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October 21st, 2011

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5 Responses to “ALMOST HERE!!!”

  1. chileno hot says:


    • Cole and Hunter says:

      A very loose google translation: hello I really like your videos and I love to make one of the protagonists of some ME SOME ARE VERY HOT FOR LOVE SEX MAQUIMAS

      Muchas Gracias! Let us know if you come to Boston! :) – Hunter

  2. davey says:

    Hey Guys im BACK !!!! miss you guys…. god this photo is awesome.. Love it…. been catching up with this blog and so hot… cudnt believe what im seeing here…. cant wait to see more…. Have a fabulous weekend !!! be safe..


  3. Harry says:


    I have been watching you guys for long now, i just wanted 2 say keep it up
    I get horny over your videos all the time,

    Isit possible if we have it without the camera???
    Cos i really want you guys 2 fuck me, but without a recording??

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So you want to be in a video?

If you seriously want to do a video with us, there are some things you should remember to do when reaching out to us.  To start, make sure that you really (really) want to do a video before you contact us.  The #1 question we get asked is if we just fool around OFF CAMERA first, then make a video after.  NO.  We only have sex outside our relationship if it’s on camera.  Sorry; no trail runs.

You MUST be eighteen years of age or older.  No exceptions to this rule ever.  We only meet guys that are eighteen or older (and can prove their age when we meet).

We don’t do masked videos because our fans don’t seem to like them (unless the masked guy has a ripped, kick-ass body, huge cock and bubble butt, a masked video won’t happen).

Lots of guys ask us if they can come over and watch.  Seriously?  Umm no, that would be a little awkward, right?  Also, thanks but NOPE we do not need a camera man, key grip, best boy, light person, or fluffier; Hunter and I happily do that all ourselves.

Send us your pics!

Send several naked, not Photoshopped, clear, well-lit, RECENT, well-lit, (WELL-LIT!) and RECENT!  Send us photos of your face, torso, ass, cock, and a profile view (stand sideways).  You should be naked in the pics!  We don’t care if you have a peanut size cock or a hairy back or acne or three balls; just be real and give us a true representation of who you are.  If you know us at all, you know that we like ALL kinds of guys, so don’t be shy.

IMPORTANT! One of the photos must be of you holding up a toothbrush. This proves that you are real and not just using some poor bastards stolen photos.  And send us your Face Book profile (if you have one) so we can really see you.

Give us your info!

When you send your pics, include your location along with your exact stats and status.  Include your height, weight, hair color, eye color, cock size and style (meaning cut or uncut, we LOVE both).  Also don’t forget to include whether you are a virgin or not, and what you would like to do with us sexually.

Let’s get on cam and meet!

Next step would be to Skype or cam on Face Book.  If the chemistry is there, we’ll make plans to meet.

How to contact us:
Send you pics and info to MaverickMan222 (at)  If you have a video submission, you can upload it to our site by clicking here (scroll down to the bottom of the page and use the upload form).

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10 Responses to “SO, YOU WANT TO BE IN A VIDEO…”

  1. Rusty says:

    I love your videos and i put in an entry because i would love to make vids with you guys. Your so hot that when i see you guys, i jsut wish the others were me. I really hope you guys see my entry. Im a huge fan of you sexy couple.

  2. mackenzie says:

    where are you guys located? i am from canada but would do anything to star in a video getting my ass filled

  3. Sabri says:

    Hey I want to fuck with u

  4. Jackson says:

    First of all you guys are awesome, i’ve never ssen a happier couple, internet porn or otherwise. I wanted to know if you guys have a height and/or wight requirement, i’m not obeise but i’m also more likely to be passed over by studs like you compared to the rocking guys you normally put on videos. please be blunt i’d rather live in reality with harsh words than in a fantasy with kind ones. Nothing you say will make me think any less of you unless you outright put me down with clear harsh words. Also I did make an entry like this one but i left out the “s” in my name so if you see a simalr one to this i apologize for being repetitive. Long live Maverick Men.

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Thanks for the love, Jackson! We don’t really have a stat requirement. Mutual attraction is key (obviously), and we are making videos for others to watch. You’re welcome to send us your pics and we can chat more about it then. Thanks again. :) – Hunter

  5. Pat Denning says:

    Hey guys, my name is Pat! And I am a huge fan of MAVERICKMEN! I would love to make a video with you guys! I am a versatile bottom with no limits! Hope to get a response from you guys soon!

  6. troy says:

    hey would like to

  7. anthony says:

    wao!!! nice guy white jockstraps….hope see him soon

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October 14th, 2011

Hey Guys, here’s a video we shot last year on our very first visit to LA.  While we were there, we got the chance to hang out with and get to know one of our biggest fans.  Aj is a true lover and he tells us that strokes his HUGE beautiful ebony joystick to us every day without fail.  He wrote to us all the time asking to be in a video, wanting to top Hunter or me (YES he is a TOP). We explained that if he wanted to do a video with us he would have to bottom.  So he reluctantly agreed to be our eager little bottom hottie!  Fuck yes it took lots of coaxing massage, wet kisses, sucking on his big beautiful thick cock and eating his sweet tight ass, but he eventually let us into his sweet bubble ass.  Much to his credit; he took it like a man “Maverick style”.  After a while he actually LOVED it; he rode me so long and so hard my cock thought it had died and gone to heaven (penis heaven). “CHOCOLATE CHERRY “ is a pretty fucking hot video, if I do say so myself.  There are several scenes that are drippy HOT and not to be missed.  We loved what a passionate kisser Aj was.  Mmm mmm, his hot wet mouth, big dick, pillow lips, and big delicious ass was the perfect way to spend the day.  You will love his moans and groans as Hunter and I show him a great time, we really do fuck him deep.  We were eventually covered in sweat and cum and I think after watching this one, you will be, too.  Show AJ some love and tell him what you think of his video début here on


Cole and Hunter

Thanks for stroking with us and the boys!

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  1. Unc says:

    He is adorable. I shot a load all over the place when Hunter was pounding that ass

  2. TOMT says:

    OMG I wont sleep for weeks because of the nightmares you have made me have…. I LOVE IT!!! YOU GUYS R GREAT

  3. Norman says:

    Damn! I live in Mulholland Hills, and am a former record label owner. (Actually, I still own a majority interest in my label, but I’ll never reveal the goods on the net!) My partner is a musician. We should all hook up sometime. (My only quandary: I’m afraid I’d be jealous! I can’t stand the thought of another man touching my man. Another woman is no problem — but another man is a different story!) Okay, I’m passing strange. But only where he’s concerned, I swear: before him, I’ve never given a damn. I was always the one who cheated.

    At any rate, I ain’t into chocolate, but I’m into cherry! Great vid, guys. Keep ‘em cummin’!

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Not sure what to make of that lol u should email us at would love to hear all about the music scene we love it! and we wont try to steal your man , maybe borrow him for a few hours LMAO never steal.
      You are not into chocolate? wow why the hell not its DELICIOUS but oh well to each his own…More chocolate for the MaverickMen lol

  4. Lamar says:

    That was amazing, he was completly adorable!!! you guys are amazing I watch everyday! Keep up the wonderful work with these sexy ass men!

  5. C-Ray says:

    Your best one yet! He’s so ADORABLE!

  6. jon says:

    im here in the Philippines i hope ou gonna taste us..ASIAN

  7. RIhanna says:

    I think its great that you guys always have diverse videos :) love you guys!

  8. Ed says:

    That is a beautiful young man! Great body,huge cock and flawless complexion!

  9. Ed says:

    Wow! He’s got one juicy looking dick too!!

  10. Daniel says:

    i love both Maverick… my argentine ass waint for you

  11. rangerdad says:

    I cannot believe how fucking awesome you guys are! You have got to be the two luckiest men in the world. To have each other and to get all these hot men is awesome. Thanks for helping me with the courage to begin to be who I really am! If two hot guys like you are OUT then I can risk being there too! You can never imagine how much you mean to me.

  12. Briand Castro says:

    this video is so sexy =)

  13. Levi says:

    DAMN – 3 VERY HOT STUDS! Just the trailer left me hard, can’t wait to watch the full vid later today when I can stroke to it!!!



  14. Hottjeff says:

    Fuckingn hot like al your movies grrrr

  15. fbrand12345 says:

    oh my god. fuck yeah guys :D AJ is all kinds of stud.

  16. Dolly says:

    Hi Cole & Hunter!

    I like both of you on sex video, every time I’m really excited for watching on your new videos. I’m very addicted and masturbated while on watching. I like to watch on your full video play. Is it safe & secure
    if I’m going to subscribe and pay with my bank account? I am now in dubai, United Arab Emirates. Please let me know ASAP.

    Best Regards!


    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hey Dolly! Our site is safe and secure; we have over 9,000 members and we’ve been up and running for over a year now. You can purchase a membership using your bank card. Click here to sign-up. And be sure to let us know what you think! :) – Hunter

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We are so psyched to be co-hosting the grand opening of Bar Standard’s  – Porn Star 2nd Fridays, in Denver.  On Friday, November 11, we’ll be co-hosting a boy butt contest and giving away MM jockstraps and copies of our latest DVDs.  We totally love to travel when we get to meet you guys.  And a good time is always had in the Rocky Mountains.  The very very sexy Tristan Jaxx will be DJ’ing.  I have a feeling we’ll be coming back with some wild footage.

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9 Responses to “11.11.11 BAR STANDARD IN DENVER COLORADO”

  1. Norman says:

    Hot muthafuckas! Where’s that follow-up book, the one with Cole smoking a cigar on the cover? Even though I’m a top myself, watching tops in action turns me on. It makes me think of what I’d do, in the same situation. Fuck on, dudes! I hope my beautiful, beloved partner and I achieve the same reciprocity and longevity that you two have! Honestly, I could live my whole life — or what’s left of it — without fucking anyone else but him. But to keep him, I have to let him do his thing. And that’s okay. He’s 29 years yonger than me, and hasn’t been all around the proverbial block. as I’ve been. Frankly, he’s young and confused and still needs his pussy. Fair enough. So long as I’m the only man. It would be different, of course — we’d be more like you guys — if neither of us ever fuckied women. But that little difference looms large. Given that he’s not gay by predisposition or preference, I can’t very well deny him his snatch. Can I? He loves me, and comes home to me every single night, and we make love every night and every morning. What more can I ask? The sex is hot beyond belief. He tells me he loves me, and that the women are just a “necessary adjunc.?” What say you, Cole and Hunter? Your devoted admirer, Norm

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Im working on the book as we speak its a LOT of work but it will get done eventually :) your relationship seems sexually charged and very hot, your an might get some nice lady regnant :) then you will be a gay uncle lol

  2. MileHighGayGuy says:

    Sounds like my kind of party. Can’t wait!

  3. JASMAN says:






  4. marcos says:

    uauuuu….i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. i want the maverick in my house…..fucky-me. i have 27 year old,brazilian…..want fuck…

  5. ceola says:

    Wooooo Hooooo Denver CO. :-) So when are you coming to Houston to open a Porn Bar? We like boy butt contests too.

  6. Cole and Hunter says:

    Email us at send pics stats location , and tell us whats up and all that good stuff :)

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Hey guys here are a FEW priceless pics from our Camp 2011 trip.  It was a BLAST with lots of fun hot guys all over the place. We got so much hilarious and hot video footage and pics that we can’t just put it all in one blog post, so here are a few to wet your appetite.  If you want to see more just let us know by leaving a comment here under these photos.

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26 Responses to “WE HAD A BLAST AT CAMP 2011!!! (part one)”

  1. Norman says:

    Ah, the Pocanos! I once lived on the upper East Side of NYC (near the Plaza and the Sherryland), and maintained offices in Parsippany, NJ. Once I travelled by car from Parsippany to Chicago, and sojourned through the Pocanos — that was one dark, deserted stretch of Pennsylvania highway! I had to piss for miles and couild find no rest-stop! So I pissed on the side of the road. Big effin’ deal. Anyway, it was a blast! Love you buys!

  2. Dave says:

    Fucking hot pics men!!! You both are sooooooooo fucking hot and sexy. I would love the chance to play with you guys, but alas I am no bottom, so I will just have to enjoy the pics and clips you post.

    Please post all your hot pics and clips, love love love them all!!!!!

  3. Will says:

    How close do you get to Hagerstown, MD Chambersburg, PA area? Would love to have a night of romping with you two sexy men!

  4. Will says:

    Hunter & Cole,
    Looks like a HOT time! Please show vids of your time camping! Where was this camp, it wouldn’t happen to be THE WOODS, would it? If it is I loved the time I went for the weekend….Yummy!

  5. Robb says:

    more more more btw!!

  6. Robb says:

    Damm that guy with the blue short and cap is fucking HOT!

  7. J Michael says:

    Lol!!! That’s soo awesome! Looks like ALOT of fun and cock all over the place!

  8. Adam says:

    Hot — How do I merit an invite ?! LOVE YOU GUYS — want you both!

  9. Levi says:

    Hell yes! More pics please and VIDEOS!!! :)


  10. Chris says:

    More please! : )

  11. James says:

    Hell ya we wanna see more video! I think this camp would be fun! I listened to some of your radio thingy about camp. Its always been a fanticy and fetish of mine to have sex OUTDOORS (such as camping lol)

  12. Ira says:

    …..YES PLEASE !!

  13. Jed says:

    I love the shot of Frat Boy Brad with the Otter crossing sign :) :) :)

  14. izzy says:

    I wish i was there. sounds like you guys had fun. what was is like and was it worth the money, if so i and going next year. you guys looked like you had an amazing time. will maybe next year our paths will cross. would love to see a video.

  15. rangerdad says:

    More, please! I know you have a hot video with all those beautiful guys around.

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Haha, we sure do :) – Hunter

      • rangerdad says:

        Hunter, I especially like the pic of you standing at the washer. I love the glimpse of your hairy pit, the hairy chest, abs, and gorgeous ass. Nothing turns me on more than a real, natural man! As I always say, you are so fucking hot! Even your smile makes me hard.

  16. R says:

    Heck yeah I want to see more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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October 5th, 2011

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9 Responses to “FAN SHOUT OUT!”

  1. Marty says:

    Hi guys, I am just curious. How big is your penis Hunter? is it around 5.5 inches? And Cole’s 7 inches?
    Sometimes they look bigger, sometimes they look smaller. Maybe its the camera angle. Sorry, for the weird question, just curious :)

  2. Terry says:

    What i would give to get fucked by the mavericks…

  3. Ozzy says:

    Cole and Hunter….Im still waiting for yall to come down to Houston Texas, so I can show yall a good time!! Can you send me an email so we can chat more about this and so I can send some more of my pics to yall, to see if yall remember me :)

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Ozzy!!! We’ll def get down there soon buddy. We’ll be sure to bark about it on the blog before we do. And we DEF remember your pics, sexy boy. I have them saved in a special Texas folder. :) – Hunter

  4. Mike says:

    Wow you guys need to make a video with the first and especially the last guy. Keep up the good work guys!

  5. Michael says:

    I would love to be in a maverick men film. Love a muscled ,masculine, hung top!!

  6. dan says:

    wow i need to put a picture up but im not good at making thoughs types but dame i would fuck that black ass

  7. Brent D says:

    Hi Gio. I love your body. I would love to touch you all over!

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September 30th, 2011

Here’s another classic from the MaverickMen vault. You guys asked for it, and you got it. Kinky Fuck is a rare, super-hot, full director’s cut of one of our very first videos with Little T. The original was only 20 minutes long due to size restrictions on Xtube, so at the time we had to cut-out over 50% of the hotness. Now, in this new full 40-minute version that you won’t see anywhere else, you get to see just how nasty, aggressive and down right kinky we got with Little T. Guaranteed to make your cock jump out of your pants and squirt all over the place, this is one hot kinky fuck video with bondage, tickling, penetration, spanking, choking, gagging, handcuffs, boots, and yes deep hard fucking. This video won’t disappoint. If you want to see more remastered classics, please let us know by leaving some comments here under this video. Thanks for stroking with us, Cole and Hunter.

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27 Responses to “KINKY FUCK”

  1. Michael says:

    You guys are seriously so fuckin’ hot…I work in Boston and always hope I’ll run in to you!! You produce the best videos online — hands down!! Still waiting for book #2 — any updates?? Let me know if you’re ever down the south shore — love to bump in to you !! :)

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Thanks for the love, Michael! Second book is coming along nicely. Actually just got the first draft of a chapter back from our publisher yesterday. We are visiting my folks right now so we can’t get to it, but it’ll be the first thing we do once we get back to Boston. Keep in touch. – Hunter

  2. Dolly says:

    Hi Cole and Hunter,

    I really like both of you on the sex videos. Really hot hot hot! How to watch this full video?
    pls tell me how to subscribed. Thanks!


  3. Kevin says:

    Heading to the theater right NOW to watch this …
    HOT! Speaking of kinky, are we going to get to see the Hunter birthday video with him topping Cole any time?

  4. J Michael says:

    damn thats hot! i want to be in a video too! :)

  5. Travis says:

    oh my, I like the dildo idea!

  6. ncstripsearch says:

    Hell, I’m older than both of you guys and I’D love to spend a night with you!! Ever consider broadening those horizons??

  7. James says:

    Hunter and Cole:
    You guys should have a store link on here and have volumes and/or full DVDs (I’d like to see like FULL uncut footage- bluppers, origional stuff, the origional meeting leading up to the hawt fucks that you always show). In the store I think you guys should also mold BOTH of your cocks and sell them as dildos- cauz DAMN! :p (I think you know what that means haha)

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Haha, we love your idea, James. If/when the MavMen store happens, you’ll get an invite to the grand opening. :) – Hunter

  8. lil t says:

    i remember makin this :-P

  9. tedhychavez says:

    so hot and wild i imagine its me your guest lol.more than that i did i want to surpass thatkind of rare extra ordinary hit oyu guyz

  10. fox says:

    hola soy de peru veo tus peliculas son buenas :)

  11. DON GREEN says:

    I want to spend the night with you…

  12. ismael says:

    Hola como veo tus peliculas heee todas completas dime maverick

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Google translation: Hello I see your movies as complete tell all maverick heee

      Gracias, Ismael! Me alegra saber que está viendo! – Hunter

      • Carlos says:

        Actually what he was trying to say was:
        Hey, how do I see your complete movies? tell me maverick

        he kinda forgot to use some question marks
        :D btw love every single second of your movies!!

    • dino says:

      cole and hunter…make a video please with you guys dominating a twink and having him lick ur feet as u guys relax watching tv chilling..etc making him ur foot piggy…ur fans would go wild in the feeet fetish arena…thanks..closeups please…thank s guys

  13. Ed says:

    Thanks! Between Chasen’s cock,beefy ass and sexy personality it was lust at first sight!

  14. Cole and Hunter says:

    We’ve always wanted to visit! The boys there are beeeeeeeeeautiful! :) – Hunter

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September 29th, 2011


Here are some fun pics and a short video from our recent trip to the Folsom Street Fair in San Fran.  We fell in love with the city and all the openness (and outrageous-ness) of Folsom.  Honestly, nothing could have prepared us for this unique event.  Hunter and I saw some stuff that left us completely slack-jawed and that ain’t easy to do, lol.  Folsom made us realize more than ever that it takes all kinds to make the world go round (which we love).  I think we caught the feel of this crazy-fun-sexy event.  Definitely add a trip to Folsom to your bucket list.  After the fair, we flew into San Diego and met some new friends called, The Backyard Boys.  We fell in love with their hotness and energy.  You’ll be seeing more of these two hotties soon on our site.

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24 Responses to “FIRST FOLSOM!”

  1. ROBERT says:

    great pictures and video guys, also love your movies guys there are awesome, you two are HOT.

  2. Carlos C. says:

    I love that you guys documents all your wonderful shenanigans. I love you, both and I cannot get enough of Hunter amazing ass.

  3. rmarin says:

    glad you guys made it to folsom. it’s always a fun festival. i love how open and free the guys are there. also fantastic that it’s not just a gay thing in sf – it’s an everybody love-and-fuck fest.

  4. ismael says:

    Deseo ver las peliculas completas como le hago hunter dime porfavor o donde las adquiero

  5. Ian says:

    Hey Guys!

    Great to see you both enjoyed Folsom…you should come back out in July and check out Up Your Alley (or Dore Alley, depending on who you talk to). It’s like Folsom, but only a little smaller and more ‘intimate’ ;-p

  6. Tamie says:

    Looks like you guys had a blast! Love to see how much confidence they all have with their bits and pieces hanging out in the middle of the road…can’t say I’d ever be that brave! lol :D

  7. Mark says:

    Cant wait to see the two of you with the backyard boys!

  8. Travis says:

    Lord have mercy, some scary things. but god bless them for being so open and confident!

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Totally agree, Travis. Different strokes for different folks. Wouldn’t have it any other way! – Hunter

  9. Wiredream says:

    The hottest vids on the net, natch, but why don’t you ever take off your shirt during sex? You’re one of the hottest guys I’ve ever seen, but you’re always wearing that wifebeater…I wanna see you NAKED!!!
    Keep up the great work guys!

  10. Paul says:

    The queen of hearts pic is great.

  11. Daniel says:

    Hey guys the photos and video were fucking awesome.
    It looks like that in San Francisco is very hot.
    I really enjoy watching your videos guys, you both are such a hunters.
    I love it.

  12. dio says:

    who is the hot blond in the 3rd pic, on his knees? Yum.

  13. Terry says:

    you two are so sexy whens the next event going on?

  14. ceola says:

    Glad you had fun at Folsom.

  15. evan says:


  16. Cole and Hunter says:

    Thanks, CJ! Good to have you with us man. :) – Hunter

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