  6. damian says:

    Me too i hope to see you guys there!!!

  7. evarb says:

    im so in love with you 2!!! i want to meet up, but cant because i’m married.
    a boy can dream! 23 and love hot men like you

  8. Adam says:

    Hey guys , I’m coming to gayday disney !! How , where can I meet you guys ??

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      We’ll be at the three events listed on this post. Anywhere you find ManHunt and Jack’d, you’ll find us! :) – Hunter

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May 22nd, 2014

Okay little piggies, here’s our highly-anticipated “Hairy Boys Big Toys” vid in HIGH DEF! This one stars our sexy buddy Dirk and his hard, round, deliciously-hairy man ass. Dirk just exuuuudeeeesss sex to us; he’s a hot and fun, high-energy, bisexual, EXTREMELY flexible, versatile top with a dirty mouth and an even dirtier mind. And that’s JUST THE WAY WE LOVE IT, lol. One look into his blue-green eyes will turn most men into sinners (and most saints into bottoms). I must confess, we weren’t going to post this for a few months since we have a line of amazing videos ready to launch. But, we got such an overwhelming responses from our tweets and tumblr posts about Dirk that we decided to bump up his vid for you guys to see today. As you already know; your wish is our command! Get ready to make this vid one of your favorites. You will absolutely love this juicy fuck video. It has it all; amazing cum shots, beautiful hole close-ups, hard and aggressive sweaty fucking, yummy ass eating, deep kissing, and dirty talk. Oh yes, and don’t forget to leave a comment for Dirk right here under his FIRST video. He’ll be reading these comments. Hi, Dirk!

xoxoxo Cole and Hunter







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19 Responses to “HAIRY BOYS BIG TOYS!!!”

  1. sweetboy says:

    Dirk I think you are a very gorgeous looking guy, I love to meet you and you can certainly be my lover.

  2. Rocky says:

    Dirk: I can hardly stand looking at your georgous body without spilling my cum down my pant leg. You’ve got all that my hungry mouth desires .. I want to lick and eat into your beautiful hairy armpits. I want to drag my hot wet tongue all over your chest and savor each of your nipples. And, WOW, the kissing I could do with you! That would take a good half hour. But it’s your macho cock and balls….the pile of pubic hair that they rest in and the anitipation of your response to my blow job that makes my cock burst right out of my pants! I want you so bad!! OH, GIVE THAT BIG JUICY LOAD I WANT SO BAD…YEAH …I WANT AN EXPLOSION OF YOUR EJACULATE TO FLOOD MY MOUTH!! I CRAVE TO TASTE EVERY DROP OF YOUR RICH SWEET CREAMY GOODNESS!!! Are we set to go with that?

  3. Rocky says:

    I LOVE YOU GUYS!! OH, TO GO TO BED WITH 3 HAIRY CHESTED MACHO GUYS LIKE YOU!! You all would get a blow job from me and I’d expect each would want to blow me. Believe me…I’ve got the cum. And it’s always a hugh load, always hot and always thick. My buddy says that I’m “perpetually cumming.” Maybe I just love orgasms too much. Maybe he wants to suck my cock too much. Maybe I taught him well to love the taste of cum with all those “Kissing With Cum” lessons. He also got an A+ in that class. Anyway…you hairy chested cock suckers can come to my house any time. You need to experience my FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH…YOU’LL LOVE IT!!!

  4. James says:

    PLEASE bring back Dirk for more and more.This was your best scene yet.

  5. Bernardo says:

    Such a furry beauty

  6. Deano says:

    Best Fuck Vid Ever, wow I’d love to fuckin DRILL that baby hard

  7. kevin says:

    Lucky dude. Do you guys think you can handle my virgin ass if so I would love to be fucked by you two to Iggy song work because I’m going to make yall work for my ass

  8. lil mav says:

    pass dirk my way ive been wanting someone like him!!!

  9. benny says:

    This action reminded me of A Teenage Tail with Gio, it so HOT. Was doing Dirk similar for you guys to playing Gio?

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Was having sex with Dirk similar to having sex with Gio? Well, sort of I guess; once you get them both warmed up they are animals in the sheets. :) – Hunter

      • benny says:

        Well, for sure, the hottest guys and asses you have ever nutted!

        You guys bring that same animal out in me! :) )))

  10. teddhy says:

    hot hot vid ,but i miss tony and tico.the four some of you !

  11. Ej says:

    ONG I LOVE IT THE HOTTEST GUY THAT YOU EVER HAD ON HERE BESIDES BENNY LOL damn we want more dirrrrrrkkkkkkkkk I want him in my bed! Lol

  12. Dameon says:

    Bring more like him!!!

  13. benny says:

    I started to sweat and get parched just from the clip! What you boys trying to do? Kill a guy??!!!???

  14. Billy says:

    You guys never cease to amaze with these next-door-looking guys! Mmmm I’d eat him up! #Replay ;-P

  15. Nick says:

    Hands DOWN, the best video ever. I’ve been watching you guys since I probably shouldn’t have been… I’ve literally busted a nut to almost every video you have… But this right here is… The Creme de la Creme!

  16. Ceola says:

    This video is HOT!

  17. Robert Alvarez says:

    Oh, my Gods! Three juicy, hairy men!!!

    Were it not for the cooler temperatures in m area today, I would probably be as sweaty as Hunter was towards the end of the clip.

    If I had the entire video I would be so dehydrated, I would need a gallon of water!

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18 Responses to “COLE’S RANDOM MOBILE PHONE VIDS (part 8)”

  1. Ariel says:

    What’s the name to that song. I wanna out it on for my husband. And BTW we both would love to make a video with us I’m a bttm so it would be 3 tops and me

  2. Will says:

    We love you more!

  3. blksuperman says:


  4. Just Me says:

    Awwwwww, just beautiful!

  5. K says:

    Ownt, so cutie!

  6. Paulo says:

    You2 are adorable !

  7. tonybony says:

    Awww, youguys are so cute this made me cry just thinking about when i find the guy for me. #TrueLove

  8. Robert Alvarez says:

    This video is quite endearing.

    Truly, both of you can do no wrong in my book.

  9. MissMercury/Mercurina says:

    This is so fucking beautiful! *Heart melts*

  10. RobbbyJ says:

    My goal is to drop the weight I’m carrying (I’m abt 100 pounds over) and hit you guys up to make a vid. Already lost 20.

  11. kevin says:

    This video helps me see that there really is true love in the world and there’s hope for me. I can’t wait to see more videos of just the two of you bcuz those are sum of the hottest videos I’ve ever seen

  12. logan says:

    There’s never any full videos of cole’s daddy ass being rimmed!! You gotta upload one PLEASE!!!!

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      It actually happens often, but I’ll just make sure to have the cameras rolling next time! :) – Hunter

  13. Asencion says:

    Guys, this is the sweetest, sexiest posting I’ve seen! I can’t believe you were in San Francisco and I didn’t get to suck you both! Next time… Thanks for sharing something so intimate with us.

  14. Tim says:

    My first thought was how adorable this video is. Then Hunter had to go and show off his masterful cock-sucking skills and I am totally boned up. Cole is one lucky Daddy. Luv ya Guys.

  15. Iván Sierra says:


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THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 14th, 2014



Hey, we thought we should share this bit of fun news with all of you. It was recently brought to our attention by our friend Zach at Str8UpGayPorn that YOU all have made the 8th most-visited gay porn site ON EARTH! How cool is that!? It’s soooo mind blowing to think of how many times we’ve helped you little piggies squirt and smile. Thank you so very very much for supporting us and stroking with us and laughing with us. We love you all very much!

xoxoxox Cole and Hunter





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5 Responses to “THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Mikah777 says:

    Thanks a lot guys for the amazing videos… Please bring back Carter, or make more videos of him… My friends and I are always waiting for Carter. Thank you.

  2. MissMercury/Mercurina says:

    I’m not surprised at all! :) Thank you for being such crazy, funny hotties!

  3. Chris says:

    Keep up the great work! :)

  4. Darren says:

    Congrats guys, well deserved! Proper real-life, honest horny shagging rather than fake and dull studio bullshit!

    Shot many-a-load to your vids. Keep up the great work.

    Love from young twink Darren, Scotland!


  5. AJ says:

    You guys are fantastic, Love you website and the way how you fuck :) …. Great 8 years

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May 11th, 2014

This is too strange of a coincidence not to mention. As you may know, we were recently in Florida filming for our new site, MaverickMen Directs (coming soon). While we were there we took our guys out to a local strip club called, The Boardwalk. It was insane fun and while we were there checking out all the boy pussy bouncing on the bar and stage, we spotted this big tall sexy looking guy with a big hard round ass and amazing green eyes (pictured below). He was also wearing a Jack’d t-shirt. If you don’t already know, Jack’d is a social app that Hunter and I love and use often to chat with cuties. Anyway, so I struck-up a conversation with the green-eyed Jack’d hottie about his t-shirt and he said he loved the app, too! So of course we invited him to join our little party at the club and then to join us back at our house for a swim. And YES, we all got naked and had fun but the more interesting part of all this is yet to come. We had no way to play music at the house since the built-in stereo system wasn’t working, so Hunter went online to look up some tunes and came across this video music video called, Throw That Boy Pussy by Fly Young Red. We instantly LOVED the song so we were blasting it all over the house as the guys were shaking their asses. Fly Young Red even mentions the Jack’d app in his song! It’s all too fucking coincidental if you ask me; somehow Jack’d and Fly Young Red are wired to my psychic boy pussy radar! The video is a must-see (click on the player above). I LOVE that this kind of video is on fucking YouTube! Change is good! And yes; I promise you’ll see the green-eyed Jack’d hottie in a video with us!

XO Cole and Hunter






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16 Responses to “SPEAKING OF BOY PUSSY!”

  1. Mike says:

    Is the same guy? Because the looks are a bit different. Do you have the specific video of him taking place in the pics above?

  2. Mike says:

    When is it available to watch?

  3. Stan says:

    When will the video be available?

  4. TNFUN says:

    When are we gonna see this JACK’d boy? He’s smoking hot…

  5. hunter says:

    damn hes fine, and those feet are hot too!!

  6. Jeorge says:

    when for Bolivia ? the hope , do good movies and we enjoy a good sex with both , greetings , love MAVERICK MEN!

  7. Arther says:

    when will we see Cole get fucked .. im cant wait to re-join ur site again just to see silver fox bottom

  8. Justin says:

    That guy is going to be in dallas tx may 29th yall should come out i would love to meet ya im a huge fan!!!

  9. Joe says:

    Cant wait to see that video with him!!

  10. Dewitt says:

    DAT ASS.

  11. Andrew says:

    Now this is what I call an attractive guy, by far the most attractive one in months! When will his video be on?

  12. Danny says:

    But god damn that guy has a niiiice cock & ass

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May 7th, 2014




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14 Responses to “BOOTY OVERLOAD!”

  1. Mickey says:

    Hey Cole & Hunter,
    I love you guys so much! Will we be seeing Cole bottoming for Hunter any time soon? :D

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Thanks, Mikey! We pretty much bottom for each other about twice a year. I’ll try to remember to turn the camera on the next time it happens. :) – Hunter

  2. Raziel says:

    Hi guys I wish you could come down to the Atlanta area… And, experience what these black teenager has to offer… My black hole is very tight and I am a virgin… So, I would really like for you guys to “pop” my cherry… I am a big fan… Hit me up…

  3. benny says:

    something tells me that their asses bounced like rubber balls when they were no mercy fucked! WOOOF!

  4. Dustin says:

    Please tell me that all 3 guys have videos with you; Cole and Hunter

  5. temptation1979 says:

    I am very interested in making a movie with you guys I am a big fan I would love to be on the receiving end of the very best you guys have to offer. I wanna try being a slave and you guys are my masters. I love being spanked and slapped. Rough sex basically what do I need to do

  6. Little Wolf says:

    What?!!! I can’t believe I missed on THAT!!! UGHHHHH GRRRRRRRRRR!!

  7. chris says:

    when can we get this video? :D the trailer is so hot i can’t wait to see the full thing

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      This is a clip from our recent MaverickMen Directs shoot. We’re building the site now and it should be up by the end of Summer (I think). :) – Hunter

  8. mike says:

    hey cole and hunter i was wondering if u made a vid with this sexy fucker would really like to see his ass get ripped by you guys woof !! i bet his hole is very tight mmm love you guys :)

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      We sure did! That’s our boy, Dirk. Can’t wait to show you all the fun with him! :) – Hunter

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Well, here it is; our very first bear video! We’ve been getting tons of messages from guys asking us to find a hot bear to fuck down. Since most of the guys we do videos with don’t exactly fit the “bear” image, we felt the need to represent the bear community on our site. Apparently we thought otters and twinks were enough but I guess not, lol. I’ve kind of always felt like I’m a bit of a bear, so I thought we WERE representing the bears. I mean, I’m 6’3” tall and 200 lbs so I’m a pretty big guy. And I’ve felt like Hunter is kind of a muscle bear, am I right? He’s 210 lbs, also 6’ tall and he has a thick beard, hairy ass, chest, and legs. So ya, I feel like we’ve been fulfilling our bear-y obligations on our site. But I guess all that wasn’t good enough for you guys since we kept getting emails from you asking for more bears. So Hunter and I went bear hunting and holy honey pot did we bag a big hot sexy bear! His name’s Grumpy and he’s awesome (in all honesty; he’s anything but a grump). He’s a big, sweet, sexy, cuddly man-bear with a heart as big as a bear claw, lol. We met Grumpy on-line, then we met face-to-face and Hunter and I fell in love with his deep voice and sexy accent. One of the BEST things about this video is that Grumpy’s a true MaverickMen fan and has been for a long time. Apparently he’s been lusting after us from afar, not thinking we’d be into him. Haha, WHAT!?!?! Grrrrrrr, we are VERY much into him! What’s not to like about a big, sexy Mexi-bear with a BIG thick cock, deep voice, hard muscle ass, big bear arms and thick hairy chest? Hellooooo!?! Best of all; Grumpy is a sensitive cuddly cub at heart. It’s important to note that the Grumpster is usually a top bear. He’s vers on occasion but he told us that when he takes a guy home, the guy almost always wants the Grump Hump, lol. They always ask him to TOP them. So, because of this, his wish was for Hunter and I to help him rediscover his bottoming-cub side. We did just that, and we LOVED it! We fucked his big man-bear ass like our lives depended on it, and by all accounts he loved every inch of it. Grumpy was SO LOUD that we were afraid that the neighbors were going to call the cops. There’s lots of hand-over-mouth fucking in this video, lol. I had almost forgotten what it felt like to tackle and penetrate big game with my Hunter. We had to climb on this big man and give it all we had until he roared! I know you bear hunters will LOVE this hot fuck video. Please leave some love for our big honey Grumpy and let us know if you want to see him in more MaverickMen videos.






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26 Responses to “GRUMPY BEAR’S HONEY HOLE!!!”

  1. Chance Armstrong says:

    Hot vid. I wanna be ur first cub with a cunt, guys! Can’t wait.

  2. Leo says:


  3. Matt says:

    Fuckin-A that. Is. Hot!!!!

  4. Lynx says:

    Hot as fuck!! I am living vicariously… My god to take that monster. Dream come true.

  5. Mr.E_LMT says:

    Hot!!! Did I mention hot!!!!

  6. Mr.E_LMT says:

    I just tore a muscle in my forearm from violently beating it to this. This man is hot and must be a regular. I wish there was a live touring show. :)

  7. Mcdee says:

    One of the best videos you have had in a long time–a thick beard and buzzed head on a hot bear–great combination when fucking–keep up the good Vids!

  8. Dozer says:

    I’d take me some grumpy bear any day of the week. Grrrr

  9. Little Wolf says:

    FUCKK YEAH!!!!! I love me some bear ass!! My 2 favorite hot fuckers & additional hotness WOOOF!

    - Jay Seidon

  10. Looking says:

    ER MAA GERDDDD. wow wow. super hot. may i suggest that Grumpster is the man UP to the job of topping Cole for the first time on MM??

  11. rangerdad says:

    Holy shit! The video of my hottest fantasy. The two sexiest men on the internet fucking a gorgeous bear! My dick is raw from jacking to this vid. My balls are drained. I fucking love you guys!!

  12. Just Me says:

    Amazing !!!!! Perfection, the three of you are PERFECTION ! More please.

  13. Tink says:

    Finally! And Hot!!!

  14. MissMercury/Mercurina says:

    I think Grumpy is hot! The first thing I noticed was his eyes. He looks so kind and fun!. More real men, please! There’s too much twink porn out there.

    No, I don’t think Hunter is a Bear, he’d need some padding to be one. And with that incredible butt, he creates a new category! :D

  15. Logan says:

    WOW!!! I can’t believe I just saw this. It seems just like a few weeks ago I was wishing to see this on you guys site and here it is. OMG guys I fucking love you guys. Can’t wait to see more :)

  16. Oscar says:

    That was hot!! I would like to get fuck like that !

  17. Rihanna says:

    becoming a member…NOW!

  18. Mark says:

    Bring on the bears!! And when is my turn??!!

  19. Mike-N-Ike says:

    I think this is the first video of yours where I want the bottom more than I want you two.

  20. Robert Alvarez says:

    I AM in super major LUST right now.

  21. chad34001 says:

    fucking hot, bring on the Maverick MEN

  22. Dan says:

    Yes love grumpyface. also i have the same fashion jock in the same color

  23. Jason says:

    fucking hot as hell

  24. DS says:

    He resembles Hunter lol. We need more one on one vids wth Cole and Hunter :)

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