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April 29th, 2013

Here’s a video we shot a few years ago with our boy Angel (also known to some of you as Shadow). We made the mistake of sharing a little sneak-peek clip of this hot fuck session a few months ago and so many people went wild over it that they demanded we post it NOW! We even had one guy say he was planing to quit our site if we didn’t show it immediately! So, okay here it; feast your eyes on this Chulo Culo Extrodinare!

I already know you will love Angel’s sweet smile, big brown eyes and cute dimples, but you’re going to be hypnotized at this sexy boy’s oral skills. I mean, WOOF; this boy could suck a walnut through a straw or the chrome off a trailer hitch! Okay, I’ll stop now and won’t say that Angel deep throats like a cock starved anaconda, lol. And that’s not all; he’s an amazingly exceptional bottom! Hunter lost his mind over Angel’s plump and delicious Latin man ass. To top off all that hotness, Angel is also so very chill and a big ol’ sweetie. And best of all he knows how to have FUN during sex like a true Maverick Man. You little horndawgs are gonna love hearing this hot little Angel moan like a sinner as we mercilessly fuck his hot tight Latin hole.






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2 Responses to “FUCKING ANGEL FACE!!!”

  1. mikey says:


  2. torrin says:


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  1. Benjamin says:

    Hi guys! I just wanted to say that I LOVE your friend Carter, right? (the big hot blonde muscle and tattooed guy :P ) please make more videos fucking with him!. Greeting from Chile guys, your website is awesome :)

  2. Isaak says:

    Man, I wanna come party with you guys!!!! <3 Hope everything is going well in Boston. xoxo @sundi

  3. Saddam hussein says:

    Iam fron irak, but iam homosexual, is the hogy vagy ugye ertem magyarul ? Jo ? Kosonjúk szipén

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      google translation: Iam fron Iran, but iam homosexualYou understand that or English? Jo? Thank you very much

      Hi there! Welcome to our site! :) – Hunter

  4. Troy T Scott says:

    Great seeing you out enjoying yourselves!! Wish I was there!! xxx

  5. Scott says:

    Please do a video with Cazwell! Great site Maverick Men.

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Last month, we stepped up to help our friends at TTO (The Theater Offensive) raise money for their programs. TTO is Boston’s LGBT theater and arts group. Man this was a BLAST! The fundraiser was called, ClimACTS! Unbound and was held on March 20 at Rumor, one of Boston’s best club spots (100 Warrenton St.). We love the gang at The Theater Offensive. Please consider hitting them up with a donation.

The sexy fucks in the group pic below are from the Boston chapter of the HBGC (Hispanic and Black Gay Coalition). We’ve been chatting with them about helping with some outreach/education stuff, too. And Cazwell is such a sweetie – and even sexier in person!

theateroffensive_logoThis excerpt from the RainBow Times says it all: ClimACTS! is unlike any other fundraiser. Hundreds of the Boston LGBT community’s most influential and fun-loving folks will get together for delicious food, stunning celebrity performances, exuberant action on the dance floor, and the legendary fantasy auction. Legendary drag performer Sherry Vine will emcee the event, featuring one of the best auctions around, Hello!!! a Fluffer package donated by The MaverickMen WOOF! and performances by Cazwell, the notoriously oiled up “Ice Cream Truck” rapper. ClimACTS’s signature glittering guests and gender-bending go-go dancers mingling with guests all night long. ClimACTS! is the “can’t-miss party of the year” according to the Boston Phoenix, and this year the party is breaking bounds. ClimACTS! Unbound celebrates queer sexual liberation to support The Theater Offensive’s arts programs by, for, and about the LGBT community in Boston’s neighborhoods. 



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  1. mike says:

    Hey Cole&Hunter just wanna no if ur gonna hold any more contest to fuck i think i would be the best candidate just think bout having ur way wit a 6″5 black boy wit a thick 8 in dic who is willing to do watever u want there would be no limits wit me ;-) but if u could let me no so i could win that would be tha best yall biggest fan wit love~mike

  2. Tim says:

    I agree with Namorant. if Anyone can get Cazwell to drop trou on camera it’s you guys,

  3. TyInTenn says:

    Hunters ass is hot in those jeans! Looks like a great turn out and event!

  4. Secret Admirer says:

    what beautiful shirts the two of you don!

  5. Namorant says:

    You should make a video fucking Cazwell He is HOT!!

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April 17th, 2013





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10 Responses to “TIME FOR SOME LOVE!”

  1. JD says:

    Love the vids with black and mixed dudes, interracial is HOTT

  2. JA says:

    You guys are sexy, and you show that theres sexiness in every single type of guy and u treat everyone equal as we should as gay ppl, ur awesome and hot, keep it up, ur outlook is inspiring, love from australia. x

  3. jhonny says:

    Me encanta su pagina—-

  4. Jay says:

    You guys bring out the slut in your fans. Keep it up fellas.

  5. Troy T Scott says:

    I think Cole & Hunter provide us with a great range of different guys . I love the tatooed hairy “straight” guys most but still get turned on and cum watching them fuck twinks , guys of color , whoever …as the sex is always …and I mean ALWAYS ..totally hot

  6. TNHungTop says:

    Hot british twink. you guys need to get back to the twinks

    • HungVersaHottie says:

      Twinks are overrated, and saturate the regular porn market to much.
      I like the fact that Cole & Hunter fuck guys who look and behave (with the exception of a few), like guys! Love the college jocks, the fratboys, the military dudes, the fit and toned cubs and otters with natural body hair. I get reall turned on by fucking and seeing them fuck masculine guys. I also love the ethnic diversity in their videos. I too am a rainbow fucker!

      • kyle says:

        Ummm. Twinks like myself can have plenty of natural body hair and furry bubble butts. Sure there are thousands of shaved illegal looking twinks, But for the crunchy types like myself that don’t shave a thing. We are the rare hot ones. Not to mention Butch is always better than bitch.

      • Cole says:

        Well said :) Don’t get me wrong, we LOVE the twinks but it’s not a requirement, the thing that attracts us most is a fun good personality, if you are sexy with a good persona then we can work with most any body shape size or color, we love it all, so BRING ON THE COCK AND ASS RAINBOW lol

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  1. racku01 says:

    I love you both and this site!!!

  2. john says:

    Great site,you guys are really talented,good on camera personalities in front of the camera,if ever you two want to come down to Jamaica for filming let me know,I am serious no joke!

  3. Victor says:

    bem que eu gostaria de conhecer os dois e parcicipar de uma brincadeira a tres

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      loose google translation: well I’d like to meet them and attend a play at three

      Sounds hot, Victor!! :) – Hunter

  4. Puppy says:

    dawwww so cute!

  5. txfunstud1 says:

    HOT! Love camping and naked swimming and fucking in the woods! HOT

  6. RC says:

    I need some Cash! Hurry up and post his vid

    • Cole Maverick says:

      Cash is broke lol he wont be doing a video anytime soon sorry man, maybe if we catch up with im this summer :)

  7. Mako says:

    I´d like to see more of this blond cutie…

  8. Don says:

    Love Bradley! Been so long since there’s been a new video with him. Any chance of some more of him in the future?

  9. Ryan says:

    Were you guys at The Woods Campground in PA? I love that place.

  10. Brett says:

    Awesome video. Totally love the out-takes, do more! When are we going to see the video with Cash?

  11. pat says:

    I love you both and this site!!! but we need more of this STUD!!!!!!!!!!

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Okay, so here we go; get ready for a ROUGH hard ride! What we did to this poor straight guy will make your butt cheeks clench, lol. We filmed this over a year ago and have been holding-off on editing it because this guy Nate was just coming out of the closet. We helped Nate blow the doors of his closet in a big way! After he got his fill of our cocks, he decided that porn was something he loved and has since gone on to make a few other videos online. I like to think we broke him in. He can now take dick like a duck takes to water. This sexy previously-straight boy construction worker Nate used to send us hot video clips like the one here in the teaser and man it made us crazy that he wasn’t local. When he told us he had a construction job here in Boston we were thrilled! We met him after he got off work and took him to a local favorite pub in Boston called, Fritz. We had a few beers and then stopped by his place and started right in on him. Much to our surprise, he was itching to get fucked. Naturally being the nice guys we are we fucking nailed his sweet while boy ass. This guy has a ass like an anvil; the harder and faster we pounded, the harder and louder he got! We fucked him so hard and so long that this video is over an hour long. This one’s not for the faint of heart. He moans and yells so loud throughout that we had to cover his mouth the entire time. I know you guys will love this MEAN HARD explosive fuck video. Hey Nate, if you read this….WOOF, come back for more ass loving anytime.

xoxo Cole and Hunter

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33 Responses to “I’M STRAIGHT, BUTT FUCK ME ANYWAY!!!”

  1. Aaronlovescock says:

    Nate is gorgeous btw I’m straight an kinda been watchin gay porn an wanna get butt fucked.

  2. john says:

    Any chance on you two coming over to nova Scotia I’m a virgin and would love for you guys to take it.

  3. des moines says:

    When will u be stopping by does Moines Iowa would love to be butt fucked by two if u even tho am straight love u vidsss

  4. Edward says:

    If you to are ever in the southern states call me up I’m also strait but I’ve started watching gay porn and kinda wanna get butt fucked

  5. sexymex says:

    Nate is fuckin hot!!! I would fuck him n let him fuck me….n Cole n Hunter id like to fool around wit u guys if ur ever interested especially Nate! if ur in the Minneapolis, mn area or north of that

  6. Phan says:

    Hi guyz!! Just wanna say, “if I were a dude, I’d like to be like u guyz, SERIOUSLY!!” Yeah, I’m a girl and my first [gay sex] video was one of yours. U totally started me into liking this XD my boyfriend freaked out when I told him I knew how to fuck a guy and that I learned from u two. Lol

  7. cha says:

    when u come to indonesia? i’d love too

  8. matt says:

    Man i’d love to do hunter! Come to daddy!

  9. Ron says:

    Hey I’m a straight guy cum fuck my ass !

  10. Nate says:

    Omfg … I’m inlove with hunter -__- like ughhhh

  11. BrazilianStud says:

    Hey guys, are you from Boston?? Awesome! Me too!! awesome video and willing to meet you guys. Hit me up :)

  12. pinky says:

    call me all boy and fack me any time i am waiting your call pl call me all boy

  13. MANTOX says:

    Wow!! I really this,,,,,so hot!!!

  14. Smack says:

    You guys are fucking sexy as hell! Much love from Aurora, CO <3

  15. @metheoro says:

    I love you guys! :) Kisses from Brazil

  16. d says:

    I’ve been watching you guys since xtube, here is a piece of lady power represented! (yes, i am a woman). Keep the great work please, Nate is hot. If i am in Boston, would love to buy you guys a drink or two :)

  17. ash says:

    Just a small note from across the atlantic.

    You guys are hot, and extremely tempting. Such as shame you guys arent in london

  18. brock says:

    Man he is hot did he do more than one vid with you guys. If not i hope he cum back for more MMFM LUV !!!!!

  19. rics says:

    Have u ever visited Hungary guys? Try it next time :D

  20. rics says:

    He is an awesome guy. As awesome and sexy as Cole and Hunter. I love u guys very much

  21. fz says:

    when will you come to spain??! #amazing #likeit

  22. Troy T Scott says:

    Nate is GORGEOUS …and the vid is one of your very best , guys .It’s great Nate says you’re the best he’s had n I can quite believe it!!! You guys are so fucking sexxy …love ya always XXX

  23. pat says:

    WOW!!!!! what a HOT STUD had me hard from first sight!!!! wish I was fucking him 2 !!!!!

  24. Richard says:

    When do you come to Venezuela?… I love you guys!!!

  25. rangerdad says:

    This guy is so fucking hot. The three of you together is unbelievable. My dick is sore, my nuts are empty and I still haven’t made it to the end.

  26. Deano says:

    He’s fuckin hot alright

  27. teddhychavez says:

    oh nate is ho hot i want him!i love you nate.

  28. Oz says:

    g’day fella’s I have recently came across your clips, I can’t stop watching you guys in action. I’m an Australian bloke that would like to show you what I can do down under both of you two :-) cheer for the good wanking clips

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Here’s some sexy silly stuff that usually doesn’t make it into our vids!

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  1. Fernando says:

    live in Brazil u are hot guys ,like this movires wen you come to brazil ?
    Send me a message guys.. you guys are welcome to Brazil :)

  2. Joee says:

    U guys are fucking hot!!! Would like to do a vid with u guys

  3. Dmoney says:

    wow that looks like a lot of fun was had by you guys. But the best part was the kiss at the end…HOTT!!!!!

  4. Chrissy says:

    Hi Guys,

    I love your vids with the younger guys.

    What are the next vids who will come?

    Any guys here waiting for the vid with Cash…. When you will upload this vid???

    Thanks for your answer.

    Love you

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Thanks, Chrissy! I just uploaded a new video today called, I’m Straight, Butt Fuck Me Anyway. I don’t think we’ll be uploading anything from Cash. :) – Hunter

  5. AnthonioG says:

    Hi Cole and Hunter!
    I want to appear in one of those videos, maybe I can do much more than them! I am exciting and manly! Answer me.

    From Mexico!! XOXO

  6. Javier Duboc says:

    Je suis français, je vis au Brésil et je suis ici plein de cornée en regardant le beau cul de Hunter. S’il vous plaît venez au Brésil! <3

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      google translation: I am French, I live in Brazil and I’m here full of horny watching the beautiful ass Hunter. Please come to Brazil! <3

      Bonjour, Javier!! Thanks for the love and we hope to visit Brazil soon. Keep in touch!! :) – Hunter

  7. David says:

    in the cutting room floor video who is the tattooed muscular guy fucking the other muscle tattooed guy and there’s another guy behind them. that’s a hot scene, love the hand over mouth part.

  8. Ben - 42 yr - Have an important question says:

    Love you guys!!…. been jerking off to your videos for months now…

    Here’s my question – Married for 10yrs to female – haha…. but I want to bottom for the 1st time…. I have a co worker who seem interested….. what do I do to prepare myself…… never been with a guy but very curious and I want to try but don’t want it to be dirty and messy…. please let me know asap

  9. rangerdad says:

    Cole and Hunter, I really love these glimpses into the lives of my two favorite porn men. I don’t know if this is the best place to message you, but I had to try. I just finished reading your book. It is an inspiration for struggling entrepreneurs, a great love story, and sexy as hell. It has given me the courage to be more open and honest about myself. You were already my internet heroes and now you are an inspiration to my daily life as well. Thanks for keeping it real!

  10. Jonathan says:

    Hi! Im Jonathan from Argentina.. I loved all of your videos! I wanna be in one of this tapes.. If you travel around the world come and find me… I do everything in bed, and when i say everything, is everything.. Please reply this message.. Thank you!

  11. Boy_From_Baku says:

    Cole and Hunter, are you planning to come to any east country, for ex. Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia?

  12. Luis Martins says:

    That’s some seriously sexy track by Goldfrapp. Great music taste, besides the obvious hotness of you two. I’ll ben sending some pics and hoping we’ll meet in Barcelona soon.

  13. Matt says:

    Love the site …. very real hot sex … WE NEED MORE HUNTER … hot, hung, hairy, YOUNG!

  14. Boy_From_Baku says:

    Hi guys. I’m writing from Azerbaijan (old Soviet Union republic).
    I found you just by accident. And I’m really so glad to find you. I saw your some videos in porn sites, but now I’m in your main site.
    I really want to do sex with you and tape it, guys. But you’re so far from here :( .
    Anyway I wish you luck. Kiss you.

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Hey guys, I found this ancient footage of when Hunter would come over after school and the gym for his massage. I love giving him massages almost as much as I love getting them from him. Thought I would share this freebie video from the MaverickMen vault.

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24 Responses to “FREEBIE VID: REAR END RUB DOWN!!!”

  1. michael says:

    hunter just found your reply, sorry i mispelled mold.mole instead of mold, i was blown away and almost blew a load when i found your reply, meant every word…… can i send you a cell phone number and have you call me.

  2. michael says:

    hunter after god created your beautifull hairy voluptous round ass he broke the mole because he knew your ass is one of the many wonders of the world dam!do you guys ever come to jacksonville florida i would love rimming you hunter for hours as you were my last supper[smile]

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Haha this was awesome, thanks man!! We make it down to Orlando for Gay Days every June. Maybe we’ll see you then. :) – Hunter

  3. Chris says:

    You guys are great! While you are both incredibly sexy and your videos are hot, I am drawn to this site because the bond that you guys share between each other is inspirational to me. I hope to someday find a partner that complements me that way the two of you complement each other. Thanks for everything you bring!

  4. didier says:

    hi guys … Greetings from Costa Rica .. Here waiting for you ….
    The videos are very good …. I love your s cock…

  5. torrin says:

    u guys said u’d post the shadow vid back in Feb.. what happened?

  6. MikeAndIke says:

    What is the age difference between you guys

  7. Andres says:

    Love those feet!! amazing video guys

  8. Troy says:

    I love seeing into your past as well as the present ..reading your book right now n loving that too .Will follow you as long as you keep going xxxx

  9. brock says:


    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Thanks, Brock! Happy bunny day, to you. We won’t post the new Angelo vid for a few months at least. No, haven’t heard from Derek. :) – Hunter

  10. mickael says:

    After school ? How old is Hunter ?

  11. Kat says:

    Hunter was so young back then!

  12. Barebackarsefucker says:

    FUCKIN MAGNIFICENT!!! Hunter’s stunning Ass and Ass Crack deserve to be placed on an Alter for his Ass Crack Addicts to worship (serious about that…!!).How bout a heavy session where both your Cunts are Fucked..Rimmed and explored and licked to Fuckboi Pervfection??? Feed ur Perv Addicts more of the same Badbois…!!!!

  13. kyle says:

    Hunter looks like a baby in this lol, I’m jealous. That is a really nice fucking table. I don’t even have one that nice at the spa I massage at.

  14. rangerdad says:

    Thanks, guys. I never get enough of the two of you together. You are both such beautiful men. Hunter’s hairy ass is magnificent. Cole, I love the way you rub your hands all over his body. Love to see more!

  15. Rorz says:

    Hey you guys, this video is class and hunter is sooo cute. I would so love a cole massage and rub down for sure.
    As well as that dam i want thighs and a butt like hunters.
    love you guys

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