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November 11th, 2010

Sox and cocks foot fun; dedicated to the guy that steals our soxs at the gym.

I decided to write this because something funny happened to Hunter and me at the gym, for the 2nd time in a row; someone has stolen our sweaty sox while we were showering at the gym.  We occasionally forget to put our sox and sneakers in the locker and just leave them out and it would appear that we have a sox bandit stalking us, lol.

There are those who find the lower ends of the legs to be quite sexually appealing and you actually may be amazed statistically at how popular and how common foot fetishes are.  An AOL study has shown that it is the most common fetish among men.  In August of 2006, AOL posted a database of millions of searches performed by their members for public access. They quickly corrected their error, but not before the information was saved on hard-drives by people worldwide. In searches involving sexual stimulation and fetishism foot fetish related topics reigned supreme as the most common fetish among males.

Why do people have foot fetishes?  One of the most popular theories is that the feet and the genitals occupy adjacent areas of the somatosensory cortex of the human brain, possibly triggering some neural communication between the two. The somatosensory cortex is a structure in the parietal lobe of the brain dealing with sensory input. Other theories abound, but once again formula variations make pinpointing the actual root cause almost impossible.

As for Hunter and I, it’s pretty obvious that we like sexy “guy feet” sweaty soxs, athletic gear, sneakers, and work boots…we pretty much like them all for one reason; the scent.  We love the smell of sweaty sox and musky feet, it’s a HUGE turn on, BUT let’s set the record straight; we like musky smelly not NASTY stanky feet, lol.  There’s nothing hotter to us than penetrating a hottie while his feet and toes are in our face…Mmmm mmm, BOING, lol .

In a world full of “freaky” possibilities or perversions, foot fetishism, at least the not so heavy technical usage of the phrase, seems more common than thought, so weather you are a foot commando, toe tugger, piggy licker, Sox sniffer, Sneaker sneak, Boot licker, toe shrimper or just like the sight of a sweaty pair of soxs, indulge and enjoy your toegasm; it’s hot harmless foot fun, so say the MaverickMen!

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  1. Shayne says:

    I would love see a scene where hunters feet get licked ! we need that! I’m so into feet just gets me off even the sweaty smell is a turn on during fucking I would lick cole and hunters feet all day

  2. Dj1 says:

    Do hunters feet ever smell

  3. pup says:

    i wish u guys would trample my genitals with work boots til i cum on them. u can film it too :)

  4. dan says:

    I love sneakers (athletic shoes) i have over 130 pairs, I also have been in a documentary on a australian tv channel sbs with it called sneaker love. (watch it on youtube) I also get turned on by guys sucking my toes.

  5. Robert says:

    Hey guys, I just found your site this week and I’m planning to join. From what videos are the clips from 1:35, 2:07 and 2:56? those look hot! I hope you guys played with Chris Crocker and his boyfriend’s feet too. haha I haven’t watched the full vid since I’m not a member yet but it looks really hot. P.S. I want to see Hunter’s feet!

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hey Robert, thanks for the love and welcome to our site! The vids you asked about: Bad Bad Boy, CoCo Cherry Pop, and Fucking Our Boy Niko are all in our theater, we had a blast with Chris and I think we played a bit with his feet (among other things!), I usually like to fuck in socks but I’ll see about getting foot naked for you next time :) – Hunter

  6. DJay says:

    I really have a foot fetish for good looking studs like yourselfs. That’s the part of having fun and lick an sucking everything. Would love to lick your feet starting with the big toe. :) I always say if you don’t know how to have fun, go home! Lol! I would be the perfect bttm for this role……*wink

  7. Sassydude says:

    I was in Maimi years ago the first time somebody licked my feet. I thought how weird till I saw the sensation it gave. It seems to be an erogenous zone.. I also have found that kissing and licking the Knees is wild..

  8. TJ says:

    Wow wow wow… you guys are amazing.. and so lucky to have so many hot boys feet at your disposal like that. love seeing the look on their faces when u lick their toes.. and love seeing that you guys love it so much. great work. thanks for sharing . :)

  9. Derrick from L.A. says:

    I was never really into feet until I moved to L.A. Seeing all these hot, tanned, boys walking around in flip-flops all the time… delicious. But yeah, there’s something about that musky scent that definitely drives me wild. Musk in general, actually. The smell of a men’s locker room immediately makes me think of sex, and gets me hard and horny every time!
    As long as the guy has nice looking feet, and takes care of them, I love to suck and lick them, fuck with socks and sneakers on, and even have a sweaty athletic sock shoved in my mouth to keep me quiet while getting plowed.

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      WOW, you are DEF our kinda guy Derrick – that locker room smell has ALWAYS made me nutz, and boys on campus in flip flops..bring it!

  10. Frank says:

    Guys feet are such a turn on for me, though they gotta be from a masc guy. Never really get turned on my feet on twinks or fem guys. I remember in college I would waste so much time in the library just staring at all the hot guys in flip flops and those that took there shoes off . I just could not focus on studying.
    I’ve only had the chance to work on one guy’s feet before and it was the hottest thing ever for me. The smell of hot sweaty feet just drives me wild. I hope get more chances , I still get shy bringing up with guys.
    love seeing when either one of you guys gets your feet worked on, I cum sometimes just by seeing that. I don’t even get to finish watching the rest of the clip. I hope you guys show more of the in your videos.

    • Frank says:

      meant their* shoes
      keep up the work ;)

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Frank buddy we are all cut from the same cloth man; if a stud wearing flip flops was in my lecture, I would never get any work done ;) …good to have you with us man, def keep in touch – Hunter

  11. NJguy2221 says:

    Hey Jersey Guy here! Posted an ad on Craigslist this past summer about my foot fetish…Hooked up with the Hottest Guy from the Jersey Shore on his way to work in North Jersey came by early inthe morning in a shirt and tie dress shoes WAS FUCKIN hot to worship those feet he then worked on mine and I gave him a great Blow Job and took his load! He went off to work happy!!! Would love to see some more foot fetish videos from you guys! And bythe way YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

  12. ME623 says:

    I do love a man with sexy feet! OMG!!! There is nothing like being with a fine big dick man who got sexy feet! I love toes. I love the summer when men show their toes. I get so excited. I love sucking on toes.

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      haha, totally hear you man, the Summers used to drive me NUTZ at BU when all the college boys would wear flip flops to lecture, woo hoo!!!! was way too distracting, hahah, we’ll be sure to have plenty of toe sucking in the next vids we shoot buddy ;) – Hunter

  13. Jon says:

    hahahaha so funny that I see this because everytime I get on this site I always to think to myself, I wonder if they finally did something with a foot fetish theme! And here ya go! Love to see you guys playing with other guys’s feet but I think it would be amazing to have someone else worship both of yall”s feet! If you need someone, call me ;) haha

  14. curiousajg says:

    He looks so cute asleep on your chest… I like that kinda stuff too!!!

  15. Tommi says:

    I find it hot if Hunter has some beard, but the smooth body.. He actually made me cum lots of time on the vids you guys have uploaded here. :P I’ve seen ALL of your vids here! I just love it. =)

  16. HS says:

    Well as a phantsy and watching it on film it does not turn me on…

    But I ocasionally like habing my toes sucked…

  17. Justin says:


  18. ric says:

    I love sexy feet too! Seeing this doesn’t make me feel like such a freako, thanks MaverickMen!!!!

  19. Nick says:

    Saw you guys at Maggiano’s tonight. ;)

  20. Bengie says:

    I love the way you put that Gary, and I sometimes like to lick boots…hehe…was kinda embarrased about it till I saw this video and Gary’s comment, thank you MaverickMen for making me feel okay about wanting my tongue on a stud’s boots xoxo

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Sounds like you and Gary need to spend some quality time together ;)

      • Gary Christopher says:

        @ Bengie, Let me just say one thing guy I live by a simple phase, If you like or even love it have no shame. When you have shame on something, does not matter what it is; pop Lick Boots, Water sport or even some as common as being a man that love to listen to Madonna, then you can never truly enjoy what you love. So do not have shame in anything that brings joy into you life in one way or another. I never do nor do I hide anything either, if people do not like me for me then I am better with out them, and in some cases if people cant see what is right in front of them then they are to blind to see the truth too.

        @Cole/ Hunter I can be a little rough when I the dom here, maybe that is why all the boys here wants me all the time, and all the doms wants to own me…. What can I say I am untouchable unless I find one equal or greater then I.

  21. Gary Christopher says:

    I have to honest with this one. I know to many people with a foot fetish and have had my feet worship like they were gods. However; it really did nothing for unless….. there are boots on them feet. Not just any boots now, work boots, black harley leather boots. With on foot on the chest and looking up and some one licking them now that when it becomes a fetish, will at least for me it does. Now weather it is me having someone licking my boot or me licking another ( which only happens in a great blue moon) is one of the biggest turn ons for me that it is not even close to being funny.

    damn just thinking about, now I need to rube one out lmao.

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November 10th, 2010

Hey guys, we’ve had about seventeen days without any sunshine here in Boston, so we’ve been daydreaming about warmer days and that reminded us of our trip to Palm Springs earlier this year.  Hunter’s only happy when his balls are sweatin and he’s been beggin me to take him someplace warm soon.

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24 Responses to “SEX IN THE SUNSHINE”

  1. marq says:


  2. Peter says:

    Instant hard-on seeing your jock pouch. Gawd I love jocks. Wish you used them and some toys more. Some of the shots I have seen of Hunter in his strap are rocking!
    How about one of you wearing a butt plug while fucking a bottom? Cock rings, please. Especially is one of you is putting a cock ring on the other.

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Wow, we LOVE man that knows exactly what gets himself off, I will def share these ideas with Cole man, and thanks – Hunter

  3. Jay says:

    Hunter should stay mostly hairy, just trim (not shave off) his bush now and then.

  4. pdxprofessor says:

    hairy for sure. hunter, you’re beautiful with all that manly fur on your chest and chin. stubble or short beard and full on hairy chest is the freaking best. you boys are hot!

  5. davion says:

    Its kinda cold in muncie i need something to keep me warm. in the winter xoxox! if you thinking what i’m thinking.

  6. Adrienne says:

    Wow, I’ve spent LOTS of time in Palm Springs and never saw anything so yummy. Guess I should have gotten away from family and seen the REAL sights. :) It’s been warm here in San Antonio too, I had the window open last night. Keep warm guys!

  7. Bengie says:

    Please please please take me with you…I will be your good slave boy and will sleep at the foot of your bed and get you coffee and ass in the morning…whatever you studs want, I’m a boy in need of two daddies, not one – I’m too much to handle and very very bad boy, I need two daddies to disipline me please I beg

  8. CrispyT says:

    I’m sendin you boys some Cali sunshine, Cole bring Hunter out here for a week of r & r, ya’ll have soooo many fans out here and I’m at the top of that list ;) xoxox

  9. Gary Christopher says:

    I could only wish it would get cold here in Houston, it is wicked hot. For this time of the year here.

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Don’t tease you fuckin fuck! Hahah, just kiddin buddy boy, FedEx us some of that Houston heat, will ya? – Hunter

      • Gary says:

        Sure just need to find out how to bottle it and send it, in fact I have one better for ya just turn the over on about 400 and let it set for about 30 mins and open with your face next to it and that is what it feels like here most of the time. LoL

        • Cole and Hunter says:

          Haha, too funny, actually blasted the oven this morning cuz the kitchen was sooooo cold ;)

          • Gary Christopher says:

            HAHAHA all that chatting about me wanting cold weather and it finally drop 20 degrees here from 80 to 60 over night. Thanks I love it lol

          • Cole and Hunter says:

            hahaha, and now we are in the 60′s (which is a freggin heat wave for us)

  10. Travis says:

    Love it! Woof!

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Haha, thanks Travis. I think this is Cole’s way of pacifying me and my complaining about the bitch-ass cold weather here in Boston. – Hunter

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November 6th, 2010

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24 Responses to “COMING SOON IN 2011!!!”

  1. Banjo from Brasil says:

    My favorites are still the ones with just you two guys. Hunter as a bottom, Cole as a top. Cole saying “don’t be a pussy!”, acting only by instincts, and Hunter saying “Oh yeah? You want some of that?” like he’s a naughty girl teasing his fucker daddy. After a few minutes Hunter is moaning like a little bitch, breathless, in a mixture of pain and pleasure and Cole, still being an animal, banging hard that beautiful bubble but.
    But i must give props to Hunter. That IS a big big cock, you know.
    Luv u guys!

  2. Michael says:

    I miss not having the internet, now I cant jerk to you guys. Unless I’m at my friend’s but thats just wrong.

  3. Derrick from L.A. says:

    Fucking BRILLIANT, guys! I love it. Hot, exciting, and clever; like something you’d see at Comic-Con… a naughty, sexy, gay Comic-Con. LOL It speaks to both the sex pig and the geeky fanboy in me.
    I can’t wait to see what you have in store for me in the new year…..

  4. Matt says:

    love the videos guys! If you’re ever planning a trip to Nova Scotia, there’s a hot 22 year old waiting for ya

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Thanks so much Matt, we love hearing from guys that like our stuff, we’ll keep em comin to ya buddy, def give us a shout if you get down to Beantown ;) – Hunter

  5. coco-cj says:

    hey at 00.39 thats my ass i know that ass anywhere lol
    glad to have been part of your adventure and hope to do it again

  6. Bengie says:


  7. Adrienne says:

    What a fun romp this was! All the favorites together. Looking forward to what you bring us next year. After Victor of course, I’ve been checking daily for that one. Thanks for the treat. :)

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hey glad you liked it, Adrienne. You will LOVE that Victor video. Cole’s been working on the edits now and let’s just say I’ve been called over many times to suck him off during the process (I ain’t complaining) ;) – Hunter

  8. philippe says:

    please please come here in philippines…fuck me cole & hunter….

  9. philippe says:

    hello hunter & cole i always watch your video i really feel horny evrytime i watch your videos…hoping you come here in philippines….
    ill wait to both of you to visit philppines hoping to get fuck both of you…

    i am forever avid fun of maverickmen.

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hey thanks so much buddy, we love to hear that our videos are getting you horny, we’ve always wanted to visit the Philippines…we’ll let you know if we ever make it out east, you be sure to let us know if you ever come to Boston ;) – Hunter

  10. rod rod says:

    …and the academy award goes to…MAVERICKMEN!!!! Outstanding as always, can’t wait for what ya’ll will bring to us in 2011, xoxoxo

  11. Kyle says:

    DOES COLE have to much time on his hands? HAHA <3

  12. MMLVR says:

    this is the most dramatic thing I’ve ever seen, but amazing. I am so excited for the new year.

  13. briansslut says: self… falls over on floor…lifts head and right hand proclaiming I’ll be there to see what you have in store in 2011!!! Looks freakin’ hot.

  14. John Mc says:

    I have a feeling Steve Jobs didn’t have trailers like that in mind :-)

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Actually, Mr. Jobs was consulted on this production but had to remain off the credits list for religious reasons…heh ;) – Hunter

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November 4th, 2010

Hey guys, we want to introduce you to someone we find VERY VERY HOT! We have been going back and forth sexting and emailing and caming with this super hot horse hung monster cock top. His name is Victor, he is 6’4”, 20 years old, lean, fun, tough, and sweet. He’s been a big supporter and long-time fan of our videos, but  as a TOTAL TOP he has never considered bottoming until he started watching our stuff. We never took him serious about coming to do a video with us, and then he broke the news and said “GUYS OKAY I WANT TO TRY BOTTOMING.” So he let us be the first to POP his sweet “TOP CHERRY.” We decided to have him come chill with us for a long weekend and man we had so much hot sex it was CRAZY. He still maintains his TOP STATUS but he bottomed like a real man for us, lol. I think he has a real appreciation for how tough bottom boys actually need to be to take a big cock in their little asses, lol. He has since been back twice and he’s now a friend of ours and most importantly he’s our newest Maverick Man. We love this guy’s energy and playfulness, and his MONSTER cock, so let us know what you think of this sexy top flip-boy.

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32 Responses to “INTRODUCING VICTOR”

  1. chris1990heyyo says:

    is there any other videos of victor with y’all or just himslef on the internet?! love to see more of him and you guys too cole & hunter :D

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      The only vids of Victor are on our site and I think he’s retired from making more, keep in touch! :) – Hunter

  2. Jack says:

    Where is this victor located. I would love to have a fun time with him. Hey victor think we can hook-up?

  3. Kal says:

    Victor is the HOTTEST man I have ever seen, bar none!!!!! His BEAUTIFUL smile ,enormous cock & awesome personality, make him NUMBER 1, unquestionably! Meeting him in person would be dream come true. Perhaps you Guys could do a meet & greet Fan Appreciation Day in Chicago, New York,LA or??? I am sure it would sell out in minutes.

    Thanks Guys!

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Love the way you think, Kal! That VIctor is a hot mofo for sure. If we ever bring him out on tour with us, we’ll let ya know. :) – Hunter

  4. ric says:

    COME ON guys! I’ve been waiting for Victor’s video for like two months now! hahaha, when ya’ll gonna post that shit?

  5. Victor says:

    Well Cole and Hunter looks like I’ve been approved by the
    Maverickmen fans haha, so when are u gonna give
    The fans that hot teaser so they can have some new jerking

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Haha, they sure did buddy boy, we should have your full vid and teaser up by the end of this week, or early next – hey, we still have your toothbrush, he’s doin well, say “hey”…;) – Hunter

      • Dennis says:

        Guys, when is it my turn to get posted ;-) you know all these viewers are gonna LOOOOVE to see me get it

        • Cole and Hunter says:

          hey hey sexy boy! great to hear from ya, your vid is coming up buddy, and yeah; everyone’s gonna LOVE it ;) Hope you are well man. – Hunter

  6. HotttFuck23 says:

    word some men of color =P

  7. rod rod says:

    Stud alert!!!! Please please please can Santa Cole put a Victor in my stocking

  8. Zach says:

    Please get him to do a video with Billy or Cooper…your military guy. Seein ghim get drilled would be hooott.

  9. fbrand12345 says:

    damn, victor is hot as fuck. you guys have all the luck :)

  10. brentCR says:

    please please please do a ton of videos with this guy, I soooo wanna ride his fat monster cock, do more with him

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      haha, you got it man, we always have such a blast with him, I think you can expect to see a lot more of him on the site ;)

  11. patrick says:

    hey hot guys

    hello you two, when you come to Germany sometimes?


    • Cole and Hunter says:

      hey buddy, I think we’ll be back in Europe sometime in the Spring, keep in touch and we’ll let you know man ;)

  12. Myke says:

    Wow ! Viva Victor ! What a beautiful boy ! Hot Hot Hot ! I can’t WAIT to see this video ! I love seeing “tops” get to experience the other side of life as it always makes for interesting viewing, LOL One more thing, does Victor make house calls ?

  13. Josh says:

    Where is the VIDEO!!!

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      haha, it’s coming frat boy Josh, we’ve actually shot a couple with him, he’s a total sex machine, and he’s coming today for an over-night, woo hoo!!!

  14. Sean says:

    DAMN!!! Where can i find this boy?

  15. Chad says:

    Oh fuck I need one of those so so bad, he is the hottest guy I’ve seen ya’ll with, more please please

  16. rabbitStew says:

    who the fuck is this STUD!?! where the hell do you guys find them, wait…they find you, of course! hahah, much much love to you boys, can’t get enough of this site adn the hotties you keep introducing us to

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November 3rd, 2010

Hey guys this is one of the HOT videos Hunter and I have from one of our fun get-togethers with the Boys from OnTheHunt. They hired us to direct some vids for them and of course we got carried away and had to join in and film some of our own sexcapades, lol. We love pool and there were so many hot guys running around that we decided to have a pool table suck-off contest, winner take all, Hahaha. It turned out to be way hotter than we had imagined. It was Hunter and Adam against Cole and Niko! At the end, we all ended up winners, haha. There is some serious making out, if you like deep sloppy tongue kissing, with tons of cock worship and slurping gagging cock sucking. Oh yeah, there’s sweaty ball sack licking and sweet ass pink hole eating and sucking, with it all ending up with a creamy thick cum facial. Sorry, there is no fucking in this video, but we’ll make up for it with our next post…heh. These OTH shoots are a blast and we love the hot boyz, but we would love to hear what you think of our hot sexcapades with OnTheHunt, so tell us what you think by leaving a comment on

Thanks for stroking with us,

Cole and Hunter

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7 Responses to “4-WAY POOL TABLE SUCK OFF!!!”

  1. rod rod says:

    YUMMMMM so many delicious cocks and asses, it’s like a gay boy buffet, sign me up please

  2. Jessie says:

    The Butt Situation in this flick is insane, line up Niko, Hunter, Adam and Cole you do tequila shots down their backs and into their hairy butt cracks, awwwwww yeah

  3. James says:

    Absolutely fantastic video. You are the only website which I always come back to for more. Well done from the United Kingdom.

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hey thanks so much for the love man, glad to hear that you like what we’re doin, just WAIT till you see the other new vids we have coming out this month ;) – Hunter

  4. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Ferio and que te importa, Cole and Hunter. Cole and Hunter said: Check out the teaser to our latest vid, 4-way pool table suck off, woo hoo!!! [...]

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November 1st, 2010

This particular video is considered a MaverickMen Classic because it was our FIRST three-way and man o man did it spark a wild fire of crazy videos. People just seemed to LOVE the fucking scenes in it. It was one of the very first fuck videos we posted on line with this hot boy. I found some additional footage of our night together and put it here in this teaser clip because people have been begging for the longer version…but in fact the full video posted in the full videos section is less than 10 minutes long. So, that super fucking hot additional footage was not edited into the original short clips until now. I took the time to lovingly restore all the clips from this hot night just for you big fans, I have to be honest this session with this guy was so much fun and so raw that we didn’t even want to film it, lol, we just wanted to just enjoy his sweet bubble butt and hot tight little body, but I took one for the team and filmed it anyway. I hope you guys like what I put together here, we fucked the hell outta this sexy boy. There’s tons cock worshiping, deep throating, ass eating, and lots of hot cum shots and deep penetrating fucking, let us know what you think.

Thanks for stroking with us,

Cole Maverick and Hunter

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2 Responses to “OUR FIRST THREE WAY VID”

  1. GreeceMonkey says:

    This is it! This is the video that got me so into you guys way back in teh day, thanks for putting this one on your new site, but how could you not have – it’s so so hot

  2. rich says:

    hot hot stuff boys, I love the videos with little T, more more more

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  1. rich says:

    Happy Halloween studs!!!!! Looks like you guys had a blast as always. Wish I was there with ya’ll.

  2. curiousajg says:

    so where was the party this year?? Make up looks awesome guys….

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      thanks buddy, we stayed local and pretty low-key this year, hit the House of Blues, was a good time, we won a trip to NYC woo hoo!

  3. Adrienne says:

    Those boys in white are adorable! Looks like you all had a blast.

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October 29th, 2010

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