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February 14th, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day, Hunter, my lover and my best friend.

Once you asked me how I knew I loved you? I didn’t answer you because I could not put it into words. I guess we all assume that the one we love most knows it as much as we do, but how could you know the depth of my love for you?  My love for you is such a part of who I am.  The love I have for you is hard core and so real, sweet, thick and sticky, and smothered in red hot lust. My love for you is pretty much embedded in my DNA, lol.

So the question was, How do I know that I love you? Well you know I like to be clinical, sometimes even scientific, about certain philosophical things such as religion, or love, so here is what I came up with so that you know my love for you is real.

It’s Simple; if I think of the word love, instantly the image of your big smiling face pops into my brain. When I read anything about love, my thoughts instantly go to you. When I find something I love or am excited about, I think of how much I want to share it with you. When I am not near you, I feel like a part of me is missing. If we fight and I try to stay angry at you, it never lasts. When you come close to me and smile, my heart melts and my cock gets rock hard. Try as I may, my love for you over powers my brain and heart to the point where you may have noticed that I randomly pinch your face or smack your ass as you walk by me, or grab you by the hair and bite your neck till you sequel and scream and get mad at me. I can’t help myself; my love for you is deep and real. I still got it bad for you man. Still even after all these years. When you walk in to a room you make me happy to be alive.

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23 Responses to “HAPPY V-DAY!”

  1. alex says:

    awwww….that was really sweet.

  2. Curtis says:

    Wow, wow…I’m a 6’1″ hard working, tough, long distance hiker, 57 y/o farmboy…..Cole, man…what you said to your partner Hunter…I’m in tears it’s so moving and so beautiful. What lucky guys you are to have each other. I hope you both live forever.

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Wow Curtis ! Thanks very much , I am so glad you took the time to leave this very nice message. You sound like a hot sweet manly man lol if you are single send us your pics, info stats, all that good stuff and maybe we can be your matchmakers lol I am flattered that you can see the love between me and Hunter, too often people fail to see the most important element of what we do, we want to show and share our love in the hopes that gay men will feel more confident in their search for love not just in lust.. Yes sex is amazing and hot and great and trust me we KNOW IT lol but LOVE is what its all about, the sexual lustfully hot elements are MmmMMmmMM but if you can find a partner that you can be open with and LOVE that’s what counts. I was lucky to have found Hunter when he was just 19, it’s taken years to create our bond, he is quite a catch, he is fun, sexy and loves me deeply…Haha he is getting ready for the gym, walking around the house right now in his jock strap and singing LOUDLY “George Michaels Careless Whispers” hahaha he asked me If I have ever heard this song before lol little does he know I was listening to that when he was like 5 hahahaha But getting back to my point…I want guys to watch our stuff and see that Love is out there and any one can have it they just have to be open to it the best part is exposing your heart, the falling part is scary for all of us, falling in love or falling from love, getting hurt is part of it, getting your feelings and emotions rejected is part of it, but love is so spectacular that its worth the risk of rejection even ridicule, the alternative is not fun, way too many guys get hurt then build the walls around them and head out and hunt for sex only, and yes that fun and hot for a while, but opening your heart up to some one is WAY better in the long run, Hunter has my heart and I have his. Keep in touch man. – Cole Maverick

      • Curtis says:

        Thanks for writing back in such a detailed message. I didn’t expect it. I understand every word you write. I had a partner for 17 years, Brazilian, Carioca, black curly hair, slender, roman nose, kind, energetic, industrious, lovely man, sexy, sensual, sense of humor, passionate, committed to me. He was always trying to make our lives better. I loved my life with him. We did so many things together. It was completely unlikely that we would ever have found each other. He was a working class kid from the suburbs of Rio and me a farm boy from the farm land of Kentucky. We loved, loved, loved having sex with each other. Three or four times a day for the first year and half and never less than one time a day for the next 15 years. The sex was just as hot after 17 years as it was the night we first met in the backroom of Alex in Wonderland and he went home with me and continued to make love with each other over and over for the next 24 hours. We were like tigers. I had lived in NY for two weeks before we met. After we moved in together, we would be working together on a project and before you knew it, I was in him and he was in me. There wasn’t a inch on his body that I didn’t have in my mouth at some time or another. And he mine. Everywhere. But it was more than just the hot sex. We looked out for each other and I knew if I ever needed him, all I had to do was call him and he would be there for me. We laughed, cried together and he could poke my conceits and foibles and make me laugh at myself. When you wrote to Hunter that when you’re not with him you can feel like a piece of you is missing, that he is in your DNA, I understand. I know exactly the kind of connection you’re talking about. It’s like you breath out and he breaths in. Soul mates. I felt so comfortable with my partner and he with me. We could be ourselves with each other. Of course we had our arguments and disagreements, but there were no games or hiding or broken promises or head trips. We lived in the moment with each other. He died about 10 years ago. Finally, he broke my heart. I will always love him.

        You guys take care of each other. Look out for each other. The time you have together is going to be the best part of your lives. Thanks for writing me Cole.


  3. Cole and Hunter says:


    It’s Cole , thanks for the great message man, it means a lot to me, sometimes I hesitate when posting non sexual content, I think that all guys want to see is FUCKING and sucking and all that and they are not into the most important thing in life LOVE all this stuff here all this sex and bullshit is all hot and good but it means NOTHING with out LOVE, the goal for anyone on our site should be to see that it is okay to be gay and be in love with some one of the same sex, and eventually find a person that they can LOVE all the sex and hot nasty stuff is just a cherry on top :) the love is the very best part. So that said, It deeply hurts me that you have not fallen in love yet, PLEASE take the time to open your heart to someone and give it a try, life with out having experienced love is not life…..Even if you fall in love and your heart gets ripped out and spit on its well worth it, because that feeling of love during that relationship is so strong and so good that anything that comes from it is pure bliss so get out there and make it happen, be open be honest, and real and it will come, dont ever play games, and remember fore every shape and size and age there is someone for you, now suck it up and focus on love, get out there and get it.

  4. hunkasaurus says:

    Hey guys your shit is fuckin hot…anytime you guys wanna do a hot vid with a big bear let me know not afraid of being on cam at all…hunkasaurus1969 on xtube,,,,u guys are hot.

  5. Derrick from L.A. says:

    Wow. Incredibly beautiful and poignant, Cole. Honestly, I got a bit teary eyed reading your words to Hunter. Just a little bit, though… I’m still a tough guy. LOL But anyway, the waterworks don’t flow too often with me, so you definitely moved me.
    I can openly admit that I’ve never been in love myself. I’ve had many men in my life, but I’ve never been in love with any of them, or known the type of intense passion that you described in this post. Sometimes it bothers me; other times it scares me a bit. I wonder if true love is possible, and whether it will eventually happen for me.
    But then I observe you guys. Yeah, sure, I enjoy the hot, naughty sexual chemistry that comes across on your site and in your videos. But there’s always such a warmth and genuine affection that you two seem to have for one another… and it’s so wonderful to see. It shows me what is possible; that two men can fall madly, deeply in love with one another, and enjoy a fantastic, fun, and passionate life together. And it gives me that little glimmer of hope that I may meet the special guy one day.
    I imagine you give that hope to so many of your fans.
    Bless you guys. I hope you had a phenomenal Valentine’s Day together.

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Wow Derrick, now that was a nice valentine. Thanks for the love man. We really get so motivated by comments like yours. It means a lot to us that we can share our relationship with so many. – Hunter

  6. adrienne says:

    Cole, what a beautiful post! It’s nice to hear the words sometimes. Happy Valentines Day guys. :)

  7. Rich Eaton says:

    hope you guys have a very happy valentines day…

  8. brian says:

    your love is as passionate as your love making, i envy you two, what is your secret?


    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Thanks, Brian. Our secret it totally honesty with each other. Once you can find someone that allows you to be totally open and vulnerable, then everything else comes after. – Hunter

  9. Rich Eaton says:

    you guys amazing .. and look so good together.

  10. Mikey says:

    I hope to be as happy as you two some day!

    Hope you have a great Valentine’s Evening!

  11. Chris says:

    Happy Happy Valentine’s Day to the both of you!! I hope you guys you stay forever, but vt watching your videos, I already know that’ll happen cuz your love for each other is undeniable and undescribable. :)

  12. angel says:

    Vous formez un bien jolie couple ……Je vous souhaite un happy valentin …..

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      My translation: You are a lovely couple … well … I wish you a happy valentine … ..

      Angel, thanks for the love baby, you have a happy happy valentine’s day, too – Hunter

  13. MILENKO says:


    • Cole and Hunter says:


      Thanks, Milenko! Happy valentine’s day man! – Hunter

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February 12th, 2011

FUCK HATE! We get tons of amazing messages from guys all over the world, most are sexual or fun and sweet, but way too many tell us how they are victims of violence and oppression in the parts of the world where they live. It’s sad and sickening to us. So what should we do as individuals to protect ourselves? Hunter and I definitely believe that everyone should walk the way of the non-violent peaceful warrior, but I’ve been around a long time and I’m no fool, either. There are lots of people out there that wish us great harm simply because we love someone of the same sex. So I make it a point to train the man I love how to DEFEND himself so if it ever comes to violence he can make the choice to do what he needs to do to live. So boyz and grrrlz, walk the way of the peaceful warrior but be smart and learn to protect your temple, too.

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  1. Cole Maverick says:

    WOW Erykah you sound bad ass Hunter says you are his twitter pal and he loves you! After reading what you just said I can see why he loves you..Obviously you are more of a man than most will ever be and more of a woman than most will ever get :) Stay strong stay proud and stay sexy :)

    Cole Maverick

  2. Erykah White says:

    Hey my twitter buddies. I think that this video is wonderful. HATE is a huge issue in everyone’s world. Myself personally I grew up a very effeminate boy and then decided to make a transition into becoming a woman, a transition that has helped me in many ways but has also caused me great hurt. I have been the victim of hate not only because of what I am but because of who I am. I was lucky enough to have a father who saw at an early age that life would be hard for me and he got me private boxing lessons so that I could learn to protect myself and defend myself, and boy oh boy have those come in handy.

    Thank you for this message it is a great one.

  3. mauro says:

    Son mi adicción, traducen las pasiones al video de manera espectacular!
    Feliz día del amor!!
    Besos donde quieran!

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      My translation: They are my addiction, passion translate to a spectacular video!
      Happy day of love!
      Kisses wherever you want!

      Mauro, happy valentine’s day buddy boy, thanks so much for the love! Keep in touch stud. – Hunter

  4. Brad says:

    I here that! I am one of the most non-violent people I know. I have never been in a fight (knock on wood…. haha…. wood) but I have 8 years of Tae Kwon Do under my belt, although you wouldn’t know it just by looking at me. So I have that to tap into just in case! It’s important to know how to protect yourself because there are some crazy people out there.

  5. joey says:

    very true and a great message !

  6. Mikey says:

    I need to buff up heaps! I snowboard but thats nowhere near as much exercise as you guys must do. plus I can’t put on any weight. any sugguestions for scrawny ass dudes like me?

  7. Callum says:

    this speaks volumes for me
    what an amazing attitude
    Cheers boys for making my day
    CALL x

  8. kierosucio says:

    Ver y conocer las fantasias humanas, q comparto los gustos patrafilias
    Y deseos. Espero seguir con ustedes. Gracias.

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      My loosey goosey translation: Watch and learn about the human fantasies, share the tastes patrafilias q
      And desires. I look forward with you. Thanks.

      Thanks for the love, buddy! Great to have you with us. – Hunter

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February 7th, 2011

Once in a while, when we are alone and not making love, we LIKE TO FUCK LIKE BEASTS!  Hunter is a top dog, but every now and then when we are alone, I need to show him that Daddy is in the house, lol.  I love to take Hunter’s big hard hairy muscled man ass and own it!  We both know the importance of good hot sex and making love; to us love is love and sex is sex, and THIS is sex!  We got a bunch of hits on this short little video clip back in the day on Xtube.  People seem to LOVE the aggressive stuff hahahah and I get it!  I wanted to turn up the aggression even more in this video with my favorite Nirvana song and some red lights.  If you like it hard and aggressive, tell us why.

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51 Responses to “LAYIN’ DOWN THE LAW”

  1. Matt says:

    Not gonna lie….I’d love to have cole cover my mouth and have at it. I really love how aggressive he is. I am way submissive so just to see a REAL agressive guy is amazingly hot!

  2. Levi Strong says:

    LOVE that video, the pre-cum started dripping right away! The aggression and total control that Cole has is so hot and the submission and complete pleasure that Hunter shows takes it completely over the top – especially love the brief moments when you see Hunter’s eyes role way back. What you guys shoot is so real and shows that during sex or a hot fuck session, when your concerned about your partners pleasure (even when your dominating) it gives you great pleasure also.
    Keep up with all the great videos guys – tender, passionate, funny, silly, and aggressive, love ‘em all. Have enjoyed exchanging a few emails with you and hope we can work out a time to skype soon.

  3. palominosomiss says:

    I really enjoy aggressive sex. Dont believe in rape but man it gets me hot to see a guy say..wait…and you go on and aggressively fuck him…thats HOT to me…. enjoy seeing the facial expressions but really want to see more of that ass pounding the man….love to see where the man in face down and you fuck him HARD….and MAKE him take it… keep it up guys…love your vids….

  4. gabi says:

    i like it because it hurts so good :3

  5. Ceola says:

    I just came across your site yesterday and now I cant stop watching. I LOVE IT! You both are very hot and sexy men. Keep up the great work.

  6. IWantYouBoth says:

    I had a dream once, you guys passing by me in some hallway. Cole looked at me and said “meet us back there later so I can fuck u”. Damn!!!! we had some hot sex and Cole fucked me just like he did to Hunter on this video (Cole, in my dream you also spit in my mouth which is a huge turn on to me)!!!! On my dream Hunter was more on the sweet side though…I licked his entire body and he gave me his delicious dick on my mouth and it tasted like sweat and pee.
    Nways I hope I dream that again or maybe we can get together in case you guys like a brazilian bearded man ;) .
    Cheers and Thanks.

  7. Craig says:

    My fav vid of yours guys! Totally mind-blowing amongst other things ;)
    Love the hand over mouth action,nothing hotter than a guy clamping his hand over your mouth to stifle the as hell! I’d actually love to try it with a hot guy clamping his tight leather gloved hand over my a burglar roleplay kind of thing.
    Anyway i went off on a tangent guy…once again guys AWESOME!

  8. Jan says:

    Nirvana and sex: what a great combination!

  9. Jay says:

    fucking loved this. you are both hot sexy men. this vid really turned me on. I want to line up to be the next one getting plowed.

  10. Carlos says:

    i just love hard sex, the most agresive the better; doesnt care if I’m top o at the bottom side lol

  11. Stormin Normin says:

    Hey, Cole! You’re my hero, dude! In my case, I was forced to bottom against my will, as a young man, and so believe you me, I get the whole rape/aggression thing. But, being a born Dom, like you, I never bottom now — never! Before that, I was all about women. Now I’m all about men. I give back what was given to me. And you’re damn straight you taught that delicious boy of yours, Hunter, everything you know. He knows how to give his sweet, round, fat bubble ass up to his Daddy — and that you are! And you can best believe your fans out here love it. Keep it cummin’, bro! By the way, you’ve got one of the biggest, fattest, most beautiful cocks I’ve ever laid eyes on. I’m big, too — and I know how those bottom-boys just LOVE to eat that big dick up! Keep it up, both of you — I love you both and your site is the bomb! — Norman

  12. danyel says:

    Adoramos,ver o site de vocês,curtimos bastante que delcia ver as aventuras de ambos nos deixa enlouquecidos de prazer somos fãs….

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      My loose translation: We love to see the site of you, who delights rather enjoyed seeing the adventures of both pleasure makes us crazy … we’re fans.

      Thanks so much boys! Welcome to the site! – Hunter

  13. Cole Maverick says:

    Hey Stormin this is Cole :) I have to tell ya man, that if you expect to be a good top you need to learn to bottom, how can you truly master something like topping if you have not experienced it from both sides, you must know submission and have been there in order to master the art of topping. Hunter is the best Top I know I taught him everything he knows, But not everything I know ; )

  14. Stormin Normin says:

    btw, i’d pay big bucks for that one!

  15. Stormin Normin says:

    Listen, you yourself admitted Cole doesn’t give it up often enough — no way that born fucker surrenders his fine ass very often! And so, I’m issuing the storminnormin challenge, if u dare: show us a vid of you topping Cole! Please! That must be seen to be believed!

  16. Stewart says:

    Mate – just the way I like to do my boyfriend & he loves it, the harder & the more agressive you get! the session you boys posted reminds me of plenty of our sex sessions. ;)

  17. adrienne says:

    Hey Guys,

    This is my favorite of your vids. Lots of those Xtube hits were generated by me (I’m catspaw10 over there). I can watch it over and over! Derrick from LA mentioned so much of what appeals to me… dominance coupled with protection, submission with trust, feeling vulnerable and safe at the same time, knowing your partner not only wants to protect you but is strong enough to do it… I like how Cole takes COMPLETE control. It’s great seeing you both top someone else, still, when you’re alone, all the feeling you have for each other makes it even more powerful. The music and color really add to the feeling. I love strong masculine men and you bring PLENTY of that! Love your work. :)

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Wow, Adrienne, very well said, I think it’s so fucking sexy when someone really understands what gets them going during sex, it’s my absolute favorite when we meet up with a guy and he has particular things he wants do to with us, knowing that I’m driving him nutz by doing things to him that really get him off puts me in total ecstasy. – Hunter

  18. Stormin Normin says:

    Def! Amd so can you! But I gotta be honest: i want to see more of him topping you. Like I said, keep it cumming! The formula you guys have now is perfect. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! (Though now you’ve mentioned it, yuu’ve got me thinking … it might just be a real frickin’ turn-on to see the tables turned on Cole! Can we ever expect to see that any time soon? I just bought your book and am in the process of reading it, and I have to say, thus far, I can’t imagine him bottoming; I try, but I just can’t. But hey: I’m open to the possibilities! Are you guys? Does Cole dare show us this side — his backside??)

  19. Stormin Normin says:

    C’mon Cole, tell the truth: do you EVER bottom? Inconceivable that you do! You are a born top, and Hunter, bless him, is no match for you in that department. Keep it cumming, bro — hard, hot and fast. And don’t stop doing what you do best — DOMINATING!

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Well Stormin N, to be honest he does bottom for me only, and me for him, that’s kinda been our thing for a while now. But yes, he can def lay the pipe. – Hunter

  20. Josh says:

    Thanks Hunter I always love it when you reply and i get to talk to you and Cole even though i talk to Cole more because you make me very nervous Hunter :) haha

  21. Derrick from L.A. says:

    Hey, guys! Sorry that I haven’t been around for awhile. I’ve been taking care of some family business. But I definitely missed you guys.
    I can’t begin to tell you how much I connect with this post.
    I consider myself to be a true romantic; music, flowers, kisses, the whole nine yards. But I’m also an intense bottom boy. So while I value those moments when sex is a light, naughty, fun-filled romp between horned up guys, so often I find myself wanting the ferocity of a testosterone-laden, sweaty, dirty, aggressive ass plowing between hard men. Being held down… a guy’s hands wrapped around my wrists so hard that I can barely move my fingers, or swatting my ass until it’s rosy and tingling… sweat dripping off the tip of his nose onto my face… being fucked from behind, arm locked around my neck, pulling my hair… grunting the filthiest, most abusive, proprietary things in my ear… grabbing my jaw firmly in his hand, as he spits into my face… feeling the palm of his hand pushing on the back of my head, slowly forcing his cock into my mouth. Those moments when a top truly OWNS you, and lets you know, in no uncertain terms, that he is running the show… he has expectations… and he intends to get what he wants, one way or another.
    Those rough fuck sessions do so much more than horn me up and get me off; they stimulate my imagination and emotions. They give me a stronger connection with another guy (or guys), and satisfy a very specific and important sexual need within me. In that moment, I feel vulnerable, yet somehow safe and secure. For the man who is dominating you, would also use that same force to protect his property; in essence, to protect you.
    Sometimes it seems so difficult to find guys who will enthusiastically, and genuinely, go to that place. But every so often you find that incredible top man that just blows your mind. :)
    Whew… sorry. I really got carried away there. LOL Sorry for rambling on like that.
    Anyway, thanks for yet another awesome post. You two are just amazing! Luv ya!
    Now, I’ve gotta work something out with a bottle of Jergens…..

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Derrick, I just picked my jaw up off the floor, my raging boner is still throbbing and I type this; WOW sexy boy, we have so so so got to hang. A bottom boy that get’s it the way you do is SUCH a turn on to us. You hit it right on about the dominating and protective force. Fuck dude, am pretty much just speechless. You know we’ll be in LA, Feb 25-28, let’s def grab a drink. – Hunter

      • Derrick from L.A. says:

        You got it, buddy. I’d love to.
        Just sent you guys an email with my contact info.
        And I apologize ahead of time… I kinda rambled on for quite a bit. Be warned. LOL

        • Derrick from L.A. says:

          Just heard Nirvana’s “Rape Me,” and immediately thought of you guys. I don’t think I’ll ever hear that song the same way again! LOL
          Hope you’re having an awesome Friday, so far. The weekend is upon us… woot!

  22. Jorge culo says:

    poor hunter, he is lovely suffering, but, his ass and your cock, cole, was happy altogheter.

  23. brian says:

    sorry Hunter, you cant rape the willing. LOL

  24. Cesar says:

    I love serios Aggression i love a older man taking my ass and owning it For me the older the guy and the more aggression the better my tight boy pussy can get fucked .

  25. Alan says:

    AWESOME as always, I assume you’re also HOLDING the camera? WTF…. that is one very flexible arm you have, the fuck him like crazy AND hold the camera!!!! IMPRESSIVE, thanks for sharing this very hot vid, guys! DAMN HOT

  26. Josh says:

    HAhah I love this video when i saw this a while back i started to do this and every time i do this i think of you guys i actually did this to my bf last night but i don’t tell him it reminds me of you two every time i fuck him rough and put my hand over his mouth i cum every time :)

    -Much love your new frat boy Josh from oregon

  27. Antonio J. says:

    That song made the video kind of… serious, idk…
    we’re used to see you having so much fun, so now it’s weird to see you “aggressive” :/
    But hey, this is HAWT anyways xDD

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Point taken, Antonio – this def has a more serious vibe to it, was Cole just expressin himself, above all else we are about having fun ;) – Hunter

  28. BiG B says:

    Hey Hunter- I just emailed you guys! let me know what its gonna take to meet with yall, I have a hard on just thinking about it!;)Lets make this happen! Keep up the HOT looks guys!SEXY

  29. KG says:

    Smokin’ hot guys!

    I’m a bottom and I can’t get enough rough and aggressive sex- and honestly, most guys just can’t give it to me hard enough. I want my head in a headlock and the guy to whisper the filthiest nothings in my ear.
    That’s what I love the most about your videos- you can separate making love from sex- or I like to refer to it as FUCKING.

    Keep it up, studs!

  30. BiG B says:

    yall are HOT!! i wanna meet yall!

  31. chad says:

    i do like aggressie.not all the time but evey now and then i just want fucked long and hard

  32. Diego says:

    I love the hardcore sex, feel like I’m the boss, see her/his face while penetrated hard and relentlessly.

  33. KevMusic says:

    I love when you show Hunter who Daddy is!

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February 3rd, 2011


Hunter and I have literally been snow-bound here in Boston for the past few weeks.  There has been so much snow that it’s next to impossible to even go outside.  We miss the warm weather so much, we love love love New England but in the winter she can be a cold mean bitch, lol.  Hunter’s starting to show signs of cabin fever.  Where should we go for a vacation to escape the cold for a week.  Any suggestions?

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63 Responses to “NO MORE FRIGGIN SNOOOW!!!”

  1. Richard says:

    Hey do you two ever come down to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware? If you like P-town you’ll love Rehoboth…

  2. Papo says:

    Puerto Rico. Right now it’s warm and sunny without being hot and oppressive. The western side of the island is very gay friendly, and has great beaches. San Juan is great too.

  3. Tomisrael says:

    Ever think about going to Israel? or mediternian sea…
    TEL AVIV is one of the hottest city and gay freindly with beaches actually huge great beaches with hot people (specially the guys ;P ) music and parties 24/7 .
    tel aviv city is great place for gays :)

  4. Jay says:

    Hell yes, we always go. I saw your pics at Typhoon, pissed me off that I did not see you guys. Would love to meet up and show you the non-tourist parts of Central Florida then show you my ass. Going to send you a pic in our pool to make you jealous.

  5. Jay says:

    Hey guys, In sunny Orlando here, 76 degrees. Boyfriend and I would love to show you the town then take you over to our boat in Cocoa Beach, then…

  6. Stewart says:

    Boys anytime, drop on over! ;)

  7. Stewart says:

    Ah down under summer is truely here, venture down boys if you like sun, sand & surf! :)

  8. Marcelo says:

    come to Brazil. They can stay here at home. Me and my boyfriend will get you well

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Marcelo man, thanks so much! You boys are so kind to welcome us into your home. We’ll be in Brazil soon and we’ll let you know when. Keep in touch boys. – Hunter

  9. MaverickCasey says:

    Of course, I’ll fly to Boston and melt you boys out!! :D

  10. MaverickCasey says:

    Idk if you’ve been reading my correspondence with Hunter this morning, but I finally cashed in my free MaverickMen time….let’s just say this has been the hottest, most intense morning of my life…so far :) If I walked outside I would probably melt the snow ;)

  11. Plinio says:

    We’re waiting for you in Rio de Janeiro (Brasil) !!!
    The sun has shone all day, and it’s possible to go to the beach every day.
    I think that you’ll be love Rio de Janeiro.

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Oh Plinio, my heart aches every time I hear the word “Brazil” (I think I might have some Brazilian blood in me), we’ll be there someday soon man, keep those beaches warm for us ;) – Hunter

  12. Vitor says:

    BRAZIL , Is so hot here , you would love to have sex in brazilians beach , at a warm night, we Have nice Beaches in são Paulo, and Rio de janeiro!, .. if you do contact-me

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Oh Vitor, baby boy, that would be a dream come true. I made Cole promise to take me at least once in my life, and he did. We’ll let you know when. – Hunter

  13. Mikey says:

    Try having TWO winters back to back! i was in the southern hem last summer and now im back north for it again. I WANNA WEAR SHORTS!! lol

  14. letshavefunnow says:

    I am so over the snow too, you guys def warm it up. Thinking about being used and abused by you both has warmed things up here in Philly for me. You two are AWESOME

  15. stefano says:

    hey mr ‘s yep i know well im from scotland U.k and the snow does not let up here my sink and dishwasher were frozen solid the other week -15 sucks . but to be fare some sexiness does come out of this = long jhon thermals ! i can rock a pair as you and hunter can :) keep warm boys love scotland x

  16. myrtlestud says:

    Come to Myrtle Beach…we need a little spice in our small gay community!!!

  17. Uncut jock says:

    WOah guys I had no idea that u guys live in BOston…looks like south end I live in boston too…whats a guy gotta do to get a autographed cock pick form the two of u?

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hell yes buddy boy, we love beantown. Haha, I don’t know bout an autographed pic, but we’d be more than happy to chat over a drink sometime. Hit us up if/when you go out next. – Hunter

  18. joey says:

    southern cali is cold too.. good old global warming fucking our weather up too! stay warm boys!

  19. joseph robert clark says:

    those pics in bed are beautiful!!!!

  20. Ian says:

    You can come to San Francisco….I’m pretty sure Baker Beach is clothing-optional lol

    P.S: Hunter’s ass in those long johns looks amazing! YUM! ;-)

  21. Jacquese says:

    I love that pic with the long johns… instant boner

  22. libanboy says:

    SAN JUAN! I’ll be there this march =P

  23. Garrett says:

    It’s ridiculous here in Chicago. My car got stuck in a snow drift during the big storm on Tuesday! The only good thing to come of it was I got some hot action with the guy I was with while we were stuck in his house. :-P At least you guys have each other to stay entertained!

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Fuck ya, Garrett. Nothin like making the best out of the situation ;) – now THAT woulda been a hot video. – Hunter

  24. Georgie says:

    What about flying over to Europe? :P

  25. Morholt says:

    The groundhog said there are 6 weeks left guys. Nude beach is awesome but who doesn’t love a cute guy in long underwear? ; )

  26. Alexandre says:

    hey you should come to Brazil! It’s really hot in here!

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Oh man, we’d love to Alexandre…Brazil is at the top of our list this year, I hope we get to go, if we do we’ll let ya know buddy. – Hunter

  27. pabs says:

    omg i know how ya feel i live in wisconsin and it sucks spring break can cum any closer ! and nude beaches are the best ! love ya guys and can wait for summer or at least spring !

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Thanks so much, Pabs! We’ll be nekkid on the beach this summer in Provincetown. Hit us up if you make it up. – Hunter

  28. Jaime Flores says:

    We don’t have nude beaches but you are allways welcome down here in Puerto Rico.
    I for one am a great fan of you both and I am sure there are many many more

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Jamie man, you read our minds! We’ve been seriously talking about a PR trip. It’s so friggin beautiful down there. Keep in touch man and we’ll let ya know if/when we make it down. – Hunter

  29. wetspdos says:

    Hey Guys why don’t you come to Australia? It’s hot here now, the beaches are fabulous and the guys are too!

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Oh, good call man, Cole’s been to AUS, but I haven’t and I’ve always wanted to, that accent makes my cock hard! – Hunter

  30. Jorge culo says:

    i also miss the sun, and tanning my body, to show my white ass, and black body, i love summer, I miss it a lot.

  31. Charles says:

    Amen to that. I am sooo sick of shoveling LOL. I can think of better things to grab… You guys looked so cute at the beach. BTW just learned about this site & so far I love it! Keep up the great work :)

  32. adrienne says:

    A snow dick and balls, how imaginative! Someone must be REALLY bored lol.

    I was in Maui once in February and it was warm and beautiful, even the water was warm.

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Oh Adrienne….MAUI….it just rolls of the tongue so nicely, lucky girl!!! Sounds like the perfect get away. – Hunter

  33. twink says:

    i wanna go to the new beach with you! lol

  34. RJ says:

    Florida is always nice :)

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January 31st, 2011

Hey Guys, we have been sitting on this video for a while because we HATE to do masked videos.  But we have decided to do a few every now and then…we realize that people love to see face in the videos UNLESS the guy has a hot hot bod like this stud.  The story with our buddy Sean here is he has been messaging us and emailing us for over a year asking us to do a video where he tops one of us, lol.  He also kept bringin up the wanting-to-wear-a-mask thing and we kept telling him that we don’t bottom and we don’t do masked videos.  He was VERY persistent; always sending us hot cock shots and sexy pics, but we had never actually met and then eventually one summer day when we were walking home past the south west corridor we bumped into him all sweaty and shirtless playing some hoop with his buds.  He is so masculine and big, he looked like your typical straight 20-year old guy but that crazy hot body he had was too much to pass up.  So, we decided we would just do it already.  Sean was so excited to finally meet up and chill that he gave up his man ass for us.  So yes we nailed his big ripped muscled ass hard and good, when it was finally his time to cum he came SO SO MUCH (you will be shocked).  I mean this horse-hung ripped sexy fuck is a fucking CUM GUSHER like no one we have ever been with.  He is also a big baby when he is getting fucked and it was so hot to hear this big tough guy whimper for mercy, lol.  We decided that since he was going to be a pussy and wear a mask, that we would punish fuck his ass and use his boy pussy hard.  His moans and whimpers as we fuck him are super hot.  Hunter and I know you will like this one, BUT you should know that since there was no time for him to get tested, we did have to wear condoms in this video.  Let us know what you think.

Cole and Hunter

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36 Responses to “BLACK CHERRY DICK DOWN!!!”

  1. jamal says:

    i want to be next nd i am thick in the ass

  2. Steve says:


  3. Tramaine says:

    You guys are beyond hot to me, and this video is fucking amazing. Do you guys ever plan on coming to Houston, TX?! If so, let me know, and i’ll show you guys a good time ;)

  4. Carlton says:

    Holy fuck, guys! My dick won’t go down. NICE find with this kid. Are guys gonna have him back for more?

  5. Chris says:

    amazing… can I download this video??

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Thanks, Chris. No man, we don’t offer our vids for download on this site. Right now, it’s pay-per-minute only. – Hunter

  6. matt says:

    nice…makes me wanna wear a mask and get “punished”

  7. Timmy says:

    Dang! I want to be the coco boy! You guys are hot!!!!

  8. Ken says:

    Fabulous bubble-butt on this man. I could “graze” there for days!

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Ken man, YOU are my brotha; we had to edit out quite a bit of me eating his butt – I got carried away and pretty much growled at Cole when he tried to get me to switch positions ;) – Hunter

  9. Jaime Flores says:


  10. EduEcuador says:

    hey buds!!! I´d love to be your friend!!! You know Ecuador, and what u think about an ecuadorian in your vids??? hehehe

  11. ozz says:

    i love cole, and i hope can be like hunter…. u make me remmember when my teacher fucking me first time lol, so hard….

  12. oscars_carrier says:

    Would love to play with you guys.Have done stills but never action.

  13. elcidinca says:

    Definitely a hot bod guys, and big cock…..and that ass…yum. So does that make him a sub bottom and dom top??

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Our buddy Sean is a sub bottom for us (and a dom top for everyone else), trust me; we’ve seen him nail down a guy – he’s a dom top, indeed. – Hunter

  14. EduEcuador says:

    Hey u both are too sexy!!! I´m from Ecuados!!! I´d love to be with u!!! Do you like to have an ecuadorian for u??? mmmm
    Kisses from Ecuador

  15. floksbr69 says:

    That was very hot….as always you guys are fantastic…
    Wish I could have the body to be in one of your movies…..
    would love to be the meat in the middle of your “sandwich”……lol….lol
    And I love “chocolate”….just for the record……lol

  16. Oscarscarrier says:

    Reminds me of one of my first experiences…and it hasn’t gone downhill from there

  17. Pmb says:

    ur site is outta site !! lol

  18. lo lo says:

    first! lol

  19. angel mario says:

    Beautifull. love everything.!

  20. Josh says:

    Awesome work studs :)

  21. Jorge culo says:

    i love black guys, but i never have one, i am going to look for, maybe i feel good!

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January 27th, 2011

Here are the first few quick sketches from our buddy, Ro! Check out what Cole sent Ro as the first bit of art direction on our new web comic. So pumped!


To Romir from Cole:

I love the idea of Heavy Metal, it’s one of my favorite animated movies, but 300 is definitely a look that I think would be amazing for what I have in mind, BUT it should not be earth; it should be earth-like, some kind of other worldly gladiator civilization feel could work well…. a place were anything is possible…Have you seen any of the TV series Spartacus Blood and Sand? It’s SOO Hot HOT! You def need to google and look at images from that series…let me describe what I wanted to create here:
I wanted to do a monthly comic strip for the site. I would write out a scene and you would create some images based on the scene, it would be important to show the gritty raw brutal sweaty xxx sexual feel of the story I have in my head. When we are not naked in the series, lol our physical look meaning Hunter and I, should be Roman-ish garb with short swords, shields, leather and studded armor that shows some ass and chest and maybe cock or cod piece. I’m not sure how detailed you want to get but even black and white sketching could work with some small splashes of color, the faces would definitely have to look like us. I have the entire story in my mind’s eye, but I would also like to enlist the help of the fans here on I know they will send lots of suggestions. That’s a big part of it I want it to be; a fan collaboration. Here is the first story line for you to sketch from:

I was thinking the first images could be Hunter in a slave caravan from a place like Syria. I want us BOTH to have Syrian roots. It has to do with the names of the characters I have chosen; I want to model them after REAL historic ancient Syrian warrior saints that were executed for there open love of each other. I am working on a variation of these names and characters to fit into the story line. In the first drafts, Hunter’s hands should be shackled behind his waist he might have been caught after some battle skirmish or something and he’s brought into the city to be sold. It just happens to be where Cole lives; maybe it’s a neo-Roman looking city. The guys selling Hunter and the other prisoners are obvious slavers into selling men as fighters in the arena, or as sex slaves. Cole is there looking to buy slaves to train to fight. Hunter should be sweaty, dirty almost naked maybe a loin cloth, his hot ass and muscled arms showing and Cole is eyeballing him at a distance then walks up to him to examine him, grabbing him by the chin to look into his eyes and Hunter looks back with a look of defiance. Cole smiles and walks back to where the other bidders are standing, Cole then out bids another slaver that wants Hunter. Cole has made up his mind and wants to own Hunter so he intimidates the other bidder by walking over to him with two of his men to confront the other bidder. Cole’s belt should have a wicked-looking spiked ball mace, maybe the mace should have a cock shaped handle and he should have a short sword. His two men should have spears and short swords, maybe his guards/men can be very TALL black twins like the warriors of Masi tribe of Africa, or TALL Asian looking exotic men, something along those lines. Please send the first rough drafts panels ASAP.

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6 Responses to “A COMIC IS BORN!!!”

  1. adrienne says:

    I SO SO MUCH love this concept! Can’t wait to see the finished product.

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Thanks, Adrienne. I just got the first official illustration from Ro yesterday, IT IS SICK!!!!!! Honestly, we couldn’t be happier. There were a lot of “wow’s” when we opened that email. We should have the first post up on the new comic sometime this week. – Hunter

  2. Ro says:

    Oh so it’s here! haha wow that’s so cool, I decided to make it really look as pro as I can, I drowned myself with Steve McNiven’s art for a while before I got to the drawing board and I’m really really pleased with what I’m coming up with. Even done a lot of research myself with roman geography, and their ancient cities… cause I usually don’t pay attention with background details, but now, wow. I feel GOOOOOOOD!

    Oh yeah I hope the fans get into suggesting stuff, that’s gonna be awesome.

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Awesome, Ro! Glad you like the post too man. Def hit us up when you can. I think Cole send you an email the other day. – Hunter

  3. JJ Logan says:

    WOW LOVE the comics

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January 26th, 2011

Our fans send us pics all the time and we LOVE IT, especially when they take the time to decorate their bodies with our logo or names, hahah.  This big tall masculine manly man sent us some pic love, so we chatted him up on skype and it turned out that he was as sweet as he is sexy.  Thanks for reaching out stud, we hope to MEAT you and that massive chocolate joystick some day soon.  Xoxox Cole and Hunter

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7 Responses to “FAN SHOUT OUT!”

  1. Gary says:

    I like this pic a lot

  2. Mike in Sodus Point, NY. says:


    Did you guyzzz get the weiner dog?

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hey Mikey, we decided to wait till we buy a home (with a proper yard for the little bugger to run around in) – so for now, we’ll just keep puppy-sitting for friends. – Hunter

  3. kevin says:

    im kevin im nice guy clean safe smell good all time hiv neg i have pic in my adam4adam. scean name is genarokim

  4. JJ Logan says:

    DAM you guys are GOOD!

  5. fbrand12345 says:

    hot as hell :)

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January 25th, 2011

Hey guys, this video is basically one long hot sweaty testosterone-pumping fuck session (ya can almost smell it). I mean what else could it possibly be when you put an 18-year old horned-up undersexed beautiful bubble butt guy like Christian in the mix? This guy is insatiable and very fun in the sack. He has a THICK hot uncut cock, and a ROUND furry ass, thick hairy man boy legs and big beautiful blue eyes, what more could u possibly ask for? We are very excited to introduce you to our sweet TwinkAlicious Cherry Ass FuckAlicious boy, Christian. Warning: when you watch this video you will definitely need to stroke one out so be prepared, lol. In this video we eat his sweet boy pussy like a cherry pie, then we explore his sexy tight body; kissing his sweet lips all the way to his cute little toes. We massage his sweet ass, suck his thick uncut cock, face fuck him, and show him how to get fucked and take cock like a big boy. His cum shot (or should I say fountain of cum) that blows out of his cock as he is riding a big dick is not to be missed! And yes yes yes; we know he looks young but he is definitely 18 and definitely experienced. We all had a fantastic time and Hunter and I are glad to call him our friend. He is a sweet sexy guy with an ass that just won’t quit.

Please show him some love and leave him some messages here under this clip tell him what you think.

Xo Cole and Hunter

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  1. stushep says:

    I am still watching Christian’s vid.. he is fantasticplease please lets have him back!! Welll done Cole & Hunter.
    I look out for boys like him in the UK every day

  2. Angelo says:

    fuck…. shit… i want christian… sorry maverick bt i hv a thing for twinks nd he’s jsss wat i ever dreamt of…. omg… i want him for da rest of ma lyf… he’s soo cute… i cummed jss by seein his cute sexy face….

  3. A. David says:

    Hey Christian,
    You are SO cute. Add sometime or shoot me a message, I would so love to take you out.


  4. Andrew says:

    you should keep him

  5. studman says:

    hi guys

    I fucking loved the video…are u guys planning to do more with him?? I think i am going to start paying just for him haha

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Thanks, buddy! Yes, I think we will have our little buddy Christian back for round two (and many more, we hope). – Hunter

  6. joshh says:

    Hi guyss(: I want Cole to be my daddyy;)

  7. Jason says:

    MMM You Guys Are Great, Im From England And We Think Your Toattally Hot, Would Love To Make A Movie With You Guys :P

  8. J.P. says:

    That’s the best place to sleep – between the two tops who’ve been plugging my hole all night. Yum.

  9. ryan says:

    damn that boy is really cute u should make a lot more movies with him he is a keeper

  10. cameron says:

    really hot clip. i will sing up when i get my next pay check. i do think you should keep christian.

  11. clayton says:

    I love you guys and I am more than willing to pay a fee to be a part of your website, but all I get when I try to watch one of your trailors is a round orange disk….what am I doing wrong???? Tell me how to get on your website where I can watch you and your boys and you have a subscriber for life…

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hey Clayton buddy, sorry you are having trouble, I’ve forwarded your message to our webmaster ( and he’ll get back to you, he’s a wizard. – Hunter

  12. Marcus says:

    You guys never cease to amaze me :)
    Christian is so hot and you two were incredible, as usual

  13. adrienne says:

    Christian is adorable!

  14. David_7f says:

    Hi is cute but you two are hot.

  15. elcidinca says:

    Hey guys and Christian, I can see why you would want to chain that twink ass to your bed…Christian ia a wet dream cum true!!

  16. Dan says:

    I am a versatile bottom guy, but I would LOVE to fuck a hot twink like Chrstian

  17. Jake Dunleavy says:

    Christian is one hot hunk of boy/man stud. You guys awe so good at what you do.

  18. Tom_Denver says:

    Cole and Hunter,

    Thanks for all your great movies! As a older stud (44) who loves twinks too ( will top or bttm), it is great to watch you two enjoying the same! Love fucking or JO while watching you guys. Christian is absolutely adorable! While I’m to old to be in your films, think most of us here on your sight would love to be fly’s on the wall as you film! . Keep up the great work and thank you!

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Yer never too old to bring sexy to the table, Tom! Thanks for the love buddy, we’ll keep em comin at you. – Hunter

  19. Jimbo says:

    Hot pics man and you guys are quite handsome! I had read somewhere you go to Provincetown in the summer, I live there from June-end of August; would love to meet up and get into trouble together!

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hey thanks Jimbo. We LOOOOOVE P-town and we do rent there pretty much every summer. We’ll def be there again this year. Would be great to meet up for a drink man. Keep in touch and we’ll make it happen. – Hunter

  20. Darren says:

    Cole & Hunter,
    Guys just wanted to congratulate you on the new websight, I discovered you guys on xtube quite a while back and have been totally dedicated to watch (and cum to) every video that you have ever posted. You are two extremely hot and entertaining studs. Also love seeing that you guys are responsible and protect your health, as well as the studs that you play with. Keep us cumming, much love.—-Darren

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      You rock, Darren! And thanks for the love, and especially thanks for pointing out the fact that we are diligent about our health and those we play with. Good man. Keep in touch buddy. – Hunter

  21. Brent_Top says:

    This twink’s ass is mouth-watering hot! ..& Hairy, OMG! Keep ‘em cumming!

  22. Topdadd says:

    I usually admire your work from afar, but I gotta tell this was one hot little fuck. Made me wanna get a twink of my own, so I did! Would love to see you guys with a hot little asian twink. even a slightly muscular one will do.

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      TopDaddy! That rocks man, sounds like YOU need to break out the vid camera ;) …we’ve been dying to meet up with a tight Asian hottie. Keep your eyes peeled for us ;) – Hunter

      • Topdadd says:

        Thanks, Hunter, but I’ll leave the videos to the more photgenic, like you and Cole. I’ve always got my eyes peeld for a hot asian twink, so I’;; send one your way if i can. Keep up the good cock, er I mean work.

  23. Eduardo says:

    Is it my impression or Hunter is looking (hotter?) more tanned than usual?
    I just can’t stop picturing my self in Hunter’s arms, like in the second photo.

    Anyway, if someday you guys take a trip to Brazil, you already have a really tight cherry ass to fuck nice and hard.

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Awe, thanks Eduardo! You made my day man. Cole and I were just talking about heading to Brazil next month ;) – Hunter

  24. Chris says:

    Beautiful twink ass! He needs 2 sit on my face! It would be a shame 2 spank him but if he wanted it i would oblige then kiss his sore ass 2 make it feel better! And 2 get fucked by him would be a dream!

  25. Bruce says:

    Hot wish I could suck on his cock

  26. El Nene Boricua says:

    very nice, every time I see this vid I go crazy lol. He’s a cute kid.

  27. davecc says:

    Mature here, want to compliment YOU GUYS in your presentations.
    So nice to see the preliminary scenes (clothes on) having the guys disrobe and warming them up for the GREAT FUCK scenes. Funny how those VIRGINS moan and groan on the initial entries to tight asses
    Keep them cumming

  28. nypapichulo says:

    Nice, the only thing hotter than a nice thick cock, is a young white boy, with a Big thick UNCUT dick. I am a top 98% of the time but a uncut white boy makes me do things… LOL

  29. jerry hall says:

    boys yes love it

  30. Dustin J says:

    liked the video hot vid , and nice bubble butt mmmm im a big fan love the vids love the part kissin on the neck when a guy does that to me totally turns me on :)

  31. Juan gonzalez (el chileno ) says:

    wow, it’s way too way too hot I really liked the video and agunto no more to see this video, I really like the videos with young guys because you do feel as if I were to fuck, the guy is a very hot dulse but realmete I realized as he starts to kiss on the neck hunter hehehehehe it shows he wants you to fuck his ass every day I like much much more I send a big kiss on his big cock from chile!

    sorry my English is not very good

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Glad you liked the video, Juan! Your English is pretty good man; we could tell that we got you all hot and worked up buddy. Keep in touch! – Hunter

  32. Cole Maverick says:

    I just have to say this was one seriously hot bubble but …. A MUST see hot video ! HI CHRISTIAN xoxoxox

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