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  1. eded says:

    come to Panama

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September 30th, 2013

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9 Responses to “LOVE FROM CUTIES…”

  1. Stu says:

    I know these guys! You must have been in Denver!

  2. Fernando says:

    love u videos guys. when u come to brazil? :P

  3. Alán says:

    Hey guys!!! you’re so fucking hot

    Hunter! You’re my dream come true. I love your ass!!! :B

    You should come to Mexico soon.

    I’m sure you’ll love it

    Alán :3

  4. Carlos says:

    I just love your videos. You guys are the best. Love from Brazil. =) <3

  5. hey says:

    love you guys

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September 29th, 2013



Hey, need some advice. I cum too quickly. Is there anything I can do so that I last longer? Is that what cock rings are for…?


NO that’s not what cock rings are for; cock rings are a kind of tourniquet to hold the blood in your cock shaft to help you maintain an erection longer. Here are a few things you can do to last longer before you pop your load:
* Wear a condom
* Put a drop of numbing agent like Ambesol in your condom before you slip it on (only do this if you wear a condom!)
* Jerk off 15 to 20 minutes before you have sex
* Stop when you feel yourself getting close swap to some foreplay
* Practice edging, learn the signs and language of your cock, stroke till you’re ready to cum then stop, and then repeat and keep doing that till you learn to control it with your hand and mind (practice makes perfect!)


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6 Responses to “ASK COLE: CUM TOO QUICK”

  1. YoungBoy29 says:

    When are you coming to Columbus?

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      No plans yet. If/when we do, we’ll shout about it here and post the dates on the “Fan Zone” page. :) – Hunter

  2. Fernando says:

    Hot cock! love this videos!
    see ya ! >.<

  3. Samuel says:

    Guys love the site and your videos, I really think you should come to Brazil and shot some videos here

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September 25th, 2013

THIS is one very hot fuck video! If you like to see two guys pump and penetrate a delicious hairy hole hard and fast, then this ones for you. We did this video a while ago with our favorite fuck buddy, Davis. We’ve done two other videos with him; Horse Hung Hairy Hole and Fuck Me Like an Animal – both pretty awesome fuck videos. Last year I leaked three images from this video and they all went viral via tumblr in a big way. We hope you enjoy this new Davis video and share your love with us about this horse-hung haired-hole hottie. Have fun stroking to this beautifully sticky fuck vid.

xo Cole and Hunter







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14 Responses to “HAIRY HOLE PUMPERS!!!”

  1. fernando says:

    u guys fucking so hard ! mmm!!
    I want these dick in my virgin ass, contac me when you guys come to Brazil! :P

  2. Lair says:

    Eu quero fuder com vocês dois, Cole e Hunter.

  3. Dazza_au5 says:

    HOT! HOT! HOT! Davis certainly is a horse-hung haired-hole hottie! Everything about this man is just so sexual. Always love cumming while watching Davis and you guys getting busy. Keep up the good work.
    P.S. You guys should come down to Sydney and get your fuck on.

  4. Benny says:

    Wow….seeing you three and how you give it and take it makes me happy I am holding out for the best experience at my hairy hole and mouth—I was instantly leaking at both my hairy hole and peehole from the very beginning—as I say, wow…..

  5. JC says:

    Hi guys! Hot video! I often see what looks like you going bare cock from ass to mouth. Is that safe? Do you actually wipe off in between and just now show it? Just curious as I have seen this more and more here and in other videos and have always wondered. Hot stuff as usual :)

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Thanks, JC! Yes, you def need to wipe of your wand after it’s been in butt (regardless of what you do with it after. In fact, you should always piss after ass fucking, too.). We do wipe after, you just don’t always see it maybe. :) – Hunter

  6. Bernardo says:

    I just love his hairy butt and legs.

  7. Aaron says:

    Man,Oh yeah,Davis is a hottie.Hunter I was wondering willl the vid teaser that you guys post of Andy go live?.I think that was his name.It was one of the three teaser that was post about two years ago. It was before Davis an Caleb vid with live. He was a blone hottie.An are you guys still i n touch with him.I sure would love to see that vid!!!!!!!

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Glad you liked this, A! Yes, I think I know who you’re talking about and yes I bet we’ll have that vid posted before the new year. :) – Hunter

  8. Jay Seidon says:

    That was fucking HOT!! I had to beat of my meat twice in a row because of this sexy fucker & his gapping hole WOOF!!! WOOOFF!!!

    Little Wolf

  9. B says:

    you need to get more gaping holes in your videos like this one! HOT.

  10. silased1972 says:

    Hunter is a beast!!!!! :)

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September 24th, 2013

Hold still so I can squirt this entire can of silly string in your boy hole! Check out these hot and funny moments from our videos.

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7 Responses to “SOME SILLY SEXY STUFF…”

  1. EDD says:


  2. prolwer69 says:

    how is the tile guy
    damn hot hot hot stuff

  3. Lair says:

    É tão gostoso ver esse casal pegando os rapazes, cada um diferente do outro, adoro eles, sinto muito tesão nos filmes. Parabéns, gostaria de está em dos fimes,

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      loose google translation: It’s so good to see this couple getting boys, each different from the other, I love them, I feel very horny in movies. Congratulations, I would is the Fimes,

      Muito obrigado, bem-vindo ao nosso site! :) – Hunter

  4. MissMercury says:

    I love your random videos! :) But Cole… Did you have to tease all your fans with that scene where you pretend to bottom?

  5. julio says:

    É prazeiroso ver um homem como o Maverick, quena idade em que se encontra consegue mostrar o quanto um coroa como ele tem muito tesão pra oferecer aos mais novos. E é bom ver que o namorado dele tem participação em todos os videos com ele. Parabemns pra este coroa tesudo…

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      loose google translation: It is pleasurable to see a man like Maverick, quena age at which it is able to show how much a crown as it has much to offer horny younger. And it is good to see that his boyfriend has a stake in all videos with him. Parabemns to crown this horny …

      Muito Obrigado, Julio!! :) – Hunter

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September 19th, 2013

This is a special beat-your-meat FREEBIE video to wellcum all the students back to Boston. And it’s our way of saying, “Thanks for stroking with us!”  Hunter and I have been walking around the city checking out all the new jocks and sexy nerdy boys in the city and WOOF we are so very excited to meet ALL of you. Welcome to beantown! You’re going to love it and if you see us out and about in the streets of Boston, don’t be shy; cum say hi. We know it’s hard to concentrate and study with a hardon 24/7, so be smart and use this time to spank one out. Get a clear head and get back to your studies! And hey, if you have a particularly hot roommate in your dorm room, be sure to turn him on to

XO Cole and Hunter





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4 Responses to “WELCOME BACK STUDENTS!!!”

  1. Dude says:

    Thank you!

  2. MissMercury says:

    Thanks for the welcome back to uni, though I’m a student in Sweden. :)

    Jed is a hottie! He has beautiful eyes, but it’s hard to see the rest of his face for that gigantic beard!

  3. Hughman says:

    Nothing better than relaxing to MaverickMen on a Thursdee night in Boston.

    Bless thee-

  4. patrick says:

    I’m so in lust for this JED STUD!!! wish I was there fucking sucking with him keep him cummmmming!!!! more with him please!!!!

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September 17th, 2013



Kind of embarrassing question, I can’t pull my foreskin all the way when I’m erect, any tips on safely stretching your foreskin?


Yes! Get some olive oil and a big bag of cotton balls. Dip the cotton balls in the olive oil and one by one (slowly!) push them under your foreskin, all while rubbing and stretching your skin. Try to get a few, maybe four or five under your foreskin at first till its starts to stretch a little. Wear these for as long as you can. It shouldn’t feel painful; just noticeable pressure. If it hurting you, remove a cotton ball or more until you can handle the pressure. Repeat this for a few days all the while massaging and stretching the skin a bit more each time at your own comfort level. I’m not a doctor, but this worked for a friend of mine back in the day. Let me know how this works for you.


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  1. Mehkial says:

    Mmmm…my favorite….uncut dick ill treat that right. :3

  2. mikah777 says:

    More of Carter Jacobs please…………!!!!!!!!

  3. Dr Know says:

    As some comments above say, it is likely to be Phimosis. I would definitely recommend seeing your doctor as treatments options would differ from patient to patient. Circumcision is one treatment but is not always necessary. Best of luck

  4. Sammy says:

    It is Type 1 Phimosis, which is easily treated with any number of stretching techniques (one described above) or more commonly through circumcision or preputioplasty.

  5. victor says:

    it a condition called phimosis, i had the same problem, i had to get circumcised, which was the best decision ever made

  6. Jim says:

    i am having the same problem as well !!

  7. YO MAMMA says:

    A dermatologist can prescribe a medicated cream to decrease inflammation and help the skin stretch a little bit. But if you don’t have access or are too embarrassed, over the counter 1% hydrocortisone cream once daily for 2 weeks should help. At the very least, keep your cock head, outer and inner foreskin moisturized. I love the olive oil and cotton ball idea. Fuckin brilliant! Helpful and pleasurable… I wanna try it just for fun!!

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September 16th, 2013

Hey Cole and Hunter,

I know I’m one in thousands, millions, billions [;)] of fans writing to you for the same reason(s), but the urge to write you was just to great to pass up. I’ve kept up with you guys for a couple of years now, and obviously never tire of watching your videos. The vision you guys have is always so dynamic, and includes such a broad spectrum of men, sex, and the like.

I live in Mexico City now, but am originally from Tennessee, though I’m Mexican by birth (very long story). As you may imagine, living in Tennessee… was living in Tennessee; something along the lines of martyrdom. The good ‘ole South: where gays are, oh so going to Hell and where high school students can’t write an entry in the yearbook about being gay (otherwise the students threaten to walk out during graduation). Where preachers and school board members take to their blogs spreading messages of hate, when it would be wiser, and more productive, to spread messages of acceptance… When I lived there, I programmed myself to always suppress two parts of me: being Mexican, and being gay.

This is where you guys come in. Surfing/creeping around the internet, I stumbled across your site, and was immediately hooked. I’ve often contemplated what it is about your site that fascinates me. There are hundreds, thousands, of websites with blogs and sex videos, and yet, they don’t have this same gripping quality that you guys have. I’ve come to the conclusion that it is, in fact, the message that you guys spread with your site. I think it transcends sex, quite frankly. This message of: it’s alright to be thin, muscled, latino, smooth, hairy, asian, young, blonde, blue, green, purple, yellow… It might sound silly, but to people like me, it is really inspiring. I can move past the massive church crosses on the highway, and move into a place where I can be free; and most importantly: be me.

Where I live now is a different jungle altogether, and the future looks bright. Many thanks to both of you. Keep doing what you do.

P. S. Sorry for using so many colons and semi-colons.


Yours was one of the most inspired and eloquent messages we’ve received all year. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to tell me your thoughts and feelings about our videos and about Your message made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And by the way, yes you’re right; we get zillions of messages and that’s why it’s taken me so long to read and respond to this awesome message (sorry for the delay). We always try to answer every message, and eventually we do, and I’m glad we do. I would hate to miss a heart-felt message like yours.

We sometimes forget that people watch us for more than just the sex. They seem to love a window into who we are as a “normal” couple. I am soooo happy that you stepped up and reminded me of that important fact. It’s awesome that you can see that all people have something hot to offer no matter their race or any of that other bullshit. All people should be admired for who they are, not what they are!

mucho xoxo Cole and Hunter


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5 Responses to “THIS IS WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO…”

  1. cliffk says:

    I loved his note but I have to say, you miss out on a big group of guys you entertain….those of us over 40…we watch you guys as well and WE wish you would do to us what you do to the hot young guys you show. Maybe, MAYBE, just once, you guys would show some equality to us guys over 40 who would love to be abused by you two hot men……But, I guess that’s just a dream that will never happen

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      C’mon now!!! We have ALWAYS maintained that sexy comes in all shapes, sizes, shades and AGES. The guys we fuck in our videos have written to us to star in a video. We don’t solicit a certain type (or age). They find us. Maybe YOU need to send in your pics and info and step up to the plate (and our cocks)!?! :) – Hunter

  2. Aaron says:

    This really is a heartwarming message.I truly understand how he felt when he was living in Tennessee.Southern States are still some of the most racist place any person of color can live.It is mind -blogging to see that in 2013 racism is soooooo very much Alive!!!. I hope one day that will change but,itwill not be anytime.A prime example this pass Sunday the first Indian Amercia was Crowned Miss America,within an hour after her crowning racist people got on tweeter an tweeted all of racist messages full of hothing but hate.Mant that is so so sad

  3. Aaron says:

    Man,That is really an heartwarming messsage.I understand fully what he suffer.The South is Full of racist people.Hopefully one day that will change.But I don’t think it will be anytime soon. I wish him will.It is so sad that someone get treated so unfair.I still live in the South an have to deal with anti-gay B/S. Man, you guys are so lucky to live up North.I hope one day to move there Luv you guys stay sweet an safe Aaron

  4. Angel Soto says:

    You guys are su fucking amazing and so hot, hope someday you can come to Mexico, and fuck me, i love you so much

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