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June 20th, 2011

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17 Responses to “WE LOVE YOU GUYS!”

  1. Brandon says:

    Why do you guys not wear condoms?

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hey Brandon, sometimes we do. You can read all about our philosophy on this topic on our “How We Play” page. – Hunter

  2. vlan says:

    fuck me cole maverick !!!

  3. cesar says:

    muy bueno!!! soy de argentina! esta es la mejor pagina porno lejos!!!! les doy para que tengan y guarden a los 2!

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      My bad translation: very good! I’m from Argentina! this is the best porn page away!! I give to have and keep at 2!

      Thanks, Cesar! We’ll keep the videos coming for you! :) – Hunter

  4. Brad says:

    i’d love to take your huge cocks btw ;)

  5. Horny frat says:

    The translation from the french line: Your site is really genious and that’s why we love you :p

  6. angelus says:

    Vous avez beaucoup de fan qui vous aime …..votre site es tro genial cest pour ça quon vous aime:))))

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      My loose translation: You have a lot of fan who loves you … .. your site are cest tro genial why quon love you :) )))

      Merci, Angelus! Big hugs to you from Boston!!!! :) – Hunter

  7. Remy says:

    I freakin love Your Videos. They really really know how to hit the spot! i’ve seen alot of Good Porn but your vids unlike others excite a hidden unexplainable spot in me and doubles my intensity. I remember the 1st Time I saw your videos a few months back a close friend of mine had showed it to me on Xtube. we both have a Taste for Men older than us so when he was like Remy watch this. i was in for a real treat. never have I been open enough to JO in front of my bud but that day I did XD thanks again for the videos you make ^.^

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Remy! Your message made us smile big man, thanks so much! Jerkin with your bud, hu? Now THAT’S some hot stuff! :) – Hunter

  8. JT says:

    I wish that paper wasn’t blocking the rest of your sexy bod ;) hot cock.

  9. Davey says:

    mmm NICE COCK !! i cud suck your cock really GOOD boi !!! and fuck you damn GOOD !!!

  10. Brad says:

    Thats me!!!!

  11. fbrand12345 says:

    i’m a fan of that fan :D

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  1. Keronche says:

    Hey Guys …Love your videos ….any chance you’ll be headed down to the Pittsburgh PA area ….Would love to have some hot fun with you guys….Keep up the good work…:)

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hey there, thanks for the love! No plans for PA just yet, but we do have a bunch of travel coming up. We’ll try to get it all posted on the blog soon. Keep in touch! – Hunter

  2. tralan says:

    you guys need to cum to northern new york to keep us warm up here… ;)

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      We were just in Albany and had a blast. We’re in NYC now for Pride. Come play with us! :) – Hunter

  3. Jus says:

    hey guys…….do you guys ever come to see atlantic city, in New Jersey. Its a great night light place…come visit me i would love for you guys to fuck my tight big ass!

  4. Josh says:

    Josh you are one lucky guy . Hunter And Cole why don’t you guys come to Portland Oregon come see me or stop by the gas station by my :( Portland is weird you would love it!!!!!!!!!!! haha

    -Much love your new frat boy Josh from Oregon

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Have always wanted to see Portland. Better yet; have always wanted to fuck a cutie down at a gas station in Portland. ;) – Hunter

  5. ian says:

    when u guys coming back to albany

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hey Ian, not sure just yet man. I think we’ll be at Asbury Park the 3rd week of July. When I have more info we’ll do a blog post. :) – Hunter

  6. dav... says:

    hi im from costa rica i love u vídeos i santa fuck with u!

  7. grayboxerbriefs says:

    saw you at Machine! I even got a free DVD for shakin my ass…I didn’t win, though :( At least I can say I am absolutely sure my butt was hairier than anyone else’s up there.

  8. ian says:

    sorry i miss u guys in albany want to join in your movies need some cash how can i hook up with u guys please email me tell me more information thanks man love your movies

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hey Ian, sorry we missed you, too. We don’t pay guys to do vids with us – all the guys in our vids are fans that have contacted us to be in one. – Hunter

  9. ali says:

    i wanna meet u inti tunisia

  10. josh says:

    I KNEW IT oh my god that shit is hilarious considering I’ve only seen like 2 or 3 of your videos, although I did crack the fuck up when I got back into the car from how you guys kept staring at me. I’ll be at Providence Pride tomorrow.

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      We couldn’t take our eyes off you, sexy boy. :) Hey, we’ll be at Providence Pride tomorrow, too. Come star in a vid with us ;) – Hunter

  11. josh says:

    Oh, shit I think it was you guys actually, I just saw you were in albany and the gas station was like 10 miles outside of Albany. I was the boy standing in line that you and your friend kept staring at once you got outside.

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Josh! You sexy cute fuck! Haha, so glad you messaged us. Yes, we def noticed you, sexy boy. Yup, we were just getting into Albany for our crazy-ass night at club Rocks. Was a blast. Keep in touch! – Hunter

  12. josh says:

    I know this sounds crazy, but I could have sworn I saw you guys in a gas station in New York the other weekend. Was that you guys?

  13. vallentyne says:

    eu queria fazer um filme com voçes tem como??
    me responda por favor..!!!

  14. kevin says:

    I asked cole & hunter if they’d fuck me without doing it on video and they said no. How about the winner of the best ass contest gets fucked by cole & hunter without needing to do it on video? I’d enter the contest if that was the prize

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Haha, like the way you think, Kevin, but we’ll have to stick to the contest with the way it is. ;) – Hunter

  15. ian says:

    when u guys coming to albany hook me up

  16. brian says:

    i just want to know if you are gonna be at providence pride on saturday (6-18), i know you two loved it last year

    big bear brian

  17. ceola says:

    YEEAA!! Come to Houston!! I don’t want to fuck. I just want to meet the Maverickmen

  18. Ozzy says:

    When are yall coming to visit me in TEXAS? I sent yall an email before hehe, wish yall would come to make a new another virgin cherry pop video :)

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hey Ozzy! We should be down to TX later this year (when it gets cold up here). We gotta live-up this heat while we can. :) – Hunter

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June 15th, 2011

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  1. I (3 cole says:

    hello cole please fuck me !!!!!

  2. James says:

    & the buzzed had droopey eyes and shit (; xD lol.

  3. James says:

    Are you guys stoners? :) I saw on your hat that it said buzzed hahaha. If you do then that’s amazing. Just makes me love you guys even more.<3 ;)

  4. ben says:

    the funny thing is if that guy would come to atlanta and play music . he’d be making alot more money

  5. adrien says:

    Lot of fun.
    When will you post a new hot video ? wanna see you fuck a young msn.

  6. Adam says:

    Hahaha, I like how you got the 1 man band at the end to replace saints with maverick men :)

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Please tell me I am not crazy!  Help me on this one and leave a message under this post and tell Hunter he’s the crazy one (or tell me if it’s me and I should just suck it up!).

Hunter thinks I should be hitting the gym 6 days per week, cut down my carb load by 70%, cut down on drinking, and stop smoking cigars unless it’s a special occasion.  WTF!?!?  I am 6’3” tall, 200lbs, and I think I’m in pretty good shape.  My grand dad lived to be 98 and my grandma lived to be 104.  My mom is 81 and she is still VERY active, so I have pretty good genes, right?  So I love you Hunter, but I’m not giving up my few vices, no, no, NO!

Okay, so I like a good cigar every now and then (I’m talking 3 or 4 times a year).  And yes, I do love a cold beer or a drink once in a while, okay and some carb-loaded foods but COME ON!  Now I’m even taking yoga (Hunter’s idea, not mine).

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78 Responses to “HUNTER’S CRACKIN THE WHIP!”

  1. Lantion Jones says:

    I was out with my boyfriend the other day and we were sitting on the grass talking about him smoking. And then He said something I didn’t expect him to say. He said he could get hit by a bus when driving home so it didn’t matter if he smoked or not. And while thats true it isn’t the smoking that scares me. Its the thought of him dyeing. Thats why Hunter wants you to stop. He loves you and always will and it doesn’t matter if you keep smoking or not. If you have any reason to stop smoking then do it for him. He loves you Cole. Isn’t that enough to stop?

  2. Lucas says:

    Cole, Hunter, I just find out about your site and I love it, just can’t stop watching. Personaly I hatte cigars, my father used to smoke and I couldn’t stand in his side when he was smoking, but if you like I don’t think it’s a big deal. The problem is that you are ruining your health. Don’t wory about look becouse you are bouth delicious, smoking or not.
    Lucas from Brazil.

  3. matthew says:

    I’ve been smoking Cigars since I started smoking (so horribly biased). As long as you keep it down, no reason to give up something you love. Besides all the things you do to keep yourself healthy and in shape, why not. We all die at some point of something. None of this are getting out alive, might as well enjoy it.

  4. Smokes da boss says:

    well as someone who smoked ciggaretts from 10 years i understand that you have a habit. but its not a very good one… but weed…. thats a diffrent story. not only can you get the lung ripping feeling of a ciggar but u also get mellow. and it helps a lot with the drinking. someone who would drink at da clubs n bars like nothing n still drive home, weed help me cut back on the drinks as well. lol. so….. if u wana cut back on ciggars n drink smoke weed. also you not in a bad mood…. you would not beleave how many ppl dont piss me off as much on the freeway when i get cut off because i smoke b4 i enter. lol

  5. jamir21 says:

    Cole I think you need to stop but you look hot when you smoke ! Hunter you always look hot !

  6. Nathan says:

    You’re hot. You don’t need to do anything differently. Hunter, be nice! haha

  7. Duke says:

    Lay off the cigars, beer and pasta like anything else in moderation. I’m an RN and my patient popuation is in oncology. I want to see both you guys fucking around in your 60′s and 70′s. The most important thing to loose is the belly fat. That is the most dangerous. Lost a great gay activist this week to smoking he died within a month of diagnosis. Cole your too sexy for the cigars, put something else in your mouth.

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Duke, I FUCKING LOVE YOU, MAN! Thanks for steppin in! I wanna see my man layin the pipe well into his 90′s, too! :) – Hunter

  8. Michael says:

    Hey Cole:
    Don’t you even THINK of letting these sissy boys who don’t like your cigars influence you. A cigar is a manly thing and if you’re not doing it all the time…FUCK EM! It’s your life..a cigar now and then (which you should not inhale cause ya don’t have tastebuds in your lungs) is not as bad for you as ONE time with crack or ecstasy or any drug so again FUCK EM if they don’t like it!

    Cigar fetish since I was six smoked my first one at 12!

  9. Joshua Mitchell says:

    Hey sexy i think its ur life and you should be able to do as you pls if you get tired of someone telling what they think you should do come look me up im single 20 and ill let you do as you pls

  10. RebelWIL says:

    Don’t give up the cigars.
    Men, cigars and sex just seem to go together well and since cigars don’t contain the chemicals that cigarettes do they are a bit safer.
    Plus you look fucking hot smoking cigars!
    I know I wont give my cigars up and my favorite sex is to just lay back, smoke a nice cigar while I watch and feel my dick getting milked!

  11. Gary says:

    Wow I know I am late on this one but I have been busy as all hell too, we talk later on that one. But this is the way I look at it. Me I started smoking cig, when I was 13 till about year and half ago. However; when I drink I do have a HIGH level of oral fixation so I do smoke when I drink. But I dont drink but maybe once every two weeks. Now, not only that but I also for five years was heavy in the drugs, the good ravers kind too. Now for all those that reads this note this, I been clean for 10 years so I no longer do that shit anymore. With all that said I just went and had major blood work done to cover everything under the sun. X-rays and so on. I think it is good once every 10 years or so just to make sure my insides are a good looking as my out sides are. and you know what they found “NOTHING” I am healthy in mind body and soul. OK That simple. No go to anyone in my family and they have everything but never done anything close to what I did back in the day. The reason is Cole Genes has nothing to do with it at all. I truly feel with everything I am that it is how you see yourself. Now Hunter I know there are habit you hate that he does. and you have habits that he hates (sneakers *cough*) but all in all you both have something far greater then the little crocks “Love”. You cole hates morning sex, hunters what it. If you two was 100% alike you both would not be together like this cause there would be no surprise or anything like that I guess. So there are little things that dont mean shit it is when he does some thing big is when you need to worry about. (burning sneaker *cough* *cough*) lol.

    P.S. I know it has been awhile since i told you guy but love ya both. :)

  12. J.P. says:

    Hey, Cole. I don’t know if you remember me, but we became friends on xtube before you became all money-making pornstars. I’m from Kentucky.

    I think you (both) are beautiful, and if things were different, I’d give my ass up to the both of ya everyday of my life, but I also love bourbon (whiskey up there), fried chicken and dumplings, so I’m all for you keeping your cigars and your beer, but you’re just going to have to move more. The yoga is good, but especially for the beer – damn you, carbs! – for every calorie you take in, you’ll have to do that amount of exercise.

    Hunter is so, so worth it. I’ve started exercising too. Hoping to land some lovely bottom sometime soon. :)

    Take care,

  13. Alex says:

    I think Hunter is just coming from a place of love. He just wants to have u for as long as possible…but i do find the cigars really sexy, i wouldnt give it up cole :)

  14. turkishfan says:

    Hunter, I admire you :$ i think,you re the world’s most handsome male of the. :) I would like to join you.
    Just for u :) because i think i love u :D kiss u honey :)

  15. turkishfan says:

    Bence Hunter çok haklı. Haklı olmasa bile o yakışıklılığı ile haklıdır :)
    No smoke! No beer! :P

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      My loose translation: I think a very good hunter. He’s right, even if it is right and good looks:)
      No smoke! No beer!

      Thanks for your support, man! I think yours is our first comment from a Turkish fan! So cool! Koparmayın! :) – Hunter

  16. Christopher says:

    hey come on now guys if its not a bad habbit then no need to put rules on it. if its once and a while i can see but now if its all the time then i say hey umm rule time. so Hunter i love you and cole i love u to but sorry hunter i got to go with cole one this i been there done that hell me and my man still do it lol.

    ~Big Fan Christopher

    <3 much love <3

  17. Tom says:

    I personally don’t like smoking and have never smoked before…BUT i have a thing for guys smoking cigars. I find it fucking hot! Seeing Cole smoking in those pics was damn hot! As long as you smoke in moderation it will be fine I think. Would love to see you smoke a cigar while getting sucked- HOT!
    Tom from Australia

  18. Willy says:

    I don’t like it I think its super gross to see anyone smole young or old the btm line is its gross. Both of you are super hot I would not mind the drinking unless it gets out of hand. I wanted to ask do you guys travel to other citys to shoot or how does that work? because I’m new to the site and I see you have been to a few places I did see one video before and I was thinking it was shot in Miami but you guy are from Buston right. please email back if you can I don’t know if you would be able to see my email or not I guess if I don’t get and email from you . you can’t see my email address
    best of luck and I will keep checking out your site I love it.

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hey Willy, welcome to our site! We do travel a lot and almost always shoot vids in the places that we visit (and yes, our home is Boston). Hit us up if you ever make it to Beantown! – Hunter

  19. Federico says:

    BTW, hey Cole why do you wear t-shirts while doing all the fucking rimming etc. I want to see you naked like your hubbie. Don´t need to hide, you have a nice man body. Honest!

  20. rorz says:

    I think the main thing is he does’nt smoke, and the cigars is just a casual every now and then thing, it would be far worse if he was smoking 20 or more cigarettes a day.. yuk.
    As for the carbs once ya take them away you might end up puttin on some weight, i work out about 6 times or more in the week tryin to get fit, but ya still need some carbs now and then..
    i think you both look awsome

    love u guys

  21. Josh says:

    Hunter !!!!!!!!!!!!! AHH i always get excited with But im doing well i have an amazing bf now hes hot too and we are just taking it easy our birthday are next month same week so we are going to VEGAS!!! But my bf and i are huge fans and would love to meet you soon :) love you and COLE BIG DADDY :) MUAHH

    Much love your new frat boy josh from Oregon

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Josh Josh Josh! That’s awesome news man! Hope you and your boy are well. Have a blast in Vegas and snap us some pics! :) – Hunter

  22. Mike says:

    Sorry but Hunter is right… About the cigars at less beers cool…

    P.s. Hunter is hott as hell

  23. Zack says:

    If it’s only once in a while, I see no problem with it.
    On a regular basis, smoking of any kind is never a good thing.

  24. Ian says:

    I love ya, Cole….but I’m 100% behind Hunter on this one! lol

  25. Fernando says:

    cole you’re perfecttttttttttttttttttttt
    quit cigars and beer only if you want to.
    you’re a typical men and that’s what i love about you

    love the page, XOXO

  26. Alex says:

    I personally love cigars, i smoke then occasionally, but i find it sexy as hell when a man smokes a cigar, especially a sexy guy like cole :)

  27. adrien says:

    Please keep on smoking cigars, eating italian food, drinking some beer AND fucking hard hunks like me.

  28. Chad says:

    I actually think that there is nothing sexier than a hot guy smoking a cigar. Besides, it doesn’t sound like he is even doing it all that often. Hunter, he could be like me and smoke a pack a day….now that is GROSS! I say cut him some slack……he has the libido of a 22 yo, a body of death, a dirty mind, and the tool to back it all up!

  29. Alejandro says:

    Yeah, I think u should give up ur cigars for ur healt!! Maybe not beer… but don’t drink too much!!!

    kisses from barcelona :)

  30. brian says:

    i have another suggestion, every time you feel the urge to smoke a cigar, just pop the fine cigar in Hunters pants in your mouth and suck on that for a while, and could you film it for us, please! YOUR WELCOME HUNTER

    big bear brian

  31. Jacco says:

    To be honest with you….for me there is almost nothing sexier than blowing a guy who is smoking a cigar. Sorry. Fetish. Can’t help it… Have dreamt about blowing Cole….the idea that he would smoke while I was doing that is even hotter… Sorry (will now sit quietly in a corner and wait for the reactions of all the non smokers…)

    And while I’m here…can I just say I really love your book? Has been ages since I read one THAT quickly!

  32. ceola says:

    Hey Cole

    I was going to say that you should enjoy your cigars since you dont smoke them that often BUT after reading all of those great messages, Im going to have to agree with Hunter and most of your fans. Maybe you should give the cigars up. They are not only effecting your live but Hunters as well. And we, your fans, want to see as many porn fliks as you can post. With that being said, if Cole is giving cigars, maybe Hunter, you should give up that mountain of shoes you have stored under your bed (thats an environmental hazard). Regarding the beer: In most of the pictures that you have posted, Hunter, you have a glass of alcohol in your hand. Why should he give up beer if you’re drinking?


    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Ms. C! Always nice to hear from you. Come ON mama; the shoes ain’t hurtin anyone ;) …haha, and believe it or not, we are both pretty moderate with our drinking. Thanks for your thoughts! :) – Hunter

  33. peter says:

    Cole go for it dude you are one hot looking guy smoking on that cigar, i usally dont like the smell of cigars but whoa you look awsome and sexy (lol) KEEP IT SMOKING

  34. Brody says:

    Second hand smoke kills. I think it’s OK to love what you love and at the end of the day, you’re the only one who can decide what it is you love. But think of it this way, your second hand smoke could do more damage to Hunter than it could do to you. Imagine if you found out he was going to have to suffer for that. You would never forgive yourself. I’m not totally against everyone smoking and I’ve never been one to try and preach shit to people they didn’t want to hear. I think each to their own. But when it comes to smoking, regardless of what your smoking and how little you smoke, it’s not just your own body your damaging. For people who are so up on promoting sexual health… this sort of stuns me.

    I love you guys. The love you share, so many people have said, is truly amazing. Whatever you choose, it should be your own choice but it should be weighed out properly. :)

  35. Mark says:

    Why dont the two of you compromise. Cole drop the Cigars and Hunter lets him have what ever he wants in his mouth to fill the void.

  36. tim says:

    i think ur both sexy i love the videos i cant argue smoking b/c i smoke but my bf is the beer drinker of the two of us i think both of u are very sexy and i would love to get fucked hard by both of you lol…u guys r great….

  37. Edgardo says:

    you’re perfect in my life had never seen a mature man as sexy as you do not change your physical !!!!!!!

  38. elcidinca says:

    Food and wine (ok in your case beer) are beautiful things and you would be crazy to give them up! As for the cigar…..good bye! Kissing someone who smokes is like kissing an ashtray.

  39. Str8will says:

    Yeah cole.. I think Hunter is right…. give up the cigars… and beer.. no reason you can’t enjoy fucking guys.. just give up the smokes, ok… you are both cool guys!


  40. Cole Maverick says:

    Okay Okay I will only smoke cigars ON MY BIRTHDAY or when I am in Cuba or Miami and only when I am not near people UNLESS they like it and want to suck my dick as I smoke :) I think thats fair :P

    • cigarboi24 says:

      I think your hot as hell and I have always had a huge cigar fetish… I’d suck your dick while you smoke and have u fuck me while smoking it to.. pete

  41. Brad says:

    Oh also, if you do smoke, please don’t do it in public. People like me (asthmatics) can be VERY sensitive to tobacco smoke and suffer mild to severe asthma attacks. I’ve had this happen to me a few too many times.

  42. Brad says:

    Am I the only one who is like “HOLY HELL Cole’s mom is 91!!!”

    Cole you do not look old enough to have a 91 year old mom!! Now I am actually wondering how old you guys are….. not that age matters but just curious…..

    As far as the rest goes. Cigars aren’t that bad, esspecially if you’re only doing it a few times a year, like my dad…. my actual DAD :P However I would suggest researching your products to find the most ethical company. And as far as beer goes my only suggestion is not to drink after a heavy work out or hot day or such because (as I’m sure you know) alcohol will dehydrate you since it basically sucks water out of you when it goes through your system.

    I’m sure all that hot fucking counts as a nice work out so there is your 6 days a week right there :P

  43. Josh says:

    Hunter come on buddy leave him alone but i do agree on the cigar they are nasty. Cole you know I love you but give that up man. Hunter i love you too but come on dont make him give up beer. But cigars yes get rid of them i dont want you to smell like one when i finally come visit.
    -Much Love your new frat boy Josh from Oregon

  44. Adam says:

    BTW… he eased off on you about your sneaker love didn’t he, Hunter? And I’m completely on your side for that one.

  45. Adam says:

    Granted he is just looking out for you but I think you look pretty damn fine, sir ;)
    Gym 6x a week is a bit excessive. I feel happy with the way I look and I only go 3-4X a week depending on how lazy I’m feeling (and that’s more for vanity than for health reasons). I’m also from a very Jersey Italian family and grew up on carbs so there is no way I would give that up. Maybe a compromise and cut back on some stuff? With the cigars I understand because it’s an awful habit but to be honest I really love the smell on the rare occasions I’m around it. But you only have 1 guaranteed life and yall should spend as much time as yall have together enjoying it however you do.

  46. Dirk says:

    No way! Man, just seeing you smoking one is HOT. special request: can you smoke a cigar in your next video..?

  47. brian says:

    i understand where hunter is coming from, he wants to hold on to the man that he loves for as long as he can. There is nothing worse than burying somone you love at a young age, (i know what i’m talking about). So i know you will forgive his selfish request, he has got a good man, and so do you. you are both very lucky

  48. Cole Maverick says:

    FUCK YES Federico ONE FOR MY SIDE ! Woo HOO ! Seee Hunter leave me alone!

  49. Federico says:

    You are in good shape dude, you are sexy, etc. So Hunter, please, enough is enough! take it easy, leave your man in peace.
    Federico (from ARGENTINA!!!)

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June 11th, 2011

This is a Very special Gay Pride video dedicated to our femmy/sissy/girly/proud boyz.

Hunter & I want you to know how very much we love you and how proud we are of you. If it wasn’t for your pride, your strength, and your conviction to be who you are and say FUCK HATE, gay men and women would not have what they have today.  There have been openly gay and fierce sissy boyz throughout the ages.  Gay history and gay rights have been championed by the openly gay feminine brave men bold enough to be out loud and proud.  We love you boyz xoxoxox. So the next time you see a femmy boy out and a bout, in the streets, at a club, or at a party, go up and show him some serious love and respect; give them a BIG Maverick HUG from us.

Happy Pride!

XO Cole and Hunter

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12 Responses to “HUG A SISSY BOY TODAY!”

  1. rob says:

    Haha I think you should find some of those virginal sissy boys and nail em to the bed!

  2. Noel says:

    lol thanks guys, glad I could provide ;)

  3. Anima says:

    Hey guys, just luv ur movies !!!

    And thanx, especially for this video ! I do luv nancy boys too… I’m also into this “gender” and proud !

    Who does want to gimme a hug ? Cum on !

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Thanks, Anima! Come get your hug, baby, we got you :) – Hunter

      • Anima says:

        I’d fuckin like to but ur far far away from me..

        I live in Switzerland so I meet you every evening on my computer :P

        Just added u on facebook (the profile where u can see a purple mohawk) ^_^

        Next time I’ll go to Canada I may cum and meet u guys ! For a drink and maybe more ha ha

  4. angelus says:

    Merci les boys de m avoir accepté en tant ami sur votre facebook… suis trés content .Car je suis fan de votre site & vous etes MAGNIFIQUE tous les 2.Desolé de pas vous ecrire en anglais …Mon anglais n es pas tré bon .je vous fait plein de bisous ….
    Angelus Farmer

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      My loose translation: Thank you m the boys have accepted as your friend on facebook … .. I am very happy. For I am a fan of your site & you are MAGNIFICENT 2.Desolé all of you not write in English … My English are not very No good. I made ​​lots of kisses ….
      Angelus Farmer

      Angelus! Thanks so much for your sweet message! You be sure to let us know if you ever come to Boston. And don’t worry; your English is pretty good! :) – Hunter

  5. Drew says:

    Holla at the love for sissy boys — you rock

  6. Jorj says:

    I love your videos. They’re extremly hot. Wish I could be in one;)

  7. Noel says:

    did you guys like my pics ;)

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June 8th, 2011

Hunter and I get so many fun hot pics and video clips from you guys showing us love that we have decided to have a creativity contest.

The big winner of our contest will receive 3 hours of viewing time on, an autographed copy of our first book, “Maverick Men: The True Story Behind the Videos”, and a copy of our mega hot DVD, “Deep Woods Drilling”.

You MUST be 18 or older to be on this site and you must be 18 or older to participate. Okay, here is what we would like; we want you to break out your creative artistic bone and show us in a photograph why it is that you love

Here are a few guidelines: your submission must be made by you with your camera, do NOT add any text to the pic with your computer – all messages should be hand- written on your body.  You and your partner can make one, or just you, but get CREATIVE.  Your message can say anything you like, but it should be clear, in focus, well-lit, and have “” somewhere in it.  The photo can be of your cock, your ass, your 6 pack, or your huge belly, lol.  The contest will run for the month of June (and into the first week of July).  The deadline for submissions is Saturday, July 9.  Good luck!  We love you guys!  Make us proud and show us how creative you can be.

Send your creativity to

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8 Responses to “CONTEST ALERT!!!”

  1. Leandro Santos says:

    By the way I m very happy! My pic is here in your website guys…woooooo hoooooooo…..

  2. Leandro Santos says:

    How many pics I can to send you guys to this contest?

  3. Fan says:

    we want to see hunter beeing fucked!

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Haha, you naughty boy! :) – we’ve got a few new ones up where Cole fucks me down, look for “Hunter and Cole Punish Fuck” and “Raw in Reno (the first part)” – Hunter

  4. Alex Balderas says:

    hey guy how u doing…. i just wanted to say that i like all your videos ALOTT it realy turns men on…. specialy this video with caleb or something like that he is realy hot i read that this guy from chicago was being cruised for 4 guys.. i would do just ANYTHING yo meet him it could be great to maybe one day make a video of you two him an i LOOL send u lots of hugs.. u too rock both of u are very sexy

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June 3rd, 2011

Hey Guys, we have a very special treat for ya’ll; this is our first vid in our new JOCK FUCKERS series. Trust me, you will love our sexy stud-buddy, Caleb. We have been talking to this sexy jock from Chicago for over a year and a half and he finally decided to grow some nutz and do a video with us. We LOVED having sex with this fun sexy guy. Hunter and I instantly fell in love with his stunning face and deep-blue eyes. He is so so handsome that when we were walking to the park, at least four different guys cruised him, lol. We had a running bet with him that if he pussed-out and didn’t do a fuck video with us, that we could shave his head! When he backed out again for the third time, we broke out the clippers. Much to our surprise, he looked fucking fantastic with his new do; it made his big beautiful eyes pop and in turn made our cocks pop! After some fun at the park and a few beers, he decided that we should do the video. I immediately whipped out my camera and we started shooting.

We were in a local straight pub having some beers and we ducked into the bathroom and started with sucking each other’s cocks. It was a blast until people began knocking at the door of the bathroom, so we quickly headed back to our place to get our fuck on. Hunter devoured his thick and delicious cock. I was lost in his stunning ass. Boy-oh-boy do we love Caleb’s body. We lavished attention on this jock stud and he returned the favor. Hunter and I both have a hunch that this hottie is a top-man, but he bottomed like a champ for us and we fucking LOVED it. We have since become great friends with Caleb and we just can’t get enough of him. He has now promised to do more videos with us since we all had such a great time. You can all look forward to more of Caleb to cum! You guys definitely need to tell him what you think of him by posting some comments under this video. Check it out and send him some love. And always; thanks for stroking with us.

Xo Cole and Hunter

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41 Responses to “WE ARE JOCK FUCKERS!!!”

  1. Sweden says:

    Wow, such at hot guy! if that is what chicago has to offer I need to rethink my choice of location ;)

  2. Tanner says:

    Caleb is fucking adorable. Is there footage still around of the rest of his haircut? I’d love to watch the full transformation.

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Isn’t he!? I’m not sure if we have any more of the footage you want, but I’ll def sniff around and see what I can find. He was just over last week and we shot another really hot vid. This time, Caleb had a shaved mohawk – so so hot on him! :) – Hunter

      • stef says:

        Mm, I would love to see more of the haircut as well it looked really hot..haircuts can be so kinky, hope you do more of them. :P

  3. garula Presient scott Cintas says:

    Hot Hot Hot – dicks and ass just like I like them – hanging out and dangling in from of my face! I could suck on them all day long

  4. Sam says:

    Daaaamn he´s cute…I thought he´s not gonna be fuck…why u shaved his hair!!!

  5. Bradly Summers says:

    That shit is hot! Can we do a video? I live right near Northeastern U in Boston, we’re practically neighbors! You can fuck me all day and night until my asshole falls out haha

  6. Conner says:

    Hehe this video and other videos that i watched and you made me shoots twice ^_^ Oh i will LOVEEE to be one of them that in new video!!! But i doubt it will for a deaf man hmm?

  7. scorpion says:

    Ohhh man you guys are so fucking hot i wish you guys could come to Texas and fuck me i need a cock in my ass

  8. oakley says:

    dont stop get it get it lol miss yall like crazy

  9. Jacco says:

    Bloody hell…I must have played that vid twelve times just today. SO fucking hot. Love from Amsterdam. Hope you’ll have a European Tour!

  10. Ryan says:

    where do I sign up to do a video with you guys next time you are here ?! :)

  11. Jayden says:

    Damn that was hot! I thought Cole n Hunter sexy asses were hot enough but Caleb too. *Swoons* See that is why my black ass fuck with white boys. That video needed me n it as I’d enjoy swallowing all that white boy cum! Luv me some Maverickmen!

  12. Lance says:

    I have to say that, everytime I think you guys can’t put out a hotter video….you surprise me. Caleb is a great addition to the two hottest guys on the planet. No offense but, If I had to choose just ONE or TWO of you to fuck me…I am not sure I could make a choice. The still of Caleb licking Hunter’s ass as the video opened almost made me cum right off the bat. I would lock myself in a room with the three of you and a fucking case of viagra anyday of the week!!! Thanks guys….can’t imagine a world without the Maverick Men!

  13. RW says:

    love those hot sessions…u guys can fuck my hairy ass ANYTIME…older guys need cock action too….

  14. bigdickdallas says:

    This guy may be hotter than the two truck driver from a while back. You guys have great taste. wish I had your job.

  15. Cole Maverick says:

    I know right, he is such a stunner, his eyes GLOW when he is cumming lol he is also VERY sweet!

  16. frank says:


  17. Noel says:

    hey guys that was hot! as usual, you guys on incredibly sexy, btw, did you guys get the pics I sent?

  18. Junior says:

    Perfeito… Quando voces vem ao Brasil ?

  19. Pete says:

    Just when i think that you guys have done it all BANG here comes another….. whoa this was A GREAT VIDEO…………….

  20. Kurt says:

    Wow, Hunter’s cumshot was amazing in this video. Again you guys made another smoking hot video!

  21. jared says:

    Hot video! Next time can you get him to take his socks off so some of us can appreciate his feet?

  22. peppio says:

    He is BEAUTIFUL!!! I agree that he looks so good with a shaved head, those big stunning eyes, oh my! BRING HIM BAAAAAACK

  23. fbrand12345 says:

    you guys are hotter by the fuckin second :D

    loved caleb, sexy as fuck. would love playing with him too ;)

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Thanks, you sexy fuck! You bettah grow some balls and come do a vid with us soon. :) – Hunter

  24. Angelo says:

    The esplanade, love it!

  25. Lantion says:

    Wow, loved this vid. But you guys shouldv’e made him keep the Mohawk XD

  26. Mark says:

    Very hot vid Cole I must admit your fucking hot in this vid and Hunter once again I could tell you really enjoyed this guy!

  27. rob says:

    LOL so he got shaved and fucked, you got to love it when they put up a bit of a fight but give into their urges eventually.

  28. cyhn says:

    I want too…so…Come to turkey plasee..!

  29. Dblock says:

    Loves it go Caleb

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June 2nd, 2011

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12 Responses to “BACK DOOR BAMBI”

  1. Kevin says:

    OK. You guys owe me a new computer! This was my first time checking out your site and it was all cool (and hot) until that fucking picture of Cole boning Bambi showed up. I passed soda thru my nose and spit it all over my computer! I’m still trying to un-stick a couple of the tabs from underneath…I don’t know whether to congratulate you on the hysterical brilliance of that pic; or send you a bill to have my computer thoroughly cleaned and un-stuck!

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Kevin! Haha, so sorry to hear about the damage man. Hope you are able to un-stick it all. I’ll def let Cole know that is demented pic got your goat. :) – Hunter

  2. greenboi says:

    Funny. It feels good both ways. Pure bliss.

  3. Adilson says:

    You guyz are HOT!

  4. Ben says:

    Absolutely hilarious, altho some part of my childhood has been ruined by it lol

  5. Edgardo says:

    This image is the maximum I can not stop laughing poor bambi by the expression on his face is going to like hahaha ….!!!!!
    This is better than donald!!

  6. Leandro Santos says:

    ;-O xoxoxoxoxo

  7. Peter says:

    I’m cracking up love it LOL

  8. Roberto says:

    I loved this idea!!! uahuahhua

  9. Tball says:

    I am laughing hysterically.

    I can’t wait to see you two sexy pervs again at Folsom! =)

  10. Nathan says:

    LOL! I actually laughed out loud at the first photo…but was left speechless at Cole going for Bambi.

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