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February 21st, 2014

We love these sexy mofos! To this day, Benny and Carter are still two of the sweetest, most sincere, and all-around fun guys that we’ve met in the business. And fucking their muscle asses sure is FUN!!!







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  1. lucas says:

    Wish to find so sexu guys like you 3 there here in London there is not enough tops so it hard to find some1 for good sex maybe even more ,

  2. Fernando says:

    woof! hot guy ;)

  3. Chris says:

    Would love to see Carter and Benny Flip Flop each other

  4. lenin says:

    please more videos with carter :) . i really enjoy when you fuck him

  5. Logan says:


  6. Wilko Madera says:

    He’s so cute and sexy

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We had an amazing time last month in Chicago at the Purity Ball at Club Hydrate. The music was pumping, the cocktails were flowing, and the guys were fucking HOT (even though it was way below zero outside). We met so many fans and gave away autographed copies of our books and jock straps. Much to our delight, we met quite a few worshipers willing to get on their knees! And YES we did end up making an amazing fuck video with our new highly-skilled in the sack buddy, Trevor. Check out this little sneak peek and let us know what you think!









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  1. Wiscon_funguy says:

    When is this full video coming out?!? So amazing!

  2. MissMercury/Mercurina says:

    Oh my! Hottest guy I’ve seen for a long time (sneak peek)!

  3. Neil says:

    wow. who is that beautiful boy with the gauges and the jockstrap?? woof!

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Haha right!? He’s a super cutie deluxe that we met that night (along with his sexy as hell BF). We hope to seem them both again! :) – Hunter

  4. EVJ says:

    Man, I wish I could have met you guys while you were in Chi-town! You’re both incredibly sexy and I’d love to have some fun with you! I’ll definitely be looking for you the next time you’re here!

  5. Alex says:

    So hot watching you both go to town on him, cant wait to see the video.

  6. Wilko Madera says:

    U love it. Ustedes son lo máximo

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February 12th, 2014

Riley is BACK and hotter than ever! About three years, ago we did a seriously HOT nasty, sweaty, aggressive fuck video with Riley called, Ramming Riley (click link). We had just met Riley then and he was a newbie sex pup with a lot to learn. The one thing he knew he loved was aggressive men and that’s what we gave him; hard and verbally dominate ass fucking. He loved it then and he still loves and craves it now.

Riley is now three years older and more physically fit with a hot six-pack, hard, round hairy ass and strong legs. His tight and fit body was ripe for for another hot and hard fuck video. We were pumped that Riley asked to come back and shoot another video with us. You will love watching us own his sexy ass. We couldn’t get enough of eating the fuck out of his little muscle butt. His delicious ass and big thick cock kept us busy for hours. You’ll love all the beautiful penetration shots and awesome cum shots in this vid! Leave Riley some love under this post and tell him to cum back and make more videos with us!

xoxo Cole and Hunter








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12 Responses to “RETURN OF RILEY!!!”

  1. Orlando Harris says:

    Hot vidz sexy men

  2. mac says:

    Maverick-men tighter the better or looser the juicier! Who was the greatest fuck you ever had!

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      We love em all, Mac! We have a pretty rigorous screening process so by they time we get them here, they’re bringing their A game. :) – Hunter

  3. Reish says:

    guaaaoo !!.. como esta cambiado este chico.. que lindo esta !!

  4. TearyFantasy says:

    What a day! Never thought we’d see Riley again, but soooo glad he’s back.

  5. Ole Geezer says:

    Love the ass play. Yes, all of us Elders want Cole to get fucked! Cole rims, fucks, sucks, plows, but his turn to at the plate is here. I want Cole to screech in ecstasy when that young cock plows his “virgin” (in our perception) ass! Hoping a thick, 9″ dick takes his virginity!

  6. MissMercury/Mercurina says:

    Damn, it seems hot! The last video with Riley is one of my favourites!! Why is it always the most fragile looking guys who can take the hardest pounding?! :D I’m looking forward to seeing it sometime. Hugs!

  7. Luciano says:


  8. Luciano says:

    omg delicious ass,delicious dick,very nice,amazing this hole.

  9. WILLY says:


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February 10th, 2014



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3 Responses to “JOIN US IN PROVIDENCE, FEB 23!!!”

  1. mac says:

    Hey maverick-men have you kept in touch with gio, you should do another scene. Does he have a twitter ig or Facebook. The biggest ass ever on the site!

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      We do keep in touch with that sexy beast, Gio and he’s doing well. I get the sense that he’s retired from vids for the time being, but we always hope to get to hang with him again soon. I’ll let him know you were asking about him. :) – Hunter

  2. Rog says:

    FINALLY you guys are coming to the 401!!! Really hope to see you!!

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Hey guyz, here is a little peek at some stuff Cumming your way. We always love to hear from you. Let us know what you want to see!

xoxox Cole and Hunter

*****click on the vid above and get your dick out!!!








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  1. KYle says:

    Plz do it! Daddy needs to finally get what he needs best

  2. James says:

    Both those guys just ooze sex appeal and are extremely hot with both their good looks and confident attitudes. I made an assumption that they reserve their asses (if thats correct I think that is cool) for each other and the rest is an open relationship. I really would like to see Hunter do a wild fuck on Cole.

  3. Michael says:

    You are a bot top!, so lets complete the picture and se you take cock-cant wait Mmmmmm

  4. Brandon says:

    Can anyone give me a link to Cole get fucked page please

  5. Rob says:

    I love you guys even more now. You must be Britney Spears Fans i heard one of her unreleased songs playing in the background around 3:55:) It’s called Pull Out and it’s about bareback sex

  6. MissMercury/Mercurina says:

    So… How long do we have to wait to see you bottom Cole? You’re teasing your fans! ;)

  7. Kevin says:

    To answer your question Why do we want to see you get fucked…because, simply, it would be hot. Every member of this site has fantasized about it, now I think we’re ready to see it! Especially with Hunter’s beautiful cock up in there. Or, even better, Hunter and Davis.

  8. Aussie says:

    Fuck yes, Cole needs to take Hunter’s cock right now!

  9. xlee says:

    cole you should get hunter to wear tiny black gym shorts lay down the camera and hunter to do some squats will be so hot seeing him do that , better yet when his done doing that bend him over finger fuck his hole until its all wet and sticky from his hole and fuck the the shit out of him woof ! i sound to demanding sorry its a lil sexual fantasy i have lol :P love you guys ,

  10. Firms says:

    Because we like hairy bears bottomed, specially rough guys. Cole is very hot.

  11. Christopher says:

    Cole, you are one of the Hottest Tops I’ve ever seen. LOVE the way you fuck. With that said, only a good bottom knows how to be an awesome top. Let us see how you learned to be so good. Let us see you taking hunters cock!

  12. Robert Alvarez says:

    OK. So, Cole, I just paused the clip so I can honor your request, and post a comment stating why I would love to see you bottom.

    First, there is no question in my Mind that you are an oustanding top, as is Hunter.

    Second, when I was younger, and began watching porn, I would always fantasize about fucking the tops and being fucked by the bottoms. These days, I AM almost exclusively top, and have put feelers out there, but the last time I had cock in my hole was January, 2013. So far, no takers (or, rather, top fuckers). But that is OK, I have waited this long, and waiting a little bit longer is not a problem.

    So, it would be insanely, deliciously, amazingly HOT if you were fucked on video.

    Thank you.

  13. Tim says:

    First of all, it’s a pretty safe bet that if we are on your site, our dicks are already out. You don’t need to remind us. :) Now why do we want to see Cole bottom. Same reason we love to see Hunter bottom. Your asses are beautiful. It’s also the fact that seeing masculine, confident men bottom is a real turn on. I also think that knowing how much you and Hunter love each other, it would be much hotter than if it was just some random guy. I won’t beg because you know that we can’t love you guys more than we already do. <3

  14. VIPlister says:

    There is nothing hotter than a confident masculine man getting pounded… those are my favorite scenes…

    and while you are at it… I need WAAAAAY more videos of Hunter bottoming too, and playing with his ass… And close up shots of his hole… Just more of Hunter ass… Period. Hunter is one of my biggest porn crushes of all time… and you definitely don’t showcase that huge beautiful ass as much as it deserves. I just want to get as up close and personal with his ass as he gets with your guest stars when he has the camera. Just all up in it… please and thank you.

  15. MissMercury/Mercurina says:

    Cole, did you seriously not know that MANY of your fans want you to bottom, until now?

  16. Ray says:

    yes, Cole bottoming would be epic!

  17. John says:

    Oh my god Cole! Please do it!

  18. Neil says:

    Really can’t add much to what has already been said. C’mon Cole. You know you want to. Just do it!!!! Share the love with your man Hunter on camera and do the 180.

  19. asyuri says:

    Cole needs to be fucked hard and filled with lot of cum !!

  20. Travis says:

    Can never get enough of Davis!

  21. DD says:

    Would love to see Cole bottom again! His ass is too hot not to feature it more getting plowed. Here by way of QMN blog.

  22. Hayes says:

    Because everyone wanna see dat ass getting plowed man! ;)

    I think you should bottom for hunter and another brutal fucker at the same video in multiple positions including punish fucking u always do, moaning with an impeccable mixture of pain and pleasure ;) )

  23. Cristhian López says:

    Best shit ever see that

  24. Cristhian López says:

    see cole being fucked by a bigger man will be the best shit ever lol

  25. kentae says:

    I have been waiting forever to see Cole bottom. That is one of my fantasies

  26. PJ (Peyton James) says:

    Reasons Why Cole Needs To Be Bottom In The Next Video:
    1. Cole, you are the top of ALL tops. You’ve topped them all and I believe, it wouldn’t be fair if you keep making natural tops bottom for you ^^ jk its totally fair, but you get what I mean
    2. Your ASS IS LITERALLY IS ONE OF THE BEST I’VE SEEN, Hunter is very lucky to have slid his beautiful cock between your Boston cream ass cheeks, but it didn’t happen unless there are pictures or in your case… A video ^^
    3. I would love to see the face you make when there’s a cock in you, especially hearing your bottom moan as well (I’m getting hard just typing this.)
    4. You do not understand how much this would mean for your fans (including myself) to see you get pounded HARD! Watching someone fuck you as hard as you fuck those virgins lol It’ll bring you ALOT MORE FANS (Plus money because I would buy a shit load of copies to watch that)
    5. Its a new year, its time to try new things. It’s time for you to get FUCKED you delicious Boston Hottie. I would sit on your face but I rather you sit on someones cock now. ;)

  27. allan says:

    You have to post the video with the brazilian guy!

  28. Jordan says:

    As much as I enjoy seeing both of you pound the nice asses y’all pound (including the times you fuck Hunter), versatility is one of the hottest qualities, and seeing you switch it up and bottom on camera would make me cum quick ;) Either way, y’all are making the hottest videos, and I can’t wait to see these new clips!

  29. Brock says:

    It would be hot to see Cole bottom…(as well as Hunter). The two hottest and cutest guys out there going at it and seeing Hunters big cock going inside your ass would be so hot. Like you said, “It takes a REAL MAN to bottom”….go ahead DO IT!!!!!

  30. Magik123 says:

    I would love to see your Ass spread wide rimmed and finger before you should give it to Carter Jacobs.
    That would be fucking amazing follow by that sexy Mother Fucker Hunter.
    Fucking Do it.

  31. Héctor says:

    Of course ir would great to see you bottoming in a video. But what i think its more importante, its, that Hunters would love it. Because he realy loves you

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      YES!! :) – Hunter

      • Héctor says:

        :) , you see?, I have years waiting for my boyfriend does the same thing you are thinking now, it’s really hard, being loyal for las two years, because, he don’t wanna let me fuck him, and I accept his tha way because I love him. Good luck Hunter, Cole be a man, don’t be pussy, you will love it, specially with the beautiful, sexy mudoffucker hunter.

  32. Mike says:

    Never posted on your site before, but this would be hot to see.

    To get a little “soapboxey” for a moment, what a beautiful way to model healthy reciprocal sexual relationships for gay men (especially young gay men). While there are certainly people that don’t bottom for good reason (medical issues, sexual trauma, etc), I think in couples where those things aren’t an issue it (switching positions routinely) is a beautiful way to provide one’s partner (and audience ;) the full pleasure their body is capable of feeling as well as connecting in a different way. I know I will find you sexy in a hole (<– ha) new way when I watch you riding Hunter!

  33. Zach says:

    Will there be an order to these videos? Would love to see the curious guy get fucked

  34. Logan says:

    OMGGG!!! COLE YOU HAVE TO!!! Please it’s literally the one thing I’ve been waiting for, for so long. You have a really nice ass it’s so hot for us daddy lovers to see a hot daddy get fucked! There’s also none of you getting rimmed (I see some vines but never up close in a video). I’d honestly pay so much to see that it’s should be the video your working on coming up next!! Literally we all our such fans and thats the one thing we never got to see :(

  35. EVJ says:

    Oh man, you guys were in Chicago? I’d have absolutely loved to have met you! You two are so fucking hot. I’ve fantasized about being with you both for years! Watching Cole bottom would be incredibly sexy but I love watching him fuck as well!

  36. brian says:

    In my oppinion, Davis is the absolute hottest fuck you two have ever done, so he’s the one i’d like to see first.
    I want to see Cole bottom, mostly because we know he can dish it out, i want to see if he can take it too, i already rock hard just thinking about it

  37. Isaak says:

    I think it would be great for us as fans to share the experience of Cole bottoming for Hunter together as a family! It would be fucking hot, and you’re right, only real men bottom. ;) Also, all of the hot video previews. I could not handle it. haha

  38. Eloquentie says:

    Because you learned Hunter how to top. Let him show you what skills he gained over the years and let us enjoy som true erotica on this great site. Every man knows that the best porn has actors who genuinely enjoy the fuck. I believe you two love each other so much, and that will show on cam! Show us some love! ;)

  39. Mark says:

    Hell ya, I wanna see Cole walk the talk, plus I love flipping!

  40. benny says:

    Because there is nothing hotter than seeing a strong masculine top lose control and seeing him finally surrendering by enjoying getting banged up his colossal masculine ass like a hungry whore—don’t you find it to be the same?

  41. ncsuguy22 says:

    Don’t do it Cole! Your body! Your Choice! Lol.

  42. teddhy says:

    cos your vids is really great from all.just to see others skills of you cole .i love you guyz!

  43. Joe D says:

    Cole – I have been a fan since the Xtube days – all I can say is to finally see you bottom would be hot as hell! Been waiting a long time for it :)

  44. Harry says:

    Let me lay it on the line Cole- I love the Maverick Men, everything that you guys do is amazing but variety is definitely the spice of life. I wanna see some of that silver fox ass pounded. You’re such a fucking awesome top I would love to see that dick burried in your hole, because you can take it like a man! It’ll feel so fucking good and it’ll be something I’ll stroke to every fucking day.

  45. Forrest says:

    Because I’ll finally be inspired to send those nudes Ive been wanting to send your guys way

  46. Louie says:

    Come on Cole – put your big boy pants on and stick that sweet ass up in the air and let Hunter hunt you down, Try it you’ll like it…..

  47. Zach says:

    Who is the name of the last guy in the video..he looks familiar.

  48. kyle says:

    Yesssss cole should get some bottom and hot sneek peaks hott ♥!!!!!!!

  49. Tofu says:

    cause it would just see someone ravage u for a change =X what happened the marco video =(

  50. MissMercury/Mercurina says:

    Aww. So shy and cute. You show us another side of you already, Cole. :) *Hug*

    You ARE a great top, everybody knows that. But so is Hunter. Yet, he isn’t afraid of showing his bottoming skills as well. As you said in your video, “It takes a real man to bottom”. Then show us that you are a REAL MAN, just like Hunter!

    As you are finally starting to realize, you fans would LOVE it. We’d like to see if you can take it as good as you give it. It may also be the only way to shut us up about it (you can’t handgag or fuck us ALL with pineapples, hahaha). Look at this as a CHALLENGE! You’re the kind of person who likes a challenge, aren’t you?

    Hunter would love it. And he DESERVES it. It would be a great Valentine’s gift! And I bet your ass would be happy to get the attention as well!

    There. Everybody is going to be HAPPY! That’s the best reason. :)


    • Ceola says:

      Thats right Miss Mercury! Tell it like it T-I IS. Cole, show us that you’re a REAL MAN, like Hunter and stick that cute little ass in the air and BOTTOM! How soon can we see this video, tomorrow?

  51. Wilko Madera says:

    D E L I C I O U S

  52. bruce says:

    i would like to see the curious guy getting fucked….and cole you should bottom because you guys having sex is one of the hottest things ever so why not make it even more hotter and bottom cole? itll make us very happy dont you want to make us happy? lol

  53. Ceola says:

    why would we want to see cole bottom?

    WHY? B/C in the super hot/rough top, Cole’s, own words “We like to show tops how amazing it feels to bottom, when its done correctly, it’s heaven on earth, so yes I would have to say we like to turn strict tops into “top vers guys”.
    Ref: Maverick Men: #1 Amateur Couple on Xtube, 02/2013


    Bottom, Bottom, Bottom!

  54. Joe says:

    Would be one of the HOTTEST videos yet!

  55. Silas says:

    Because Cole…variety is the spice of life :) Come on man….. do it!! :)

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February 6th, 2014


Hunter and I were talking about this guy we met in Atlanta a while back. After looking all over for his pics, I finally found them. I forgot how amazing this situation was, lol. I won’t get into the details as to how we came to hang out with him, but let’s just say there was LOTS of beer and this guy could put them away. As you can see here he is 6’3″ and has a pretty hard body. Now it’s important to note that this guy did porn before and seemed pretty chill. He felt it important to tell us that he was a top only, as we clued him in on that fact we were both tops, as well. Several beers later, he asked if he could fuck us. I have to be honest, we did think he was hot but he smoked cigarettes like a chimney and he was a bit drunk, so we decided to pass on the ses. Then he kept bragging about what a big cock he had and so of course I told him to whip it out. I have to admit that it was pretty impressive. Fast foreword to many more beers all around and he asked us again if he could fuck one of us. He kept at it saying, “Come on, you will love it I swear,” blah blah ya know; the things all us tops say when we want some ass, lol. Then, because I was very buzzed I said, “Hey, since your cock is so big why don’t you go fuck yourself!?” He laughed and said that he would if I could, so I pressed the issue and convinced him to give it a try. Hunter was right there cheering him on and making him strip down. And then it happened! Much to our shock, surprise, and delight he indeed went and fucked himself! The mother fucker actually came in his own ass. His eyes were rolling back into his head as he SHOT HIS LOAD IN HIS OWN ASS!






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5 Responses to “GO FUCK YOURSELF!”

  1. Will says:

    Lucky guy!

  2. xlee says:

    mmmmmmm when that scene comes out my dick will explode a fountain of cum

  3. kyle says:

    The last pic, the face…. My sides!!!! :D

  4. Willy Madera says:

    Awesome!! Best Page ever!!!! Congratz Guyz

  5. mark says:

    Infairnes he is hot. Haha 3 of you will me nice to fuck me lol. I dont know if u receive my pic. Im from canada

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February 1st, 2014

We’ve been getting a lot of emails asking us to bring Chris Ryder back. Duh! We’ve got no problem with that! We LOVE us some Chris, lol. Y’all should remember Chris from his wildly-popular videos with us, Lean Mean Chocolate Teen and Chocolate Cream Teen. It seems that a lot of you just love to see us do the reverse oreo thing, especially with hot hung twinks like Chris. He is definitely one of our favorite fuck buddies. He knows how to give head and take dick like a champ! Chris is a vers top and has the fuck stick to prove it. He’s shy at first but when you get his thick, nine inch beautiful ebony joy stick all rock hard and dripping precum he comes right out of his shell. As a general rule, we don’t like double penetrating guys because with one wrong move and you can end the fucking for the night. And when we do it, we usually like to dp at the end of our fuck session. Well with Chris he insisted that we do it in the middle of our fucking and man he LOVED it (almost as much as we did)! Feeling my cock in his tight little hole as Hunter slid his fat cock in against mine was enough to make me blast my load right then and there, but we opted to hold off on the squirting until we completely ravaged sexy Chris Ryder’s ass to the fullest extent permitted by MaverickMen law, lol. You’re going to love this gem. I know this is a great fuck video because I had to beat off several times while editing it and that’s always a good sign.







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12 Responses to “FUCK ME, SIR!!!”

  1. Anthony Colletti says:

    So hot

  2. soso asmar says:

    its very nice fuk guys, love this site

  3. Tim says:

    Wow Nice Vid!
    When you will upload the Video with the Rio-Boy????

  4. mike says:

    Got a big bone out of me…. Love the Chocolate candy.

  5. AlfBeauregard says:

    Heyyyy. I love u guys Come to Mexico please. I wanna met u :)

  6. mac says:

    Hi maverickmen When are going to do the update with lucas weston! Ive been wanting to see that for a while!

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      It won’t be posted on this site, Mac. We shot that scene for another site we’re building. ;) – Hunter

      • Ticktokk123 says:

        When and what site can we see the Lucas Weston vid? We’ve been waiting for a while on this vid. Post a preview/teaser at least?

        • Cole & Hunter says:

          We plan to launch MaverickMen Directs sometime this month. We’ve been finalizing all the design stuff these past few weeks! :) – Hunter

  7. Emilio says:

    Luv You guys!!!! First coment! LOVE from México!!! <3 <3

  8. Wilko Madera says:

    Perfect video

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Mid Atlantic Leather in DC was once again a very fun time (IF, you like lots of leather-clad men running around in various states of nakedness with sweaty pits, big bulges and insatiable sex drives…and we DO!). Hunter and I met a ton of HOT newbie bondage and leather boys and some seriously sweet fans. We even met a couple of monster-cocked fans while we were there (see pic below). If you plan on going next year, we would HIGHLY recommend that you stop by the ManHunt booth. You cant miss it; it’s the booth with all the super fucking hot porn models standing around wearing nothing but ManHunt jock straps, lol. And in all honesty, that’s where Hunter and I usually spend the majority of our time. Why, you ask? Well, the models pass out free jock straps that you can only get if you let one of the super porn hotties strip you down to your birthday suit, then help you step into your jock. YES! It’s the hottest spot in all of MAL!

There were more willing bottoms offering up ass than we could possibly shake a leather strap at! We took our buddy Davis with us, you’ll remember him from Fuck Me Like an Animal and Horse Hung Hairy Hole. As always, we had a fucking blast with Davis (just you wait for the vid)! Thanks to all the awesome fans that came up to us to say hi. You made us feel very welcome and loved in the leather community. If you were at MAL and had a wild time, let us hear about it (leave a comment below)!

XOXO Cole and Hunter






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  1. Gayboy224 says:

    Loved the video but when will the video with Davis be coming out ?

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Thanks! Not sure exactly when we’ll post this vid. I suspect we’ll do it sometime this summer. :) – Hunter

  2. RJ says:

    I saw you guys at MAL, and I started to say hello, but got shy…and distracted. Kinky weekend that it was, I had my share of sex, fucking these two dudes at at a party, as well as some other kinky stuff, including some hot fisting. Next time I’ll be sure to say ‘hey”…

  3. Gabe says:

    HI MaverickMen!

    So I’ve been a longtime fan, though I don’t have the money for a membership. But I recently found the drunkgrindr youtube channel, and the two of you were there! So are you still doing that free hour promo, because I’d love to finally see some of your full videos?

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Thanks for the love, Gabe! Sorry, but that offer is no longer. However, we do frequently have “Caption These” contest on the site where you can win free time among other things. So keep an eye out for those! :) – Hunter

  4. BJ says:

    You guys totally showed what it’s like to attend MAL… It’s all about having FUN! I spent almost 20 years in DC, and started going to MAL in 1999… never missed a year. Even though DC on the surface seems like a conservative city, let me tell you, it’s not by a longshot, especially in the close-knit leather community. The guys (and girls, don’t forget) are so open and welcoming, something that kinda gets lost in other towns. They are who they are, and actually there to help, teach, party, give, and yes, FUCK!

    I urge anyone to attend… you will not be disapointed! (Now I wanna move back!)

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      I couldn’t agree more, BJ!! I was REALLY looking forward to coming back to MAL this year because we had met SO many amazing people the last time. I’m not so much into leather but I LOVED being surrounded by so many enthusiasts that were so eager to answer any questions. YES, I too strongly encourage anyone to attend! :) – Hunter

  5. Marlowe says:

    Oh wow. My ass and cock make an appearance and are deemed ‘fuckable’ and I didn’t even notice you guys. Had to be told by a friend since this was his ‘pre-wank’ material. Somehow that makes it more hot. Keep up the good work.

  6. Billy says:

    It was so great meeting you Hunter!!

  7. Wilko Madera says:

    Delicious pictures

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