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May 26th, 2015

Yes! Our sexy-as-fuck, donkey-dicked buddy PJ is back and hotter than ever! We took PJ to a crowded after-hours party and we were horny as fuck so the three of us slipped into a bathroom to get it on. We sucked each others cocks, made out, and ate ass all in this tight spot (see pics). Then, we moved it back into pool since the party was dying down. We did some skinny dipping and then went home to crash for the night. First thing in the AM we fucked like horny beast! PJ is a fountain of sexy and there’s never a dull moment with him. He climbed on and rode our cocks like a bucking bronco. We rolled around and fucked some more till we all blasted thick loads. Do leave some love for PJ under this post and tell him to come back for more!







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11 Responses to “PJ FUCK DAY!!!”

  1. Tommy says:

    LOVE PJ! He’s the hottest you’ve shown on this site.

  2. glenardo says:

    I remember his first video with you guys. He could not take Cole’s big dic. He was squirming like a worm. You guys already know that I am counting down the days for Tom.

  3. Gregg says:

    now that’s an animal who can FUCK !

  4. GayComicGeek says:

    I love PJ! He’s such a hottie! Loved this preview.

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Right!? He’s def some of the best sex we’ve ever had. He’s such a stud. 🙂 – Hunter

  5. horny says:

    WOW you too Guys are smokin PJ is a lucky guy.He’s a stunner too
    Love your films guys

  6. lenny49 says:

    pj was fabulous where ever did u find him.

    • Cole says:

      Baby Jesus sent him to us, it was a special delivery, dropped off by the Easter Bunny he came down from Valhalla to us on Halloween, it was a sight to behold, the easterner driving his big basket shaped sleigh with 8 tiny bottoms, he dropped PJ into our waiting mouths, the rest is video history.

  7. naren says:

    amazing video . love u guys

  8. Jeffrey says:

    I don’t have to tell him to come back. He know exactly where he needs to be, to get that itch scratched.

  9. Mario says:

    he’s super sexy for sure

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May 21st, 2015

We HAD to share this adorable and hot fan video with you guys. Hunter and I couldn’t stop laughing as we watched it and I must that confess we both had hard cocks, too. Haha and Woof all in the same video! You don’t cum across stuff like this very often. It’s very Maverick and it comes to us from two Italian fans. Grazie, boys!

We love you guys! Keep these video gems coming! XOXOXO


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3 Responses to “FEEL THE FURRY LOVE!”

  1. Walter says:

    Hey guys! I was waiting for you in London this spring! When will you come? 😛

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Hey Walter! I hate to say it but I don’t think we’ll be over this season. We have a TON of work to do now with the new site. Keep in touch and we’ll be over soon! 🙂 – Hunter

  2. Pete says:

    what a sexy furry boy!

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  1. alex says:

    Hello Cole and Hunter; your videos are very good. Do you happen to know in what other sites we can see Nate? I was reading in your introduction about him that after the video he did with the two of you it seems that he made more scenes with somebody else, do you where can we watch those? If you can bring him back, that will be very good, I think all of us love him and love the way you treat him, he was at the end of the scene maybe a happy camper. Thank you and best regards.

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Hey Alex, honestly, I couldn’t tell you what those scenes were. I kind of suspect they weren’t released. We def miss our boy Nate and I’ll be sure to hit him up and let him know you were asking about him. Keep in touch! 🙂 – Hunter

  2. Tommy says:

    I absolutely LOVE the new site, I just bought more minutes and I can’t get enough!!

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Thank YOU, Tommy! We’re having so much fun with it and we have so much more to show you! 🙂 – Hunter

  3. Deuran says:

    HAWT new site guys. I love all the guys

  4. Sean says:

    A long time did not come to the site to watch.LOVE YOU GUYS~KISS(≧3≦)(≧3≦)

  5. danny miller says:

    sould have been there i would have had you guys fill the hot tube with jube and then you guys could gang bang me all you guys with bigg hung cocks that love to fuck and flip fuck and 69 and leather no water sport, pain, or skat. yeah I’d like to get fucked by these guys

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May 10th, 2015

Once in a blue moon you might meet someone as special as our new friend, Victor. I called this video “Best Sex Every” for good reason; we have literally been having the BEST sex ever with our new boy-toy deluxe. Vic is a true versatile top with a voracious appetite for all things Maverick. He’s twenty years old and as smart as a whip and sexy as the night is long. He knows exactly what he wants and he goes for it – and he eats it the fuck up! Turns out that Vic not only wants to star in videos but he’s eager to be part of running the site. So, now we have a kick-ass (with a delicious ass) production assistant whenever we need help. Get ready to see some serious chemistry. The three of us click in bed in a big way and with that comes undeniable nasty-hot passion. Leave our boy Vic some love under this post. Do you want to see more videos of us with him? Oh, and hi Vic!


Cole and Hunter








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28 Responses to “BEST SEX EVER!!!”

  1. Erik says:

    is there a video of him giving a footjob? ive seen the pictures but im dying for a video!!

  2. DJ says:

    Fantastic! You guys recently posted blog pictures of Vic giving a footjob, please tell me there’s a video for that somewhere!

  3. Didier says:

    Hunter is damn sexy when he is fucking!!!

  4. Jude says:

    Dudes, this kid is fucking beautiful! Please, oh please, tell me there will be more of him! XOXO

  5. Gaymer says:

    Beauty and brains! So when are you going to adopt him? 😛

  6. glenardo says:

    Is he the same Victor from your video “How to Train a Monster Cock to Bottom” and “Return of Victor Monster Cock”?

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      I think it’s pretty obvious that Victor in this video isn’t the tall Latin Victor from our other vids. – Hunter

  7. Irish boy says:

    Hottest guy you have ever fucked

  8. Deuran says:

    All hail prince Victor!!!!!

  9. Kyle Cooper says:

    Damn Victor is gorgeous and this scene is so hot! I’d love to film a scene with him 😉

  10. Sim says:

    Victor is a DREAM BOY please say you have more with im coming up

  11. T in Texas says:

    FUCK, that was hot I shot a loac

  12. LICKMYDICK says:


  13. Willian says:

    You are not kidding…

  14. Bob Mack says:

    You guys did not disappoint with this video! I’ve been watching the clips you’ve been posting of Victor on your tubmlr. This was well worth the wait and I hope we get to see more of Victor. This is one of your hottest stars.

  15. Alex Jimenez says:

    Fuck looks great any chance when you guys come up to the Sf Bay Area you both can just fuck me I haven’t been fucked since February I feel like you both are what I need in my life for my 22 year old ass

  16. Mau B says:

    so HARD !

  17. TyintTenn says:

    Cutie! Hard the whole time with pre-cum! Yum!

  18. b says:

    I’m a uk fan and I want to be fucked like vic

  19. Peter Guillo says:

    THIS is why I’ve supported your site for over the years.Please more Victor!

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May 6th, 2015

Hunter and I recently made a cute new “straight” friend with a massive toy! It took our next-door neighbor friend Ken quite a while to warm up to our obvious advances. We chatted with him over a beer and invited him to come over to our place to drink as much of our free beer as he’d like, as long as he was naked. God I love giving straight boys ideas like that to mull over. It’s like planting a seed and watching it sprout into something amazing. And much to our surprise and delight Ken has quickly become the naked neighbor that just won’t leave. He loves to tease us and stroke his eleven inch monster cock in our yard, kitchen, or garage. We discovered that Ken is a true exhibitionist and so I invited him to do a video with us. At first he declined, then as he got to know us he’s been warming up to the idea. What do you think of our new Ken doll?

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14 Responses to “WE CALL HIM KEN DOLL!”

  1. cummthirstyron says:

    Sooo Hotttt !!!!! Id Luv bein his sub white boi cummthirsty bitch… Id Luv to be in a Vid of me Suckin his Beautiful BIG Blk Un-Cut Dick & Him takin my boi-pussy & Throat back & forth… Im cummthirsty ron from tucson AZ

  2. bigmac says:

    fuckin hot young black boie sexy handsome would luv to see him banguin a virgin straight white guy, ur movies r awesome , exmilirary ma.c

  3. curtj says:

    Been waiting for any signs of a ken update whAT is going gotta know.

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      We’re working on him (and he’s a lot of work). Hopefully next time we get down to FL we’ll get more time with him. His stroke vid should be live on MaverickMenDirects any day now. 🙂 – Hunter

  4. curtis j says:

    Any progress on Ken?

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Yes! We have a shoot coming up next month for our new site and it looks like he’ll be participating! 🙂 – Hunter

  5. curt J says:

    Finally some hot variety and excited when can we see this hotness and a full on seduction videos and or hot threesome. ?

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Finally!?! Curt, we have tons of diversity on our site, always have. Our Ken Doll here is a bit of work but we’re making progress. We’ll get to fucking soon for sure. 🙂 – Hunter

  6. Brock says:

    This guy is fucking HOT

  7. stephen g says:

    fucking DELICIOUS!! !

  8. Ilunga says:

    #1: This kid is cute as hell!
    #2: He’s got in going on in the dick department and the ass dept.
    My guess is that with such a pretty ass on such a young dude and with such a big dick, that ass has been filled up already, at least once. He needs to be filled up again.
    And DAMN! That nut sac is slamming. That boy has been busting lots of nuts!!! Looks like he thoroughly enjoys his manhood.

  9. Dee says:

    Seems like it may be good. Hunter still stole the video for me. He is hot as hell. O.A.N bring back Liam and Gio please!!!!!!!

  10. Eric says:

    Omg he is amazing, I would love to see more!!!

  11. Deano says:

    YES that kid is fuckin BANGIN!!! and that fuckin MEAT Wow!!!!!

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April 29th, 2015

This special video has been a long time cumming, almost four years to be exact. We have been friends with our boy Tommy for a while now and we’ve noticed that anyone that meets Tommy immediately falls in love with his hot tats, big sexy eyes, and hilarious sense of humor. If all that doesn’t win you over, his big fat cock surely will. WOOF! We shot a stroke video of Tommy last year and it was super hot but we haven’t posted it yet as we’ve been waiting for that ass, lol. Tommy has finally gave us a big hairy piece of his delicious beefy ass. Once we finally got in his very tight hole, it was all moaning and sweating and cumming. He’s a great kisser with hot oral skills. That boy can suck a mean dick, for sure. You’ll absolutely love the fuck scenes in this nasty gem of a video. I have to stress that Tommy LOVES to top but now for some reason he also really enjoys bottoming. You’re welcome Tommy, and thank you.







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10 Responses to “FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS!!!”

  1. Shayne says:

    Wow Cole and hunter that was hot as always ! We’re his feet sweaty ? Love that you took a big sniff during the pounding

  2. Rick says:

    I am starting to get concerned about the direction your site is going. You guys claim to have a foot and shoe fetish but I do not see the dudes wear their sneakers (sockless) during sex. Please bring back the sneaker wearing!!!

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Fret not, Rick!!! Haha I (Hunter) have always had a sneaker fetish and I’ll be sure to give you what you’re looking for as we move forward with shooting new content. Stay tuned, my man! 🙂 – Hunter

      • Rick says:

        Thank you very much!! Hope I did not scare you with my intro 🙂 🙂

        • Kell says:

          You scared me Rick! I dont ever remember saying we had a shoe or foot fetish in a serious way lol we “do not” have a fetish site, and we dont like to label ourselves as a fetish “anything” we are what we are and in some instances we like sneakers and feet and sox but its not a focal point of this site, so enjoy it when it happens, but dont EXPECT it every time, even “caviar” shouldn’t be served every night… you would get sick of it fast!

  3. jimm says:

    I’ve followed Tommy for years on twitter and it’s so hot to finally see him here. I love you guys and this site and Tommy.

  4. bob says:

    all three are so hot in this one, love the new guy so much

  5. Nate says:

    Tommy is the best guy on this site since you had PJ! More please

  6. Robert Alvarez says:

    Fall in love? No. Rose into lust? Oh, yeah!

    HOT DAMN! To call this sexy fuck a SEXY FUCK is a major understatement!

    So much to suck, so much to lick, and Lawdy, Lawdy to fuck his ass would be a true Godsend!

    Oh well, this shall teach me to watch porn before going to bed!

  7. Joey says:

    I love this sexy guy! Those tasts, that fur and that fat cock all have me drooling!! Thanks for always keeping this site fresh and sexy with new faces like Tommy.

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Thank you for the years of support! We never could have launched this new site without YOU!




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  1. Carol says:

    I’m one your female fans and I love Maverickmen Directs! Congrats guys and keep the hotness coming. x

  2. marc says:

    MavDirects is great and I love that hottie carter jacobs is back, more of him please

  3. Congee says:

    Congrats on Maverick men directs you guys! I will be buying my memebership in a few days after I get paid and I can’t wait to see the full videos. Thank you

  4. chuck says:

    I LOVE the new site you guy and thanks for this offer x

  5. DominicanVers says:

    OMG Ican’t believe you guys are in my country!! Please destroy some Dominican ass, that would be so freaking hot!! I want to meet with you guys, but just for fun, nothing sexual, more of a fan love thing!

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12 Responses to “HUNTER’S MOBILE PHONE VIDS (part 1)!!!”

  1. Cody says:

    Love the Videoclip, esp. the first sexy boy eating the ass of the second boy, hope he munches hard and deep on Hunters ass too, really looking forward to the fucking and the boy cleaning off cummy cocks. Thanks!

  2. Willy says:

    FUCKIN’ HOT!!!! 😛 Loveeee Vic and how insatiable he is for raw cock & fucking! You guys are the best at PRIMAL man/boy sex!!!! Sending some Canadian love to ya! Have a beautiful week! 🙂 XXX

  3. Ian Frisby says:

    G’day Mates, LOVE your vids. down here in Australia, Cole N Hunter u ROCK.

  4. chuck says:

    Vic is such a sexy boy with a beautiful hairy ass. I can’t wait to see more of him on this site

  5. jamentertainer says:

    love your neighbor too 😉 ever had sex with him?

  6. rodrigo says:

    I fucking love that new guy! The way he moved and took hunter´s dick was amazing!! it seems he really enjoyed getting fucked (i wish i were him :D) His bottom skills are amazing, i´m pretty sure he can ride a dick for hours

  7. R-J says:

    top, mor mor. Greeting from The netherlands

  8. Silas says:

    ok, that is what I like….. 🙂

  9. John Reebo says:

    that last video clip was amazing. I loved him having nowhere to go and that arse movement is incredible!! Where can I see the full video that’s what I want to know?!

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