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June 3rd, 2011

Hey Guys, we have a very special treat for ya’ll; this is our first vid in our new JOCK FUCKERS series. Trust me, you will love our sexy stud-buddy, Caleb. We have been talking to this sexy jock from Chicago for over a year and a half and he finally decided to grow some nutz and do a video with us. We LOVED having sex with this fun sexy guy. Hunter and I instantly fell in love with his stunning face and deep-blue eyes. He is so so handsome that when we were walking to the park, at least four different guys cruised him, lol. We had a running bet with him that if he pussed-out and didn’t do a fuck video with us, that we could shave his head! When he backed out again for the third time, we broke out the clippers. Much to our surprise, he looked fucking fantastic with his new do; it made his big beautiful eyes pop and in turn made our cocks pop! After some fun at the park and a few beers, he decided that we should do the video. I immediately whipped out my camera and we started shooting.

We were in a local straight pub having some beers and we ducked into the bathroom and started with sucking each other’s cocks. It was a blast until people began knocking at the door of the bathroom, so we quickly headed back to our place to get our fuck on. Hunter devoured his thick and delicious cock. I was lost in his stunning ass. Boy-oh-boy do we love Caleb’s body. We lavished attention on this jock stud and he returned the favor. Hunter and I both have a hunch that this hottie is a top-man, but he bottomed like a champ for us and we fucking LOVED it. We have since become great friends with Caleb and we just can’t get enough of him. He has now promised to do more videos with us since we all had such a great time. You can all look forward to more of Caleb to cum! You guys definitely need to tell him what you think of him by posting some comments under this video. Check it out and send him some love. And always; thanks for stroking with us.

Xo Cole and Hunter

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41 Responses to “WE ARE JOCK FUCKERS!!!”

  1. Sweden says:

    Wow, such at hot guy! if that is what chicago has to offer I need to rethink my choice of location ;)

  2. Tanner says:

    Caleb is fucking adorable. Is there footage still around of the rest of his haircut? I’d love to watch the full transformation.

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Isn’t he!? I’m not sure if we have any more of the footage you want, but I’ll def sniff around and see what I can find. He was just over last week and we shot another really hot vid. This time, Caleb had a shaved mohawk – so so hot on him! :) – Hunter

      • stef says:

        Mm, I would love to see more of the haircut as well it looked really hot..haircuts can be so kinky, hope you do more of them. :P

  3. garula Presient scott Cintas says:

    Hot Hot Hot – dicks and ass just like I like them – hanging out and dangling in from of my face! I could suck on them all day long

  4. Sam says:

    Daaaamn he´s cute…I thought he´s not gonna be fuck…why u shaved his hair!!!

  5. Bradly Summers says:

    That shit is hot! Can we do a video? I live right near Northeastern U in Boston, we’re practically neighbors! You can fuck me all day and night until my asshole falls out haha

  6. Conner says:

    Hehe this video and other videos that i watched and you made me shoots twice ^_^ Oh i will LOVEEE to be one of them that in new video!!! But i doubt it will for a deaf man hmm?

  7. scorpion says:

    Ohhh man you guys are so fucking hot i wish you guys could come to Texas and fuck me i need a cock in my ass

  8. oakley says:

    dont stop get it get it lol miss yall like crazy

  9. Jacco says:

    Bloody hell…I must have played that vid twelve times just today. SO fucking hot. Love from Amsterdam. Hope you’ll have a European Tour!

  10. Ryan says:

    where do I sign up to do a video with you guys next time you are here ?! :)

  11. Jayden says:

    Damn that was hot! I thought Cole n Hunter sexy asses were hot enough but Caleb too. *Swoons* See that is why my black ass fuck with white boys. That video needed me n it as I’d enjoy swallowing all that white boy cum! Luv me some Maverickmen!

  12. Lance says:

    I have to say that, everytime I think you guys can’t put out a hotter video….you surprise me. Caleb is a great addition to the two hottest guys on the planet. No offense but, If I had to choose just ONE or TWO of you to fuck me…I am not sure I could make a choice. The still of Caleb licking Hunter’s ass as the video opened almost made me cum right off the bat. I would lock myself in a room with the three of you and a fucking case of viagra anyday of the week!!! Thanks guys….can’t imagine a world without the Maverick Men!

  13. RW says:

    love those hot sessions…u guys can fuck my hairy ass ANYTIME…older guys need cock action too….

  14. bigdickdallas says:

    This guy may be hotter than the two truck driver from a while back. You guys have great taste. wish I had your job.

  15. Cole Maverick says:

    I know right, he is such a stunner, his eyes GLOW when he is cumming lol he is also VERY sweet!

  16. frank says:


  17. Noel says:

    hey guys that was hot! as usual, you guys on incredibly sexy, btw, did you guys get the pics I sent?

  18. Junior says:

    Perfeito… Quando voces vem ao Brasil ?

  19. Pete says:

    Just when i think that you guys have done it all BANG here comes another….. whoa this was A GREAT VIDEO…………….

  20. Kurt says:

    Wow, Hunter’s cumshot was amazing in this video. Again you guys made another smoking hot video!

  21. jared says:

    Hot video! Next time can you get him to take his socks off so some of us can appreciate his feet?

  22. peppio says:

    He is BEAUTIFUL!!! I agree that he looks so good with a shaved head, those big stunning eyes, oh my! BRING HIM BAAAAAACK

  23. fbrand12345 says:

    you guys are hotter by the fuckin second :D

    loved caleb, sexy as fuck. would love playing with him too ;)

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Thanks, you sexy fuck! You bettah grow some balls and come do a vid with us soon. :) – Hunter

  24. Angelo says:

    The esplanade, love it!

  25. Lantion says:

    Wow, loved this vid. But you guys shouldv’e made him keep the Mohawk XD

  26. Mark says:

    Very hot vid Cole I must admit your fucking hot in this vid and Hunter once again I could tell you really enjoyed this guy!

  27. rob says:

    LOL so he got shaved and fucked, you got to love it when they put up a bit of a fight but give into their urges eventually.

  28. cyhn says:

    I want too…so…Come to turkey plasee..!

  29. Dblock says:

    Loves it go Caleb

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June 2nd, 2011

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12 Responses to “BACK DOOR BAMBI”

  1. Kevin says:

    OK. You guys owe me a new computer! This was my first time checking out your site and it was all cool (and hot) until that fucking picture of Cole boning Bambi showed up. I passed soda thru my nose and spit it all over my computer! I’m still trying to un-stick a couple of the tabs from underneath…I don’t know whether to congratulate you on the hysterical brilliance of that pic; or send you a bill to have my computer thoroughly cleaned and un-stuck!

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Kevin! Haha, so sorry to hear about the damage man. Hope you are able to un-stick it all. I’ll def let Cole know that is demented pic got your goat. :) – Hunter

  2. greenboi says:

    Funny. It feels good both ways. Pure bliss.

  3. Adilson says:

    You guyz are HOT!

  4. Ben says:

    Absolutely hilarious, altho some part of my childhood has been ruined by it lol

  5. Edgardo says:

    This image is the maximum I can not stop laughing poor bambi by the expression on his face is going to like hahaha ….!!!!!
    This is better than donald!!

  6. Leandro Santos says:

    ;-O xoxoxoxoxo

  7. Peter says:

    I’m cracking up love it LOL

  8. Roberto says:

    I loved this idea!!! uahuahhua

  9. Tball says:

    I am laughing hysterically.

    I can’t wait to see you two sexy pervs again at Folsom! =)

  10. Nathan says:

    LOL! I actually laughed out loud at the first photo…but was left speechless at Cole going for Bambi.

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May 31st, 2011

Why is Oakley a True Maverick Man?  Well, we first met Oakley over 2 years ago.  Like a lot of our new friends, he contacted us because he was a fan that loved to watch our videos.  But we would later learn that his real reason for watching was even deeper; he loved watching our relationship and our intimate moments.  He said he was fascinated with the love part of what Hunter and I do.  He had seen plenty of man sex on-line, but never the love and emotions.  Before us, Oakley had never had sex with a guy(s).  Sure, he had a few drunken stupid moments with friends, but that was it.  He lived in a very rural American town where to be called “gay” was the worst possible thing.  In his hometown, if there were any gays, they kept it to themselves.  Being open and out just wasn’t done (much like Hunter’s home).  So Oakley kept his desires to himself and kept his mind on his hobbies; riding and taking care of his horses, and fixing cars.  We were Oakley’s only connection to the gay world.  After a few cryptic and curious messages back and forth on the site, he eventually asked if we could Skype.  We instantly hit it off, and that’s when he decided that he wanted to come out of the closet in a BIG WAY, lol!  He asked to come do a Virgin Cherry Pop video with us.  We were very happy he did, not only because he’s fucking SEXY as hell, but also because his time with us helped him to see things in a different and better light.  We are happy to say since the video we have become good friends with Oakley and have stayed in touch, not as often as before but we do still talk to him on line.  Hunter and I are so happy to hear that he is in a great place in life with a fun, hot sexy lover that treats him like gold. They are both out and proud and happier than ever before.  Oakley recently told me that he has been to a few pride events and had a blast.  He also added that he is happier than he has ever been now that he has met his lover and has come out to his friends and family.  He thanked us again for helping him thru that difficult time, and wanted to share some of his pics with us (seen here in this post).  We are truly proud of our friend, Oakley. You have come a long way, Maverick Man!  You and that hot lover of yours had better come visit us here in Boston this summer or we might just have to come invade your little country-hick town and stir things up! xoxox

Cole and Hunter

PS – Oakley’s video with us continues to be the most-watched clip on Xtube with over 13 MILLION views!

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11 Responses to “UPDATE ON OAKLEY!”

  1. Carlos Barraza says:

    Rev. and has 13 million views, I can see the Oakley Xtube video? . regards

  2. M says:

    Hello from Bangkok,Thailand
    u guys so cool!!!!!

  3. Zack says:

    PLease let us know if he’ll be back.. a vid with him and his boi would be hot.

  4. john says:

    Good for Oakley! I have always enjoyed your videos (they are my FAVORITE!). However, it is nice to see how you helped this young guy. I am in a similar situation, with very religious parents that would disown me. It is nice to see that this young man is happy were he is in life. It gives me hope. Stay sexy- and keep making those videos :)

  5. Nyitrell Bean says:

    Hey whats youre real name email me so we can meet my email is an my cellphone number is (615)924-6615

  6. Ryan says:

    As someone who came from a small town where gay was not ok, I agree with Oakley. Your relationship is great and I love reading your blog. I only wish I could have found a site like this when I was young and had all those stereotypes about gay people. Keep up the good work.

    BTW you two gonna be at NYC Pride or PTown Bear Week?

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Thanks, Ryan! We’ll def be in Ptown for Bear Week (it’s my fav) and I’m pretty sure we’ll be in NYC for Pride. Keep in touch! – Hunter

  7. Lantion says:

    Oakley’s so right, you don’t see love like yours online. But i suppose in someways thats good, because it means there are more relashionships offline much like your also.

  8. cyhn says:

    …Cole Hunter mükemmel insanla…I love….

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10 Responses to “NEXT STOP: ORLANDO DISNEY, JUNE 2-6!”

  1. ian says:

    i want to join your viedo need some cash hook me up

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Sorry Ian; we don’t pay guys to do vids with us. All the guys in our vids are fans that have contacted us to be in one. – Hunter

  2. Ian says:

    You guys have any plans for SF yet?

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hey Ian, it looks like we’ll be out in SF for Folsom. Once we know the exact dates we’ll do a blog post. Hope to run into you, man! – Hunter

  3. Edgardo says:

    I’d like to resolve a question about the music they put in the background …
    I would like to tell me the name and artist of the video with his son Billy “sleepover fuckfest” are fantastic …!!!!!!! please

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Sorry, Edgardo, I just checked it but there are so many different songs, I’m not sure which one you are asking about. But we usually stick to pretty mainstream hip-hop in the background of our vids. Hope that helps! – Hunter

      • Edgardo says:

        this is a song before Kanye West’s “Can not tell me nothing” but if you do not know no matter thank you very much … I will continue searching the web jjajajajja to and delete this comment because no sooner the case of this section jaajjajaja,I love you bye!!

  4. Edgardo says:

    vaya y que monstruo…!!!! y su amigo mickey ? ustedes deberian de subirlo no creen jajajajaja

  5. Edgardo says:

    Que buena imagen no cabe duda de que todos llevamos ungay dentro…!!!!!jajajajajajaj

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      My translation: What a great image no doubt that all of us gay inside … HAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!

      Hey Edgardo, who knew that Donald was packing a monster!? :) – Hunter

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Hunter loves his sneakers. In my opinion I think it’s OVERBOARD. I mean we have NO MORE ROOM in our fucking house for his sneaker arsenal; it’s at the point that he stuffs them under our bed because the closets are too full. So when I saw that he went out and got ANOTHER four pairs of high tops I decided to break his balls about it. I said, “these goofy red and white high tops are over priced and silly looking”, but he insisted that they were bad-ass and wanted to get them for our trip to Chicago. Fast Forward to the Expo – we were standing at the ManHunt booth talking to people and I noticed this cute guy kneeling down snapping photos of Hunter’s new sneaks. I had to laugh and said, “hey you like them sneakers” and he said, “YES, I would eat them up!” I said, “go for it”, and as fast as a goose on a June bug he jumped down and started kissing and licking Hunter’s new kicks. It was hilarious and very hot at the same time.

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22 Responses to “A SEXY BOY LICKED MY SNEAKS!!!”

  1. Nico says:

    Hallo Hunter

    i give you my ass and all what you wont!

  2. Marcus says:

    So Hunter,
    This picture is big foggy, what kind of sneaker are they?

  3. Nico says:

    Hi Cole, Hi Hunter,
    I like Hunter`s Sneakers. Wow. Great. Fantastic. Hunter, can you gife me a pair of Sneakers? Or Pics from our Sneakers? Please.
    When you come to Hamburg? I will licked your Sneakers, and you can fuck me.
    Greetz from Hamburg


    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hey Nico! I’ll bring you a pair of sneaks if you bring me that delicious butt. :) – Hunter

  4. Cooperpup says:

    So THAT’S where he ran off to! He left his pup in a the dog cage at Fort Troff while I was getting my haircut.

    You should have seen the two of them playing. He’d climb up on the cage, put his feet through it, and stand on his pup. And the pup just panted happily.

    Interestingly enough, they reversed the rolls at the puppy party that night.

  5. Cole and Hunter says:

    Hey Leandro, you are so right about that chair I LOVE that chair its the very best sex chair ever! Its the perfect height to sit in and have someone fuck your face or to just kick back and get head, I have cum so many times i that chair I lost count :) its also perfect to fuck in, its featured in most of our videos, unfortunately its all leather and stains from anything especially cum lol there are so many baby batter stains on that couch that if a woman sat in it she would definitely get pregnant lol She would most likely give birth to triplet gaybies lol


  6. Henry says:

    What size sneakers does Hunter wear?

  7. peter says:

    Cole be nice to baby hunter “that’s his thing” you two are so adorable. I love you guy’s. Leave Hunter alone. LOL

  8. Leandro Santos says:

    I think that you guys need to write a book about this brown sofa!!!

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Haha, good call, Leandro! Oh man, that brown leather chair has seen SO much action. If only that chair could talk! :) – Hunter

  9. Adam says:

    I have the same kryptonite as Hunter. All my friends here and even my family back home make fun of me for all the shoes I own but I can’t help it. They are all so nice! Sneakers are like Jell-O; there’s always room for more.

  10. Vaughn says:

    Cole never come between a man and his shoe collection. if i were hunter id just make you buy me a storage space or another loft in the building for the closet space

  11. Cole and Hunter says:

    Hahah yes I just need to keep him on a sneaker budget lol Have you ever heard of Emelda Marcos :P


  12. cyhn says:

    hunter very sweet…

  13. Arron says:

    Cole be nice to Hunter!!! His sneakers are his little fetish. You guys are so cute. I hope you are enjoying Chicago.

  14. Sean says:

    Hot! Love to see a hot dude on all fours and when he is licking sumthin with style and class, even way better!! Go Hunter!!

  15. Jon says:

    Super jealous of this guy ;)

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  1. Tball says:

    Honestly, one of the highlights of my Grabbys weekend was getting to meet you guys at Charlie’s during the Tim & Roma Show event. You guys really are a sweet as pie, and so incredibly sexy to boot. Will we be seeing you in San Francisco for Folsom this September? I fly up every year for that wild weekend.

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hello Tball, was a pleasure meeting you too, man! Your pics are fantastic! We are planning to be in SF for Folsom. We’ll see you there! – Hunter

  2. Lantion says:

    lol, thought the guy in the top picture in the middle was Hunter XD, soz babe

  3. Sean says:

    Ps: Got a great pic of the 3 of us!

  4. Cole and Hunter says:

    Ohhh yes I totally remember you, sexy were the fucker right at the door in the lobby, u were the cutie with the VERY nice big smile lol Nice to meet you as well :)


  5. Sean says:

    Hey Cole & Hunter….met you both last night at the Grabby’s (brown t-shirt “I could still do porn” written on it, tall shaved head). I was really excited to see you both walk into the awards show. I came across your website Thursday night before the show. I knew you though from x-tube. I introduced myself to you both and asked for a picture. Let me just say that you are both incredibly sexy and more so in person. For me, meeting you both was the best part of the entire evening!

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      That’s so sweet of you to say, Sean. It was nice meeting you, too. Keep in touch man! – Hunter

  6. Arron says:

    Hey Cole and Hunter, I am glad that you are have a great time in Chicago. It was a pleasure meeting you both.

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Thanks, A! Pleasure meeting you too, man! Sorry, not all the pics we took from that night got posted; I look like a zombie in most of them. :) – Hunter

  7. cyhn says:

    You look very nice pictures of beautiful..!

  8. Jim says:

    hey guys! you two are awesome! i live in chicago, a 20yr old good looking college student…wanna hang out tonight?

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hey Jim, thanks for the love buddy. We have a pretty crazy schedule this trip. We’ll be back soon though, so keep in touch. :) – Hunter

  9. will says:

    love you both..and love chi chi!!

  10. DAVID says:

    OMG UR IN MY CITY!!!!!!!!!! i love u guys, have followed u since i was a closet case.!….. now im a hot little toy!
    I wanna see u guys! where will u be!?

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hey David, thanks for the love man. We’ll be bouncing around Boy’s Town all weekend. Hope to see you around. :) – Hunter

  11. Scott says:

    Good to hear! I love that city. I’m about 60 miles SW from there!

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May 24th, 2011

Here is the Director’s cut of Unmasking Frat Boy. In this classic video we get Frat Boy Bradley to take off his mask and make a HOT HOT fuck-filled video with us. We took his sexy ass to Rhode Island, where we rented a hotel room and went out to a few great strip joints and clubs. RI is the best for night-time fun! In the first scene, you’ll see us chatting him up and talking him into removing his mask to show his sexy face. He’s a bit reluctant at first, but he finally loses the mask, and then we start the party. We sat his sexy ass down on the sofa and sucked his sweet cock, then bent him over and licked his hairy man-boy ass. Hunter was in total heaven. But it doesn’t stop there! Then, we face fucked him, and dragged him to the bed where we gave him the fucking of a lifetime. This sexy fuck came so hard and so much that he covered his own face with gobs of man batter! The fucking and dirty talk in this vid is hot as hell. We cover a lot of ground in this vid; we included lots of fun stuff like the night clubs and when Hunter and Frat Boy got charged by a cop on a horse, lol. Be sure to watch Frat Boy Bradley’s other hot fuck vids on our site. He’s been back many times after this vid and we love the guy a ton! Thanks for stroking with us!

Cole Maverick & Hunter

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12 Responses to “UNMASKING FRAT BOY!!!”

  1. kriis says:

    me gustaria pasar una noche con ustedes dos
    me encantan… lamentablemente estamos muy lejos….

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      My loose translation: hello!
      I’d spend one night with you two
      I love … unfortunately we are far away ….

      Hola, Kriis! You can always spend the night with us right here, on our site! :) – Hunter

  2. sami says:

    fuck me please

  3. Andre says:

    Love this video and u guys, pitty i live on the other side of the world if not i would totally apply to be in one of your movies, even though i dont have my cherry anymore, lol ….

  4. Leandro Santos says:

    Frat Boy!!
    I miss him!

  5. Josh says:

    Hunter aww you remember me :) :) Well let me say when i do get to meet you and play let me just say that with me you wont be able to rest at all because i know once i feel yours and coles cock inside me i wont want to leave ever.hahaha Im still saying my cherry for you two and no matter what il wait and wait til i get with you YOu guys need to come to portland oregon and go out with me some time :)

  6. sami says:

    ah ah ah my ass hole !!! fuck me fuck me please !

  7. Swimdude22 says:

    This is a video I liked watchin then it disappered and now its back!! Bradley is friggen sexy as hell and I would love to see some more of you guys with him.

  8. Josh says:

    are you guys going to put up any recent videos anymore ??????? i mean i like your blogs but i come on here to see what other twink you have popped :) still love you guys

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hey Josh, we just put up two brand new vids this month. We can only screw so much :) …good to hear from you again. – Hunter

  9. tralan says:

    damn wish i was that frat boy… very hott both of you

  10. cyhn says:

    very nice…I would like to…please come to Turkey…I love you I’m in love !!!

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May 22nd, 2011

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21 Responses to “FAN SHOUT OUT!!!”

  1. marky bucknam says:

    wow1 it is very nice as hot sexy. i wish cole and deaf guy fuck my tighthole as my big ass. :)
    from Lynn, Mass
    Marky l,,l/

  2. davey says:

    Hey Deaf guy…

    I want to FUCK YOU GOOOOD !! your ass is HOT man !! DEAF GUY here also have a HUGE COCK for you and FUCK man !!!! write back soon

    New York CIty

  3. Manuel says:

    You guys are awmazing!!!! Love your videos and your pixs! Your guys are sexy hot cute you name and that you! I would love to kiss both of you and maybe have something of yours in my mouth! Lol!!!! ;D

  4. peppio says:

    He’s so so HOT, I love that you guys posted this, now let’s see this hottie in a fuck vid with ya’ll…

  5. adrien says:

    Will you come to France one day ? I’d like to get fucked by both of you.

  6. pete17 says:

    He’s a STUD! More of this cutie, please xoxox

  7. Stev says:

    I LOVE HIM!!!! this guy is such a hottie, please please please send him my way!

  8. davey says:

    the deaf guy is HOT !!! im deaf from new york.. who are you ? where you live ? damn you freaking HOT !!!!

  9. jamaloola says:

    hey guys i absolutely love ye always wank to ye ha ha…yer hott………… im n ireland ever think f coming ere………… ye guys!!!!!

  10. Ben says:

    I like your response to Tory. If he has not checkout out your full length movies then he does not know what he is missing. As a Man of Color you have satisfied a lot of my fantasies. I love your DVD “Deep Wood Drillin”, when are you coming out with a new DVD? I have started reading Maverick Men “The True Story Behind the Videos” and I am fucking loving it. You guys keep me with a hard dick. Cole, I would to eat your ass for days and Hunter that cock of yours keeps my mouth wet. You have a fan forever.

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Ben! Glad you like our vids man, you know we are equal opportunity fuckers ;) …our next DVD should be out by next month. Love that you are into our book, too. We had a blast writing it, so much that we have a second book coming out Oct 31. Keep in touch, man. – Hunter

  11. tim says:

    I love you page guys . us stocky bears love watching you in action woof and oink!

    • Cole Maverick says:

      Hahah so cute we love our Maverick animals”MAVERIMANIMALS” especially Bears and piggys lol

  12. manny says:

    Hey guys I love your site! Both of you guys are sexy and I love watching you guys! I would love to see hunter do you in the ass! Love you guys and im a big fan! ;D

    • Cole Maverick says:

      Ummm well thats a private live show hahaha maybe we should have a contest where the winner gets to come sit in our bedroom kick back with a beer and watch the live man on man action :)

  13. Tory says:

    Hey, I recently found out about your website and I think you guys are HOT but i haven’t seen any African American male in your videos…why not?

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hey Tory, welcome to the site man. We LOVE our coco boys. Look for “Man Fucking” with Derek from Chicago :) – Hunter

      • Cole Maverick says:

        Also look for CoCo Cherry pop. Black Cherry Dick Down! And several Videos with Little T all African Americans..We LOVE our co co and dark coco men MmmmmmmmmmMMmmmMM MMMMm lol

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