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December 10th, 2010

Hey Guys, The month of December is insane for me and Hunter, we love the holidays but HATE the rush, this year we decided to cram way too many things in at once; we are buying gifts for family and friends, Christmas tree hunting, flying to Utah to visit Hunter’s family, then flying back here to New England to visit with my family – it’s crazy!  We have been literally rushing the FUCK out of our relationship so we made it a point to stop and kiss and fuck no matter how busy we were or what we were doing, so in between Christmas tree shopping and making travel plans we forced ourselves to have some naughty xxxMass fun.  Remember this time of year is not only about giving gifts and going to parties, it’s that time of year to show some of that LOOOOVVVVEEEEEEE!  Please remember to SLOW DOWN and show that special person(s) in your life how much you love them.  You can do what I do; if your man’s to busy or tired to show some love, fix him some hot spiked coco,  tie some mistletoe and tinsel around your cock, and demand a kiss and some ass lol.  So get at it and suck a big candy cane, tickle your jingle balls, or do whatever you need to do to spread some holiday cheer.  Xoxox  Cole and Hunter

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45 Responses to “IT’S AN X-MESS!”

  1. Horny bottom says:

    I wish you guys would give me a good ass pounding!!

  2. Bryan says:

    Man… what a couple… sends me right over the top! Thanks for sharing!


  3. r25 says:

    hi guys!!! this is a gift!!!! good people! many thanks.

  4. paul says:

    that was so fucking hot……….almost got me off……

  5. Bruce Hamill says:

    very hot I would like to have that ass of ur s very much happy Holidays guys thanks

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Thanks buddy, you have a happy one too, maybe if your a good boy Santa will put a sexy bottom boy under your tree ;) – Hunter

  6. CJ says:

    Did someone say spiked coco? who needs some of me lol.

  7. Mark says:

    This year I asked Santa to bring me the Maverick Men, and I’ve been such a good boy all year, I know it’s gonna happen! Ha ha, another hot vid you guys. I’m not sure if I was talking to Cole or Hunter on facebook, but I promised a review of Dallas clubs, and I think you guys should definitely check that city out. I had a blast. And then you would be closer, and I’d for sure be your tour guide;). Happy holidays you two!

    Your small-town Kansas boy,

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Mark! Always nice to hear from you stud, you have a happy holiday too, we’ll be down to harass you before ya know it ;) – Hunter

  8. Josh says:

    Jorge si quires yo puedo hablar can Cole and aver que puede aser. Hey Cole so Do you know if he can receive your book in Mexico?


    – Much love from your new frat boy josh from Oregon

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Thanks, Josh! Yeah, he should be all set to order from (they ship to Mexico unless otherwise specified)

  9. Maverick boy says:

    All I want for Christmas is… to be sandwiched between you guys ; P

  10. Lorenzo says:

    Wait, I thought they were both tops? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE seeing Hunter taking it up the ass for once. But did I miss something?

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Haha, we only bottom for each other, Lorenzo – otherwise yeah; we are both tops and love taking turns on a guy together.

  11. adrienne says:

    Hey guys,

    What a unique way of decorating the tree! Hunter, you make a great ornament. :)

    I loved the kitchen sex, I think it’s my new favorite segment with just you together. Thanks for providing some holiday cheer. :)

  12. Josh says:

    LOVE YOU HUNTER!!! You have an amazing ass i would eat all night :)
    – Much love from your new frat boy Josh from OREGON

  13. twinkie says:


    it looks like you guys have so much fun together. i would die to have a relationship like this.

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      we always have a good time buddy boy, you’ll have plenty of time to meet Mr. Right, in the meantime, you can never have enough good friends around you (besides that’s usually how Mr. Right comes along)

  14. Antonio J. says:

    what a hot christmass we’re all gonna have… xDD
    this video is both hot and fun, your amazing!

    btw I LOVE LOVE LOVE the song *0*
    ~~~this world… is watching me…~~~

  15. r25 says:

    hey guys i just want to wish you merry xmas from spain!! an absolute fan of both of you! nice couple and special mention to the hairy ass that makes me freak :) :)

    i would love to watch all your videos but not money enough!!! but all previews are great

    thanks for make me horny :) and merry xmas

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Merry Xmas to you too, man! Thanks so much for the love. Keep in touch. – Hunter (the hairy ass that makes you freak) ;)

  16. nathan says:

    such a cute vid. love the kiss at the end :)

  17. Derrick from L.A. says:

    Fantastic post, guys! Love the video. I hope you boys are enjoying the holidays together, taking in every wonderful moment of the season. This is definitely my favorite time of year, and I’m having a blast.
    By the way, is that a mogwai wearing a Santa hat hanging on your tree? Fucking brilliant! I love it. And the picture of hunter straddling the tree has got to be my favorite image of the holiday season, so far! LOL

  18. Bill Sutton says:

    really great sentiment. something to remember right about now.

    ..oh and OMG that ass on the tree is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Alex says:

    Oh my gosh i’m from utah! where abouts is hunter from?

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Woo hoo, a fellow Ute! I grew up in Park City, but also lived in SLC, we are flying out to see my Mom next week, hit us up on Twitter if you are gonna be around and want to hang man…@themaverickmen – Hunter

  20. Derek Reynolds says:

    That is F#$%ing beautiful!!!!! His ass is perfect, hairy in just the right places, very doable!!!

  21. Ian says:

    I guess the stockings aren’t the only thing getting stuffed this Christmas ;-)

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  23. Jorge culo says:

    even if i am in mexico, they sent to me?

  24. Cole and Hunter says:

    not sure what you mean, Jorge?…but we are sending you some holiday love from Boston ;)

  25. adrienne says:

    I noticed Jorge’s question in the previous post about buying the book and it sounds like this is a follow-up question. Jorge, if you buy one of the download editions, you don’t have to worry about shipping and even better you don’t have to wait. I bought the Kindle version, the reader was a free download also on amazon.

  26. Cole and Hunter says:

    Adrienne = angel, thanks baby ;)

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December 6th, 2010

Okay so I wanted to address a very common question, many people email us on this subject – we literally get hundreds of emails asking: Cole and Hunter, how do I get my guy to bottom for me, or why does it hurt my guy when I am topping him, or what’s the best way to fuck without it hurting, or how do I penetrate my man’s hole etc, etc.

Hunter and I have our own rules when it comes to penetrating boy pussy, lol. Rule number one, your bottom needs to feel comfortable and relaxed so chill out, make out, and get comfortable. The next step should be cleaning out his butt approximately an hour ahead of fuck time (how to do that is another post). After he cleans out, he should spend some time chilling at least a half hour before anything enters him. His insides need to relax for a bit after the cleaning process, which allows his body’s natural lubricants to come back. Then, after that you should treat your guy to some serious ass worship; start off with him on his belly and ass up. Massage his legs, feet and butt, and tease his ass a bit and slowly lick and eat his hole for a while – munch munch munch.  Sometimes I have to pry Hunter away from a guy’s butt because he LOVES to eat ass so much.  When you start to hear him moan and feel him arch his ass up into your face, then he is ready for some digital penetration. Just use ONE finger at first with LOTS and LOTS of lube, did I mention the lube; lots of lube. After you gently probe and play with his hole with one finger then insert two and stop at two. You will know if and when it’s time to penetrate. Positioning is important, I personally like to fuck a guy when he is face down flat on his belly; chest flat and ass up – that way I can get deep full penetration. To get his ass as high as possible while he is flat, I slide my knee behind his knees and push outwards to naturally arch his lower back. Then when his ass is up, slowly insert the head of your PRE lubed cock, all the while staying in control by firmly holding on to your bottom to show him you are in control. Then slowly slide your cock in. Once you are all the way in, it’s good to lay on them adding your entire weight, and some ear nibbling and lip sucking is a good distraction to the pressure they may be feeling with your cock inside them, so kiss away. Personally, I hate power bottoms that try to fuck my cock with their ass, hahah. I like the control of topping. If your bottom is super tight or is just nervous, you should have them sit on top of you in the saddle, that way they can guide your cock in at there own pace. We recommend that for beginners or tight asses, lol. Once your bottom boy relaxes, you should be ready for all positions.

Hunter loves to watch his cock slide in and out – that makes him shoot right away – and he likes to pound away hard and fast like a jackhammer. He likes fucking guys on their back, while pushing back their legs and pinning them down so he can look em square in the eye, lol. Everyone is different with what they prefer, so here are some images of different penetration positions. A very important point should be made here; IF you are FUCKING raw you should know your status. Testing is so easy and fast now that there is no excuse why everyone shouldn’t know their status. Tops and bottoms have an obligation to each other, it’s about mutual respect, be honest to your partner and don’t fuck if you don’t know what’s up. Easy enough, right?

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40 Responses to “ASK COLE: HOW TO PENETRATE”

  1. Aaron says:

    I have a smaller dick (5 inches) and I have almost exclusively bottomed, but my boyfriend wants me to top more. What positions are best for me to get maximum penetration and give him the best pleasure?

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Hey Aaron, it’s not the size of the wand that matters it’s the magic it produces :)
      Dick size for the most part is irrelevant as far as topping unless your 1 or 2″ then it can be problematic but 5″ is plenty long enough to hit the prostate if that’s what your bottom likes….However to me the art of topping is 90% psychology and 10% tool :) if you take charge and fuck like you own it, then you will own it and your lover will melt in lust for you every time, there is nothing hotter than a confident top even one with a small ding dong. As far as positions , I recommend bottom on have him pull his legs as close to him as possible as you kneel between his legs looking at his hole, then hold his legs back with your thumbs basically in the inner part of his knees , then slide it in and drill that hole hard and fast, that should work nicely :) – Cole Maverick

  2. rangerdad says:

    Hey guys, I know you ask for pics and vids of guys who want to meet you for a hot fuck session. I’m too mature (nice word for old fart) and not nearly as handsome as you guys so I know the fuck session is out of the question. I will be in Boston this summer. I sure would love just to meet you guys and shake hands. Is that possible? You are not only two physically beautiful men, but I so admire what you do. Great role models for gay men. I wish there had been someone like you around when I was younger. I will take no offense if you can’t meet with this fan. I understand how busy you are and how many requests you must receive. As they say, “nothing ventured, nothing gained.” Love ya! Rangerdad

  3. Jordan says:

    Thanks for the tip will come in handy next time

  4. PD says:

    Historically speaking, I’ve been 99.9% top my entire life. I’ve wanted to try to submit and become versatile, but, I’m UBER tight, and nothing gets me relaxed enough to even remotely enjoying it. Any advice?

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Hey PD, I always say rimming helps the ass to relax and I always eat ass before I fuck it after a whole the bottom is begging for the dick. But in your case try a small dildo in a warm bath or shower, get your hole used to that kind of anal invasion first, after a few sessions you will learn your tight little balloon knots limits after that just remember LOTS of lube, chill out try sitting on it at first , this way you are in control, be sure to breath in and out while putting it in, if all else fails maybe try some poppers, I don’t usually recommend them but on a tight ass has closed up shop that’s a good way to relax the anus, never do poppers with any kind of Viagra ever and never near an open flame like candles.
      Happy bottoming :) – Cole Maverick

  5. Jeremiah says:

    hey there! I’m Jeremiah from Borneo. I want to ask something, is it ok to fuck raw if the bottom guy is HIV+?? I’m really curious? Please PM on my e-mail. Looking forward for your reply. Cheers! :D

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hi, you should never have unprotected sex when someone is hiv positive, regardless of who’s on top or bottom, there’s still a chance for transmission (even if it’s a small one) which is reason enough to wear condoms.

  6. michael says:

    dear both
    how are you? my name is michael, from hong kong and now worked in shanghai
    lobe your site and both of you are cool
    p.s what is the username if would like to add on fb?

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hey Michael, greetings from Boston man, good to have you with us. You can find us on FaceBook under Cole Maverick.

  7. Richie says:

    Good advice if your bttm is a bitch…lol…when they learn to take what they are given you’ll have no issues. As far as power bttms go I am one, but I’m only a power bttm cuz I give the tops total control…

    love what ya do…

  8. Frank says:

    this is a great post, I had one guy just just shove it in once and boy did it hurt, our night quickly ended because I was in too much pain to enjoy it. That is hot pic of Cole in a suit, I wish I was under that desk making his work day a little easier. ;)

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Ouch, that suck Frankie, you need to come over and let the pros nail you down good ;) , have a good one buddy, happy holidays – Hunter

  9. Phil A says:

    Hey guys !
    When will you demonstrate on my ass, on tape ? I sent my pics last weekend… :) would love to shoot a scene (or two or three or more) with you !

  10. DJB says:

    You are thrillin’ me in that suit, dude. Are you takin’ meetings?! (meatings??)

  11. andrew says:

    This is good advice. A post on advice for a bottom to get the cleanest ass possible would be truly appreciated! Hope to see the post soon! :)

  12. Derrick from L.A. says:

    On behalf of bottom boys everywhere, let me thank you for posting this. :) You wouldn’t believe the number of tops running around with no clue what they’re doing down there!
    I like your style, guys… you can commandeer my ass anytime! LOL
    And incidentally… how fucking HOT does Cole look in that suit. Sexy stud.

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      haha, we LOVE our bottom boys Derrick, thanks for the love buddy, and yeah; Cole in a suit is the epitome of hotness ;) – Hunter

  13. Jorge culo says:

    where can i buy the book here i mexico? some page, some store? i dont know, please tell me.

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  15. Mark says:

    Very good advice. I hate hate hate being with the tops that think it’s hot to just shove it in. It’s like the old saying, you gotta preaheat the oven before you shove the turkey in…ha ha…and btw Cole, very hot pic of you in the suit. It makes me wish you were calling me into the office for some punishment=) As always, keep up the good work guys! You ALWAYS find a way to make your posts hot, whether giving advice or pounding away at some lucky guy’s ass.

    P.S., just ordered the book last night, and can’t wait for it to come in so I can get to reading. Part of me is wishing it’s a picture book;)

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Mark you rock man! LOVE that bit bout the oven and turkey, too funny, never heard that one before, def let us know what you think of the book buddy, keep in touch – Hunter

  16. Derek says:

    Very informative. The first and only time i’ve been fucked wasn’t my most pleasent experience lol. I turn 19 today :D and this guy really wants to hookup. I’m scared it’s gonna hurt, but I REALLY wanna try it again. Something really gets me going when I see a guy getting pound hard. Should I do it or not?


  17. Benny says:

    Daddy Cole and Daddy Hunter I want you to demonstrate all of this on my ass, I’m sending pics to ya’ll now…

  18. Josh says:

    VERY NICE Im a virgin and I love to top all the time I believe im good at it but I want to give you guys my virginity I will make you guys take my virginity I don’t care what i have to do but i really want you and hunter so bad :)
    -Much love your new frat boy Josh from Oregon

  19. Dennis says:

    I can’t wait to watch you penetrate my ass on tape!! :)

  20. Jorge culo says:

    yeah they are a goods advices, i am not active man, i am pasive, so i like to give my ass, but i tell´em at my men read this, i cant tell´em in his face, its not my job, is his work fuck me nice, and my job is move my ass well and squeeze.


    love you.

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December 3rd, 2010

This is why we love you guys (our fans and friends) so much; you keep us on our toes and help us to stay real with this site and our relationship. We recently got a post in our FAN ZONE section from a concerned fan that thought we were no longer together because we seem to only be doing videos with a 3rd and not just Hunter and myself. He was wondering if we were still together and in love because he had not seen videos of just the two of us on the site in a while. Needless to say I was pretty shocked, lol. Here’s our back & forth (posted with his permission, of course):

From him:
I am happy to see the Maverick Men site so successful but disappointed for those of us were primarily Cole and hunter fans. As the site displayed more and more new guys it stop showing Cole and Hunter interacting. Are they still a couple or just business partners? Are we likely to see them in one of their classic ass pounders???

From Cole:
Hey I don’t know your name it wasn’t in our email message, so I will call you “Hey” lol.

I am so so so sorry that you think Hunter and I are not together, we are very much together and in love and we are never ever breaking up, ever hahah. Our relationship is the real deal; we have a commitment to each others’ soul; we are one, sounds corny but we are really best friends. We are never separate, we do everything together; we Live, Love and Laugh together. We work and play very well together and the day it stops being fun is the day we will toss our camera out the window, lol. We are the ONLY ones running this site, all the images, bios, videos all things other than the IT stuff. We do it all and read all these comments EVERY SINGLE one no matter how long it takes us. So I was blown away when I saw what you wrote. You have to realize we are not some big money makers, we are not big porn producers lol this is a labor of love and it’s always just us and my little camera, we do all the filming together, I do all the editing and Hunter posts the vids up after I create them. We both monitor the site and have a fantastic Webmaster to do IT stuff that we don’t know how to do.

We work SOOOooo hard every day to keep it REAL and to stay who we are, so feel free to reach out any time here at my direct email,, or on FaceBook, if you want to give some feed back.  Also you should know that a lot of our videos have Hunter and me just fucking in them before our friends join in, BUT because of your email I will make it a point to do a hot video of just the two of us lol any requests?
From him:
Dear Cole and Hunter…
First off my name is Joe I didn’t realize that the comment would not reveal that. I am sorry that my comment came over so negatively I did not want that to be the case nor did I mean to suggest that you guys are not hardworking. I don’t know of any site where a comment would get an instantaneous response or that new product would be displayed practically on a daily basis.
My point was that most fans who came to view your site did so because of the physical, sexual and emotional interaction of you two. The reason for this is that in all the pornography that you might look at you will certainly see many presentations of two guys going through the motions as a top and a bottom, but in most cases it becomes obvious that they are acting not so in your case and that is what made it so exciting no subsequent presentation of various tricks could equal that. I realize that you are trying to add more appeal to your site and I respect that but in the midst of all that work you slipped away from the display of your unique one on one relation.
Of all your 32 videos only three feature just Cole and Hunter namely #31 “Big Daddy Cock In My Ass”, #17 “Maverick men Classic suck off” #16 “Sweaty after Gym Sex” Hardly enough to satisfy our appetite. I would like to suggest that every third or fourth presentation be a Cole and Hunter exclusive.
I would love to see a video re=enactment of the scene in your book of the pursuit through Provincetown and the ending. I believe this is the background to all love stories, namely pursuit, capture, and surrender.

From Cole:

Hey Joe :) 

So glad you wrote back, you have some great points and no we didn’t think of it as negative feedback; I was just concerned that what we were doing was staying on target, so thank you for your advice. It’s so shocking to me that you know all of our videos so well, lol. That’s awesome! To be honest, I didn’t even know how many videos we had until I saw it here in your message, hahah. As far as the book, I love the idea of a reenactment, but to be honest, as hot as that moment in the P-town Parking lot was, it was also painful and traumatic for both of our hearts so I don’t see that happening anytime soon, lol. But I sincerely want to say thanks for inspiring me to show Hunter how much I love him even more than I already do… It’s all about the love :)
Because of your message I am going to create a special video and dedicate it to you. It will be a video for Hunter called, LIVE LOVE & LAUGH, to remind us both to never loose sight of the most important part of all this Cyber stuff…OUR RELATIONSHIP and our LOVE! I will make the video a free blog post and I will try to get it out before the weekend :)

Cole Maverick

I will do my best to post more videos of just Hunter and me because of your message, so whenever you see a Cole and Hunter video, just know it was because you.

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24 Responses to “LIVE, LOVE & LAUGH”

  1. JR says:

    Ok…It’s official. I’m in love with you guys. (sigh) :)

  2. JR says:

    that beginning scene with the kiss had me rolling on the floor ! very cute :)

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Haha, glad you liked it JR, that was us just being goofy with our new iMac ;) , good to have you with us man – Hunter

  3. Brooke says:

    Brazilian is the best music for finger fucking yourself…… just thought I would put it out there

  4. twinkie says:

    u guys r so cute.

    but i think ur having a little too much fun on photo booth.

    it happens to the best of us xD

  5. yo_soy_v says:

    hey guys. i dont know what else to say on this subject except that the love between you two is completely undeniable. when i watch you two interact i can only hope that i too can find someone that makes me that happy and fulfilled. i believe that because you two are so intertwined with each other it brings a much needed chemistry and wow factor to your videos no matter who is in them. you two are an undeniable force and deserve each and every moment of happiness that you share together. i would also like to thank joe for reminding you of this (even if the reminder wasnt needed) since maybe it has helped you realized why you two came togeth in the beginning. i look forward to the vids his emails have produced and look forward to all other posts you put out. i wish you two nothing but the and hugs from your twitter buddy @yo_soy_v

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Wow man, you have no idea how much that means to us, thanks so much for the love and motivation man, we’ll def keep it comin at ya.

  6. Benny says:

    I love you boys so much, the thought of being snuggled in between you both is keeping the Chicago boy warm at night, please keep up the great work, the world is watching

  7. Mark says:

    And this vid reminds me why I love you guys so much. Through all the fucking hot action you guys post, at the core, you can tell you really love one another. It’s too cute! I’m 23, and a romantic at heart. You guys give me hope that I can find true love someday. Keep up the good work you guys. I am absoultely in love with your site!

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Mark man, you made our day, thanks so much for the love stud, glad to hear you are diggin the site, we are having a blast with it – Hunter

  8. Josh says:

    This is really weird i was going to write you guys saying how I love all your Videos don’t take me wrong but I love seeing just you and HUnter only sometimes I felt in love with you two not the twinks you guys fuck. But I love you guys no matter what and always will I still wait the day i can meet you guys and give you guys my virginity. I love to see how you two love each other so much :) I hope to fine that one person myself someday :) But I’m not sure when that will happen since I’m still in the closet and scared to come out. That is why the one twink i also love you guys fucked in one of your videos is Oakley :) He inspired me and I hope i can be as brave as he was to come out one day :)

    -Much Lover your new frat boy Josh from Oregon :)

  9. Jorge culo says:

    wow, that pics of your love are so sensitive, i am glad to your love, and your eachother understanding, i think about love is more than just a fuck, is give everything and sacrifice your heart to shine together!

    i love cole and hunter so much

  10. Adrienne says:

    Hey Guys,

    I too found and loved the videos of you together, so unlike the other stuff out there that’s sleazy and mechanical. As one of your women fans, for me the appeal is so much more than the sex. Relationship, interaction, laughter, trust, commitment, and especially love; after all, who doesn’t want to be loved like that? I can see your love for each other in every look. I enjoy seeing you with guests, and am happy to hear that you’ll be including more content of just the two of you. The video was great, thanks for making it.

  11. R Jennings says:

    You boys have what we all want; a healthy, sincere and sex-charged relationship, thank you for sharing what you have with all of us, it gives me hope…

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hey thanks R, every morning I bring Cole coffee in bed, and in return he makes me the happiest I’ve ever been in my life, good to have you with us man – Hunter

  12. StettsonMan says:

    you guys really really really are the best, i see how much you love each other and how open you are with everyone and it gives me hope that one day I’ll be happy with a guy too, I’ve never felt like this before and I have you both to thank for it, thank you thank you

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Wow man, you’ve really made our day and we are so touched to be part of your happiness, hang in their buddy; you’ll find Mr. Right (or he’ll find you)

  13. jokehb(Joe Kelly) says:

    Hi guys!!!
    Really great I can’t tell ypu how great it is to see you two touching, feeling and laughing together.
    Thanks again I can hardly wait for another.

  14. Brian says:

    Hey Hunter that sounds like it would be a blast. I would love to be able to play with you guys, a fantasy cum true ; ). As far as my place, I did alot of the renovation myself, so I’m the first one to live here. All I’m saying is that I’m good with my tool and swing a big hammer, lol.
    Love you guys

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Hey guys Hunter and I had a blast this weekend and we wanted to share some of the crazy fun pics and a bit of video with ya’ll. Our boy Victor wanted to spend his birthday weekend with us here at our place in Boston, as you guys know we love us some sexy Victor, so we were very very happy to hang out again, we always have a hot hot fun time when he comes to chill with us, this time he decided to bring along his friend “Lucky “and boy are we glad he did, lol. It turned out that Hunter and I were the lucky ones, lol, between Victor’s massive monster Pinga and Lucky’s huge donkey dick we must have had at least two plus feet of cock, lol. Victors buddy Lucky is just as tall as victor with a beautiful body handsome smile and funny personality they were the perfect pair, both guys are so fun and so sexy we all just clicked right away, the first hour they were here we must have had sex three times before we went out on the town, it was heaven, when we got to the first club we noticed that the GoGo boy we fell in love with the last time we were there was wearing the speedo, we just about died when we saw that and had to take a quick video to show you, it was truly priceless. Hunter was grinning from ear to ear all night. These boys play well together, both vers Tops with bubble butts, big dicks, sexy faces and great personalities, so you know when we went out to the clubs we had a BLAST. Victor’s boy Lucky is not ready for prime time yet that’s why we hid his face but maybe if you guys show him some love he will do us the honor of showing you his face in a hot video. Show our boys some love. Hey and thanks so much to all of you that came up and said “hi” to us in the clubs. We LOVE meeting you guys, so don’t ever be shy about introducing yourselves.

Cole Maverick and Hunter

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  1. Arya says:

    Hey guys,

    You guys are so freaking hot! I dream about you guys screwing me big time. You have no idea how many times I cummed just by thinking about both of you. keep posting these hot videos and let me know if you need a cute indian guy to fuck! ;) :P

    • kumar says:

      Hi Arya,

      Me too do the same… shall we meet?

      the younger guy is awesomw. I want to have sex with you both men, whole day… love u so much dear…

  2. Henrik says:

    Damn you nice people – what a gr8 attitude, perfect being in life and enjoy’ment. And wauu – I just surf and crowd your videos – enjoying them very highly and nice. You have a gr8 attitude towards enjoying and life :-) And who the fuck is Victor? Hehe – profile o manhunt or ? Hmm – not that Im gonna ‘stalk’ him ( a lot..) – but the possibilities to maybe meet and date him – or ? Or maybe he’s just your own secret – and keep him for your self (I can somehow understand…) But dammit – he has a gr8 smile – along other things :-) What a gr8 guy – too! Greetings form Scandinavia – have fun and joy – and you might be the reason for me to visit Boston. :-) H.

  3. r25 says:

    hi guys from Spain! i absolutely adore you, nice couple in the world! you make me so horny ;) i just want to wish u merry xmas and thanks for all mi cums looking at your videos!!!!

    feliz navidad!

  4. yo_soy_v says:

    fuckin love LUCKY!! hurry up and make that big dick ginger primetime!

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Haha, we agree man, we are hoping all these words of encouragement will help him become a Maverick Man ;) – Hunter

  5. Adrienne says:

    My brain must have locked onto those big tools cause I swear, one of them was captioned “Hunter in LOG Heaven”! It sure looks like everyone had a good time. :) Lucky, I hope you decide to show your face. Happy birthday Victor! :)

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Haha, trust me, I pretty much lost all sense of time and space with those boys; was an orgasmic eruption fo sho ;) – Hunter

  6. Brian says:

    Damn, I was going to go out Sat night, but I decided to plow one of my buddies instead. I’ll have to be on the look out for you guys next time I’m out. You guys should come out to my place, I live in a church I renovated and I put in a huge steam room we could all play in. We could fit at least 8 studs in it. But with the big-cocked guys you get to play with, we could probably only fit 4, lol. Thanks for keeping me hard guys.

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Wow, a little pre-game at your place sounds like a blast man, and I think a buddy of mine used to live where you’re at, very cool…we’ll bring a tight little bottom boy that we can all pass around ;) – Hunter

  7. Jerseyboi86 says:

    Wow Victor alwayz amazing ( esa sonrisa rompé corazónes )… Lucky your body is stunning your pinga is enormous, you have nothing to be shy about plz show us your face… MAverick men Im alittle new to the site but your videos are awesome… Im glad to be a fan

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hey buddy! welcome to our site and great to have you with us, just you wait till ya see the next Victor vid we have, oh man, it’s insane ;) – Hunter

  8. Derrick from L.A. says:

    Hell yeah. That’s a lot of incredibly HOT & SEXY studs right there! Look like y’all had a blast hangin’ together. Would have loved to be in the middle of all that. LOL
    Victor, you are such a cutie. That mischievous smile makes me melt.
    And “Lucky”…. damn, boy. That is one GORGEOUS cock. And that ass is slammin’! Dude, you have GOT to let the guys feature you in one of their movies. PLEASE! I think you’d have a lot of us boys going crazy over you. (And I’m dying to see what those eyes and that smile look like….)
    Cole & Hunter… you’re gods in my book. Wicked hot, ridiculously sexy, and fucking cool as all get-out. And all the while, you manage to not only give me a raging hard-on, but your warmth and humor make me laugh and put a huge smile on my face. I salute you (I’ll let you guys figure out with what, LOL).

  9. Neal says:

    You are HOT! What a body! But we want to see your Lucky face! hehehe. get it. Lucky face! How about a nice full frontal with face! omg! You are awesome and HUGE!! Thanks Mav! Victor rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maverick you pick the best!

  10. fbrand12345 says:

    how did all that pipe fit even fit in your place?

  11. Marcus says:

    Awwww. Come on Lucky, with everything else that nice you must be perfect, Hell even if you dont get naked swing by the RCC some friday night and you could get $100 easy in the hot body contest! LOL every guy there will be dying for you.

  12. jerry hall says:

    hey u shy guys u need show ur faces to the camra cause ur hotties and id deep throat u to any day so show ur faces k ur hotties and u need to not be shy

  13. Juan gonzalez (el chileno ) says:

    wow that video so good that cock and fucked harder and stronger and I want to see this video!

  14. Josh says:

    I love you guys more :) :)

  15. Gregg says:

    What an amazing video. Lucky you are hot and would love to se emor eof you and Viktor what a GREAT body.

  16. Cole and Hunter says:

    The boys def max out the hot meter ;) , thanks for the love Gregg, we’ll keep em comin at ya ;) – Hunter

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November 26th, 2010

Hot Hung 10” Chicago Derek is a MAN’S MAN all the way!  As you know we ended up doing a video with this amazingly hot HOT 10″ huge HUNG lean 6′5″ tall handsome super masculine ebony masterpiece named, Derek. We had been chatting on-line with him for a few months in anticipation of our Chicago trip, I have to be honest I had my doubts that this guy was for real because we didn’t get the chance to cam with him, as that’s our usual rule, it’s the best and only way to rule out flakes and fakes. So when this guy agreed to meet us, I wasn’t even sure he would show up, he ended up meeting us outside at the Chicago river walk, when I walked up to him and he stood up he towered over me, lol. He looked so straight and had such a deep voice that I thought we had the wrong guy lol, much to my relief we had the right guy, he had his 2 forms of ID and testing paperwork all set and was eager to get back to our hotel room with us after talking to him for a long while, we quickly realized that he was a top and was not into us fucking him, so I said SORRY man, we are not bottoms so no ass no play, lol. I want to make it a point to tell you that this guy had a HUGE hard BIG FUCKING Black Cherry MAN ASS! I mean it was BIG and when I say big I don’t mean fat lol, I mean hard MUSCLE! So when he told us he was not bottoming we almost cried…he tried to convince us, but when we insisted and we were escorting him to the door of our hotel room with great regret. Then, he had a change of heart, lol! It was a beautiful moment, he said and I quote, “Man I only been fucked once before and didn’t much like it, so ya’ll better be as good as it looks in ya’lls videos.” I quickly reassured him that it would be the very best fucking he had ever had, and we delivered. We fucked this super hot man all over the place. He was a hard-core man during sex and took the pounding Hunter and I gave him like a man. This video is very very very very raw and hard-core HOT with beautifully clear ass penetration and cum shots that have to be seen to be believed. The grand finally 3 way cum shot where Big Derek is riding my cock on the sofa as Hunter stands way above us on the top of the sofa filming with 1 hand and stroking with the other and shoots a huge load, squirting it all over the both of us, is shockingly hot, it caused Derek to blow his load all over me at the exact same time WOW yes it has to be one of my favorite scenes in any of our videos. Truly as MUST watch video. Please let Derek know what you all think of him send some love here under this post.

Thanks for stroking with us…Cole and Hunter

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50 Responses to “MAN FUCKING!!!”

  1. jerry says:

    I love all of your videos and i would love to meet derek! If you are still in touch with him let me know and i can send some pics! Keep making great videos guys!

  2. Mike says:

    If you have any random video of you and Derek just hanging out I think the fans would love to see that. Happy New Year guys.

  3. Bruce says:

    I would love to be fucked by derrick if its possible! Then you next.. i have photos i could send as well as a number le me know

  4. Mike says:

    What’s the story with this kid, is he going to do more porn? is he over the porn thing? Vgl young millionaire with a crush over here; would love to see more and potentially tame it. You think he might be open to chatting?

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hey Mike, am pretty sure this was a one-time thing for Derek, but we are gonna see him in May during IML/Grabbys and I’ll def pass along your message ;) – Hunter

      • Mike says:

        Hmmm…good for him. See if he can contact me sooner. it might be really good for him; you have the email..same name applys for messenger

  5. ntlect says:

    WOW….no words other than MORE DEREK PLEASE. Derek is what tops like me dream of WOW. Black Cherry was cute kid but DEREK… WOW.

    Derek if you doing anything else lets us know where its at and please be opn to bottoming the ass is AMAZING!

  6. paul says:

    hey hunter and cole can you tell derek about me he is hot and i would love 2 ride him and you

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hey Paul, we can def pass along your message to Derek, you wanna send him any pics too?…

  7. dlove says:

    this was a sexy cool video i wish i can be in one of them

  8. ric says:

    Derek is a TOTAL STUD, my god it’s as if he’s right outta my dreams, such a sweet and masculine sex machine, where in the world can I find a perfect man like him?!?!? Daddy Cole you gotta hook a brother up! xoxox

  9. NJguy2221 says:

    Hey Great video! Ever coming to Jersey??? and why isn’t the video from XTUBE of you and the two college guys in a “4 way” on here?? Would love to see that here!

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      I think we are coming to NJ soon actually, just got hit up by a hottie that wants to star in a vid there, we’ll have the full uncut version of “Hey Let’s Fuck This Guy” up on this site soon stud

  10. Josh says:

    That was AMAZING :) I dream of both of you to take my cherry at least 3 days out of the week no joke :) LOVE YOU BOTH!!

    -much lover your new frat boy Josh from Oregon

  11. Jandy says:

    hey Guys that was good… I am 6’5′ Latin Boy From Costa Rica.. you guys are hot….

  12. Binho CTba - Brazil says:

    Hello, I would like to fuck with you, I look at the videos and almost dying of both hot! Maybe one day it’s not true! I love you a thousand kisses

  13. Patrick says:

    Another thing,, look up this dude “MikeyizHardc0r3″ thats is a wicked bottom for you Cole

  14. Patrick says:

    Can you please have him back and this time fuck him like a Power Bottom and PLEASE TAKE OF HIS SOCKS AND SHOES! We want to see how much you are fucking hard by his toes curling.. Please have him back! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Haha, we’ll do what we can stud, we keep in touch with Derek regularly and he’s been wanting to come chill with us in Boston, hopefully we’ll get to see him again soon – Hunter

  15. KikBak says:

    Damn…that was hot…you 3 are all damn sexy…you guys should cum to Hawai`i. =))

  16. Jorge culo says:

    i love big streight guys whit big cock, and this story sonuds so hot, yesterday i was fucked by a man from giorgia, here in mexico, in his hotel, and looks so handsome and streight.

  17. Smashing says:

    every new video is hotter!!!
    i’m a big fan of you boys
    cheers from another chilean fan ;)

  18. Sebastien says:

    Once again, totally, totally amazing I loved the camera angles in this one and the light was just perfect. Funny thing is like a perv I’m re-reading your book on the subway and some guy freaked out when he recognized it and totally told me all the reasons he loves you guys. It was funny but a great conversation. Isn’t there a gay book club selection ?

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      haha, that’s too funny, Sebastien, you should start the MM book club, we’ll send ya all MM jock straps to wear while you read the book ;) – Hunter

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  20. Mark says:

    @*#&ING HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Chris says:

    Gands down your Best Star, Dick-Check, Ass-Check-, Good Looks- Check, Masculine-Check, Perfect Body (Not to big not to small)-Check, Can take dick-Check. This dude is great for you’ll, next time Hunter, Fuck him silly like you’ll use to do the lil one (When you’ll fisrt started doing vids), remeber when you’ll fuck him all night, Derrick if you reading this bro, good job but if you going to be a great Top be a great bottom. He did good but Maverick Dudes bang out the were nice cause u are a top. Good job derrick and maverickmen 4 Stars!!!

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      You rock, Chris, glad to hear you liked this vid man, we love love love Derek; he’s a mega stud and a total sweetheart, such delicious man-candy ;) – Hunter

  22. fbrand12345 says:

    sexy as fuck guys. love the new update. damn would i love playing with you guys and derek. hot as hell :D

  23. Juan says:


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November 23rd, 2010

Hunter and I felt the need to give this guy a shout out not only because he is a hottie, but because he has been a supportive fan ever since we first got started back in the day on Xtube.  He loves to message us and critique our stuff and tell us what he thinks, and we always love hearing from him.  Once in a while he will send us a hot vid or sexy pic and we love him even more for it, hahah.  Thanks G., YOU ROCK MAN!  So if you are 18 or older, and you’re a fan, feel free to send us something; pics, a short vid, anything related with a logo on it – write it on ur bod, whatever.  And if you are cool with us posting it on our blog, we’ll put it up for everyone to see ϑ.  No matter what, we love love love to hear from you guys, especially when you are feeling that creative vibe.

Thanks for stroking with us,
Cole and Hunter

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18 Responses to “FAN SHOUT OUT!”

  1. Gary Christopher says:

    Thanks Joey I am glad you like it. Been thinking of getting leathered up and sending pics to the guys. But not sure yet lol.

  2. Joey says:

    You are a hottie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where are you? Woof woof :) Thanks to the guys for putting you on here too! i wanna have an bang with you all.

  3. Brian says:

    OMG, thanks guys for getting me hard over and over again. Your new friend Derek is one piece of delicious chocolate man. And I think you had your count wrong at the end, it was a 4-way cum shot. You guys got me there the same time….HOT! Thanks!

  4. Mike the Tiger says:

    Do you go to LSU???

  5. Jorge culo says:

    thats amazing! Cole and Hunter you are so nice to take care us, your fans, and give us a chance! Gary Christopher you looks great, whit your amazing cock.
    Hunter, Cole come to Mexico please, I love you!

    I am blast like you said before .

    I am 18

  6. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Cole and Hunter, Cole and Hunter. Cole and Hunter said: We've got the best fans EVER, check out what one of our hottie buddies sent us…we love ya GC!… [...]

  7. Gary Christopher says:

    Awww I feel Loved thank, hahaha just thinking how flat chested I was back then LoL

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Hey guys, check out the great interview that our buddy Dirk Diggler did over on his blog.  Click on the image to read the story, or click here.  You rock, Dirk!


Porn Star Interview: The Maverick Men!!!!

As shocking as it might seem, a lot of Xtube fans have recently been captivated by … A BOOK!!! And I’m not talking about the kind of book with loads of nudie pictures with minimal print, this is an actual book with words and chapters and great writing.

The book is written by those two very sexy, humble and intelligent guys The Maverick Men who I devoted an article to a few months back. Their book “Maverick Men: The True Story Behind the Videos” was released nationally in October to rave reviews (it currently has a solid 5 star rating on
The book chronicles Cole and Hunter’s up and down relationship, their venturing into Amateur videos, and “behind the scenes” information on their videos and their boys.

The transition from doing amateur videos to being published authors is an unusual one. However Cole and Hunter aren’t your USUAL Xtube stars, their fan base grew so quickly that a fan actually approached the sexy couple with the idea. “He had recently acquired a publishing house out west, on top of already owning a marketing company. Immediately we were impressed with his knowledge of our stuff; he was a true fan” says Hunter of the start of a long process to complete the book “The writing process took us almost 2 years. It was blast to write and we look forward to the next one” and Cole says he’s at the same excitement level putting the book out as he is when he’s uploading a new video “I am totally excited to actually be able to hold our book in my hand and say hey Hunter WE ACTUALLY WROTE A BOOK!”

Read the rest here…

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  1. Amshu Patla says:

    Wow! That was a really great article Please keep writing because I love your style a lot.

  2. Jerry says:

    Hi Guys,
    Just saw your new web site —-It’s fantastic //// Have always enjoyed your shoots on X tube—Love the way you two get other guys to play soooo well, you enjoy your work so well and it shows——–Keep up the good and horny work .

  3. Kareem Salem says:

    Hey there ! I am not even sure if this where I should post this or not : ) But I just wanted to say I am an egyptian guy and I have always been a huge fan of your work : ) Actually ever since the very vid I saw of you guys : ) And I still fantasize about it : ) !
    Just wanted to say hi all the way from Egypt :D !
    Huge Fan
    xoxo !

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Thanks so much for the love, Kareem. Egypt has always been a place that I’ve dreamed about visiting. Def keep in touch buddy, maybe you’ll be gettin house guests before you know it ;) – Hunter

  4. Adrienne says:

    Great article. I loved the book, got it as soon as it was out. The bleakness at the beginning, even though I KNEW there would be a happy ending, was so real. I stayed up late reading the haunted house chapter because I didn’t want nightmares. You tell it all with such humor, even the parts that weren’t funny at the time. There’s a chain of banks where I live called Falcon Bank and I giggle whenever I drive by one, and of course “don’t bite the nuts”… Thanks for sharing your story. I’ve re-watched many videos since reading it and they seem to have even more depth.

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      That’s awesome, glad to hear that you really got into it too, we had so much fun writing it, I’m pushing Cole to write the next one as a prequel; the stories from his teenage years are amazing, and so so hot

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November 20th, 2010

Hunter and I like to have date night at least once a week where it’s just the two of us blowing of some steam having some drinks and some laughs and of course some fun sex. This particular night we took it to a new level, we started of at home with some beers and fun in the shower then went out to a local pub for a few, that’s where Hunter got a bit wasted and I was a bit buzzed so we decided to leave the car parked in a dark alley way spot and cab it home, but as we were locking up the car drunky McSkunky decided he wanted to get naked and have car sex, so I said what the hell and we jumped into the parked car and got into some fun drunken car sex. Picture it; radio blaring, heads bobbing up and down, doors open, and of course Hunter got naked right away and then had to take a piss and as he got out and started to piss I thought it was a funny hot moment so I snapped a few pics. Naturally that’s when the cops rolled up on us and interrupted our evening. It’s important to remember that Hunter was DRUNK and so he was not happy to be interrupted and decided to give the Police the finger, and much to my surprise instead of arresting us, the cop simply leaned out the squad car window and said, sir tell me you are not driving that vehicle out of this spot, I said no sir my friends a bit drunk we are taking a taxi home we are leaving the car right here. That’s when the cop said that’s good to hear … now get some clothes on your boyfriend and take off before I change my mind and impound your car and arrest you both… I mean it when I say DO NOT MOVE THIS CAR TONIGHT I don’t want to have to arrest THE MAVERICK MEN and with a big smile on his face he drove away.  Boston is a small town, lol.

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30 Responses to “DATE NIGHT TRUE STORY!!!”

  1. Ari says:

    I love yours, so beautiful photo, beautiful guys, kisses

  2. Josh says:

    First let me just say that you guys are freakin’ hot and cool as fuck. Second, the very last picture on this post is the entire reason I’m bisexual. Just thought I would send you guys a quick hey and I hope things are going great.

  3. nathan says:

    i want to see the movie that how you penetrate your b/f.
    where is the DATE NIGHT TRUE STORY movie version?

  4. Josh says:

    I wish to fine someone i can cuddle with :( Don’t know if i would ever be able to do becaus eim in the closet and scared shitless :( but all i want is a man to love me and i to love him :(

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      It’ll happen buddy boy, it’s always been our experience that the right guy comes along when you aren’t lookin for him ;)

  5. DJB says:

    LMAO – you lovers be caring, and keep pumping out the GOOD energies :-)

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Thanks buddy, we’ve always believed that you send out into the world, comes back to you ;) , good to know you are watching ;) – Hunter

  6. Mike the Tiger says:

    Do you go to LSU??

  7. Christopher says:

    How cute! The worlds Gay Power Couple. WEPA!

  8. Rob says:

    Love Love Love that last picture…. I think that’s why you guys are so popular – the way you feel about each other is always right there to see.. Thanks for that!

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Thanks, Rob! Yeah, we’ve had it bad for each other for over ten years now, life is good man ;) , keep in touch – Hunter

  9. Ivan says:

    Would luv to get fucked RAW by the two of you guys! I’m a BIG fan: )

  10. Jamie says:

    Hey, guys
    would love to meet you too
    you seem awesome and very sexy :) you should come to england some time

  11. Maverickboy says:

    the last picture warms my hearts, i visit your site every few days and i love your blogs. hugs from florida.

  12. Jorge says:

    Hey guys i want to go whit you as a party, i will be your fun, your assfun, whenenver we drunk and have some sex, and also you are mi inspiration to having sex whit hairy boys, or big dicks, or, grown up mens, and everykind, thaks, love.

  13. geraldo says:


    i ´m fan from your blog :P

    ciao and kisses from berlin

  14. Brian says:

    Love that story, love you guys. Fantasize about a night sandwiched between you both mmm…

  15. Sebastien says:

    you guys are totally amazing, I finally finished the book and need two things, 1. you guys gotta autograph my copy and 2. crank out a second book asap lol

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      That’s awesome man, so glad to hear that you liked it, we are gearin up to write the next one, we’ll let you know buddy

  16. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Cole and Hunter, Cole and Hunter. Cole and Hunter said: Every week Cole and I try to have a Date Night, check out his funny post about one we had a while ago… [...]

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