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13 Responses to “COLE’S RANDOM MOBILE PHONE VIDS (part 6)”

  1. Aldrin says:

    Ustedes son muy sexys… Estoy enamorado de los dos. Cole es muy GUAPO y Hunter es muy sexy.

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      google translation: GOD!
      You are very sexy … I love both. Cole and Hunter GUAPO is very very sexy.

      Muchas gracias, Aldrin!!! xoxo :) – Hunter

  2. DamienOz says:

    I would actually pay YOU GUYS to blow you and get loads from you both.

    So hot. So funny. And one can tell you guys are completely into each and in love. Noice. Awwwwww

  3. Earl says:

    I miss Davis! Haha, lavish! Such a good word! Love you guys!

  4. MavercikLady says:

    You both make me wet (another chick who gets off on gay porn) but I have to say that I think I’m more of a Cole girl. He seems like such a fucking blast to be around and he has the most beautiful eyes. If I was a gay dude I’d be all over the both of you !

  5. Matt B. says:

    if i had your number i’d be sexting you boys too :)

  6. Tim says:

    Always love your sex videos, but the best part of this are the tender moments between you too. Playing with each other,sharing little kisses, showing your love for each other. THAT’s why you guys are awesome people.

  7. Rodian says:

    Sexiessssss !!!!i want you duble fucked ;)

  8. dale says:

    Think you guys should come fuck an older bear, that would love both of you fucking me hard. Would love taking your thick cocks deep in my ass.

  9. MissMercury says:

    I agree with Jeffrey! Why didn’t Davis get to cum? Had he been a bad boy? :P

  10. Jeffrey says:

    Davis is soooo fucking sexy!

  11. Joseph says:


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August 5th, 2013

Hey, chocolate lovers; get ready for one hot fuck video! Chris Ryder is back and ready for action! This tall, lean, sweet and delicious guy with his thick horse cock and sweet bubble butt is, simply put; amazing sex! He loves it hard and can’t get enough, and we LOVE IT! In this nasty fucking hot ass-pounding fuck video, you’ll see some beautiful hole penetrations, hard and rough penetration, and thick cum splashes that will make you squirt right away.

Chris has become a good friend and since he is local we get to see him a lot more often than our other friend that live out of town. He’ll occasionally stop by to get violated by his two favorite Boston boys. Whenever he comes over, he begs to fuck one of us since – believe it, or not – this man-boy is all top! He is a true renaissance man after or own heart. Chris is vers, loves to fuck hole, and best of all he loves all races and ages. Oh, and he’s single and looking to date. If you want some of Ryder’s big fat cock, bubble butt, soft pillow lips and sexy bedroom eyes, just leave him a message here.








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13 Responses to “LEAN MEAN CHOCOLATE TEEN!!!”

  1. J Rob says:

    This is one of the hottest you guys… i wanna see Hunter get fucked some time

  2. doc2332 says:

    Chris, is no joke. I think I’m in love.

  3. Butch says:

    Whassup Chris Ryder, my name is Butch and I live in Harlem. Dude if you ever find yourself here get in touch with me son, I’ll take good care of your man-needs for you. I’m a brutha just like you, slightly muscular, big dick and nice ass. 38 years old. Would love to be your daddy if thats what you want.


  4. Bambam says:

    Chris hit me up yo, love u all the way from the Bahamas

  5. ahmel says:

    let’s see more of Chris, I love his sexy appeal

  6. helpme says:

    hes a very beautiful sexy innocent ebony twink.

  7. lamby says:

    omg he’s single!? I waaaaaaaaant

  8. JC says:

    Fuck yeah, love this sexy boy, and he’s single!? where do I sign up?

  9. Bifd says:


  10. Pete bottom says:

    I want to get fucked like Chris!!!

  11. Begiumchubby says:

    Hmmmmmmmm 100% hot

  12. chad34001 says:

    I’ve been waiting for this one. So hot guys, bring this boy back!

  13. Horse says:

    Love seeing sexy Chris with you guys, his body is so perfect

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THREE chances to win! Best caption for each pic gets a jock strap and a just-released DVD! You’ll know you’re the winner if we add your caption to the bubble (and we’ll shoot you an email, too). Contest ends when we say it ends, lol. So hurry up and leave your comments below!



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  1. Billy says:

    2nd pic: someone get me a McRib
    1st pic: chucky: he thinks I’m robin thicke
    Justin: beat this Miley.
    3rd pic: woo! It’s gonna be a good night. By the way nice cock mate

  2. Niko says:

    1. Justin: “ouch! What are you doing?” chucky, “just making sure it’s going to fit.”
    2 “why does this keep happening to me…”
    3 bitches be like I just finished a double pounder with extra mayo

  3. B. says:

    1. Chucky-”Justin Bieber, you know I’ma hit him with the ether.” Justin-”My butt’s on your wiener, so I gotta keep an eye out for Selena.”
    2. Dude where’s my cock?
    3. Eenie, meenie, minie, mo….shoot in my eye now you down my throat.

  4. will says:

    1. Bieber: Cole & Hunter, I want to do a video!!! I get around, ask Usher.
    Chucky: Shut up and take it boy.

    2. Planking, Boo-Yah.

    3. For all your back-to -school supplies, I shop at Dick’s.

  5. mark says:

    #1Chuckie: Take it Bitch
    Boy: Who would of thought Chuckie was anatomically correct, and hung like a horse

    #2 I guess i got the bait bus instead of the 8 bus

    #3Come on guys aren’t there more cocks to play with

  6. Sam says:

    3. I still have one hand left!

  7. Prodigy617 says:

    #1: Chucky: ‘”I told you i’d put my foot in your ass!”
    Beiber: “…yea, but you didn’t say you’d leave splinters…”

    2: “Maybe ‘back of the bus” wasn’t the best headline for that CL post afterall…”

    3: ” ‘You wanna be on top?’ Tyra, eat your heart OUT!”‘

  8. Aclover69 says:

    1. Chucky: I’m cuming… I’m Cuming… GOD, gotta love some child’s play!
    Bieber: I thought you wanted to “come” inside my body. I guess I get to keep my soul at least.

    2. I though public transportation suck! No one is sucking me!!! :-(

    3. Hey camera man, don’t be shy and take yours out!

  9. MissMercury says:

    1. Chucky: “So you prefer twinks, huh?”
    Bieber: “Hell yeah! Just don’t tell Action Man…”

    2. Exhausted man: “I’ll never give up the hunt of my penis! Just you wait until my spine heals!”

    3. Hunter: “NEEEEXT! I’m gonna break that fucking Guiness World Record!”

  10. frankie says:

    1. chucky: say swag one more time
    Bieber: swaggy
    2. I’ve fallen and i cant get up, but its a nice view
    3. i can’t believe i left the iron on.

  11. Arry says:

    1. I’m Chucky and I love to fucky.
    I’m Justin and I want it All-in

    2. Left on my back after riding a ‘gray hound’

    3. After two protein shakes I’m a little ‘cock eyed’

  12. Michael says:

    Pic 1:
    Chucky: So U said U want 12 inches
    Bottom Boy: OH NO..not another long pencil thin cock
    Pic 2:
    Bear Hybernating
    Who says THREE’S A CROWD ?

  13. MJ says:

    #1 Chucky: you didn’t BLIEBE my dick could go deep? JB: this kinda feels good.

    #2 can anyone tell me if my dick is still there? I haven’t seen it in years!
    #3 Man I love white boys with big dicks

  14. Meros1990 says:

    Chucky: breaking this ass in is child’s play. Justin: this wasn’t in the manual.
    Pic 2: chippendales eat your heart out
    Pic 3: two head really ARE better than one

  15. Richard says:

    1. CH: And did you think because im short my dick was short too? JB: ohhh, im sorry, it hurts me, but i like it!.
    2. I lose 80 pounds, and now i’ll can see my dick!!!! WHERE IS MY DICK? WHY CANT I SEE IT?

  16. louis says:

    If I win, can I get a jock that you’ve both worn ;)

    1: Chucky: I forgot how tight you are Bieber: Daddy is that you again?
    2: Milk was a baddd choice
    3: I didn’t even order room service…

  17. Mel says:

    1. Chuckie-It’s wood! Justin-It feels like plastic
    2. Just go around me..
    3.It’s gonna bleach my hair!

  18. Shane says:

    1st Photo: Chucky: I got a ruler for you baby! lets see how big it is. Justin: the song is called baby! It means nothing!
    2nd Photo: Even I don’t know where the rest is
    3rd: 2 dicks for Hunter, and none for gretchen weiners.

  19. Rene says:


    1. Chucky: Huh? 6 in…kinda loose up in there!
    Justin: Tight enough for ya!
    2. a ninja!
    3. Not in the eye it burrrns!

  20. Deshawn says:

    1. Chucky: today’s lesson is cherry popping. Justin: what’s…ahhhh they never had this in sex ed.
    2. I thought this was public parking?
    3. BEST BREAKFAST EVER!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Norman says:

    Chucky-fucking this 12 year old sure feels like child’s play
    Justin-doctor said it was time for plastic surgery

    Man on bus- I swear it gets bigger and less smelly

    Hunter-they’re going to turn me into Chinese finger trap!

  22. Kelley says:

    Chuckie….Piss in a bucket will ya? Justin…..Piss up my ass, will you please!

    And I still can’t find my fucking bus pass!


  23. kyle says:

    1. chucky: hows my fist feel, bitch? Justin: eh, selenas dick was bigger.
    2. have you seen my baseball?
    3. you really can get drunk off cum.

  24. Nate says:

    Pic 1: Chuckie: Are you ready for this?
    Justin: Will I finally become a MAN when this is done?
    Pic 2: Damn stripper pole bent on me again :(
    Pic 3: I’m so hot!

  25. BelgiumChubby says:

    1 Bieber: is it all???? Chukky: wait i’m Just”in Bieber
    2 ohhhhhh was it cole, hunter of the driver??
    3 more more more more

  26. Steven says:

    1.) Chuckie: I’m a real boy!!
    Justin: I can BELIEBE it!

    2.) I know ill get lucky this time!

    3.) Keep em CUMMIN!

  27. Gabe says:

    1. Chucky: WHo UR DaDDY?…Louder! Again…Yeeeaaah!…Ur my Bitch!
    Justin: #MANGINA

    2. Damn tequila shots!

    3. Yeaaa…Looks like sausage tonight!

  28. jake says:

    1. chucky: Bitch, ur ass is mine! Justin: Oh! I wish its urs, but my ass belongs to maverickmen.
    2. I hope everybody on bus thinks my balls are big.
    3. damn I wish there’s third dick cause I love dicks!!!

  29. Jab says:

    1-C-Lets see how deep I am. J-Next time, I don’t let the bigger dick fuck ME!
    2-Why does that voice remind me ‘to report suspicious packages.?
    3- Love it when guys go head-to-head and I’m the game.

  30. Tito says:

    1I gotta keep an eye out for Selena, My ass belongs to chuckymaverickmen
    2. wake me up , blowing me.
    3. 2 dicks feels better than 1..

  31. Mark says:

    1.Chuckie : I wood like to fuck you but your all stretched out after those Maverickmen cocks
    Justin: Nothing but a tooth pick after taking Cole and Hunters huge cocks!

    2. I cant believed I jo’d myself into a Maverickmen coma watching their latest release.

    3. I cant believe I ate the hole thing-mama mia that some big meat balls

  32. Gaymer says:

    Chucky: I’ll pound you with some real wood.
    Justin: Oh, Baby! Baby! Baby!

    Guy: What, you mean this ISN’T the bathhouse?

    Hunter: Damn, it’s great to be me!

  33. Luis says:

    1- Chucky: I asked for your number..
    Justin: and I told you it was hidden somewhere back there

    2- Draw me like one of your French girls

    3- Well, I’m not thirsty anymore.

  34. Daniel G says:

    Chucky- I’m gonna make you scream like a bitch.
    Justin- Awkward…..Usher beat you to it.

    Guy- Just one more shot they said. Damn church is gonna be awkward.

    Hunter- Can’t focus enough to multitask?, take that high school counselor.

  35. Marco says:

    1. Chucky- Take that you naughty little bitch? . Justin- Is all the hard plactic in yet?
    2. Shit they stepped on my rug.
    3. Heypenis, happiness!

  36. Anthony says:

    Hunter: Got Wood?

  37. Randy says:

    About time Hunter takes one again!

  38. Marco says:

    Pic 1- “Now that you’re done playing with Disney’s Princess it’s time for ME to play wit that ass!”
    Pic 2- “Wait so this ISN’T the Bait Bus? Fuck I should have never called out from work.”
    Pic 3- Give NEW meaning to ‘Punch Drunk Love”


  39. Anthony says:

    Chucky: Hi, I’m Chucky. Wanna play?
    Justin: As long as you love me!

    Guy: Does this bus make my dick look big?

    Hunter: Decisions! Decisions!!

  40. JW says:

    1. Chucky: Carrot Top? Who are you calling Carrot Top?
    Justin: I’m sorry! Don’t do it! It was just child’s play!

    2. I hope my hard-on isn’t showing. That would be quite embarrassing.

    3. Now THAT’S the way to celebrate my birthday!

    • prawl says:

      that was fuckin hot lickin his cum off his ass ne needed to love it more and did he gag from doing it or was that just me look like he wanted to vomit after eat ass and cum next time boy do it right

    • Raymon Berry says:

      Chucky says: Toys?! I’ll teach you to play with toys!! Justin: “Don’t his batteries EVER wear out?

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July 30th, 2013

So we were directing a shoot with these two “STRAIGHT” boys and it was taking a while for one of them to cum. While I was watching, I got a little excited and took my cock out and beat off on the bottom guy’s ass. Just as the other straight guy saw me shoot, he pulled out his cock from the bottom guy’s ass and blasted his load, too. So, at that point there was a splash down of two big loads on this guy’s freshly-fucked gaping hole. And that’s when the one that was topping said to me, “Hey Cole, if you give me one hundred bucks I will lick all this cum and ass juice off his ass.” Not believing he would do it, I said, “Sure! First let me turn the camera back on and film it.” Much to our SHOCK AND HORROR he slurped up every last drop and then ran out of the room gagging. Um, maybe he is straight cuz no gay guy I know would do that!



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8 Responses to “CUM N SLURP!?!”

  1. lechat says:

    so is there a full length of this video? I would lick the cum off Eli’s ass any day.

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      There is! That vid will be out soon. It’s for another site we’re shooting content for now. Stay tuned! :) – Hunter

  2. Kevin says:

    Drunkgrindr sent me here for the free hour!!!!! Lol :) )))

  3. PNPFucker says:

    Bout time Badbois U brought Loads to the Ass Crack and Fuckhole Party…At Last….!!!

    Hope now U’ve opened the Crack U intend to make sure Ass Cracks Cum Filled …Cum Fucked and Pig Bois Tongues Deep inside are going to be pushed up the Cuntboi Agenda….

    “Mav Men have been Breedind My Bumholes” should be the proud wording on all future Mav Men Ass Property Jock Strap .

    Owned…Fucked and Mav Men Soiled….PERVFECTION!!!

    Take us to the next level…..and push those limits like U always do!!!

  4. mikeyblu says:

    Friggin brilliant..

  5. Jose says:

    Funny you mention that no gay guy you know would do that…for some reason gays have a huge prob eating out a freshly fucked hole, let alone one that’s had a deposit so to speak.
    ME??????? You have to STOP me from doing it!

  6. MissMercury says:

    Hot, hilarious and disgusting at the same time! :D I really hope that the poor guy got his money. He’ll be mentally scarred for life after that!

  7. angel says:


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July 25th, 2013

Okay boyz and grrlz, here’s a little taste of our new MaverickMen Directs series! This is a side project we’ve been working on for a while now (it’s been so much fun!). Now we’ll feature and direct some of the industry’s hottest and newest guys in our unique MaverickMen style. We know so many porn boys that are not only sexy, but genuine and good guys and now we’ll get to introduce them to you with new series.


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13 Responses to “AN MM DIRECTS UPDATE!”

  1. logan says:

    Has this video been uploaded to the site yet/ WIll it be uploaded? MMDirects are always super hot!

    • Cole & Hunter says:

      Coming soon, Logan (I promise)! We were just discussing this content with our webmaster the other day. :) – Hunter

  2. Joseph says:

    very nice friends

  3. Gabriel says:

    And when it comes to visit Brazil?

  4. Magnesi Pec says:

    Just joined the site.. I’m looking for this video MONSTER COCKS’ WEEKEND-DRINKIN-DANCIN-DRILLIN and can’t find it.. it’s like the only reason i joined!!! :( could someone tell me which page it’s on please, maybe i’m overlooking it :(

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Hello! That was a blog post and not a full video (it was a post about Victor’s birthday). Search for “Victor Monster Cock” to find his videos on our site. You won’t be disappointed. :) – Hunter

  5. Deao says:

    WOW Too fuckin hot!!!!

  6. rangerdad says:

    Can’t wait! Love you guys!

  7. Luis Martins says:

    Maaan, look at that impressively huge tool… where did that hot hung guy come from?!

  8. horacio says:

    i want to be your model.

  9. Enzo says:

    when you come to Italy?

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Here’s a FREEBIE VID to help keep you all cool in this crazy HEAT! Okay, so it might not be so hot in your neck of the woods, but it’s still very important to stay hydrated and beat your meat frequently!! xo




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15 Responses to “BEAT YOUR MEAT TO BEAT THE HEAT!!!”

  1. Gabby says:

    Davis is the reason I wish I was a guy, omfg he’s hot

  2. Fernando says:

    Nice video!

  3. Kevin says:

    damn this boy is HOT HOT HOT!

  4. Troy T Scott says:

    Great HOT freebie guys! … love you too! ;-) xoxo

  5. b_894 says:

    Thanks for the freebie, you guys are awesome and you help produce great stuff!

  6. djc says:

    would love to see Hunter sit on a big cock like this one in a video

  7. Phred says:


  8. edward says:

    Soy de colombia y me encanta cada cosa que suben, los amo desde colombia #1 de los fans

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      loose google translation: I’m from Colombia and I love every thing up, I love you from Colombia’s # 1 fans

      Muchas gracias, Edward!!! :) – Hunter

  9. rangerdad says:

    I do love that furry fellow!

  10. Tim says:

    You guys need to hire a cameraman. Don’t get me wrong. This video achieved the desired results. :) it just would have been so much hotter to see the three of you playing together. How hot would it be to see Cole get a hot load stroked out of his dick?

  11. Adam says:

    FUCKIN’ HOT! thanks, you guys. ALWAYS love seeing more of Davis.

  12. Earl says:

    I miss him :(

  13. Steve says:

    Davis is the hottest of all time. Love that thick bush. Sensual stud.

  14. tonii says:

    this fucking cabron is so fucking hot… gretting from meico guys shudda come and fuck me :D

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NYC PRIDE 2013, part 2!!!

July 16th, 2013

Here’s even more insane fun from our gay pride adventure in NYC! I have one last video to share from this trip and it’s of us on a float in the pride parade. Driving into the Village while on top of a parade float (during pride) is an exhilarating experience that I can’t really describe. That one will be up soon.






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11 Responses to “NYC PRIDE 2013, part 2!!!”

  1. Miguel says:

    From today I am your admirer, greetings from Venezuela. Handsome

  2. Austin says:

    By the way Hunter, what do you do to get such a great body, I really need to get in better shape, and for some reason whenever I watch your videos i get motivated to work out more.

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Why thank you :) …sleep and nutrition are as important as exercising, I eat six meals a day, all good clean food, no sugar or processed foods, tons of water, and I lift five to six days a week, hope this helps! – Hunter

  3. Duke says:

    Also does hunter only bottom for you? And do you ever bottom for him?

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      We bottom for each other from time to time, but both of us prefer to plow butts together :) – Hunter

  4. Duke says:

    How’d you two meet?

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      We wrote a book about it, it’s on Amazon and iTunes, search for MaverickMen, the true story behind the videos. :) – Hunter

  5. mark says:

    Hi cole and hunter how r you? We chat before and i wasnt ready that time and im 26 5’11 160lbs!! I would love to meet u km a big fan! Email me.ill give my number im from.canada

  6. Austin says:

    Hi, let me just start out by saying i love your videos. But I have a question for you guys, what was your coming out story and how was it like?

    • Cole and Hunter says:

      Thanks for the love, A!! Haha those stories are too long to tell here. We’re both very fortunate to have wonderful families that love us very much. :) – Hunter

      • Austin says:

        That’s always good to have, I want to come out of the closet but i don’t know how my parents would react. By the way, I have the hugest man crush on you both, I’d love to go down to Boston just to meet you guys.

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July 12th, 2013

Here’s another winner for those of you that like it ROUGH and verbal! As you can see, we received a nice sexy video message from our new buddy, Danny. He’s been a long time MaverickMen fan and decided that he wanted to come meet us face to face or in this case; cocks to face, lol. We got to know him via skype and found him to be a VERY chill sweet boy with a very horny side. So, of course we had to have him come stay a few days. We took him swimming to break the ice. Then we were at it like rabbits in heat – fucking and sucking all over the place. You will definitely enjoy this hot and raw threeway fuckathon. Get the spooge rags out. You’re gonna need em!

Xoxox Cole and Hunter







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7 Responses to “DOING DANNY!!!”

  1. MissMercury says:

    That boy can ride! :D

  2. Alex says:

    Who knew the mansion still got soo much action in the winter :)

  3. Tim says:

    Handsome, hung, loves sucking cock and getting his perky ass pounded. What’s not to love?

  4. Mark says:

    It looks like Hunter really enjoyed doing Danny. There was a good chemistry there

  5. Loveme45 says:

    When will cole pound hunter ass from all different angels like in the old days lol hunter ass is amazing that’s a good piece of beef maya a hunter ass sole

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