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August 27th, 2011

Written by one of our favorite porn pups, Jeremy Feist, this article recently appeared in Toronto’s Gay and Lesbian newspaper, Xtra.

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  1. Petey says:

    I discovered you guys last week and I’m already reading the book.
    I don’t even consider this porn, you guys are real artists.

    -S.Petey XXXO

  2. lucas says:

    Totally agreed with the article, the most exciting thing about your videos is the fact that aren’t actors, but real life. Keep doing a great job.

  3. Guillaume says:

    Such a great article guys! You are so different from the other industrial porn. It’s always really hot to watch your videos because you guys are real with real guys and don’t feel like you should look a certain way to get great sex.
    Anyway keep doing what you doing I’m enjoying it a lot from London, UK.

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August 24th, 2011

Here is the first video in our new series, Muscle Fuckers.

Hunter has been on me to get us a BIG JACKED MUSCLE MAN to top together. We saw this guy at our gym many times and Hunter has been DROOLING over him, lol. I could have sworn I knew him from somewhere and it turns out I did. More on that at another time. As you guys know, I am not really into mountain climbing, or at least I thought I wasn’t until now. Low and behold; I discovered I do enjoy dominating and dicking-down a big jacked guy like our new buddy, Angelo. I never thought there would be much of a difference when it came down to actual dick-to-ass penetration, but there is! It would seem that BIG ROCK HARD MUSCLE ASS is harder to drill than other butts. Or I guess it could of been me; maybe it was the fear that Angelo might squeeze his massive ass cheeks together and squash my cock as flat as a pancake! Whatever it was, we loved it, especially Hunter. My boy was fucking this guy so hard that he was literally YELLING! Hey, it’s important to note that Angelo was VERY reluctant to get fucked (at first) and he kept saying, “NO WAY guys, my ass exit only!” Well after lots of sweet talk and ass eating (again, Hunter was in heaven!), he finally gave in and gave up his hole. We FUCKED HIM LIKE A BEAST. He was howling so loud that I thoughts the cops were going to come knock on our door (wow, that could be hot too).
Cole and Hunter

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48 Responses to “WE ARE MUSCLE FUCKERS!!!”

  1. Gene says:

    Great site! You both rock everytime.
    I would like to fuck Angelo but I would LOVE to fuck Cole! Cole=yummy :)

  2. Eric says:

    where can i buy your dvd’s I love this video so much.. I wish I was in shape i would love to have you two guys fuck me.. it is so fucking hot I love to see your videos.. keep them cumming..

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Thanks for the love, Eric!! We have a new line of DVDs coming out on I think we have three selling now and soon we’ll have many more. :) – Hunter

  3. Raymond says:

    Very hot you two ever come to Memphis, you both can have me. On Adam4adam as raymondman56 if you want picks. I use to chat with you on yahoo I think and on xtube before you made it big-time.

  4. Jock says:

    Hey cole and hunter
    definitely want to see you guys fuck angelo again. can you pass this along to him though and see if he would be interested? younger college jock here 6’4″ 200

  5. Brent says:

    I like them calling him a pussy and then doing it to him and him to them!

  6. J.A.Welsink says:

    BEEN watching these vids for a week now man i get a hard on everytime ! :) u should add more to this section especially liked how u turned him :D keep up the good work !

  7. Fer says:

    where can I found the other video where he appears? damn it, he is so handsome, and has a perfect fuckable ass, you both are so lucky guys! love you I hope u can tell me where can I found the other video of him
    take care boys <3

  8. jo says:

    what’s the guy name ?

  9. Jaytarry says:

    i will fucking love to eat his ass out and fuck him too

  10. Em says:

    Those accents get me. God he was a beautiful man. Now you made him a god ;)

    I hope he comes back for more

  11. Chase says:

    Ahhhhh! PLEASE get this on DVD, I’ve gotta have it! :D

  12. Paul GoldSmith says:

    Loved This Vid!
    LOVE U GUYS!!!

  13. tim says:

    I wish I could be fucked by both of you .

  14. Homoguy says:

    I hope you guys plan on doing another video with him, but I didn’t see any kissing.When was this actually shot, assuming it takes you a while to edit, and what was it like seeing him in the gym after?

  15. fred says:

    Wow, this is an instant facorite. You guys are phenoms!!

  16. Homoguy says:

    Thanx for answering my questions.I have a curious mind when it comes to these things, but feel kind of weird asking.I’m thinking is this inappropriate, or gross, or too invasive, but you guys seem so open and down for….whatever.I might ask more questions like….since your in Boston, are you married?I didn’t know you didn’t have sex outside of your relationship unless it’s on video.

  17. Homoguy says:

    Just out of curiosity, do you guys ever wonder about whether these guys are clean, or not when you just pick up random guys like that?If I were engaging in some spontaneous hookup it’s something that would be in the back of mind because you don’t want things to get…, messy.Also, in your cherry popper videos you wanted the guys to get tested before barebacking.Did you ask him his status?I’m not trying to rain on anybody’s good time here, but these are things i’ve thought about.

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hey thanks for the questions and you are not raining on the good time lol It’s actually very important that you read our HOW WE PLAY tab here on the home page to get a better understanding of how we play and do what we do . Here is the link just in case u cant locate it. BUT in a nut shell we ask guys if they would like to share there status and what his health is like, we ask a lot of voluntary questions, like if they are on any psychotropic medications for depression or any other reasons, we ask if they do hard drugs and let them know what we don’t mess with drugs and don’t want guys in our videos to be on drugs…And yes we do requite testing of every single guy that you see us NOT wearing condoms with. I know it might appear that these videos are totally off the cuff and 90% of the situations that you see are very real and totally organic BUT there are some things we just can not be flexible with such as testing… we do require that anyone we do a video with gets tested, Hunter and I also get tested each month and keep a record of it. As far as the virgin cherry pop guys lol YES we teach them how to get “Ass ready” ahead of filming so there bum is all clean and ready to rock, in some cases we will tell them to do it just before we meet or when they get to our place we will have them shower and take care of it before we ever get started.

  18. Homoguy says:

    Did you guys really pick him up at your gym and just take him home, or had you been trying to persuade him for a while?How did you even know he was gay?He is hot, and has amazing ass.It would have been funny if he farted while your tongue was in his ass.Has that ever happened to you?Is that in the outtakes, lol?

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hahaha it still blows me away at the randomness of these questions lol Lets start with the fart question hahaha you are crazy BUT YES lol unfortunately I did get a little fart in the face once hahah it made me a bit gun shy for a while but I got over it I just hope it doesn’t happen again farts make my cock soft hahaha…But yes Angelo works out at the same gym chain as us and we saw him several times, and yes we knew he was gay or bisexual I saw him on line in another porn and on line on a hook up site, he didn’t admit it until we chatted during our fuck session lol We had talked several time over several months, casual stuff like, hey what up in the locker room and walking in and out of the gym hellow and good bye and looking good man stuff like that , but we could definitely tell he was interested..he also confessed that he watched A LOT and loved the way we did our thing.


  19. Jeff says:

    One of your hottest videos yet. Do I recognize this hot fucker from an early episode of _________? The guy I’m thinking of was nowhere near as buff but that face didn’t change. I seem to recall that guy on _________ had an amazing cock too.


    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hey Jeff I’m not sure you may have , he has been in a video before so that is possible, but may not be him on that particular site :) and fuck yes he is a hot beast, we like fucking big guys every now and again hahaha


  20. keith says:

    I would like to cum with you guys… hmmm

  21. Davey says:

    that’s hot.. nice bubble butt MMMM !!!!

  22. Ncantoncblguy says:

    WOW Very hot indeed! And you BOTH have your shirts off! FINALLY!

  23. Jaleel says:

    love the cam ideal. A willing bottom. love to laugh and joke around. i am like ur pefect guy. Since i foud you guy i always wanted both of u dp my virgin ass

  24. Robb says:

    incredible clip. i’m tempted to offer up my cherry. i love it when u all have these virgins who moan and scream. LOVE IT. also, make the clips longer…like 10 minutes. :) come see me. Robb

  25. Joe says:

    I have LOVED all of your guys vids, and have always thought the next guy cant be hotter than the last one, but this guy takes the cake!! He is unreal hot!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this video – you guys are all AMAZING together – HOPE TO SEE MORE!!!!!

  26. Aaron V. says:

    The guys that say they’ll never get fucked always end up getting what? thats right…fucked :)

  27. adrien says:

    He is hot.
    Not smiley but hot.

  28. Tim says:

    What a silly fellow… who in their right mind wouldn’t want to be fucked by you two?

  29. brian says:

    holy shit! That made me cum without touching myself!

    big bear brian

  30. ceola says:

    OMG! Three buff fuckers goin at it again! BEST PORN EEEVVVEEERRR!!!! :-0

  31. Rich Eaton says:

    cant wait for the house to be empty so i can watch the full video…. love you guys

  32. Leandro Santos says:

    Hot!!! But about last camping?
    L from Br

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hey L! – this isn’t from our recent camping trip. That one will be coming up soon. Can’t WAAAAAIT for you to see it! :) – Hunter

      • Leandro Santos says:

        Yeah I know that muscle not are in camping with you guys :-) I can’t wait to see what you guys were doing in this camping!!!!

  33. Cole and Hunter says:

    Thanks, Norm! The next book should be out in October. We’ll bark about it on the blog when we know more. :) – Hunter

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August 23rd, 2011

Once again I need some HELP from you guys.  You always seem to come up with interesting insights with theses kinds of things.  I was just going thru some footage and I came across this clip, and for some strange reason my cock got ROCK HARD!?  What am I a freak?  I seem to love rough housing, especially with my Hunter.  He is just so fucking cute and sexy to me that sometimes I go a bit over board.  He usually puts up with it, but occasionally he’ll haul off and punch me in the arm to get me to stop, lol.  But honestly, I don’t understand what it is; is it an Italian thing?  I mean, my dad used to pinch my cheeks and my brothers used to put me in a head lock and wrestle me down to the ground.  I think it has something to do with LOVE.  I’m sticking with that story.  What do you guys think?  Should I tone it down or just let the beast come out and play?

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29 Responses to “YOU DECIDE…”

  1. Aragaren says:

    Its play! He does have his limits that you have to understand (hens the arm punch) but its also just part of your love for him. I love my man and I want to eat him and he wants to eat me so we do a similar thing and its mutual. Its all part of your love for him and there’s nothing wrong with it. Abuse would be If you did it out of hatred rather than love.

  2. MissMercury says:

    Late as well. I think it’s fun to bite and scratch, especially during sex. My ex husband hated it though, and yelled at me. I didn’t understand why. I just wanted to show some love. :( I’m sure Hunter can take some torture, but he deserves a safeword.

  3. Kaigon says:

    Hey guys,

    I’m incredibly late for this party – but still want to post my two pennies worth! =P

    For me, it’s the rough housing that makes me watch your vids. I can’t imagine a better way to fuck a guy than with him on his front, you on top, with an arm round their neck or a hand over their mouth – and Cole, I get off on watching you do this. Every. Fucking. Time.

    In my opinion, it comes down to masculinity; masculinity is the hottest thing going imo – what asserts masculinity more than domination? Dominating an already-masculine guy. It’s kinda like masculine-squared!

    But yeah, I absolutely love your vids, get off to them every time. Keep it going guys, you’ll always have a fan in me!

    ~Kaigon, 22, UK

  4. miguel says:

    i have the same issue with my bf. sometimes i punch him but not because i’m not loving him, the same as you, my father was like this with me, but i think you should slow down a little or play carefully. Because you might hurt him somehow, and it will be worse. A lot of guys do like you, but the key is to stay calm, some says is stress, but try to repair your energy and say nasty words, instead of punches or wathever! let’s stay in touch, you guys are so adorable.


  5. erik says:

    cole u ever been asked to b someones daddy and yes hunter should enjoy the rough housing because he you are like his master but not quite am i right or wrong but me and my ex did a lot of rough housing but alass i caught him cheating and told hiom to get

  6. V says:

    i think its a cute clip but i still kinda feel bad for hunter..i should help him plot out his revenge

  7. roofer says:

    Yo Cole & Hunter,
    Was awesome meeting you guys at the Woods. I was the roofer across form you that helped you set up your camper. All of you guys very down to earth and nice. Glad I didn’t have to give up my ass for that jock. Kudos to you guys for being just like the rest of us campers…..

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hey Steve whats up man, thanks again for helping us out :) you and your buds were so so cool, and no problem about the jock strap but honestly u may not recall but that night after we gave you the jock we snuck into your tent when u were asleep and popped your sweet cherry virgin ass hahahah


  8. ridemerowdy says:

    I love to rough house with my BF, as a matter of fact I usually say the rougher the better… But that is me! =)

  9. b_894 says:

    I guess Hunter knows you pretty well by now. He doesn’t like it very much but he puts up with you. You guys gotta keep that balance where you are playful but stop when asks you to stop. Come up with a safe word, so you know it’s OK for you to tease him until he says it. This way it leaves a little room for play, and doesn’t end by him punching you (even playfully) to get you to stop.
    Also, you’re expressing affection in a physical way, it could be the way you were brought up by your parents and siblings. Gotta live with that now =)

  10. Brad says:

    Personally I don’t think you’re a freak. I mean I’m actually into watching rough porn. Sometimes you wanna fuck (rough sex), sometimes you wanna have sex (regular sex), and sometimes you wanna make love (romantic sex). There isn’t anything wrong with any of them and mixing it up is what keeps things interesting. At least those are my observations… since I am still a virgin myself :P

    But don’t fret about it. People don’t have to watch your videos if they dont want to so I say do whatever you guys want. As long as its always between consenting adults who cares?

  11. Leandro Santos says:

    I love it!
    If you guys want you can cum to my house do the same with me!!!!!
    L from Br

  12. ceola says:

    LOL! Im sorry but Im going to have to agree with Stiornon Norman. This slap and tickle is no where near abuse. Hunter, you had two free hands. You could have shoved him off. That being said, I do enjoy watching you two play with each other. Always cute ;-)

  13. Aaron V. says:

    Always gotta try something at least once ;) i did myself last weekend… my case it was a mistake haha

  14. Lucas says:

    So hot the video. Hunter, it myght hurt a litle bit but it’s another way Cole have to show that he loves you, a little strange but valid. Have an idea, make a deal: he want’s to bite you, and you want his ass, doesn’t you? Put together the useful and the pleasant, haha. Love you guys, keep making excelent videos.

  15. james says:

    EHHHH a tiny bit abuse, lol, u just cant keep ur hands off him , who can blame u!

  16. Asa says:

    Playful. and hot. and adorable.

    Love you guys so much!

  17. Troy Scott says:

    Hey Cole ( n Hunter too sometimes when you top too)…I LOVE it when you rough it up …when you put your hand over the guy’s mouth to shut him the fuck up ..SO hot …then you kiss ‘em too ..You have it just right I think, guys ..LOVE your vids! Troy from xtube here .I promised you I’d join!! Glad ya loved my tribute vid to you!! Luv you two ..xxxxx.

  18. Stiornin Norman says:

    Fuck, no, Cole: this is nowhere near abuse! Abuse? Puh-leeze, Louise. He should be so lucky. You’re hot as hell: you’re on fire, you’re an Italian stallion–what more is there to be said?

    Hunter should stop grunting and start humping. Tear his hot ass up, Daddy!


  19. Darian G says:

    i think if it makes u hot for each other then its okay! just my thought on it, and as always u two are f’in hot!!! also id love to join the fun sumtime

  20. Lester says:

    hahaha that is so funny… I love to do that to when I have a BF… to bite to taste hahaha I guess I just cant get my hands of him… on another subject… guys I live in Boston… I`m a top and I would love to play with you guys… I dont know if hunter is off limits but I`d love to fuck him :) ….. What do I have to do to play with you guys… let me know



  21. peter says:

    Hey cole

    as you said you love him so much, see nothing wrong with a little lovebite and tickle. But becarful (lol) he will bite your nuts lol. You guy’s are great love ya


  22. Josh says:

    keep it cummin guys! long as you two are in it, it could be a rabbit-snuff film for all i care…and if you need help deciding on things, id be more than happy to let you tie me up and see :)

  23. Mike in Sodus Point, NY. says:

    Hey Boyzz,

    I like to rough house too, but both partners MUST be in agreement, and some rules or limits must be sent, and only broken when the receiving partner lets his partner know what he wants to have done. Other than that, go to it….

    Hugs and nibbles,
    Mike from Sodus Point, NY.

  24. David says:

    You two can do no wrong in my book. As long as Hunter doesn’t threaten to call the police (or actually call the police) keep it up! And make sure the camera is rolling ;) hehe

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August 16th, 2011

We are so pumped!  Our favorite Frat Boy Bradley will be joining us at Camp 2011!  Honestly, I couldn’t think of a better guy to have with us.  Hanging with Bradley is a complete riot.  When that boy puts on his party hat, the frat house fun begins.

Here are the details for the camping trip in case you missed them: Camp is a 3-day overnight festival held in the heart of the Poconos Mountains at the Woods Campground in Pennsylvania. This event will be held August 19-22. It will feature multiple themed parties with well-known DJs. There will be summer camp themed games and activities including a 100 yrd man made slip-n-slide. Woo hoo!

Use discount code “Maverick” for $75 off per ticket.  Go to the Camp 2011 site by clicking here.  Hit me up if you have any questions.  Come camping with us!

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25 Responses to “FUCK YEAH!!!”

  1. teddhychavez says:

    oh cole has a nice bum and back part body ,i love to se hunter at top of it .loveyou guyz!

  2. PK says:

    Where do I sign up?!

  3. Bk says:

    Hey boys great meeting you at camp… Thanks again for leaving the blinds open cant wait to see the video!

  4. alex says:

    so how many people did you guys fuck? :)

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      We shot a really really really hot vid with a very sexy, little stud. Can’t wait to share it! :) – Hunter

  5. Jason says:

    Hey Guys,
    You Ever Wanted To Take An 18 years Old English Cherry??
    Would be Totally Hot To Model A Jock Strap Infront Of You Guys :P
    Hit Me Back :P x

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Now why ya gotta to and wave a red flag in front of a bull (two, actually) like that!? Send us pics, Jason! We’ll hit the UK soon. :) – Hunter

  6. Ian says:

    You guys bringing some of those jocks to Folsom???

  7. alex says:

    so i mean is this camp event like just a major fuck fest with guys fucking? lol. sounds crazy ;)

  8. sexyhungstud says:

    you sure you cant bring fratboy to LA? ;)

  9. Dswim says:

    Damn I wish I could be goin there this year cause I would have liked to meet you guys and chill out. Have fun ;)

  10. Jerry in jerzey says:

    Have a blast guys! can’t make it this time, maybe next year :) Cannot wait to see the videos and pictures you guys get from this camping trip with frat boy

  11. Aaron V. says:

    Lol well think about it guys. Comin to a Nebraska Husker football game is a mind blower! Not to mention you could get somethin else blown ;) haha. And you already have a cherry lined up to pop :D

  12. Mark says:

    Could you please send me one of those jocks? I would send you a pic of me in it

  13. Travis says:

    OMG I love the jock!!!

  14. jon says:

    Yay! frat boy Bradley is so HOT I wann a come with ya’ll now

  15. chriS says:

    Bradley is the BEST!!! He’s my favorite on your site, he seems like so much fun to be around, can’t wait to see the pics from your camping trip, wish I was going too!!!!

  16. DD says:

    ahh Bradley…

    gotten any news of his bottom friend in the frat house video ? he was hot too.

    DD ^^

  17. Cole and Hunter says:

    Woo hoooooo! Happy birthday buddy boy, send us pics!… – Hunter

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August 12th, 2011

Return of Victor MONSTER Cock is part two of our hot weekend with Victor.

The first video was crazy great but this one is even better!  In this much-asked-for video, we get hard core all afternoon long, eating Victor’s sweet hard tight ass and chocking down his 10” monster cock (which ain’t easy!).  But the fucking was by far the best part.  Victor has a tight delicious pink hole.  Hunter and I fucked the hell out of him while he was moaning and squirming and loving every inch we gave him.  You might remember from his first video that Victor is actually a top.  We trained him how to bottom like a real man and he is amazing at it. You’ll hear us talking about getting a hot bottom for him to fuck, so if there are any volunteers step up and leave a comment under this video.  I’m sure he would love to hear from you.  We enjoyed ourselves so much that we literally came three times each this afternoon.  The sex is super intense in this video; I literally ripped his jeans in half to get at his sweet man hole and by the end of the day we had torn his shirt and jeans to shreds!  I had to have sex with Hunter two times while editing this video – that’s how hot it is.  If you don’t love this video, you might just be straight.

Cole and Hunter

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  1. Mason says:

    26yo masculine muscles hairy hung solid stocky rugby playin tradie power bottom cum n piss pig will bottom for all of you will take any/all cocks but the bigger the better (_0_)

  2. Daved Arron says:

    Both are gorgeous , handsome , hairy , hot and amazing fuckers uffffffffff ,really love you both .

  3. James says:

    I would love to volunteer to bottom for victor or any of you guys too. I really want to have his huge cock inside me

  4. Matt says:

    Hey! I love both of Victor’s videos. I am a 18 years old and a virgen. I would love to lose it with someone like him. Love you guys, your my confidence <3

  5. Matthew says:

    Victor is hot and looks like a lot of fun. Loved seeing him get fucked through his ripped jeans. Such a turn on!

  6. alejandro says:

    as you do to work with you want to be porn actor and not as I do enncantaria puedor work with you
    my email is

  7. Ted says:

    Hello. Responding to your comment about stepping up to volunteer for Victor……I love Monster Cocks….and I usually don’t have an issue getting them balls deep in my throat. Then after I have gotten that Monster Cock hard enough to slide up my ass, Victor just has to ease it in the time balls deep in my ass and work my hungry hole at the same time as making that cock rock hard the rest of the if this is a challange from you guys to me bring it on. WOOF!

  8. angelus says:

    Hummmmm ,j adore le beau petit cul bien poilu de Cole ….je vous adore les mec :) ))))

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Google translation: I adore the cute little ass hairy Cole well …. I love the guy:)))))

      Merci, Angelus! :) – Hunter and Cole

  9. darian says:

    im a virgin and i would love to lose it to that cockzilla, then to u and hunter! that would be mindblowing

  10. Paul says:

    I’m in my 30′s but I’d love to bottom for Victor. Would love to have Cole and Hunter too!! I’m not far from Boston.

  11. tedd says:

    i always love to see cole and hunter.i want to suck cole and hunter so much.

  12. Aaron V. says:

    haha, wow guys. when you comin to nebraska!? haha

  13. jose says:

    Thank you hunter! will be very importantly for my. I wait for your news if it is not here for facebook

  14. Boombop says:

    I realize you guys have a certain type of person your into, but I gotta admit- the idea of you two getting a tiny twink boy to take both your cocks is prettty nice sounding. Any thoughts on a video with a twink?

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hey there, some of our first vids were with twinks. If you take a look at our theater, search for anything with Billy in it. He is super twink! :) – Hunter

  15. P@ulito says:

    Fuck yeah I’d bottom for him! This vid was hoTtt! Seriously tho.. tell him to hit me up!

  16. P@ulito says:

    Fuck yeah I’d bottom for him! That was one of the hottest vids I’ve ever seen!

  17. jose says:

    HI BOYS!
    in a few days i com to amsterdam and i fall in love with the hairy boy of the XXX AMSTERDAM ADVENTURES video please say me if he have msn facebook or skipe for can know he and date with me in amsterdam

  18. JT says:

    I’d bottom for you guys ;) 5’7 135lbs asian boy in Indianapolis and sometimes Boston

  19. fbrand12345 says:

    i’ll bottom for victor. and you. and cole. ahaha ;) fuck yeah i would

  20. Mike says:

    Holy fuck! I have to watch that again. And again!

  21. pabs says:

    wow this is amazing i would gladly bottom for him and you two guys! i would be in heaven

  22. joseph dimaria says:

    I would love to have him top me or one of you guys… please let me know I want some of that hot cock action

  23. David says:

    I’ll bottom for him! I’ll bottom for all three of you!

  24. sanjay says:

    you guys so hot, Cole so macho and Hunter so naughty and rough

  25. bryan says:

    id love to bottom for victor white college guy in baltimore

  26. Mark says:

    Well I need to clean the keyboard again , Cole watching you take Victors ass made me shoot!!

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August 10th, 2011

We wanted to share some fun moments with you from this past weekend.  We helped our buddy Jonathan celebrate his big pool party birthday bash at the ManHunt mansion!  And, as always, WOW what an awesomely naked time!  This was definitely our kind of party; drinks, DJ, friends, sunshine, butt cupcakes, hot guys skinny dipping in the pool and running around naked.  Hunter and I had WAY too much fun with all the cutie pies running around.  We didn’t want it to stop!  The best part of the party was watching Jonathan smile; he was grinning from ear to ear the whole time.  I mean, come on – who wouldn’t be, lol?!  He has got to be one of the luckiest guys on the planet!  Happy Birthday, Johnny boy.  We love you!

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  1. PB says:

    I NEED parties like this in my life!!! Happy bday Daddy Manhunt, thanks for sharing this with us guys!

  2. edward justus says:

    wow i wish i was there at that party id done every guy there and those coctail guys ….. mmmmmmmmmmm great drink an desserts. Id love to use my large rod to help stir drinks he,he. thats hot man

  3. Florida Mike says:

    Damn Valentino walking around naked for the win. And Bradley! Good to see he is alive and well.
    You guys rule.

  4. Manuel says:

    What a party! Happy B-Day!

  5. Aaron V. says:

    OMG!!! My bday was the 10th! My 18th in fact ;) and this just happens to be one of my favorite sites. Love you guys :) muah

  6. chriS says:

    The birthday guy is so cute! I want to be his house boy :)

  7. michel says:

    wow life is good indeed! hahah, i wanna go with you guys to one of these manhunt pool parties! take me!!!

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Camp is a 3-day overnight festival held in the heart of the Poconos Mountains at the Woods Campground in Pennsylvania. This event will be held August 19-22. It will feature multiple themed parties with well-known DJs. There will be summer camp themed games and activities including a 100 yrd man made slip-n-slide. Woo hoo!

The campground facilities include a nightclub, cafe, gift shop, outdoor pool, hot tub, lake, volleyball court, and two large fields. They will offer additional food outlets and beverage stations. This will be way beyond your typical camp experience, with luxury trailers, cabins and for the adventurous alpha males, outdoor accommodations, they even offer hotel accommodations for the faint of heart.

We have our own camper trailer; if the trailers a rockin, you better come knockin!!!

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34 Responses to “NEXT STOP: CAMP 2011 IN THE POCONOS!”

  1. PB says:

    I can’t believe that you guys are coming to this!!! I’ll be there too, I’m a HUGE fan and I can’t wait to meet you both, I’ll be on the lookout for your rocking camping trailer :) – PB

  2. sanjay says:

    Hi, i am indian boy from malaysia here age 25.. so curious about the trip here.. how much is the price?

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hey buddy, this is a trip to the Poconos Mountains in Pennsylvania. You let us know if you make it to the US and we’ll take you camping. ;) – Hunter

  3. D Perry says:

    Guys! I’m going to Camp with two other friends, I’m SO SO psyched to see that you’ll be there, can’t wait to meet ya’ll!!! I’m a huge fan

  4. chad says:

    hey guys love the videos im a 28 yr old gay male near the poconos in pa never been to the woods but if you guys can get me a discount i would love to go!! let me know

  5. Josh says:

    Hey guys so where exactly is this at? Im from Oregon as you know but i want to know what the rates are?

    -from your new frat boy josh from Oregon

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Josh! Camp 2011 is at The Woods Campground in Pennsylvania. The ticket rates are changing as the dates get closer. We can get you $50 off each ticket. Get your butt out here and jump in the lake with us! – Hunter

  6. JOSE says:

    wooooo sooo…where u going to be the next months, i think the next month im going to fly to the us. los angeles, las vegas

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hey Jose, you can see our travel schedule on our “Fan Zone” page. We’ll be in LA at the end of this month. Later on, we’ll be in Las Vegas at end of September. Hope to run into you, man. – Hunter

  7. JOSE says:


  8. Travis says:

    Well I have shown you my ass in a jockstrap, I want one of your’s :P

  9. Travisike says:

    The Woods in PA is an amazing place to visit!!! I totally wish I would be there to meet you…alas I can’t get out of work that weekend!!! I am telling all my friends to go so that they can meet y’all though. Have a great time!

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Thanks man! Wish you could come play with us! Be sure to let your friends know that we can get them $50 off tickets, too! – Hunter

  10. Ed says:

    Too bad I’m an older out of shape fuddy-duddy. :( I think getting fucked by you two would be the ultimate treat. You guys are by far the hottest thing on the internet, in my opinion. I am so glad to have found you!


    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Ed! You know we’ve always felt that sexy comes in all shapes and sizes! It’s great to have you with us, man! – Hunter

  11. Reed Oxman says:

    I am interested in the 3 day August 19-22 party at the Woods. I don’t have a car. Will there be transportation available from Philly to the Woods? Can u arrange lodging. I don’t want to sleep outside in a small Tent. Can you add me to any group for lodging that u are putting together. I just visited the Woods for the first time two weeks ago. The best time I had was at an open weekend party. I arrived in a jock strap. As soon as I entered the party area, 3 nude and one shirt less guy came up to me, took my jock strap and and began massaging my dick with another guy’s dick. Wow. I have a season entry pass already. Please email me asap at the above email address Thanks

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hey Reed! Thanks for your message man. The boys at Camp 2011 have set up bus service that runs from Philly to the woods. They also have all the details on lodging options. I believe they still have trailers available. You’ll need to check their site for more info (click here to go to their site). When buying your tickets, use the promo code “Maverick” to get $50 off the ticket price. Let us know if you have any trouble. See you soon! – Hunter

  12. franko says:

    oOh guys i wanna go camping .. but where is gonna be at?? cuz i am from indiana :(

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Come play with us, Franko! Camp 2011 is held in the Poconos Mountains at Woods Campground in Pennsylvania. – Hunter

  13. Simen.Norway says:

    Omg…I hate too live In Norway ._. I wanna come, but yeah …-.-”

  14. Eric Cordero says:

    id love to go camping with u two studs. have u two use me in your tents.

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Send us pics, Eric!…, we’ve got an extra pass, maybe we’ll bring you along. ;) – Hunter

  15. Jordan.D says:

    I friggin love you guys, just saying. :D How many people do we know collectively with such a huge reputation like you guys that would offer to help their fans get a discount to something as amazing as that. Man, I wish I could come but all of August is our busy time at work :( . Have a super fun time for me okay?


  16. Mikey says:

    Damn responsibilities!! I’d be an hour or so away from this!!

  17. Cole and Hunter says:

    Tom, just jump on the next kangaroo and hop on over to Boston.


    • Tom says:

      Wow! You’re coming to Australia??? Woooop! How exciting. You’ll love it here! Are you thinking about Australian Summer or American Summer?

      Also, after travelling around Mexico, Guatemala and Cuba in Dec/Jan I’ll be heading to Washington, NYC and LA in late Jan. Will definitley be checking your movements closer to those dates.

      Much love.

      Aussie Tom.

      • Cole and Hunter says:

        Nice! Am thinking it’ll be Aussie Summer for us. Sounds like you’ve got some fun travel coming up too. Def keep in touch and let us know when you hit the US. :) – Hunter

  18. Tom says:

    Can you guys get me a discount on my airfares from Melbourne Aus too!?

  19. Travis says:

    Are you going to sell the jockstraps? I would love to add to my collection!

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      For now, we’ll be taking them with us as give-a-ways while we travel. Come play with us and get one! :) – Hunter

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August 2nd, 2011

I had a total blast this year on my birthday!  As always, my man pulled out all the stops to make it fun and special for me.  We usually hang at the naked beach in Ptown (my fav place on earth), but this year we had to cut our Ptown visit short for other travel stuff.  We kicked it in Beantown and hung out with some good friends.  Cole caught a lot of the action on video for ya’ll to see.  He even broke out the massage table and rubbed me down for a good hour.  Then, the best part, I got a big ol’ slice of Daddy Ass!  I love daddy fuckin!!! We screwed like sweaty beasts and sorta last minute decided to film that too.  You’ll have to wait a bit for that vid.

This birthday was extra special for me because of all the love from you guys.  All day long I got texts, tweets, pics, and other sweet and sexy messages and it made me feel like a million bucks.  I can’t think of a better group of friends to share it all with.  We are both so happy to have you guys with us.

Mucho xo


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28 Responses to “THANKS FOR THE BDAY LOVE!”

  1. Cole and Hunter says:

    Google translation: Big and beautiful !!!!!!!!!! your page if ever come to visit do not forget !!!!! mixcio

    Muchas Gracis, Maselo! – Hunter

  2. Alan Cocksucker says:

    Happy birthday you sexy fuck.Keep doing what you do great.

  3. Rich Eaton says:

    when do you get to see that video of you fucking Cole? you guys are amazing, love you lots

  4. Josh says:

    I always try to sent you guys my videos or pics and it doesnt let me do it.

    You new frat boy Josh from Oregon

  5. Jimbo says:

    Birthday or not, Hunter, you are one of the most delicious men I have ever set eyes on, and to see your cum explosion was the best! Glad it was a happy day and keep the great videos coming (cumming)! Thanks!

  6. Luis says:

    Even if it’s a bit late…Happy Birthday (Feliz Cumpleaños -in spanish)!!!!!!

    Hope you really had a great day!!!

    kisses from Spain!

  7. sujoy sarkar says:

    hey guys my birthday passed and it wasn’t fun so i was wondering if you guys can make a video of y’all doing it hard style that would be the best birthday present ever please and thank you :)

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Happy birthday! Search our site for “Cole and Hunter Punish Fuck”, you’ll like that one. :) – Hunter

  8. Mark says:

    Thank you Hunter, you too Cole really looking forward to it

  9. Lucas says:

    Happy Birthday Hunter.

  10. Eric Cordero says:

    hey guys happy belated birthday Hunter. i wish i could be taking both of your guys hot loads

  11. peter says:


  12. Georgie says:

    A very happy birthday to you Hunter!!! I am sure you had a wonderful time! I hope to see you soon guys! Yours as ever, Georgie :)

  13. marko says:

    Hi, guys! hey, hunter! happy birthday, man!
    my english isn’t good so i’ll just write the “mañanitas” for you…
    Estas son las mañanitas que cantaba el Rey David hoy por ser tu cumpleaños
    te las canatamos a ti, despierta Hunter, despierta, mira que ya amaneció!
    Ya los pajaritos cantan la luna ya se metióooooo!!!
    I think I came a little late but I really hope that you had cool day
    Well, the video said so… hahaha!
    Your mexican fan!

  14. Joseph says:

    Happy Birthday Hunter

  15. Davey says:

    Hey handsome Hunter…

    Happy Birthday Sweetie.. Hope you have a good one..

    Love you
    New York City

  16. joshua says:

    feliz cumpleaños bombon que dios te colme de bendiciones y te de mas y massssssss folladas ricas para que nos sigas deleitando y tu disfrutando I LOVE YOU a los dos besos HUNTER

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Google translation: Happy Birthday chocolates God fill you with blessings and give you more and massssssss fucking rich for us to follow and your delight I LOVE YOU enjoy the two kisses HUNTER

      Wow, thanks so much Joshua! :) – Hunter

  17. Lantion says:

    Wow, this looks like a great birthday, Hope you had an awesome time! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEXY!

  18. Josh says:



  19. adrien says:

    You’re so cute with your glasses.
    And you’re cuttier ever with sperm on your lips.

  20. Cole and Hunter says:

    Thanks, Mark! I might be able to get ya a glimps ;) – Hunter

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