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September 16th, 2013

Hey Cole and Hunter,

I know I’m one in thousands, millions, billions [;)] of fans writing to you for the same reason(s), but the urge to write you was just to great to pass up. I’ve kept up with you guys for a couple of years now, and obviously never tire of watching your videos. The vision you guys have is always so dynamic, and includes such a broad spectrum of men, sex, and the like.

I live in Mexico City now, but am originally from Tennessee, though I’m Mexican by birth (very long story). As you may imagine, living in Tennessee… was living in Tennessee; something along the lines of martyrdom. The good ‘ole South: where gays are, oh so going to Hell and where high school students can’t write an entry in the yearbook about being gay (otherwise the students threaten to walk out during graduation). Where preachers and school board members take to their blogs spreading messages of hate, when it would be wiser, and more productive, to spread messages of acceptance… When I lived there, I programmed myself to always suppress two parts of me: being Mexican, and being gay.

This is where you guys come in. Surfing/creeping around the internet, I stumbled across your site, and was immediately hooked. I’ve often contemplated what it is about your site that fascinates me. There are hundreds, thousands, of websites with blogs and sex videos, and yet, they don’t have this same gripping quality that you guys have. I’ve come to the conclusion that it is, in fact, the message that you guys spread with your site. I think it transcends sex, quite frankly. This message of: it’s alright to be thin, muscled, latino, smooth, hairy, asian, young, blonde, blue, green, purple, yellow… It might sound silly, but to people like me, it is really inspiring. I can move past the massive church crosses on the highway, and move into a place where I can be free; and most importantly: be me.

Where I live now is a different jungle altogether, and the future looks bright. Many thanks to both of you. Keep doing what you do.

P. S. Sorry for using so many colons and semi-colons.


Yours was one of the most inspired and eloquent messages we’ve received all year. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to tell me your thoughts and feelings about our videos and about Your message made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And by the way, yes you’re right; we get zillions of messages and that’s why it’s taken me so long to read and respond to this awesome message (sorry for the delay). We always try to answer every message, and eventually we do, and I’m glad we do. I would hate to miss a heart-felt message like yours.

We sometimes forget that people watch us for more than just the sex. They seem to love a window into who we are as a “normal” couple. I am soooo happy that you stepped up and reminded me of that important fact. It’s awesome that you can see that all people have something hot to offer no matter their race or any of that other bullshit. All people should be admired for who they are, not what they are!

mucho xoxo Cole and Hunter


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5 Responses to “THIS IS WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO…”

  1. cliffk says:

    I loved his note but I have to say, you miss out on a big group of guys you entertain….those of us over 40…we watch you guys as well and WE wish you would do to us what you do to the hot young guys you show. Maybe, MAYBE, just once, you guys would show some equality to us guys over 40 who would love to be abused by you two hot men……But, I guess that’s just a dream that will never happen

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      C’mon now!!! We have ALWAYS maintained that sexy comes in all shapes, sizes, shades and AGES. The guys we fuck in our videos have written to us to star in a video. We don’t solicit a certain type (or age). They find us. Maybe YOU need to send in your pics and info and step up to the plate (and our cocks)!?! :) – Hunter

  2. Aaron says:

    This really is a heartwarming message.I truly understand how he felt when he was living in Tennessee.Southern States are still some of the most racist place any person of color can live.It is mind -blogging to see that in 2013 racism is soooooo very much Alive!!!. I hope one day that will change but,itwill not be anytime.A prime example this pass Sunday the first Indian Amercia was Crowned Miss America,within an hour after her crowning racist people got on tweeter an tweeted all of racist messages full of hothing but hate.Mant that is so so sad

  3. Aaron says:

    Man,That is really an heartwarming messsage.I understand fully what he suffer.The South is Full of racist people.Hopefully one day that will change.But I don’t think it will be anytime soon. I wish him will.It is so sad that someone get treated so unfair.I still live in the South an have to deal with anti-gay B/S. Man, you guys are so lucky to live up North.I hope one day to move there Luv you guys stay sweet an safe Aaron

  4. Angel Soto says:

    You guys are su fucking amazing and so hot, hope someday you can come to Mexico, and fuck me, i love you so much

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September 13th, 2013

Four horned-up guys were trapped in a hotel room during the biggest hurricane in US history with just the bare essentials to survive: two bags of potato chips, a case of beer, a big bottle of lube, and a video camera!? Oh, and did I mention that two of the guys were MaverickMen? What on earth would the outcum be!? Well, you’ll just have to see for yourself. Cum check out this hot Latin gang bang Maverick style. Watch Hunter and myself tap some sweet tight ass while Little Wolf furiously beats his big uncut meat while waiting for his turn. You should definitely check out this historic Hurricane Sandy ass-wrecking fuck vid. Grab your lube, rain coat, rubber boots and batten down the hatches to beat your meat before you get blown away.

xo Cole and Hunter







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12 Responses to “HURRICANE GANG BANG!!!”

  1. Bernardo says:

    P.S. When will this one be out in DVD? Little Wolf is SOOOOOOOOOO hot!! Waiting for Carter Jacobs DVD too.

  2. Bernardo says:

    Is this Hurricane DVD available yet at AMVC? How about the one with Carter Jacobs?

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Neither of those videos are on DVD yet. Haha and no, I’ve never shaved my legs. What are you talking about? :) – Hunter

  3. Robert says:

    What an amazing video. Great work guys. The guy little Wolf has the most beautiful hairy ass crack Ive ever seen. I wouldn’t just lick his ass, but id sniff it too…its so lovely. This video reminds me why im single without a girlfriend and dont have any kids….I now know why I finger my own ass and taste my own cum. Great video lads. x

  4. Tommy says:

    Hot. Why a year later?

  5. patrick says:

    WOW!!!! wish I was lucky to be “stuck” in a hotel room with ALL of you!!!!!!!!

  6. njguy2221 says:

    HOT VIDEO GUYS!!! Wish I spent the hurricane like that….no power for 9 days!!!
    wanna know from the bottom who had biggest dick? and best fuck style??


  7. kevin says:

    I loved this video.also are y’all still working on a second book?

  8. Mark says:

    A 4 load flick – excellent

  9. marco says:

    so hot!!!

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September 9th, 2013

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  1. Jay Seidon says:

    That was really cute!!! Love you guys XOXO

    Little Wolf

  2. MissMercury says:

    Aww Hunter! You look adorable with tousled hair!

  3. lukas says:

    could u guys ever do a video maybe of a latin boy with a bubble butt and spank him pls it would be very much appriecated by us spanking loves out there

  4. Earl says:

    Hahaha! My favorite! I forgot about that! “Stop I got a bad headache, I just wanna feel normal again!” “Don’t bite the nuts!” that turned into a good video ;)

    Love you guys! xoxo

  5. Raymond says:

    What you’re witnessing is the old, “‘scratch them in front of the ear” technique number 47, for distracting and deflowering virgins.

  6. Raymond says:

    Game of Bones: King -”Did you just FART ?? Queen – “Why, does it Smell like your Brother ??

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September 7th, 2013


Here we go again! THREE chances to win! Best caption for each pic gets a jock strap and a just-released DVD. You’ll know you’re the winner if we add your caption to the bubble (and we’ll shoot you an email, too). Contest ends when we say it ends, lol. So hurry up and leave your comments below!

(Goes without saying but: you MUST be 18 or older to enter…and you shouldn’t even be here if you aren’t 18 or older!)



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  1. Gary says:

    Photo 3: Ass Eater” It’s official! I can taste what you eat. Recipient: How is my burrito lunch?

  2. John says:

    Pic #3 Rimmer: ‘I said I was going to the kitchen to EAT a salad, not TOSS one!”
    Rim-ee: “Works every time.”
    Pic #2 ‘Woof! I know where I wanna bury my bone now!”

  3. Gary says:

    Photo 1: I can’t believe dragons came out that hole. It is like a cavern. Queen: Do you hear an echo?

    Photo 2: I wonder what Maverick would look like in my banana suit singing the “peanut butter and jelly” song.

    Photo 3: Your ass provides me all of the daily nutrients that I need.

    • Gary says:

      Photo 3 revised: Recipient: I will do anything to ensure that you are well nourish. Ass licker: Your ass provides me with all of the daily nutrients that I need.

  4. College Kid says:

    Not sure if I can post twice but I thought of another funny one for Game of Bones: Drogo says “I love your long blond hair.” Geoffrey replies “So does my uncle.”

  5. John says:

    Pic #1 Game of Bones: Khal Drogo: You’re balls are as big as mine Khaleesi!!
    Joffrey: Teehee they’re my dragon eggs!

  6. Eric Wilde says:

    Game of bones : top: this has never happened to me before .” Bottom ” Haha such a disappointment guess we could “cuddle” *shudder*”
    Family gay: cant wait to show Louis what I found under stewies pillow. I always new it was a matter of time until he came out.
    Dinner time: Rimmer ” how many licks does it take till you get to the center of a oh oh” rimee” oh oh oh oh my god why can’t my girlfriend eat me like this.”

  7. Jordan says:

    Photo 1: (Giver) – “You wanna feel this cock-y?” (Receiver) – “You betta work bitch!”
    Photo 2: I guess humans do understand why dogs sniff each other like that….
    Photo 3: (Giver) – “You taste so sweet! (Receiver) – “I knew sitting on that popsicle would pay off!”

  8. College Kid says:

    Picture 1: Game of Bones – The muscle man says “Khaleesi, you are much tighter than I remember.” And Geoffrey replies, “I love tricking straight guys!”

    Picture 2: Family Gay – Brian says, “I wish I were as cute a puppy as Hunter…”

    Picture 3: The Regriga-Gay-tor – I think it’s Bradley standing up here, but either way, the one being licked is thinking “Lettuce toss the salad!” The lucky ass-licker is thinking “Needs more of this creamy Italian”

  9. Justin says:

    Photo 3:
    Giver: Nom Nom Nom
    Receiver: (to himself) Oh God, Oh God, don’t fart.

  10. Shane says:

    Photo 2: “I’ve always been a fan of doggy style”
    Photo 3: “eatin good in the gayborhood”

  11. Jeff says:

    I’ve almost got a bite on it…

    Hurry up and get that pickle! Who said it was “SMALL*?

  12. CThrillHottie says:

    Want to see the vid that has that last pic!

  13. Frank says:

    1. A. Yeah please your queen. B. wait so I’m not doing the king
    2. They give a new definition to doggy style
    3. A. Do you like that B. just how daddy use to make it.

  14. gage says:

    1: top”I’m tearin that ass up!” Bottom”if only your dick was as nice as your body
    2: Brian “I think its time to join stewie and herberts team”
    3: guy w/ hat “so much for defrosting that t-bone” rimmer”you ain’t eating and ruining my meal this time”

  15. John says:

    #3. Wait, your name isn’t Kennedy carter? ………

  16. Ian says:

    Game of Bones

    Top (Khal Drogo): I’m gonna put you to bed.
    Bottom (Joffrey): I AM NOT TIRED!!!

  17. John says:

    #1 “Khaleesi, me like anal sex! Good idea!”
    “Yes, …of course..thats right…I’m your… Khaleesi…. Certainly not Joffrey or anything…we Targaryans love it up the ass!! Keep Going!!
    #2 HA!!! I knew Stewie was gay! Hiding this under his crib…eww! sticky page! ewww!
    #3 Guy #1 “YESSS!!! I’m the front man of the new Human Centipede!!”
    Guy #2 “This better fucking get me into the SAG!”

  18. AZSPYDER says:

    ” It’s SO TASTY TOO !! Just like CANDY !!”

  19. Mark says:

    1. Slave- Nasty, You need to read ASK COLE for his help. Queen – God Im a bitch!
    2. So that’s what you do once you sniff and lick the butt!
    3. Kneeling guy- Just a taste, a little more , a little more , dam this is good – Frat guy- I give him 3 , no 5 , no 10! almost as good as Cole and Hunter

  20. Oscar says:

    First pic: “the best way to start my day… milk from maverick”

  21. raymond says:

    for the Game of Bones – King – “Did you just FART???” Queen – “Why, does it SMELL like your Brother ?!!”

  22. raymond says:

    guy eating ass- “I thought you said it was ASS Day, not Trash day…” Guy getting eaten – “He’ll do ANYTH
    ING to get out of Cooking!

  23. raymond says:

    The dog says, “Maverick mag is enough to give this old dog a BONE-R!

  24. Kentuckyvers says:

    1. “Yeah this bitches pussy is good”. Girl thinking and laughing inside “stupid mother fucker doesn’t realize that’s my asshole. Good thing my hair is covering my cock”
    2. “Fuck doggy style. I want to get fucked maverick style”
    3. “I’ve almost got it”. “Why the fuck did you stick that cucumber up there anyway? I said toss my salad. Not make a salad inside my hole!”

  25. Eric says:

    1.) Girl: You shall invade through the rear!! Guy: Yes my queen!!
    2.) Ahhh!!! Stewie I found this book is it yours?
    3.) Guy on top: I thought you ordered take out? Guy on bottom: Yes, yes I did!!!!

  26. Ken says:

    Pic #2: “Hmm….the one’s grey but i don’t see where the fifty shades come in…”

  27. colby christopher says:

    1. Bottom: Who’s your queen?
    Top: Oh shit, put the bag back on your head!

    2. Brian: Now that’s doggie style!

    3. Back: Why do you taste like cherry?
    Front: The last dude was wearing chapstick.

  28. Josh says:

    pic 1. “Once you go Dothraki you’ll never go back” “Wow I think he stretched me so much my entire uncle Tyrion can fit in there”
    pic 2 “If the Maverickmen said it, it must be true. That bird is fact the word…woof
    pic 3 “Damn he found my jolly rancher stash” “Mmm Cherry”

  29. George says:

    caption this; second picture with the dog reading your book. “hmm, I wonder if these boys do doggy style?’

  30. rob says:

    photo 2: When Hunter sniffs Cole’s ass.. woof!
    photo 3: “mmmm” ” dude, I said warm up the oven!”

  31. Jared says:

    Top – Yea…take that fuckin’ cock boy!
    Bottom – Is it in yet? All this pounding and can’t feel a thing!

  32. Kevin says:

    3: I was gonna find something in the fridge. Fuck that, I’ve got all I can eat right here!

  33. Howie says:

    photo 1 “you arent as tight as your brother!”

  34. Howie says:


  35. Jamie says:

    2: Yeah, give the dog a bone!

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September 5th, 2013

You know that you love that big Italian muscle ass! And so do we! That’s why we want to share our large Italian stallion Angelo with you. Check out this hot and handsome, jacked-up piece of meat in the two vids we’ve made with him, Hard Core Muscle Fuck and Muscle Fuckers.

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12 Responses to “MORE MEATY MUSCLE BOYS!!!”

  1. Marnus says:

    Hi MaverickMen

    U guys are hottest guys ever I always watch ur videos this one is so hot.

  2. Zico says:

    Ever since I’ve been watching porn, I’ve been fantasizing about you guys… I’m 19 and still fantasize about you. If you ever travel to Cape Town, South Africa, hit me up cause I would fucking die to do a vid with you guys.

  3. Chad says:

    Would you guys consider coming to Louisiana and taking turns on my tight ass? I will send you pictures if you reply to my email.

  4. Rocko says:

    Fuck yeah! If you guys visit Mexico I wanna be part of ur videos!! Pls consider

  5. Tim says:

    If you’re going to Mexico, you could make a quick stop in Houston. We have some hot boys here who would Love to show you their Southern Hospitality. :)

  6. Marc says:

    The more I watch these videos, the more turned on I get. You fuck some beautiful asses and I hope you would like to fuck mine :)

  7. Alex says:

    we would like u abusing those muscle guys…. like to see them making long season strip + posing dance for u ..enjoying them
    continu using plastic dildos on this muscle , they deserved it

  8. Joey D says:

    Do you ever fuck guys with small dicks???

  9. Héctor says:

    When i see you in action, i just think about, when you gonna come to México?, of you think about it, just let me know. One of this days, I’ll, sent to you an videoinvitation…. Love guys, you rocks…. I want you rock my body

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September 4th, 2013




***I’ve notified all winners via email. If you see your caption above and didn’t get the email, please check your spam folder. Thanks! – Hunter

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3 Responses to “CONTEST WINNERS!”

  1. michael says:

    question how easy and popular is for a guy who is bottoming to have a hands free orgasm while being fucked I’ve never expirenced one while being fucked though I have expirenced one whil be rimmed I ask this question because seen many fuck videos including you.ll where the bottom is having their brains fucked out qnd they always come while jacking off when being fucked

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      In our experience, obtaining a hands-free orgasm is a matter of taking the time for the bottom dude to find the right position. It’s actually not that difficult and just takes time and communication. – Hunter

  2. MissMercury says:

    Hear hear!

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August 31st, 2013

We were recently hanging out with our favorite little (not so little any more!) muscle pup, Carter Jacobs. One night, as we were pulling into a friends drive way we decided that Carter was spending to much time on his cell phone looking at pussy so we punished the straight outta him, lol. I was going to trash this footage because it’s so dark, but it’s still kinda hot and funny so I thought we should share it with y’all. Hope you get a kick out of it.

XO Cole and Hunter


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  1. Sean says:

    Would love you guys to do more public fun. Soo hot

  2. David says:

    I love car play. I would love to see more of these

  3. Nick says:

    I would to do him

  4. Javier says:

    I have to say… I LOVE CARTER!! Ever since I first saw him in one of your videos and then started seeing more of him… I want him… in my bed… will you let me have him for a while? :P

  5. DaniBoy says:

    Hey Dudes. I enjoy all ur videos. you´re the best on web… kisses and huges from VENEZUELA. Don´t stop the party! Yeaaah

  6. fausto grant says:

    hola deberian hacer algo en latinoamerica especificamente en mexico me encanta su pagina estan hermosos los dos

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      loose google translation: hello in Latin America should do something specifically in mexico I love your page are beautiful both

      Muchas gracias, Fausto! :) – Hunter

  7. David18 says:

    love those random videos.. xoxo from colombia

  8. mikah777 says:


  9. mikah777 says:

    Carter Jacobs is the hottest guy in your site, aside from the two of you. Would love to see more of Carter and will let my friends know that you have the hottest gayporn site, Thanks a lot.

  10. tonyx says:

    please upload more fucking videos in your place,would be great a gangbang o something groupal

  11. teddhychavez says:

    always my fav carter with you guyz morehot fucking and scuking vid from 3 of you guyz.thanks i cum again.

  12. Jay says:

    YEEEES!!! We love this stuff! Carter is unbelievably delicious. And so is Car-head. This is the best kind of video

  13. jad says:

    Carter looks like my straight crush <3 this video was so freakin HOT, moreee plzzz !!

  14. Joey says:

    Oh hells yeah, friggin sweet and wicked hot

  15. Aaron says:

    Yea, I was wondering is he really Straight? Because I have always believe a real straight would never ever do anything with another guy, an surely HE would never let someone film him giving another guy a blow-job. Do you guys REALLY BELIEVE HE IS STRAIGHT? I live in the bible-belt which is anti-porn, antigay, just about anti anything that is sexual!!!!! Yea, I am a gay guy myself, but very, very in the closet. You just about have to be if you live in the south. Luv you guys, Stay safe an sweet!!!!!!!!

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Yeah, religion is the key here, Aaron. I don’t doubt that the straight dudes down in your neck of the woods wouldn’t be so forth coming with their hidden desires. Fortunately for us, the bible isn’t so popular up here and regardless of what Carter “is”, we love him as a friend and support him. Besides, when you look like Mr. Jacbos, I don’t really give a fuck what you need to call yourself so long as I get my tongue in that butthole!! Woo hoo! :) – Hunter

      • Aaron says:

        Thanks,Hunter for your comments. I want you to know that I am a real fan of Carter.I hope you did not think I was hating on Carter, It just so different when you live in the south.It is not easy being gay in Southern State.Man can really get hurt here, there is so much gay bashing here.Most of the time people have to stay in their homes just to keep from getting your Ass kick !!!!!!!!

  16. rod says:

    I loved it I wanna see more vids like this, awesome

  17. james says:

    sorry left my comment under ask cole. new to this site. love all you do. thanks so very much.

  18. Jack says:

    I just saw your interview with James and Peter on YouTube! #sexalent! :)

  19. Jay Seidon says:

    Hahahaa that’s my little BIATCH lol I LOVE CARTER BRO hahahaha

    Jay (Little Wolf)

  20. Logan says:

    Omg by far the hottest thing i think you ever posted.. when you randomly start rimming his asshole so fucking hot!!

  21. Dale says:

    Love everything you guys do, but the straight guys are the best!

  22. Joe says:

    Please !!!!! More!!!!!! So fucking hot!!!!!!

  23. Mark says:

    Always enjoy you guys having fun.

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August 31st, 2013



All I want for my birthday is your ass. I don’t want a birthday cake! Lol. I have a question though. If I were with a guy, is it better to eat his ass knowing that he showered one hour early? Please explain. Because, what if he showered in the morning and we have sex at night? I’m also literally jerking off thinking of being sandwiched by you two! I can’t believe I just discovered you guys!


Jesus, you are all over the place! Did you add too much vodka to your coco puffs this morning!? Listen, you are OBVIOUSLY a newbie to sex, lol. If you’re going to RIM an asshole, don’t just pull the guy’s pants down, bend him over, and chow away. Hopefully there will be some foreplay before you bury your face in his man cooch. Start off by kissing and some low key stuff. When you do get to sucking his dick, hold the shaft with your right hand as you suck and casually cup his balls with your left. Slide your left index finger (your pointing finger) up behind his balls and past his taint around to his butt hole. Casually change hands and sniff your finger, lol. If it smells like sunshine and rainbows, then dive in.


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23 Responses to “ASK COLE: BUTT BUFFET?”

  1. Benny says:

    You are more than welcome, Hunter—wish I could do more to thank you. You are THE MAN.

    Benny boy

  2. Benny says:

    Hey. I gave it a shot, but didn’t go through with it, thanks to you, Hunter—guy I with wasn’t a true believer in your lick it before sticking it and priming my hole—gave about two slurps and then tried to ram my hairy manhole—let’s not even think he cared about taking it slow—I am so glad I got your advice, great guy. starting to think that I should hold out for older and more experienced experts, like you two. Do you think older guys will be more likely to make this a good experience for both of us and not just the pouncer? Any advice appreciated.


    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Good sex is all about honest communication, regardless of age. Sounds like you want to have good brain sex before you jump in the sack (and I couldn’t agree more). Conversation is THE best foreplay. Find a guy that’s comfortable talking about sex and you’ll find the dude that’ll pound you out good. :) – Hunter

      • Benny says:

        As always, Hunter, you are the man. Shit! You are so wise—must have learned a lot from Cole, the master, I am guessing—like you can see right through me and know just where I am coming from—wanting the hell pounded out of my hairy cherry manhole, but wanting to be sure I really enjoy it so that it can be the first of many, many hard bouncings in my ass in the future. I am young and have a lifetime of bangings up my hairy mantwat to come—again, thanks for setting me straight—you are the best man. I will keep you posted—you sure are the go to MAN. Thanks so much for everything


        • Cole and Hunter says:

          Thanks, Benny boy :) always here for ya ;) – Hunter

          • Benny says:

            Thanks, again, Hunter, for your vote of confidence. You really know how to ground me not sell myself cheap. You see, I am practically a clone in what I want to give and get to your friend Gio. He is what I am inside, and seeing how happy is doing it with you and Cole, naughty and getting it naughty and rough tells me, like you said, to not blow it the first time so that I will have a shitload of happy tales and great experiences and kinky rough adventures in my future. You are THE BEST man and can’t thank you enough. Benny boy

          • Cole and Hunter says:

            That was very sweet to wake up to, thank you. :) – Hunter

  3. F says:

    It would be really awesome of you guys to head up to Montreal! It’s Canada’s Sin City after all :) AND not to mention, its a short drive from Boston or NYC. Me and my fine ass would love to show you too men around! xxx

  4. kyle says:

    I want to see Hunter rim Cole and pound his Cole hole. I would pay good money. I would pay with my twink bum.

  5. Benny says:

    You are the hottest guys I have ever seen in action–my question: my hairy hole is still cherry. Will it make for a better busting, if I am rimmed and chowed out first or does it not matter?

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      You gotta lick it before you stick it!!! Hell YES you need that cherry hairy hole primed before you pump! Let us know how it goes. :) – Hunter

      • Benny says:

        Thanks Hunter! Obviously I am a nervous wreck, but so excited at the thought that I drip there when I think of it—I knew you would set me straight–you are the best! I will insist on a long chowing then or resist, period—another quick question: everyone tells me to push my hole out when I get busted—good advice? I afraid I will fart if I do this. Your thoughts will be so appreciated, great guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Cole and Hunter says:

          Don’t push! And don’t clench your hole, either; your first time is gonna be all about going slow, listening to your body, and understanding how you like things to happen. SLOW! After that, you can push and grunt and spin and spit, woo hoo! – Hunter

  6. Silas says:

    Cole- I love that picture of you. (not the sponge bob one), :) The one with you on the phone. It is such a handsome photo of you. :)

  7. Sean says:

    Why don’t you guys ever breed in any of your videos?

  8. Mauricio says:

    Hola!!, muy buenos vídeos… saludos desde Chile, ojala algún día filmen un vídeo por estos lados XD

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      loose google translation: Hi!​​, Very good videos … greetings from Chile, hopefully someday a video filmed around here XD

      Muchas gracias, Mauricio!! :) – Hunter

  9. james says:

    everything you do is fine with me. i do not like all studio stuff. So glad to see you are the real deal and not studio. poor light just adds to real for me. I love you guys wish i could be there in person. Look forward to every update. keep it real, yes please.

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